So this is your plan to implement Communism? Leverage mass shock squads of brainwashed niggers, faggots...

So this is your plan to implement Communism? Leverage mass shock squads of brainwashed niggers, faggots, and women to enslave the white man into eternally doing work for free because he can't bring himself to fire upon the mentally incompetent and thus capitalism is finally destroyed? Are you going to breed the white males in cages or just let everyone starve like Zimbabwe?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


wtf i hate Marx now

Yes, and yes.

Things are progressing on their own. We're not some kind of esoteric cabal that controls everything. Well, not officially at least.

We will put the white man om display for dark tourists to take selfies as a social service

Actually our plan is nuking the earth and let ayy lmaos rebuild everything


Communism equals no white males and that's a good thing, so sayeth the lord, Karl Marx.

You forgot the part about collectivising toothbrushes.

traps in powerful positions is the real plan, this is a diversion, i got to run before they get me

no, actually its this: pic related

I just backtraced your IP, you're already dead

Why are you so sensitive Holla Forums? Why do you guys think we are liberals that give 2 fucks about race? Literally the only reason race ever gets brought up here is you fucks coming in here accusing of of completely baseless shit. Even if liberals come up here and start promoting PoC superiority in any way we quickly shut them down.

Now fuck off with your idpol. We have this fucking thread every day you SJW faggot

Fuck the gods. Embrace the Dark Soul! Make Londor whole!

Global Anor Londo is the ultimate objective, embrace the revolution of the Dark Sun.

Sorry, lack of traps in positions of power in your movement makes your movement counter-revolutionary, blade of the darkmoon cheka have been dispatched to your location to seek vengeance.

The Sable church welcomes these challenges.
Darkstalker Kaathe, guide us against these tyrants! Overthrow the oppressive reign of the linking of the fire! Embrace the Age of Man, the Age of Dark

It doesn't matter because Marxist tools have been re purposed and slipped into liberal idpol discourse. As long as commies promote dissolving of the majority culture on any grounds using post modernist critical theory you'll always be associated with the SJWs. By splitting the superstructure from the base so they believe they can change the base by mauling the superstructure into a post European state (because we're inherently capitalist or something so we all need to go).

of course, read "anuddah shoah" by Karl Margs
t. Tyrone Shamir


We Nerv now

what if traps already are in powerful positions its just that theyre too good traps so we dont know it

Basically, yes.

Dude, it is exactly because of culture that I am anarcho communist. I live in New England, here our culture has a strong sense of work, we encourage education, self-sufficiency, and history. Community is big here, town halls, political debates, ect.
But it is undeniable that (assuming you are a Holla Forumsup) these things have degraded as a direct result of capitalism itself. Capitalism, or production for profit, have resulted in a shallow materialistic society. A throw away culture. The capitalists want you to keep buying, psychologists like Edward bernays mastered the art of advertisement, deceit, and social conditioning. And the individualism espoused by the capitalist system pits us against one another, competing in the business sphere, or for jobs. Instead, we see society as greater than the sum of its parts.
We wish to elimating the corrupting influence of capitalism in order to create a healthier environment for the individual, such that society and the community as a whole flourish. I really think you guys got us all wrong

Yeah of course it's the commies fault that culture is commodified into an amorphous plebain blob.