Hot take: BLM is good and you guys are dumb for dismissing them

Hot take: BLM is good and you guys are dumb for dismissing them

well that's cause they're still trying to figure out how to get the police to not kill them. If your brother was killed by the police, would you really be studying obscure Marxists theories or would you be protesting alongside BLM?

BPP was as full of lumpenproles as BLM is. BPP was just blessed with the leadership of once in a generation talent of Fred Hampton and a few others. Which is why BPP went to shit as soon as they were rounded up or killed.

Which is to say, BLM has the same potential as BPP in being radicalized.

sure if you wanna take the same stance as these khaki wearing losers tiki torch carrying nerds have on idpol, be my guest. But as long you keep your head stuck in your ass and continue dismissing anything that doesn't pass your purity test, your socialism will remain hidden in your mom's basement alongside the alt-right

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makes u think

OP here, and in addition to my second point about BLM's potential of being radicalized, you already see that happening with the rise of black leftists on Twitter. We need to get behind them and help them in their battle against black liberals instead of dismissing BLM as a whole.

Haha this,


Why dont they think all lives matter?
Only black ones for some reason?

Implicit meaning is Black lives matter [too]. They also matter in general, much like any life would.

I agree OP. They have a lot of dumb shit associated with them and dumb people involved as seen in >>1985907 but that's more from how spread out and decentralized the organization is. More than anything else I agree they have potential to be radicalized, if not the organization itself certainly out of their ranks.

I do support their cause and they are definitely the good guys but without a theoretical basis, there isn't much they can accomplish even if their approach was better.

Anyone who stands up against oppression is a comrade.

That's some Holla Forums type of bullshit. If there is a "save the rain forest" movement, it doesn't mean "fuck all the other forests".

If you took just a few seconds to google it you would see BLM is only for UBI.

Wait, there are people who are unironically against UBI?


I would argue that all forests matter.

I aint got anything against BLM, they cool usually imo, but are a bit spooked tho.
Saying that though, race supremacists I oppose no matter what.

BLM is about police brutality. Got any meme charts on that?

Which would dilute the message completely. Of course they could've go with #endpolicebrutality but it isn't nearly as catchy and wouldn't get as much attention.

Except the movement has been explicitly saying "fuck all the other forests" whenever someone mentions that they all matter.


If we're talking about universal basic income, it's horseshit devised by fucking Milton Friedman.

UBI only would work with stronger government controls over prices which wont happen. Left to the market the prices of products and services would possibly just be raised. It would be nice at first but that's it. UBI also is an excuse to cut welfare and healthcare.

BLM is only good insofar that it supports universalist principles, like reducing police brutality, more democratic control over policing. But they also support pure idpol poison like supporting more "black owned businesses". If you truly oppose wageslavery, the color of the whiphand should not matter you, only its being there.
Here's an example, an app to find black businesses:

We don't even have rent control, UBI could be destroyed just on that.

If you were at a 'save the rainforest' protest and I turned up with a sign saying save all forests would you beat me up?

Because it's a disgusting tactic to move attention away from the movement.

Who gives a fuck who came up with the idea? Besides, it's not like it has to be implemented 1-1 as he proposes.

Welfare already works similar enough and it's not like porkies would overdo it with prices, because it's silly for business. Competition should help too.

Whether it'd be excellent or not would depending on the execution.

Now rents are a bigger question and would require the state to provide flats.

We don't, Holla Forums pretending to be us, and the more right wing leaning ones (who for haven't been banned yet because muh pr I guess.) do.

By the very fact that it's being implemented under capitalism should tell you all you need to know. UBI is trash.

As was universal health care and that didn't turn out too bad in Europe. Dismissing something right away without even knowing the basics about the implementation is silly. Obviously most stuff that was implemented under capitalism was a poisoned gift but it's a reason to be wary, not outright dismissive.

Black people are only twice as likely to be killed despite commuting many more percentage of crimes :^)

As any non-inferioriry complex black will tell u, racial oppression doesn't real

My survival instincts say to take the theories.

But then I'm British so my only relation to BLM is an awful taste in my mouth when LARPers try to bring it over here. (I'm not saying we don't have our own racial issues - but I am saying that it reeks of bandwagon jumping to follow and tag-on to the American movement.)

If you want "rent control" fag buy a building & charge what the renters market dictates. Fags like you want the gov to wipe their arse too after you strain a darkie

Friedman didn't want UBI, he wanted negative income tax and the basic concept goes back even further.

But y'know, maybe if we make everyone miserable then revolution will come.

socdem ideology in a nutshell

Whoever anchored this is a fucking retard.

Don't really know a huge about them due to their only presence here is people as said jumping on the LARP train. I think I saw pictures of some armed ones at charlottesville. More of that would probably be good, know it's been said before but needs more BPP influence.

Actually the inverse, given it's the position of at least half the people who want to masturbate about how nothing short of full revolution is worth doing (and probably actively harmful anyway.)

It's bait, idiot.

Whatever makes you sleep easier at night, cap scum.

i find a fistful of Temazepam helps

If you showed up with a sign that said All Terrain Matters maybe


It clearly isn't you massive autist. OP made decent points about turning BLM into an actual revolutionary organization.

No no no no, its feminism that we need to place before all else, actually no its lgbt rights, actually no its south east asians, sweet jesus actually no its the muslims who are most opressed, actually no its white men who are most opressed and on and on AND ON AND ON AND ON.

Idpol is circular and pointless when divorced from any sense of class struggle. the race to be the most oppressed and worthy of liberation in the current system does nothing to change that system.

im not saying blm dosent matter to black people, but portraying it as some sort of economic leftism that we would get behind is nonsense.

i imagine most of us here believe in equality, specifically equality of opportunity in any new system that is enacted after capitalism. equality of outcome like what modern idpol folk wants is just pointless and undermines the actual argument for equality.

wait and see, because BLM is devoid of economic thought it wont be long before it is co-opted by capitalists and com-modified like the lgbt and modern feminist movements rendering them utterly powerless.

Universal healthcare doesn't have the same effects that UBI does. Universal healthcare isn't a slow process of quietly removing the proletariat from the productive process in an attempt to remove the proletariat's revolutionary character.

It's inevitable. Technology makes most workers useless already but isn't introduced because of arbitrary reasons. In the end we still got the numbers to shape where this development goes, just attempting to stop progress is pointless.

If UBI turns out to be shit, there would be much more people with much more time to educate and organize. It's a win-win.

It's inevitability isn't a mandate for us to play into the bourgeoisie's hand.
Revolutions don't happen because everybody reads Marx.

support anything willing to downsize the state and increase democracy

for with true democracy comes socialism

What other realistic alternative is there? We can push for UBI as soon as possible and attempt to ensure that it won't be shit, or we can wait in deteriorating conditions, till it gets implemented anyway, in a more shitty version. The porkies aren't idiots and won't let things turn bad enough for a revolution and the mainstream isn't ready for it either.

Of course but education is good for the cause, and once people have the free time to do it, they can look beyond the average source that pushes neo-liberalism. Besides, with the majority of the population being out of work and with time, it'd be an unprecedented basis for a new movement.

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Yeah because you're being an edgy faggot instead of helping with this particular rainforest. Same goes for BLM. I would slap the fuck out of you for being a worthless retard.