In case the idiots are serous with the civil war servers are located in the Philippines right?
That means that if shit breaks loose and the US government decides to reroute shit or close down any dissenting site, we can still browse here, right?

Yeah but why would you

Why not?
Beats singing Kumbaya with the local militia idiots


Merge the American Empire and the Free American Empire to make the American Syndicalist Federation

they're in california you dip

*Combines Syndicate of America

This. The site is managed from the Philippines, but it is hosted in the US.

Is it seriously? Or is it just MIRRORED in the US?


Lets make it then. I have weaponry.

The Democratic People's Repblic of California WILL exist, its destiny futher muckers

I think the fuck NOT.

Any tettitory they have they can only keep for two years anyway.

Face it, there are more Californians in Washington and Oregon than there are Washingtonians and Oregonians. We're going with the Californians.

In Vicky2, if the United States falls to a reactionary rebellion, it becomes the "American Empire"

It's also possible for the "free states" (states where slavery is banned) to secede, forming the "Free States of America". If they fall to a reactionary rebellion, they become the "Free American Empire"

You can go with the Californians, right back to where you came from. Fuck that shit, if US ever Balkanizes all Californians (AND Texans, fuck you guys too) are getting a one way ticket.

You, I like you.
New England and Cascadia should form an alliance against the rest of burgerstan.

Well, I guess I'll have to gather up friends and family and live out the rest of my life as a fucking guerrilla, because I'm not leaving and I'm not surrendering my home to those dipshits in totality.

I always imagined New York City as breaking off as the equivalent of a free city. Sure, it might be the imperial core, but if all of the unauthorized immigrants were radicalized and armed and a few bridges and tunnels were blocked off to stop cops from arriving from the suburbs, the city could fall to revolution. After the purges are done the population will probably have fallen enough that everyone could be provided with 2000 calories through intensive tilling of parkland and soil reclamation in lower density areas.

oh, don't worry. there'l probably be a racially based war in Dixie between the CSA and whatever black nationalists try to separate and form New Afrika

Major chunks of the "servers talk to each other" infrastructure is controlled by the us government, if it comes down to it they can basically shut down the entire internet.