Is Holla Forums finally waking up?

Is Holla Forums finally waking up?

What autistic nazbol entryism is this? And can we harness it?

No. Nazbol is cancer. It's fascism with Soviet aesthetics. Now fuck off.

Nice (You).

t. buttblasted trannies who can't admit they are sabotaging class consciousness

Not going to lie, Holla Forums was the one place that I could fall back on when I was a disillusioned Holla Forumsack. I don't think I'd begin embracing leftist philosophy without this place.

Nazbols are manipulating everyone

They are playing 45483474sd dimensional chess, entryism everywhere and have even infiltrated Rothschild and Illuminati, we are just pawns in their sick game, we hope they are benevolent

nazbol is a meme

Wow we sure are flooded with teenage redditors huh

No amount of mental gymnastic will make go away the fact Nationalism is still idpol bud.


No amount of mental gymnastics can hide the fact critical theory is encouraged by the Democrat voting capitalist intelligentsia to destroy and NEUTER class warfare.

I'd say this is ironic, but you never know with NazBols these days.

It's the truth and (used to be) the consensus here. Perhaps reddit is more your speed.

That's just nasty.

that poster had an ancom flag, its probably one of us recruiting in the lions den


"idpol is COINTELPRO" infographics are still posted here everyday, dumb ass. How has the consensus changed at all? Go push your muh cultural Marxism/frankturter schule meme someplace else.

Crustpunks, trannies and feminists are literally conintelpro and are sabotaging class consciousness, back to shooting up heroin in your FBI controlled diy anarkiddie warehouse kiddo.

Man i dont even know what nazbol is, i read the wiki page and it says they are actually reactionary and fiscally leftist.
But then it says they aren racist.
And im thinking about that one gag from the simpsons about commie nazis.

Anyways, it is true that capitalism is actually against conservative and traditional values, it destroys them and replaces them with an empty consumerism
Capitlism is pro open borders too, and it is the one that has destroyed middle america with globalist trade bills.

Of course like 98% of right wingers are too stupid to realize it




Reminder that Justine Morrison was right

Isn't it weird how Sadie Plant supposedly left the CCRU to become a full-time writer, but then wrote almost nothing at all ? She actually stopped writing in the early 2000s, around the same time Facebook emerged as the predominant cyberdemonic tool of mind-control. Coincidence ? I think not.

kys famalam

Try to refute what I am getting at without paying attention to my flag. You cannot.


Seems you're too drug addled to EVEN formulate a proper reply. Don't bother replying to this post, not even going to read.

From the well known democrat, Engels.

Nice, instead of reading my replies you could read an actual book. That way, your retarded opinions might actually change.

How are trans people sabotaging class consciousness?

Oh and not to forget…

Can you go back to Holla Forums now?

Well, the thing about Nazbol is it's still anti capitalist. Nazbol can be used to segway into less spopked soxialist theory.

Marxian feminism is utterly divorced from the feminism and trans movements scaring away regular wage earners away from socialist movements, the absolute worst caricatures of these people are ALWAYS paraded around by their bourgeois enablers as the face of anti capitalist movements scaring people away, you crustpunk anarkiddie morons LITERALLY cannot even follow my train of thought or analyze subtext.

The left is doomed.

If demanding equality scares them away, they are the problem, not feminist or trannies. Changing the entire core of Marxim makes no sense.

When the fascists take over because we cannot build genuine working class support because you refuse to shake off the cointelpro saboteurs it will be entirely on you.

They already did.

So let's ignore all principles just to get couple votes? You'd love new labour. Maybe we should start hating on blacks to get some of the KKK voter base?

There's no real proof of that, and, even if it did it's a extremely small minority.
just because some dip shits get duped into playing game doesn't mean we should disavow people just because they are they way they are.

I'd rather alienate transphobic anti capitalists than trans anti capitalists given that the latter out numbers the former so drastically.

Not to mention that any one who buys into that shit was probably reactionary anyways.


Nazbol is funny and all but Nazbol theory, to the extent that it even exists, is absolute shit tier.

Lol, listen to yourself.
It's nit the fault v of these people, rather, it is the functioning if the capitalist system itself.

Capitalism works by keeping every one focused on their own short term self interests.

It's wn kver archinh ideological hegemony of the current capitalist system that books people and droves the wiring class where it is.

You're spooked and need to pick up some theory.

You seem to fail to grasp basic numbers. Transphobic anti capitalists could potentially outnumber trans anticapitalists by a million to one.

You got psyoped.

ovwr arching* Sorry, phone sucks.

It's not just trans-anticapitalist but anti-capitalists who care about equality. Just being anti something is reactionary bullshit.

i don't believe it. Most reactionary shit heads I knows around here come from the early past century and their all old white racists.

Every one I know 40 and under is totally accepting of trans people.

You are deluded.

Not an argument.

Not an argument indeed. Simply an assertion of fact.

We can see that's YOUR post, OP. Couldn't you have found a post in the wild? What the hell.

this. you could at least edit the screenshot. what level of ironic baiting and facetiously falling for bait is going on in this thread.

The board is dead, better bait than nothing.