This guy showed up asking legit questions...

This guy showed up asking legit questions, but his thread got deleted before I could answer because he had the misfortune of posting it during Holla Forums spamming. I hope you get to see this, suicidal Pomeranian man.

Hello. Please don't mind shitposters and "kill you are self" types. We're permanently under siege by Holla Forums, SJWs and probably others, and they try to scare newcomers away.

Please don't. I have posted before about non-orthodox treatments for depression, if that's what ails you. just ask for information if you want, or for a chat for that matter.

Anyway, at least since Soviet times there was an undercurrent of condemning Western Europe, but not out of being white, but simply because that's where all the capitalist powers were (tho soon to be joined by also-mostly-white USA, and only later on by Japan). This further intensified a half century later, when various decolonization movements gained traction, which made clear that the capitalist imperialism involved did have racial connotations. However, the internationalist, anti-racist aspect of socialism and anarchism emphasized that the solution to such non-class divisions wasn't more non-class divisions, but class unity.

Then we had the rise of identity politics. As far as I know, it had a dual birth, with Peggy McIntosh and race realism, which ironically is what critical race theory was called at first. Sure enough, neither of those two origins were related to socialism or anarchism, but liberalism. You can guess how it went; oppression Olympics, dividing the American working class, making it easier for Porky to fuck our shit etc. I have no doubt that at some point the American government fostered idpol among the left as COINTELPRO. Of course, as far as liberals cared, they were just fine with it, because deep down they hate the left and prefer capitalism anyway, so they get to play around with their label bullshit while the actual left catches the flak for it.

Personally, I think it really kicked into high gear about a decade ago. Until then, there were massive leftwing protests anywhere that hosted globalist meetings, like IMF, WTO etc. congresses. It seems weird now, but back then, Porky wanted free international flow of capitals, but not of people. He very much wanted immigrants to remain out. So opening up borders was one of the protests' demands in keeping with leftist internationalism, but not their guiding light. In general, they wanted an end to international predatory loans, checks on financial abuses, and similar measures against capitalist abuse. Not radical left, but still far more radical than liberals dared ask. Oh yeah, they also wanted Soros' head on a pike. At some point, Porky decided to subvert the Western left for good, and began playing up idpol and other liberal feelgood bullshit which, and here's the key, pose no threat whatsoever to capitalism. They more or less conflated liberals and the non-radical left, and started pitching this beautiful image of a "global village", "slow but steady progress", "humane capitalism" thing. The end result is what we now call socjus, and as you can see, Porky's subversion worked wonders. Big political organizations, completely toothless, are often funded by those filthy rich liberals, Soros being the most famous offender. The so-called left (again, a conflation of liberals and non-radical left, as propped up by the big media) now defends fucking sweatshops, and has thoroughly abandoned internationalism for globalism.

So that's where we stand now. The far left seems to be the only segment of the political spectrum that still emphasizes class over anything, while everyone else argues in circus over idpol as Porky laughs his ass off.

That's liberals/"left". Arguably, a big reason why the American "left" lost to Trump is because it abandoned economic/class isues and went all in with idpol nonsense. If they go head first on non-white idpol, Republicans inevitably get the white idpol by default, and they don't even have to play the game to do it. The "left" basically sent white demographic to Republicans for free. We don't hate whites, tho in a sense we do hate Europe in as much as their governments uphold an exploitative international order.

As to wanting to live with your own race, well, that's spooky but understandable I guess, tho you'll probably get different answers from different people here. If a people doesn't want to allow foreigners in, it's their prerogative, as long as it's carried democratically and popularly. And that leads us to the core of modern immigration to Europe. See, mass immigration is a central capitalist policy. European Porky gets cheap labor, the local working class becomes a bit more divided, and local population keeps rising (a big capitalist concern), and the best thing as far as Porky's concerned is, the "left" does all the heavy political and cultural work for him and catches all blame. See how much the rich have the "left" wrapped around their finger? This is something that just doesn't get into the right's head: fighting this modern immigration policy entails fighting modern, global capitalism. Most of the right just doesn't want to accept this out of sheer reactionarism.

I approved his appeal, so he's unbanned now.

You kids have fun.

Liberalism is the right winged ideology that caused those problems so they can't be connected to us in any way.

McFucking kill yourselves for responding to this trash.

You have to go back, Holla Forums.

I would say that the overwhelming majority of the left rejects the idea that fighting modern global capitalism involves any limitations on immigration. They also reject it out of sheer idealism.

Uh, this is just annoying. I understand why you were banned.

If anyone has to go back, it's the person posting the evil drumpf and putin conspiracy xd pictures.

Well yeah, the far left doesn't particularly care about immigration. But the right has to criticize capitalism if they want to do away with mass immigration, and any non-fash is just too spooked to do it.

The overwhelming majority of the left does not even want to fight capitalism these days, or only do so in the moralist "I'm #resisting!" sort of way.

I mean most people here like to disregard those people as just "Liberals", so I didn't even have them in mind. I meant actual anti-capitalist types. I don't know if you consider any left-wing parties/organizations in Europe or North America to be real "leftists" or not but the stance on immigration applies to them as well.

What people here think doesn't really matter all that much as we're a tiny minority of the population who'd be considered equally bad as Nazis by most normies. From any mainstream left-liberal perspective, this whole issue does not exist since resisting capitalism isn't one of their aims and supporting minorities is essentially their entire reason for existence.

idk pomerian OP, why not go to america and ask those questions? no one here fucking cares. You can just be nazbol

What I find interesting in liberal obsession with immigration is that they don't think of it in political or economic terms at all, but purely moral ones. They know other countries are shitholes, but has no idea nor interest in helping fix that, so instead they just agitate for more immigration so more of those people can share in their 1st world living standards. They seem to view immigration as a sort of charity, except even worse because it doesn't involve any active effort in their part.

Seriously, you're not fooling anyone.

I do.

Jeez bud, that's a hard question. I think the only real answer is "yes", a thousand times yes. Why radicalize this guy? So he can be another Nazbol? So he can comfort himself in another out group? I'm not surprised he's suicidal, he's trapped in a haunted house of his own design. I fail to see what drives you to reach out to this guy.

Were you free of spooks before entering these here hallowed grounds?

Besides, it was he who reached out to us in good faith, and I won't deny the word to a man who does that.

Fuck off.

You may not have noticed, but many people in the right and center think that. Or you gonna tell me the entirety of the aut-right is just being ironic?

Free of spooks? I thought cops were okay. Still do, cops are a necessary function of society, and they defend private property like 90%+ people would in their position. Would agree that current cops are shit tho
Didn't have a problem with private property, but I also wasn't really aware of any distinctions and what it meant. I don't think it's right to let Nazis organize anymore, which was the worst one. Other than that? Not really much has changed.
So no, I really, really don't like this guy for being a racist, he's an idiot, and if it was up to me, he'd be living a radically different life.

Helping other countries would cost way too much to make it politically feasible. Immigration is the only realistic solution at hand right now.

We are not talking about other people. We are talking about the guy asking the question claiming to care very little, if at all about politics, however judging from his post i'd say he's on the right, that in itself is not "in good faith"