[Podcast] Zero Squared #121: Realizing Liberal Values?


New Zero Squared (from our based nigga Doug) with Varn on again, this time on the subject of liberal values and what their relevance is to revolutionaries:

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Nice! Always love to hear Varn and Doug talk!

Ooh shit
It's like Christmas


Fuck, this episode is amazing. Varn is on fire. I mean honestly, is there anywhere else, internet or otherwise, where Marxists are having these kinds of conversations?

Good topic

Are we listening to the same show? "Intellectual darwinism", "asian's brains work in ways we can't fathom"…

Not sure what he really meant by this either (didn't really elaborate on that).

He said hunter-gatherers' (primitive societies') brains, and likely brains as in their way of thinking, not necessarily them having super different brains.

So far this was my main impression on most of the topics… He mentions both humanists and anti-humanists being wrong – a rather big claim – and there's no sufficient explanation. Who the fuck is this guy, anyway?

He said that he doesn't think either have a full satisfactory answer for him.

C. Derick Varn. He's been a staple on Zero Squared for long (also back when it was Diet Soap) and a bunch of other podcasts Doug used to do (I think they're friends) like Pop the Left, Symptomatic Redness. He's also been on Alpha 2 Omega a bunch of times, which is more politecon related (they've talked Cockshott's TaNS and MTT for some famous topics on the board).

This one's also pretty good, where he found himself on a Christian philosopher's podcast to talk theology, Marxism and celebrity liberalism: sectarianreviewpodcast.com/episodes-and-show-notes/episode-28-celebrity-liberalism.

I'll look into it, thx.

Man, I wish Varn wouldn't bring up a topic without actually discussing it. This is an annoying thing he does, but this episode was particularly bad.

I'm disappoint too. Bombastic/inaccurate/unnuanced claims that don't get properly developed makes me suspicious of people.

Yeah, Varn has a tendency to make reasonable claims sound bombastic, which is both good and bad. He also tends towards a kind of unprincipled pessimism. Both of these things make him very interesting to listen to tho.

Didn't really disagree with anything said but it was very all over the place here. He generally is that way, but this podcast in particular was pretty bad. Most of the time tangents are definitely created by solid conclusions are still obtained. Here we didn't really get anything.

I was listening passively, but if I understand it right was Derick saying that he thinks liberal values are just fundamentally flawed? Liberty, equality and fraternity will always result in some kind of tumultuous witch hunt? He never really argued it, but it sounded like he stated it.

Which makes me curious how he is a leftist. It sounds like he is saying the left is doomed to eat itself, since the left does largely value those same things.

He explains what he means right after he says it. He basically just makes an argument for pragmatism and a sort of "empiricism", that Leftists can't assume to know what Communism will look like when put into praxis, but rather it must always be scientific and based on material conditions and evidence.

This. I don't always agree with Varn, but he's always intellectually stimulating to listen to. It's the same pleasure I get out of reading Nick Land, Jehu's blogposts, or Monsieur Dupont's Communist Nihilism.

Why use the word "Darwinism"? It still seems confused.

Idk, I'm not him and that's certainly not the word I would have chosen, but contextually speaking that is what he said.

I'm guessing in the sense of "the evolutionary trajectory of ideas"; that some ideas can only meaningfully be made when the conditions force them to. In the context of communism we'll only really know how to shape communism when we come to face the implications of communism first hand.

Anyone got the Inside Zero Books episode with that user on it? I'd really like to listen to it, but don't have enough money tbh.


The leftypol one? It's on youtube.


No, the Inside Zero Books podcast, the one you have to pay money to subscribe to