I'm against Antifa

I'll keep it short and simple:
physical fights, large police presence, deaths, public outrage, national guard presence, excessive media coverage, dozens of injuries, countless arrests, presidential comments, etc.

Antifa are not our comrades and everyone who's buying into the fascist scare of the last day is a total idiot.
THERE IS NO CHANCE in hell that the USA will ever become a fascist state. The ideas of those vigins over at Daily stormer will never make into the mainstream. You know what will make it/already made it into the mainstream? That every fucking union snatcher, baby killer will be ok as long as he keeps away the fascist """""threath"""""" by promoting unity, love and repudiate hate and racism no matter how much class traitor bullshit he promotes. Thanks antifa, the puppets of the neoliberal goverment that when the trump presidency end will do whatever he wants because they standed against the fascists. What I see here is prole vs prole. Leftism grows but is just focused on attacking LARPers and thugs instead of the genuine soldiers and institutions of Fascism.
everyone is concerned about fighting the angry disenfranchised proles that they call the "right" instead of the genuine Right that is in power and has been for hundreds of years.
people here just care winning fights against LARPers and thugs and not actually destroying Capitalism.

Prepare for another 30 years of sam harris. You want to promote class conflict??:

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*breathes in*
*wipes tear from eye*

There is no chance because you already are in a certain sense. Not in a way you'd understand tho.


Dawg you are obsessed with this, aren't you.
I mean ffs your class fetishism is off the charts. White supremacy is good for porky, it distracts the working class and keeps them focused on a false flag enemy, the spooky minorities.
These proles, regardless of their affiliation with the working class, are class traitors and class collaborationists. They are doing porky's bidding, and they are keeping the working class divide.
As I said last night, the white supremacists are like spoiled kids who need a good smack in the head. Holla Forumsyps have been flocking here since charlottesville, some have even considered joining our side. For all of antifa's faults they sure aren't doing a bad job knocking some sense into Nazi's. I am really not sure how you don't get that. And I don't understand how fighting misguided petty bourgeois Nazi LARPers is automatically idpol. You are spooked as fuck.

stfu up you capital collaberationist

Antifa is doing the same fucking thing m8. It's idpol not only white supremacy that distracts the working class, is idpol in general.

They are doing porky's bidding
Than why romney, hilary and all the others are supporting them?

I would agree antifa is IDPOL, but of the 2 types, which is better? An idpol that pushes a class divide, or one that promotes class unity?
Read some actual interviews with antifa members. They are anticapitalists and communist through and through. Nevertheless by protecting minorities you raise the likelyhood of these people joining on your cause, you promote solidarity amongst the various parts of the working class. LIke it or not, the working class is divided at this current point in time. Anything that helps ease this division is welcomed by me.

because politicians are opportunists. Antifa was less hated in this specific instance, as a result politicians will flock to them to their own gain. You notice the media made no mention of their anticapitalist leanings? FYI they exist, whether the media covers them or not.

Fuck off pol.

None of them promotes that. Idpol doesn't promote class unity. Yeah obviosly antifa is better, but they are really not doing anything but taint our name here. Look at this alt left bullshit. What we need here is to speak to the working class.

Tell me how my post is Holla Forums

literally kill yourself. im serious, just do the world a favor and do it. tankies prove once again to be the mortal enemies of the working class

Ready, I can do this same shit against ML parties in the US:
2/3 videos on that page:
WWP at LGBTQ Pride in NYC
Struggle for Disability Rights

Fascists are hyper porkies. If you don't fight them they will take over.

This is the problem right here

I'm not familiar with neither so i'm looking for stuff on the internet, but from what I see they are pretty idpol obsessed too.

Wow, corporate media tainting a leftist movement gaining traction. Color me surprised

Yea, the left has been doing that for 150 years. How has that been working out thus far?
The Left can have praxis which involves multiple directions, like multiple faces on a diamond. I am not saying don't work with the working class, that is obviously necessary, but explain to me how standing up to white supremacists is automatically the same things as liberal idpol calls for "more women CEOs!".
Tell me how this was a bad thing? When you have people who lean modestly left, such as Cornell West, praising antifa for protecting them, what do you think this does to his audience? How do you think this effects his message? IMO this serves as a particularly attractive means of recruitment and entryism of PoC to leftist, anticapitalist causes.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying here that 2 wrongs make a right. I don't advocate for idpol obsession.
But IMO, and you may disagree, but I believe that proper idpol can serve as a vehicle for introducing proper class analysis into a liberal's rhetoric. By acknowledging the struggles of a PoC, and then informing them that a lot of their problems arise from economic inequality, you can open a dialogue to help them understand the capitalist origination of their oppression.
I'm not advocating for militant liberal idpol, I share this critique of antifa with you. But do keep in mind antifa is made up of many anarcho communists who are involved in other organizations as well. It is not their sole praxis. I may sound like a broken record but I really don't think it hurts to defend potentially oppressed people as a component of your praxis, if expressing solidarity does in fact help win them over to your cause, which is a lot of their logic.

White supremacist are a consquence of liberal retardation. It's the same fucking thing because neither are standing against capitalism. White supremacist "love" capitalism because socialists hate capitalism and they think antifa is socialist. Antifa is beating up other proles. Is not against the real fascists in the congress that right in this fucking moment are talking of droning some country, and if it's against them they are doing nothing.

Its in trumps interest that the democrats stay mired in the muck of identity politics while he speaks about economics.
By fusing the antifa with the democrats the democrats will look like morons everytime they riot.

Dont you realize, the more you tear down the statues, the more white america feels attacked, the more they go trump.

The statues themselves are an irrelevant petty culture war.
People will be poor statue or no statue, and trump will be the one talking about economics while democrats will be talking about how video games are sexist


Ah ok, yea that's fair criticism for sure, something I share with you.
I think this is a double edged sword though man. One the one hand, you have to acknowledge that there is a divide opening, a slow bleed of proles into the alt-right. By supressing their activism, their message and marches, the idea is to help slow that slow bleed. Is it effective? I would say Charlottesville specifically may be. Even liberals dropped their "freeze peach" bullshit and sided with antifa. That sure isn't too bad of a thing.

And? Simply being a prole doesn't preclude you from being a reactionary class traitor (which all fascists are). It's not some sacred postion or bond between people.



I get your point but even still you are too favorable towards left idpol. In the most critical days, usually at the gates of a possible habbiding, their idpol is just as divisive.

Again, I get it, but… again… you are too kind towards them. Anticapitalist – sure. Communist? No way. They lack communist organizations: parties, platforms. (If that's too [whatever] for you: they lack revolutionary organs.)

Vague anti-capitalism, but sure, better than leaving them in complete darkness.

Except antifa don't necessarily interpellate people as workers. They most often use populist slogans (the people), refer to race (BLM), gender (LGBT), and so on…

You are a dumb frogposter but you are right

Like I've written in op
Now you can make the argoument that yeah antifa is nice for introducing people to anticapitalism, but they aren't doing shit against the goverment. The gorvment is shouting shit about going to war with north korea and venezuela, what they did? Plus they are not organized literally everyone can take hold of them and make whatever he wants

And a proper all-US anarchist platform should do the same. Antifa is a purely negative project, it seems pretty fixed on its oppositionism and everything else forced down to the individual level (what you called anticap/commie members). If class consciousness and communism can't come from them you must address them from the outside critically and with sympathy.

It's just people standing up against fascism in their country

Well, I wish it was that simple. Their objective class position ranges from lumpen to prole up to p-bourg.

come the fuck on


you're pretty thick if you believe that
also see

…physical removal of communist, anarchist, socialist organizations all around the US? I mean you can't be this blinded: antifa is legit discourse as far as Hillary and Mitt Romney is concerned.

I generally dislike poetics, but I'll level with you. What we need now is a not a multi-faceted diamond that glistens in all the colors (this has been the dominant praxis since the conception of the pomo new left), but a single-edged sword that cuts.

It's not and Jason Unruhe is an idiot so stop entertaining him.

Fair point, but then again, that faggot with the rest of the Christian left (Chris Hedges) then goes onto doing a sermon about MLK and pacifism…

IF and ONLY IF antifa can escape being reintegrated into the liberal narrative (lets face it, so far they failed, and in fact are in symbiosis vs. Trump with them). And this won't come from inside antifa, only outside.

I can't understand if you got what I posted

I got it, fam, it just seems to me that you don't think it's a communists job to do communist work, i.e. revolutionary politics. Well who the fuck is going to do our work if not us?

Within pretty narrow limits, and it's questionable if it does more good than harm on the long run, since idpol can change you identities, but doesn't make you unstuck from them…

Honest question: don't you think now that half of the country sees antifa as the good guys, and liberals can carry it on, it's time maybe for the communists to focus on revolutionary work?

Remember what I told you about the diamond vs. the sword?

Man, your lingo reeks big time.

Ah yes…

And this is where my pessimism sets in. I don't believe that these "multifaceted anticapitalists" who do soup kitchens in the morning, antifa in the afternoon, and punk concerts in the evening WANT a proper communist movement. They don't think like communists, they don't act like communists, but we are somehow to believe that deep down they are because reasons.

But I even get ancom's notions of the stages of development of class consciousness in the USA, but riddle me this: when will it be developed enough so that we can start actually focusing on what matters?