The Home of the Alt Left

God dam Holla Forums you are getting raped by Trumps re-branding that guy is a madman this is going to be like Jo Cox all over again.

Don't embrace the "alt-left" label. It implies socialism ain't at the heart of the left side of the political compass. Reds should call themselves "The True Left" if anything cuz liberalism's a bastardization of what actual leftists stand for.

What rebranding? No one calls themselves "alt-left." We've been through this before. The clintonites tried this last year.

Annoyingly, you would be surprised. IIRC Adbusters is doing it and I'm pretty sure they're influential amongst the 'leftists'.

I'm currently laughing my ass off at the attempts to turn this into some kind of forced meme. The absolute STATE of Holla Forums right now.

I don't even see the point. Say we miraculously start getting called the "alt-left" unironically… then what?

The 'alt-left' would become a movement separate from the communist movement and thus far more likely to be infused with liberal ideas thanks to people who wish to make a quick buck off of it while screwing with or even ignoring theory and praxis. From what I can tell, the aryanists and white nationalists of Stormfront are nothing like the kids who frequent both 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ let alone the 12-year-olds who lurk in YT comments sections and their favourite meme pages. The latter two kinds of people are still liberals and are also willing to cater to other people as if they are participating in a market of ideologies. While some Stormfags wish to do so too, I presume that there must be some who are radical to the degree that they seek to forego the whole liberal-democratic system and make heavy use of armed militias, just as there are people who do so here in light of what several communist theoreticians have mentioned. The radicalism of our struggle will be compromised by this 'alt-left' label and it will weaken the actual power communist movement.

Thats how it happened with the Alt-Right. C.I.A loves these psyops, playing the lower classes off against each other just like that eight years has passed by with no economic reform only autistic screeching and more idpol.

I can't believe I'm going to agree with Afroplasm but I'm actually in favor of that branding, if not for the same reason.

We need something that says "We're not fucking radlibs", alt-left would be fine but the term is too muddled, doesn't really mean anything and I don't think we can own it. TrueLeft is something we can own and it'll have the bonus of making radlibs howling mad.

Communism isn't on the bourgeois political spectrum. But if I ignore semantics, wouldn't rebranding as egalitarian anarchism be better? Then we at the very least wouldn't be called socdems with authoritarian tendencies.

That's too specific. I want a big tent label that we can use to pull the Overton window left by having everybody left of Sanders under a label that excludes liberals. Anything with 'anarchy' in the label isn't going to work with anybody who thinks anarchy is utopian.

Whats needed are more people like Varg. His world view kills the far right.

Should I become a mod?

Not sure who that is?
Creating more true leftists requires changing public attitudes though. The Overton window has gone so far right people think they're on the left if they support neoliberalism and labor retaliation but think that there should be more women in boardrooms.

How is a reversal to a backwards pagan society because of the "Jewishness" of modern society in any way a death blow to the far right?

I like Ctrl-Left better

why not just progressives?


Don't know about him, but I don't want the "progressive" label. Leave it for moralist bullshit like prohibition or SJ idpol.

Overnight, the "alt-left" label became toxic to the very liberals who were pushing it on us for almost a year now. They're now reduced to denouncing it entirely. And somehow, we are getting "raped" by it?

Lol no.

Don't forget eugenics. Progressives were big on eugenics.

What would you rather have White nationalists do. Agitate for a separate state while propping up right wing capitalists or disengage from capitalism live a self sustainable life in the countryside and raise a brood of children.

There's already the term far-left for that. We don't need to hide behind the trendy "alt".

Fuck off lad. Call yourself a socialist or communist and that's it.


She was a liberal, so no loss there.

Funny how Nazis can't even kill the right people.

What if we change the label up a bit: "shift-left." As in, the current left isn't really the left, so we're gonna shift it.

nigga you got it all wrong, it's SJWs who get rebranded as the alt-left by Trump

sweet, sweet irony

Cringe af.
The rightists spam to much Cuckold porn and Balcked to know anything about real politics

Think again Brainlet.

Alt Left doesn't mean anything just like Alt Right didn't mean anything, but you embraced the term Alt Right so it subsquently grouped you all together in the eyes of the public.

People are just going to continue associating themselves with groups like the DSA.

Had the president said "THE DSA AND THE IWW" this would have worked.

But nobody wants to call themselves alt-left so the term's life isn't going to last.

Next you will be telling me that Millhouse isn't a meme. They are going to force it whether you want to be associated or not just like they did with the Alt Right brand and i find that truly fucking despicable by the way. We have to stop these insane capitalists.

Great, the same retards that brought us Occupy. Time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more.

Afroplasm, you're wrong about a lot of things, some would say most things(me, I would say that), but you're goddamn right.