If Nazis in America feel so emboldened, who will they kill first...

If Nazis in America feel so emboldened, who will they kill first? Martin Niemöller's poem famously recollected that socialists were the first to go, then trade unionists, then Jews, and then himself.

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Didn't you hear them at Unite the Right? Their primary target is socialists/communists. I'm surprised they even worked in jew hate.

They are already killing people, are you not paying attention?

There's only been one highly publicized attempt this year (RIP Heather). I'm referring to frequent and organized attacks rather than one freak incident.

So, and I am translating here–Hilary Clinton.

Nobody, because American nazis are LARPers

American anything are LARPers tbh.

more like 2 days ago


fuggin anarkiddies at it again

communists, then cuckdems, then unions…
not "socialists". anarchists weren't even mentioned. so get lost, irrelevant fringe "socialists".

Muslims and socialists/communists. There's too many blacks/latinos for them to take on head on right now.

in case you've not noticed they consider obama a communist

You're mistaken. Nazis are not emboldened, they're back pedaling really hard trying to save face so they don't seem like terrorists/murderers to the American public. Even the anonymous shitposters online are usually found trying to spin some kind of excuse.

he was part of the Communist Youth.

Communists, who else? If you listen to their speeches they spend more time talking about Cultural Marxism, antifa and throwing Communists out of helicopters than talking about blacks, Mexicans and Jews.

I've been seeing this phrase for years and don't really understand it. What the fuck does it mean?

A repackaged Nazi slur from the Weimar Republic ("Kulturbolschewismus")


There's nothing wrong with any of this.

The concept of 'subverting society' by spreading radical ideas is peak idealism and literally the exact fucking opposite of Marxism.

I fucking wish America was half as Marxist as you retards think it is.

I haven't seen such an inaccurate portrayal of the frankfurt school in a while. Like how fucking stupid are you? Read adorno and find out what this meme is that youre against.


I'm sorry you're incapable of actually comprehending the things you hate and can only regurgitate right-wing buzzwords like a retarded parrot.

read an actual book for once in your life, you absolute nigger

"In general they are intoxicated by the fame of mass culture, a fame which the latter knows how to manipulate; they could just as well get together in clubs for worshipping film stars or for collecting autographs. What is important to them is the sense of belonging as such, identification, without paying particular attention to its content. As girls, they have trained themselves to faint upon hearing the voice of a 'crooner'. Their applause, cued in by a light-signal, is transmitted directly on the popular radio programmes they are permitted to attend. They call themselves 'jitter-bugs', bugs which carry out reflex movements, performers of their own ecstasy. Merely to be carried away by anything at all, to have something of their own, compensates for their impoverished and barren existence. The gesture of adolescence, which raves for this or that on one day with the ever-present possibility of damning it as idiocy on the next, is now socialized."
-Theodor Adorno

"The power of the culture industry's ideology is such that conformity has replaced consciousness. The order that springs from it is never confronted with what it claims to be or with the real interests of human beings. Order, however, is not good in itself. It would be so only as a good order. The fact that the culture industry is oblivious to this and extols order in abstracto, bears witness to the impotence and untruth of the messages it conveys. While it claims to lead the perplexed, it deludes them with false conflicts which they are to exchange for their own. It solves conflicts for them only in appearance, in a way that they can hardly be solved in their real lives."
-Theodor Adorno

it's a literal conspiracy theory: the belief is that these men literally sat in a room breathing together and planned the downfall of "the west"

also kill yourself

Holla Forums is fucking stupid. Also nice sources.

Here buddy

Why do you trust this shit though, like do you at all realize what a fucking nutcase/idiot you sound like? Why have such a hatred of something you've clearly never engaged with but heard about in your echo chamber from 3rd hand sources who must have the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader with down syndrome.


Also lol at George Soros, the man who helped destroy Communism in Eastern Europe, having anything to do with Marxism.

neck yourself.

and black people cause crime, what does this have to do with communism?
pick one.

Can you point out the part of evolutionary theory that says 'Germans have a right to exterminate subhumans and take their lands for colonization'?

I'd also be interested in the mathematic equation that proves Jews are supervillains.

That's weird, i always thought that it was based off of some guys mystical and occult like beliefs against jews with some sick essentialism thrown in.


From Wikipedia:

thanks for the lmaos user

I meant Not Socialism

We know what you mean, you got caught up in the word filter. Keep going though, these laughs are great.

What is laughable about measuring the world, 100% accurately?

Oh god, its another "Darwinism applies to modern humans" dipshit.

Somewhere in there (right about the word 'should') you lost le ebin rational objectivity and went subjective.

So no, Nashitnal """""Socialism""""""" is not based on 'objective truth' any more than any other ideology. Value judgments abound.

get out

Why doesn't it? If a German is more fit, and can take land from another, he deserves that land. There is no ultimate guarantor of land, freedom, or wealth.

The invention of the factory and the development of industry as a whole completely destroyed that "argument" more than a century ago.

These are subjective, user. Biology and Calculus are not. You can;t possibly argue this.


Try again.


counter point: I can go into any walmart right now and find a herd 700 pound cows who are easily surviving while riding motorized scooters all over the place.

And the reason the vast majority of biologists aren't nazis is because?

Don't forget Germany's hilarious destruction on the battlefield and the subsequent domination of the country by foreign armies for decades.

I don't know about you, but I'm wary of any ideology cooked up by such an obviously unfit people.

Well no, you're just wrong there.
Maybe when you finish high school and get a big boy job you'll realise that matters less than you think

you really are the definition of narrow minded.
just get the fuck out

If you believe in "natural law" then why aren't you a tankie then? It's the strongest system out there after all.

No, but saying anyone 'deserves' anything or that anything 'should' be so is 100% subjective and has no meaning outside of human perception.

You unironically sound like a 10th grader taking his first biology class.

He's probably going to say something along the lines of 'because the Jewish Marxist liberal elites run academia'.

Was Babylon in London?

Point to where I said calculus was not objective you fucking moron.

That doesn't make any sense at all. But okay. What "facts" in biology necessarily lead to Nazism.

So not only are you hopeless when it comes to biology, but history too.

No, it did not take 'almost the entire world' to win WWII and Germany didn't fight in a vaccuum.

A handful of great powers brought down the Nazis. USSR, Great Britain, and the US doing the vast majority of the work.

And if you think Germany could have done what it did without the men and resources of allied countries, and the apathy of the rest of europe before the war, then kill yourself (actually do that anyway.)

Only required Russia to destroy the Nazis. Other people joined in because why the fuck not. Might as well.

Mate, you're still in high school. What the fuck do you know?

They will kill women first. Because they are primarily fueled by virgin idpol and.or have a variety of other psychosexual problems.


Germans were just autistic. That's not evolution, it's a disease.

none of these are facts, none of these imply a political program.

"Natural law domination"

All of this goes against biology, as different species have different tendencies of socialization. Why not try biology applied to humanity, that is anthropology/sociology/psycology

none of what you said makes sense.

German tanks were shit that broke down constantly. The Wehrmacht was barely even mechanized, the vast majority ran on literal fucking horsepower. More people died building V-2s than died when they came down.

The rockets did nothing but make a big scary boom and spook Londoners. They would have done absolutely nothing to stop German defeat. USSR could have fucking soloed the nazied.

Frankly, I'm not really that wowed by the glorious Wehrmacht. The only country they conquered that actually impresses me at all is France.

Steamrolling Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark and Norway doesn't exactly make me think "wow look at those supermen".

The second they tried to take on the USSR (read: a real fucking country) they got their shit pushed in all the way to Berlin.

Okay okay, what biology have you studied? I've taken biology classes in college, on evolution, plants ect. due to my major. Ive also read famous ecologists such as racheal carson and some richard dawkins

My point is you've got nothing that's explicitly applicable to humanity and if it is you have yet to have shown that

A German defeat that precipitated their total failure in Russia? Though of course, they were losing long before that.

Because Germany (and to a lesser extent Japan) had been building it's industrial base (especially engineering) for 100 year prior to that and had a particular legal structure that allowed them to develop industry in a way no one else could/would do.
Even after WW1 they kept their engineering sector because the rest of Europe had become reliant on it, and could churn out world leading technologies before, during and after that war - it was that resilient.

Man it must have been fun after that. I mean killing all the terrified, freezing teenage boys that Germany was sending at that point was probably incredibly cathartic for the Red Army.

Oh so they're pushed out of academia because they don't know how to argue or play fair not because they're hateful assholes. lol

very scientific

That's a convenient attitude to have when you think you can win. Go back to crying about how Muslims are violent savages that don't play fair.
We always knew your tricks, now the great thing is that normies can see how two faced you are so your subterfuge won't last.

Apparently the dumb Russians could at least build a tank that doesn't break down when the weather got a little chilly.

Just accept the fact that jews are superior to you according to your own beliefs. They can't be subhuman if they're always bamboozling you.


Gee I was under the impression Germany in '41-42 was at the height of its power.

One dude gets attacked with bats and hits the gas, and in response, every civil war era monument is torn down, major internet companies which basically operate as utilities are engaging in blatant censorship of the right, and you act like the NutSac fascists are the ones winning. You're winning. Congrats. But how fucking delusional do you have to be to not see that you have the entire machine on your side, except the president himself?

Who's winning? Maybe the liberal id-polers are but it doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things. It's not like capitalism is being dismantled or anything.

If commies treat Alt-rightards as enemies it's because of their zeal to become useful idiot brownshirts. But that's all they are, chumps, small fries, a waste of time.

You have to grow up and see the world in terms of economics rather than wishy-washy touchy-feely identity politics.

And take off that flag.

Da jooz are only superior at subversion, they exploit white people's empathy and benevolence so that they may usurp you furtively from within.

I always thought wehraboos were the first step to nazis. So much horseshit propagated for so long, Americans shitting out their mouths and fellating some nazi turncoats for their word.

It's pretty simple:

There's been one highly publicized SUCCESS, there've been more attempts. Heather's death ended up completely overshadowing the fbi duping a guy into attempting Oklahoma City 2 Electric Boogaloo

Wehraboos aren't the first step they're just in the closet

You sound like a feminist talking about muh patriarchy. What exactly are you referring to? No, seriously? Which institutions? Because "capitalism" is practiced when I buy weed from my dealer.

Your entire post is pretentious drivel. You literally told me to "grow up". I actually engage in economics, you can keep turning over theories of dead men but you're not really learning anything.

The value form. Production for exchange. Private property.

if capitalism stops working properly, people use mental gymnastics to blame communism.
it's how Nazis got total power.
and will get it again, probably

Can you answer my question?
My point is that none of the things you mentioned are in any way a victory for the communist or socialist cause.
I asked you to grow up because you read like you're a victim in all of this (lol).

For communism to be blamed, first it needs to be relevant. Right now it is not.

No a boogeyman doesn't have to be relevant or even be a real thing to be blamed.
See Cultural Marxism

There is an entire coalition of lefty idpols who openly fly the commie flag, and they have the police and every important internet institution on thei side, because of the NAZI dichotomy.