Documenting Holla Forums's conspiracies on the Charlottesville driver

Can we collect and share all the crazy ass excuses and explanations they come up with?

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So far I heard:


One protester hit the car on the bumper with a 2x4, so they're claiming he feared for his life too.

Ech. He could have feared his car being damaged at best.

It will be their new holocaust before the week is out.
Something that didn't happen but totally should have.


I like the one where the CIA shot the police copter down to cover up their false flag operation.

They have this info graph where they calculated out he was only going 25. I guess they're saying that's too slow to kill anyone,

And the dude hit like… what? 19 people?

I wasn't agreeing with it, he wrecked two other cars, he was going pretty fast maybe as fast as 40 mph.

They said it couldn't be his car because it had stripes and the car on his Facebook page didn't.

Oh yeah, I know. I just wanted to know the statistics behind this myself. Wanted to make sure that pol is wrong even on its own conspiracy terms.

lel, the "1 car/person" law of the universe

The semi legit one is that the airbag did not deploy and the fuel line was not cut.
Having worked on cars and been in an accident, cars automatically cut the fuel if it sense the car had been in an accident. All autos have accelerometers that can determine if an impact has happened.
Nazis think this proves it was a false flag operation. I think this proves the murder was premeditated and he modded the car to prevent both before hand. The airbag should definitely have gone off though. Disabling an airbag is easy, your supposed to do it when doing any body work,

What was the kid's background? Just a neet?

Idk, but diabling an airbag is simple enough even for a non mechanic.
You can check out a Critons book at the library and it will give you step by step instructions with pictures.

This just came to mind. Holla Forums also brings up that he was on medication. Is the kid from a state that rules out people with a mental background getting a gun? Because if so the whole makes a lot of sense: kid can't get gun, looks for easiest alternative for maximum damage. Chemistry is hard and a suspicious new little hobby, so he just tweaks his car.

from this redundant thread

mods banned some Slovakian VPN IP for this infographic lol. I was just trying to encourage people to get out of the road so they don't get run over.


Look at those pictures, you can't see that there are cars in front of him. He's accelerating because people were beating on his car with sticks. If you were in a car surrounded by angry people beating on your car, you'd accelerate through the crowd too. You think he was trying to crash into the two cars in front of him at "high" speeds approx 25mph?

Why didn't he just back out?

Today I learned two new alt-right phrases:

Because 99.9% of human being get out of the fucking road when a car is driving down it, he was clearly assuming this level of intelligence from these protesters.


Have you ever been to a political rally before? People occupy the streets all around the fucking world in such events.

Crisis actors aren't a conspiracy theory, m8. They're used for drills and training, etc.

Fuck that have you ever been to Walmart on a busy day? People dont give a fuck if its a scooter or a semi they will walk in front of it without looking.

so how is that kid in the vid a crisis actor?

There was a time when BLM and #NeverTrump protestors were protesting on highways. Even 99% of them had the sense to run out of the way of speeding cars. I see people march in the streets all the time. I also see them get run over. That's my whole point.

I mean after the car got hit by a protester.
Driving towards the people who want to beat the shit out of you isn't very logical when you want to get away from danger unless there was another car behind him.

He's not, I'm just correcting you about calling "crisis actors" a right-wing conspiracy theory. There was a time when the "left-wing" accused the Bush administration of false flags and crisis actors, but we're in the process of removing all history so we should probably memory hole that too.

Your "whole point," bucko, is to blame the victims instead of the premeditated act of murder.

It's not clear at what point people started hitting his car but if you look at a overhead view of the street he was on, he was at the end of a long alleyway. Even if he was getting hit half way down the alley, the best and fastest way out would be straight, rather than stopping and backing up all the way. Once he unsuspectingly slams into the car in front of him, he gets swarmed by people bashing his windows so he eventually does reverse out of there.

wew m8
what evidence do you have of his prior intention to do this other than your desire for that to be the case?

The air bag didn't go off, and fuel line was not automatically cut after the crash.

Beyond him being a white super saiyan, escaping the scene and hiding from the popo?

But I wouldn't fucking call it "evidence" (as opposed to you) until the investigation is concluded. The whole point is that your side began constructing conspiracy theories and misinformation 10 minutes after it had happened:

"Supremacist" really should filter to "super saiyan."


amazing, simply amazing

You forgot the first and best theory:

Why is no one looking into that anymore?

this was discussed in some length in other threads. airbags don't always go off in collisions like this, especially under 30mph and with "soft" (e.g. mobile) targets like car bumpers and people (as opposed to something static like a wall). I have personally seen someone total their car into the side of another car and only the victim's car's airbag blew, likely because of how much the car door absorbed in the crash. That would also explain why the brake lines didn't cut - the crash wasn't severe enough to trigger these responses. This is also evidenced by the fact that the driver didn't get seriously injured by the crash (which is what an airbag would prevent).

There is one fucking guy in the crowd who hits the back of the car. One fucking guy. And not even that hard. What's the best solution in this situation? Yes, of course, accelerate like fucking sonic so nobody will have time to jump away

forgot to take off shitposting flag

WUT, I didn't hear that one yet. What black lady?


there are millions of Americans who would relish running over a bunch of literally shaking sjws but that doesn't make everyone culpable
people were beating his car with bats, what would you have done?
not exactly, he didn't try to change his identity and flee the country. he still had his plates on his car, that wouldn't be a good strategy if he planned on getting away anonymously

try again. you can see in the first photo in , there's already a hole in his back bumper when the second retard is photographed hitting his car. How many times should you let an angry mob smash your car with a bat before you can try to flee the scene lawfully? Should he have gone nice and slow through the crowd that was bashing his car with sticks and bats?

He entered the scene of a protest with his car expecting a confrontation, his escape route p much proved this. He brought the car into the protest like a moron.

Again, we don't know yet. So stop asking for "evidence" as if your side had more than hilariously retarded, deliberately manipulative, and growing list of theories.

Are you saying that there's no reasonably establishable connection b/w someone believing himself to be Son Goku and his desire to kill people? Oh, wow.

Also notice how most of the people in the alley way get out of the car's way as it's driving down the alley. That's how-to-not-get-run-over 101 right there. You all should be taking notes.

why do they slow down the footage?

The fuck is with the first infographic. Is this something passed around between near-sighted dimwits with no spacial sense?

You can fucking see that the guys flag/pole is at most an inch from where it struck the bumper of the car(if it struck the bumper of the car at all). The mark by the license plate is nowhere within the swing radius of the man swinging unless he immediately jumped at least a foot backwards while swinging the pole as that photo was taken.

I just can't even.

Driving at such speed through a crowd when you have absolutely no visibility and no idea how big the crowd is doesn't seem logical to me, especially since the attack didn't seem severe enough to warrant driving through an entire crowd.

Of the two cars which the Challenger ran into, in the closer one to it there was a black woman who was driving it.

I also noticed but I don't even care to point it out. It's completely clear to everyone what the aut-right is doing and even they admit it in their closed sessions:

not to mention you can see the fucking spot in the first image clearly to the right of where he was hitting.

Actually, he was trying to leave and antifa was blocking the roads. You can see from the drone video that at least a half dozen cars were stuck at that intersection trying to get through. Standing in the road unlawfully does not grant you immediate protection from vehicles, people will still try to drive down the road (BLM learned that one on the freeway the hard way).

That is also consistent with someone having hit is car previous to the one caught on camera.

What if the driver was actually Slave Ray?

Oh, look, an autist pulling shit out of his ass!

no it isn't it was a snowball from ohio last winter i promise

Car scratches are indicative of previous forceful contact?

You don't say…….

this dont make sense even in your narrative


It's actually quite common when people protest in the streets. Any YouTube search will pull up dozens of examples of people driving down a road where there's a protest and people banging on the car etc. and the car speeds through. It actually happens a lot which is why it's so odd people seemed shocked by this. You want him to be a cold blooded murderer so bad, and maybe he is, you're ignoring the more obvious explanations. He panicked.

Yes. Because the only other scenario is that he drove his car right off the lot to the protest.

If an insurance company wouldn't even fall for this shit, what makes you think it will work in court?


This is your brain on the aut-right.

Major injuries could have also been avoided by simply wearing a seat belt.
Also if you look at the Toyota he reared it, it's trunk it pretty much gone.
The other thing is that the Challengers crumple zones did not compress, but the Toyota he rear ended did.
This isn't an open an shut case, but it's pretty convenient the one time the air bag didn't deploy and fuel line weren't cut is the one time he needed to keep from being lynched.

Because it's kino.

There's a whole lot of straw men being flung around here so I'll just drop the official "other side" narrative and then I'll get banned by the mod and I'll leave you all here to digest it and agree with yourselves.
>A half jewish LARPing Nazi gets in his car to leave

if he did put on his brakes, he obviously didn't want to stop, he just wanted to through the crowd

also in this image his brake lights are no longer on the farther hes in the crowd

they had a permit though

the sheer mass of comrade heather absorbed enough energy and slowed the car down to the point that no one else was killed

in her death she saved many lives
a true hero

p.s. this is why isis have not employed the truck attacks in america

The locals – not antifa, but the general public – have been petitioning the mayor to not allow the rally, btw. WTF do you expect from a town that doesn't want you shilling for an unpatriotic statue?


How is this relevant? You have a right to lawfully assemble and redress grievances even if your neighbor doesn't like it.
Any rally short of bowing down before a painting of Mao I expect antifa to show up and act like fascists smashing statues and throwing urine reporters. And they delivered, like they always do.

and here we see the the polyps ultimate bootlicker mentality. property and capital is always valued over people

How do you expect to be taken seriously when everybody knows what you are doing? I can't refer to this image enough:



M8 you can't be serious

They sure don't kill people that's for sure.

you complained in your post that they attack statues
youll find this board are no fans of antifa, but we can realize that they are better than neoconfederates or neo nazis because those people support property over people

calm down lad i was just making a joke
didn't mean to imply did her death doesn't count, i unironically think she was a (probably unwilling) hero putting her body between a car and a crowd

He's not /ourguy/. Holla Forums isn't affiliated with the aut-right, TRS, the Vanguard cucks (which this jew was a member of), Spencer or any of the other faggots LARPing as white nationalists. Holla Forums is straight up Not Socialism, and that wasn't a NutSac march, it was a aut-right/civ-nat march with a bunch of pudgy halfchanners. Holla Forums had dozens of threads asking how we could sabotage the event, because we actually hate the aut-right as much as the aut-left does.
He's not a shill, he's just a self hating jew
He probably is, but that doesn't mean anyone does or does not take ownership of it other than him
It's ok, a few minutes on the treadmill and a few thousand fewer calories and you'll be ready to go throw urine on reporters in no time
This literally comes up any time anyone is killed. There is a group of professional conspiracy theorists who call everything a flase flag within seconds. This isn't unique to this situation, or the aut-right.


Go on Holla Forums and say something promoting the alt-right and see what the response is. Hint: they invented the term aut-right.

What you view yourselves as does not matter Holla Forums, everyone associates you with them.



the sargon tactic

m8 4pol or 8pol?
cause 4pol loves it if

Oh, so YOU associate them with the tubs of lard on the aut-right so they must be affilates right? There are more hate threads about Spencer and the alt-right "leaders" than have ever been on Holla Forums. Jesus christ at least know your enemy.


the alt right are literally irrelevant and only discussed here to laugh at their impotence
our enemy is the bougies

See: antifa & Holla Forums

I know my enemy hates being associated with the alt-right for publicity reasons
I also know where there is smoke, there is fire

At least now when the next Islamic terror attack happens we can say it was just a traffic accident and that it was just a coincidence that the guy was also photographed with white supremacists as part of their group photographed with ISIS in Syria, and that its all a plot by the jews anyway

this weekend is the first time leftypol has ever supported american antifa

You think Not Socialists are afraid of PR??? LOL, m8 it's the exact other way around. The aut-right tries to distance itself from /us/, because we're actual NutSacs and they're LARPing WNs.
Wow, that banal generality sure makes sense. If people insinuate something, it must be true. Like the fact that Jews have been kicked out of countries hundreds of times and oppressed and hated by nearly every nation on earth. Seems like lots of smoke always following the jew… But that's different, right comrade :^)


really activates the almonds

I know you're being ironic but the media has literally done this. "Workplace violence", anyone?

The oppression of jews is much older than capitalism and established banking institutions. Is there fire where there's smoke with jews, comrade? Or is that just the world's biggest and longest-running smoke machine?

Then why are you all going to such great lengths to defend them in this incident and others?

lurk more, faggot

I'm not defending the aut-right and I never have. I have never seen a pro aut-right meme or thread in Holla Forums that wasn't visciously attacked and ridiculed. You claiming that Holla Forums defends the Reddit-tier aut-right shows your ignorance of both Holla Forums and the aut-right.
With resepect to this incident, I'm saying the driver probably wasn't trying to massacre a bunch of lefties, he actually probably trying to leave and got spooked when he got attacked and panicked and tried to speed through the crowd to get away. I would make the same case if the guy was a gommunist or a bystander. Everyone always jumps on bandwagons without giving it some objective analysis, so that's what I'm tryng to bring.

Definitely, more so than anybody else. Because what they believe is extremely unpopular, they have to work very hard to make their views palatable to the general public. This is mainly why they hate political correctness so much, they have to deal with it much more than we do.
History has shown how important PR is to Not Socialists, and that has not changed.

Also you protest too much, after all people get banned on your board for questioning Trump and his relationship with the Jews.

And now jews control the world
They must be really smart


Jews control the banks and the banks control the world, but you already knew that.

Jewa control the banks, and banks control the world.

To that end PR is important to all movements, but NS aren't afraid of being lumped with the aut-right, they're afraid of being shoah'd by the media and the ebil natzee narrative.
I had at least a half dozen legit comments get shoah'd from this thread alone. this will be deleted and this VPN IP will get shoah'd for this as well. it's incredible how much gets wiped from the boards here, tbh

Zizex is such a fraud.

consult your doctor if you think Zizex is right for you

This is a new one: she never existed.


This white student union guy need a good beating

Jews have been culturally exclusive for centuries. They refuse to meld with the norms of whatever society they enter, and maintain a smug "chosen people" attitude to outsiders, not to mention they are despised by other Abrahamic religions on theological grounds cause they merked Jesus. After reviewing the history, you can see why they would then be a disliked group by the predominantly Christian status quo. I don't see how pointing to smoke proves a fire?

They do.
One of them a couple of days ago was basically saying that they'd never apologize as that would be showing weakness and after that we'd demand more and more.
The "muh alpha man" meme really rotted their brain.

maybe if the alt-left wouldn't have been aggressive towards the driver none of this would have happened huh? next time maybe pick something else than baseball bats against car dumbshits.


That's their entire political dogma.

People keep mentioning sticks, but I don't see anyone with them in those pics.

this belongs here