Is Hezbollah an actual Anti-Semitic group or is this just western propaganda...

Is Hezbollah an actual Anti-Semitic group or is this just western propaganda? I've seen Anti-Semitic quotes attributed to members of the organization but I'm not sure if that's the dominant opinion of their members.

They have a lot of anti-semitic images and phrases in their propaganda. It's definitely something aimed at Israel, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a general hatred of Jews due to an association of Jews in general with Israel.

Probably are anti semitic, but that's war.
You have to dehumanise your enemy.
They didn't come into being in order to kill Jews for the sake of it, and Jews had lived with Muslims for centuries beforehand.
It was the creation of Israel and the way it was done that led to Hezbollah.

>Is Hezbollah an actual Anti-Semitic group
It is, but it isn’t race realist anti-semitism.

Wtf I like Hezbollah now

Why would you dislike them?


They kinda murdered my 11 and 16 year old cousins while they were queueing for pizza. yknow, scud missiles into civilian areas, it's why they have to have bunkers in every building now

When was this?

'scuse me, I misread as Hamas. Hezbollah is still shit though

Nah Hezzbollah is pretty based especially compared to Hamas.

But israeli imperialism doesn't exist. They're reclaiming territory they took during the 1948 and 1967 wars that the UN forced them to give back. They don't oppress anyone. Both groups should be massacred, especially hamas, even the palestinian 'state' agrees

The left won't get anyway until it abandons these shitty petty booj natlib groups

we must support the only civilized nation in the middle east!

This just in Nazi Germany was not imperialist when it took the sudetenland or when it took Alsace Lorraine from France again!
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Pretty sure Israel is still a state.


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PALESTINE wasnt a real thing until 1947…. ISRAEL is mentioned in 3000 year old documents… the palestinians are the real settlers… israel didnu nuffin

you missed the part where they are colonial settlers in an occupied land. Its unfortunate but justified

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indeed. But jordan is kinda based with their king atm.

If germany had stopped at reclaiming their land, and not done the whole genocide and expansion thing, then there wouldn't have been a problem
How do they oppress?

It's not imperialism if they're just taking back territory they were unrightfully made to give back

there was a clause in the creation of palestine that allowed jewish people to live there. After the war, there were a lot of jews moving in, and violence escalated w/ Palis asaulting jews just like in poland, so they responded by separating

yeah brother!! when they say ohhh bloo bloo israelis treat arabs as subhuman, it's apartheid, im like… if we didn't keep these animals under our boot, they would attack us again

no the Israelites and Israelis are two different groups they just happen to live in the same place.

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What was anti-semitic about that ?

It's an Islamic nationalist group, what do you think?

I get that they're upset about Israel, rightfully so, but they've been selling Lebanon up the creek to Syria since its founding, they seem nothing more than imperialist to me.

OP is actually the best troll on this board right now. Brilliant.

no, no. There isn't oppression of arabs in Israel, in fact, they're excluded from the draft. It's not an ethno-state, as hebrews are of many ethnicities. The only real repression was of my people, the Ashkenazi jews, or yiddish speakers, and that was in the first couple years before they got rid of big bourgeois that hated yiddish for being too prole

you literally want to genocide us again you monster

Lmao okay buddy tell me exactly what belongs in Germany then? Because I guarantee you large swathes can easily be claimed by other countries. Unified Germany is literally a product of Prussian imperialism.
You mean besides eternally occupying the Palestinian territory and then destroying it every other year?

Maybe if isreali was founded as a multiethnic generative state you'd have a point. But they're ethnic nationalists and deserve the bullet so no.

When did i say that ?

except for those parts of prussia that were never part of poland, nor had a large portion of polish speakers that is now part of poland *ree*
Taking territory is not oppression?they don't destroy the land, either, they build it?
also: it's not an ethnic nationalist state

Yeah that was just the place where the Teutonic order cleansed the native pagan population and replaced it with Germans to rape and pillage Lithuania, Poland, and Novgorod
Military occupation is in fact oppression dummy, also yes Isreal bombs the occupied areas regularly and almost always unrestrictedly.
You're right but it is highly racist and built upon an even bigger retardation theocratic nationalism. Even if Isreal is currently secular it's still a 'Jewish state'

teutonic order=/=prussia
No they really don't unless there is fighting
Technically yes, but religion does not control government, it is not a part of government, it's not really that racist, and most people who aren't orthodox are reform or nothing at all

It can influence the actions of politicians and people and is used to justify bad things. Many Israeli settlers use their religion to justify illegal settlements and the gov uses it to justify there occupation of palestine.

it is a violation of international law to acquire territory through war. kill yourself you false-flagging retard

No shit, my point was Prussia as a region wasn't originally German and was only that way through colonization and suppression of the native tribes.
Literally the last war in Gaza was an 80% civillian causality rate that destroyed unrelated infrastructure and killed children in a special needs school.
Still the justification given for the illegal settlements and the refusal to recognize Palestine
Uh huh

Like Israel? It's the most imperialist state sans Murica and probably even more right wing.

Which wasn't very nice but kinda expected if you steal land from the people and let others move in.

Nigga, come on. Even non religious Jews are treated shitty there. I am Ashkenazi jooce myself and had family in the army and got friends in Israel, and it's a fucked up place politically. (and the climate is ass too)

You're thinking of the PLO m8. Hezbollah wasn't created by the Nakba/Israeli war of Independence, but 30+ years later by the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon and the Lebanese Civil War.

hezbollah is super cool and allied with communists. they are not anti-semetic in anyway.

you bumped a shit thread just to lie in it. what is wrong with you.

tl;dr Hezbollah is basically just an Iranian proxy force, they're anti-semitic af and Not Our Comrades.

This would only really hold true if that kind of shit hadn't existed before Israel was founded as a state. Maybe Israel's actions in Lebanon might have pushed it along, but the idea that the Middle East was a nice place for Jews to live until the Zio Nation attacked is pretty shitty propaganda, usually furthering the interests of theocrats and arab supremacists who want to create support for them running everything, instead of being made to share with minority groups (not only Jews).

As much as I disagree with your statement it's hecking weird that shit like this gets banned when outright support for far worse imperialism is pretty much accepted…

They're clearly antisemitic and have a history of attacking civilian Jewish targets inside and outside Israel. They're arguably not as fanatical about it as neo-Nazis or Wahhabis, but still.

Hezbollah stands in the way of jewish soldiers, of course they're antisemitic.

They arguably are, but more in a cultural/religious sense than a biological determinist sense.

theyre about as anti-semetic as north korea is deeply triggering and problematic.

hezbollah hates the jews because the only jews they run into are either IDF or tycoons trying to destroy them.

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it was philastine (or filastine) back then.
and most modern jews are khazars not the OG 12 tribes. so checkmate.
hezbollah dindunuffin.

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jews from chicago and london were never there dumbass

that was the sykes picot agreement where baron rothschild bought an entire country.
not only are you a retard, an an impeialist, youre also an neoliberal.

dumbasses like you are the reason people here start lurking pol

They're antisemites. Whatever. Liberals are completely able to look at politicians and authors who were racists and antisemites and say "They were a man of their times, lets not discredit their accomplishments" The same is true for Hezbollah. They hate Jews, but they're not going to start Shoah 2.0,

do you mean that because israel doesent rightfully exist or because youre a jew?

killing tourists from america =/= genocide

religion is a spook and a tool to control the masses or make a strawman as was the case with:

whats wrong with Hezbollah? did they kill to many israel-funded terrorists in syria?

israel is basically a zionist-elitist proxy force

did you ever ask ourself why were jews so universially despised everywhere?
christians and muslims of all sects managed to live togetehr in peace after the crusades

it wasnt, but that defenitly made it worse

who would these supremacists be?
Hamas and hezbollah are a reaction to zionist imperialism.
ISIS never attacked israel
oh wait, they did once, and apologised for that

who started it again?

israel sure is getting bashed in this thread.
the horseshoe theory really seems to kick in when you compare leftypol and pol when it comes to israel

Holla Forums loves israel though you newcunt


thats not screencapped from pol

Are you with al-Qaeda and/or 9 year old?

those were merely reparations.
israel still hasent payed for any of its warcrimes.

It's for completely different reasons, Holla Forums hates Israel because its an ethnostate, aligned with NATO and serves the US and EU interest of neoliberalism and imperialism. They're basically everything this board hates. Holla Forums hates Israel for no actual reason beyond da joos.

infact if anything Holla Forums should like Israel. They're funding a lot of right wing populist movements in the EU and as pointed out trump's #1 fans. And also a lot of Holla Forumss rhetoric comes from Jewish theorists. I genuinely can't think of a reason why Holla Forums would hate Israel. In fact Israel is probably the optimal blueprint for an ethnostate. Pic related

add the word "jewish" before the word "ethno state" and you get Holla Forums


Yeah, I should have specified.

probably the most based progressive group in the world right now.
mad watching "leftist" groups in the west try and fail to become at all relevant while hezbollah have built an army and an effective state that serves as a regional power.

well they dislike american imperialism because they say that the US is just an extension of the zionist foregein policy and they hate neoliberalism because its the worst part of the globalisation europe faces today.


We waz jews n shiet

if we had a regular flag system i bet yours would be either israel or america.


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Well, im glad to see not everyone on this board solely blames USA for literally everything ever

The ancient Greek historian Herotodus called it Palestine. The Romans called it Syria Palestina, and the area was called Palestine right up until the end of the British Mandates. Stop getting your history from buttblasted Haredi trailer trash.

still more logical than the bullshit that some chichago jew has the right to commit genocide because some elitist banker bought a piece of land from an imperialist colonial power a hundred years ago because he said that some 2000 year old fairy tales implied that that piece of land belongs to him.

theyre not a terrorist group and just because some monkey writes in some document that they are wont make it so. IDF is however a terrorist group and regulary commits attrocities and acts of terrorism, and excuses it with the beleif in some fairytales, which is no better than ISIS.

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lmao he is explicitly talking about attacking military targets, as has always been hezbollah's policy.
"terrurism is wen people doo deth on porpose" - guess again nigga. kamikaze fighters in ww2 weren't "terrorists"


this thread is 2006 all over again