Cripples are reactionary.

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Boo hoo, if a disabled guy is dumb enough to be a Nazi he deserves to get fucked up

Goddamn canecucks think that just because they fell down we won't beat socialism into their skulls.




Isn't the attacker in the "official" alt-right spongebob colors?

Should've known, the piggy was a the fattest fuck there. Apparently they're smart enough not to wear police boots now though.

Are you implying that cripples can't be nazis? And if he is a nazi, what does it matter that he is a cripple? Discrimination is baaaaad, user.


anyway the hunt of the Nazis began. Have a great hunt brothers and sisters.

what the fuck
why is that guy beating up a fallen man who needs a cane to walk?
Why is a cop just watching?

Satire is dead.

Cops hate cripples more than leftists do. They always respond to emergencies where canecucks need help.

Cop got his $oro$ bux early

Really makes u thinkā€¦


Did they really try to put all the invalids to death in Nazi Germany or is that just historical revisionism to make the Nazis look worse than they were as Holla Forums would say it like with the Jewish lampshade conspiracy?

hate people with glasses
simple as


They did that before the war even started

For context it says something like 'this invalid costs 60,000 reichsmarks to take care of: he is a parasite on working famlies!'

Pol Pot is always right.

Lumpenchairs are even worse. They all should be pushed off of ledges.

No Nazi left alive tbh. Fuck em.

Gasheads BTFO.

The revolution will be televised. When we enter hospice those nazis better be scared. No burn ward, no mental hospital, and no ICU will be safe. When we come for you expect to get some free healthcard. The media and police will watch and do nothing disease freaks. Take that.



Thesis: abled workers
Antithesis: disabled canecucks
Synthesis: abled workers should get canes




36:45 is where the cripple gets beaten.

Same shit in France, we even had a totally not CIA dude smashing windows at a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, to demonize anticapitalist protests.

This is a frightening outward demonstration of the power mad psychology of the low Autism Level masses who cry for more state power in every facet of life, which Carl Jung warned us about.

if Carl Jung doesn't want the benevolent social democratic state administering what hairstyle is the most aerodynamically efficient then I'm not telling my friends to do the MBTI test anymore.

We should just start beating the disabled in general fuck em.

Jung was a brilliant man, MBTI is barely better than astrology.

This is a good time and place to ask, what are Holla Forumss thoughts on the severely mentally ill? I'm not talking about abloo abloo muh depression, I mean shit like schizophrenia. Since these people cannot work, i assume everyone here hates them.

not their fault, stop being dumb. they should be on welfare obviously.


I think most of these are induced by traumatism (child abuse most of the time) and inner suffering usually caused by something related to capitalism. They should be treated on a case by case basis, not a medical approach either.

Schizophrenia varies a lot but all the people I know with it you wouldnt know have it just looking at them

Most people here aren't vulgar workerists.

Eugenics is like central to Nazism

Yes they had a system for involountary "mercy killings" where they'd kill the disabled

officially they stopped midway through the war, but their doctors were still under orders to carry it out unofficially

Nazi cripples wtf?!

Hitler would have sent this faggot to the gas chambers.

You can be black, hispanic, disabled, old, young, it doesn't matter if they're a nazi they're getting a bullet to the skull.

Boomers get the stick too

Nazi in this instance doesnt mean a member of the German national social1st party it means 'someone whose opinion I disagree with',

Like Goebbels, right?


What could prevent a guy beating up a fallen man who needs a cane to walk in anarchy anyway?