Tesis on the importance of memes in left wing movements

Comrades we are capable of winning this war by using the most popular mean of expression nowadays, memes. To understand this I will talk about my experience with Holla Forums

When I first lurked Holla Forums I was only a 16 idiot and had no political affiliation whatsoever. In less than a week i was already brainwashed, I fell for it and it still makes me cringe everytime even 3 years later. I believed almost everything including the logical fallacies known as holocaust denial. I didn't know why it radicalised me so much towards the right back then but now I do know. The reason was simple, Holla Forums creates a lot of high quality edgy memes that many white middle class kids/&teens find funny, but most importantly it open this kids to the world of economy and politics. And then they join this forums, boards , subreddits and other means that distribute the memes, they stay in those places because the memes just keep going. Now the teen is started to get brainwashed when he starts reading what users write, after reading through much of the "evidence" that jews run the world and hitler was right he takes it for granted becouse anyone that opposes to this belief is saged or called a jew (ofcourse this proccess varies from people but it mostly relies on the same principle of indoctronation by the use of logical fallacies and most importantly, memes) .Now for an adult the situation its clear, this is just a place full of neo nazis. But for an ignorant teen that doesnt know his place within the world and is amused by racism becouse its edgy will most likely be indoctrinated.

The point im trying to get across is that Holla Forums just by being edgy and shitposting massive amounts of memes has gathered more people than any other neo nazi movements of this century.

I believe that if we make the effort, of mass producing left wing memes, we will attract an even bigger audience than the alt right. The reasons being:

- Holla Forums relies on blaming everyone (the jews, the feminists, immigrants) this only attracts the special kind of people e.g. the basement dweller.
- Our movement will attract many more people and most importantly many more intellectuals, because as we all know the majority of uni students are in support of equality of race and gender among other things. But most of them don't know about what really is the cause of this struggles, class inequality. With the right amount of memes and facts they will be join our cause.
- We have a chance in converting the liberals (im talking about what Holla Forums refers to as liberals) to our cause, when they understand that the real reason behind the inequality struggles society has been trough is because of capitalism.
- The current drama involving Trump is a perfect occasion to do this.

You can call this fantasy however if we increase the production And distribution of our memes we are guaranteed to have a significant increase in popularity.

Comrades We have to work together in this and I truly believe this is a feasible plan in increasing the popularity of our cause and I hope you feel the same.

memes are the 21st century equivalent of a political cartoon in a magazine.
It satirizes political happenings and conveys political ideas in a simple format that everyone is able to consume

Who controls the memes in your country? In Great Britain it's pretty solidly leftie memes. In NI moreso.

I feel like l'll need to shower after typing this but memes are perhaps a good litmus test for the success of an upcoming party.

Certainly the memes in the french election were against Le Pen - mostly because Le Pen supporters don't understand french culture, despite being "Nationalist"

Memes are agitprop and the primary reason behind the quick growth of the "alt-right"

I've been ramping up my meme production here, personally. If I see a good idea I open up my MS paint and paint.net and have at it. Doesn't always work out, but oh well.
We might want to look for a malleable mascot. Pepe and Wojak are OK but they're old. Alunya is too specific, we need something that can be on either side doing anything.
Wojak is /ourguy/ by the way.

literally (You)

Leftists don't posses the intellectual or creative powers to even make their own memes. 90% of Holla Forums memes are literally just poorly shopped versions of Holla Forums memes, with the sides switched around. It's not that you're not memeing hard enough, it's that you can't meme in the first place.

Most of your longstanding memes come from when Pol was left wing

all of your modern memes are pretty fucking dead

I mean you completely ran Pepe into the ground


You realize we are imageboard users as well, right?
This is rather interesting coming from a group sustained historically upon co-opting leftist movements and symbolism.
Here's some Holla Forums stuff

Holla Forums was never majority left-wing, it was rather ideologically mixed before though

Porky should be our mascot, we can make some spicy memes with this one


Why was this bumplocked?

Elitist buttfrustration at the idea of the left using memes?


Haha this is why you will always fail.

This is like fucking poetry, this is why the left is so inept.

Wait, are you telling me that you think your mods are rightwing faggots?

They aren't, but there has definitely been a special kind of retard volunteer on the job today. Not the first thread to be bumplocked that shouldn't have been.

right wing memes capitalize off older memes that have existed for centuries, that is why they're easy to produce. they are ideas that are perpetually available to anyone in the western world. for example, one person may not be racist, but they recognize racist ideas. these memes are very accessible and effective to the public because of the
false dichotomy of conservative/liberal, racist/nonracist(or "anti-racist"), sexist/nonsexist(or "anti-sexist"), etc. people think these are the only options, so when things aren't working it has to be the "status quo" and obviously we need to revert to the "only other option". contrarianism at its purest. these meme's success isn't because of right wing ingenuity, it's engineered to happen this way. leftists don't have this advantage.

I'm going to laugh my ass off if it turns out that's be design, having moderators of the opposite persuasion mod the board.