What will happen of castles and bourgeois villas when the revolution happens ?

What will happen of castles and bourgeois villas when the revolution happens ?

Should they be kept as museums with their old owners out, kept as museums with their old owners as tour guide (as a way to make them contribute to society), burned (what a waste), any other ideas ?

Because clearly, they were designed for a few people to live in luxury with the assistance of a few servitors, and you can't really change that purpose.

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You can easily turn them into cheap housing, orphanages, or schools.

Their big halls and rooms are ill-suited for that purpose, I'd say. You'd also damage the interior architecture.

Repurposed as public buildings. Museums, worker's councils, libraries etc.
Some can still be used as housing if you split them up into multiple appartments.

what the soviet union did. send workers there for relaxation, also

Turn them into museums/galleries of art like Louise the (something's) house and the Louvre in Paris.

Used to work in this old castle where the owners lived in a small section on the backside, rest of the buildings where used as tourist attraction/museum. The buildings could easily be repurposed for use as resorts/hotels. Maybe for rehabilitation purposes where ex addicts and anti-social people could get help

That's where the public orgies are allowed to take place.

Public infrastructure: makeshift museums, elderly homes, local community centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, public housing, libraries, etc.

They could be used for collective farms as long as they still have fields attached. The peasantry built them in the medieval ages so they should be give to the peasantry.

I should add that I worked as a gardener, it was really comfy. I'm thinking as a part of the rehabilitation program the subjects could work autonomously with the gardening, it would do a lot of people well

This is off-topic, but how do I get into gardening? Just sounds really therapeutic.


In Saint-Petersburg a lot of bourgie palaces and homes have been turned into "Palaces of Youth" where kids and teens had free hobbie classes for every taste. One of these is in royal family palace right in the center of the city and has a high school in it. Used to go there and i'm pretty grateful to USSR for these.


Museums and public use centers.
Like that church in Moscow after Lenin took power.

And we have a winner.

Got the job through a neighbor (it was a summer job) so I dunno. Can confirm it's therapeutic though, you're basically paid to walk around in a park all day


Use them for special prototype phalansteries as possible cell structure of a more humanized socio-spatial organization.


How pleasantly ironic.