So, apparently antifa punched literal Holla Forums's Holla Forumsack and he didn't fight back, took it like Spencer

So, apparently antifa punched literal Holla Forums's Holla Forumsack and he didn't fight back, took it like Spencer.

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lol fag

Why would you want to associate yourself with that and not lay low lmao

who cares?

I laughed a little.

Right? who tf wants to be known for being punched


Hipsters were always reactionary.

We have been in that era for a while now.

nah, just opportunists in general

Hipster is whatever you want it to mean tbh

Kinda like fascism, makes sense.

it is fairly fucking specific, triggered alt-reich larger.

Fascists weren't neoliberal. The economic model corporatism and armed robbery on an international scale.

is there a vid of the punch?

"The basic feature of our economic theory is that we have no theory at all." - Shitler


He's literally smiling at being punched in the jaw.

Maybe because that's not a punch. Look at the position of his hand. There's no way that had any effect unless his skin was weak af.

Source: trains in Krav Maga regularly

His skin was weak af

Honestly a nut shot is better for fascists since they often have sexual psychoses.

Don't nutshot them, that'll only make it worse. Do you think Hitler could have come to power if he had two normal balls?

What a fucking ugly beard.
Looks dry and crusty as hell
Why do his lips look so puckered and nearly nonexistent

Why would you want to go out with that hideous beard and as a skinnyfat? For being alpha males these reactionaries look like unfuckable faggots.

That's a pretty shitty punch, all things considered.

So was the Spencer punch. Most people don't know how to throw them, as it happens. The psychological impact is more important anyway.

look at his shitty dirty house
look at that disgusting beard

that dude is 100% classcucked. Fucking idiot got spooked by minorities instead of going after porky.

Antifa really need to learn to throw a proper punch. I can't laugh if the Holla Forumsyp in question doesn't actually get hurt.

Fascists are weak frail men, they still uphold concepts like masculinity, the best course of action would be emasculation, always aim below the belt with them.

This. It looks more like he's trying to shake off his collar.

The nazi was baiting them, once they punched him he knew he could use that to act like a poor victim. That's why he smiled.

I thought he was really drunk?


Probably not they're usually "Anti degenerate." They're too cowardly to drink.

He should've used a palm strike to avoid damage to his wrist/hand

someone should replace "Asian Pride" with the DPRK for keks

meant for

Holy kek.

Almost none of them actually follow that. The sheer overlap between Holla Forums and /pone/ or /mlp/ should tell you enough.

So it's "What i wish to be" vs "What i really am"?

who is in the wrong


There is no peaceful way to express an ideology that served and still serves as key motivation to murder and oppress millions of people. Would you defend them if they peacefully expressed their opinions that they want to rape your kids?

tbh we could use a good cleanse, too many gooks and shitbrained niggers


also inb4 socialism has murdered and oppressed millions of people

It isn't?

If you advocate for ethnic cleansing, you deserve beatings just like that punched nazi

Agitating for genocide and other nazi agenda cannot be allowed

t. anticommunist.

no its a lifestyle choice

communists can genocide too, are they nazis?

tbqh fam everyone wants to make the world a cleaner place. imagine how much pollution would go away if we ended the lives and political structures of India and china. imagine how much cleaner our waters would be and how much softer the titties would be because of no more chinkshit being added to our plastic cereal bowls. you know in your heart that its true.

That's a shit punch if I've ever seen one.
I almost broke my hand throwing one like that in a drunk fight, later I was told I was supposed to land it on the first two nuckles

t. pedo. Better not come near my kids. I will violate the fuck outta the NAP.

I spoke specifically of ethnic cleansing based on white supremacy agenda

Genocide is not the goal of communism. Fuck off with your false equivalency.

If you abolish capitalism there would be much less pollution, without a need to exterminate a big chunk of the population;

Forgot shipost flag

its too late now, the pendulum has shifted. with each fallen statue and arrested nigress, another dozen jewish names are added the the official Holla Forums oven baked cheese pizza.

nah brah you dont understand, genocide isn't the goal its the means. i mean you gotta think about it right, when the ruskies were having their revolution they needed to shut down the cockmonkey peasants and dissidents, which meant they had to kill the sum bitches. do it on a coordinated effort, make them just so happen to be slavic and christian, and you got yourself a genocide. replace that with 'WASP/Jude-christian capitalist pigs' and you got yourself another genocide.

yeah im not saying we shouldn't abolish captialism, that shits cray, but if we take the poos and the chinks and just reduce their populations to zero, everything will just get better. like i know its hard to imagine because theres so many of them, but if we did it the world would be so much easier. our toys would give our kids cancer and our shitty call centers would be answered by minimum wagecucks instead of subhuman shitskins in another country. there would be less shit in the waters off the coast of india and china would stop fucking trying to build an AI to pave over the fucking world because they're too stupid to program it otherwise.

Liberals can and will use historical socialist atrocities to make sure we're treated every bit as poorly as actual genocide advocates. Organize against Nazi militancy, not Nazi edgelordism; treating any speech as inherently violent plays into liberal "anti-extremist" hands.

If you kill them, some other people will take their place and pollute and produce shit to flood the West with, because there is no way big owners choose people's well being over competitiveness. The Market wills it.

But it's not. At no point does any marxist ideology talk about genocide. Just because it was used by them doesn't mean it's part of it. Many communist smoked too, it doesn't mean communism has any connection with smoking.

then you finally understand what i was getting at user. everything that isn't the west must perish. the gooks, the niggers, the spics, all of them. its the only way we can have peace. we might even like you guys. leftypol is full of faggots but at least you're good entertainment, just like pol.

people who smoked and were also marxists just so happened to enact laws and sign papers that said 'yes you may kill these people, specifically because they are not the people that i want in this world.' not because they were marxists who smoked of course, but because they were looking out for the interests of the marxist state, making sure that the marxist power structure was to be maintained, and that any threats to the marxist machine were neutralized in any which way. when bullying and general bureacratic inconviences were not enough, bullets and mass graves and labor camps and famines and rapid displacement of land were the next best thing.

but no seriously, marxism doesn't say anything about genocide, it just uses it like every other ideology. at least nazis are honest, they wrote a fucking book about it. 'we don't like these people, look we'll even dedicate some chapters to it'. marxists have to hide behind their language, explaining away reality through technicality.

The alt left wins as per usual

Which was their own personal approach that got nothing to do with the ideology itself. While white supremacy and forms of it like nazim actively encourages genocide, making it incompatible with peaceful expression. There is no peaceful way to say "I wish people who aren't like me would die".

Hence it's perfectly justified to answer aggression with aggression, just probably not the most optimal way to get public support.

ideologies are conceptual vacuums, they exist on the paper and the books and the internet articles well, but the real world has all those things and more. it's messy.

peace was never an option, but that hasn't stopped chucklefucks from running their own personal spin on the ideology of white supremacy and nazism offshoots. see alt right.

optimal public support results are a function of circumstance. in small towns where it was customary to hang niggers for daring to speak to pure qt white wymyns, public support of naked violence was the play, just as niggers tying burning tires to their enemies and sandniggers throwing acid at people is publicly supported.

in a racewar scenario, naked aggression will be the only way to play. ill slather myself in vinaigrette and beat random niggers to death with pool sticks and hockey pucks if its the only way to appease my nazi overseer.

We don't want them dead we just want our own lands with our own people and our own values, without forced immigration and multiculturalism. Know your enemy better.

mods, get these dense schizo polyps out

And how do you plan to accomplish that?

Besides, hardcore white supremacist are only nominally an enemy. You don't have the numbers nor intelligence to accomplish anything anymore, nor won't have them. Porkies are the real enemy and danger.

Jews are the majority of porkies and their usury system is why we are in this mess. To answer your first question… mass deportation. And you might say thats harsh or unreasonable but so is mass redistribution so you have no morale grounds.

Mass redistribution helps 99% while making lives for the rest a bit harder. Mass deportation fucks over everyone who isn't a fan of the idea and not just non whites. This might sound shocking, by white people tend to befriend non white people and wouldn't be too happy to see their friends gone.

their race doesnt matter.

the victims of the holomodor weren't too happy to see their friends gone either, but i suppose sacrifices had to be made. literally.

and mass redistribution is a failed meme that suffers from the same reality of all marxist memes: it leaves the paper so poorly and is implemented so ineptly time and time again. we'd be better off fucking off to where real communism works, on a small community of close-knit people, tied by blood and shared values instead of ideology and the barrel of a gun.

neither do the overwhelming statistics, but gross relativism is a frightening concept, sometimes its easier to just accept certain inalienable truths about nepotism.

Holodomor isn't a part of Marxism.

Here I agree, even in theory it's a suboptimal idea but I am not a commie either way. Libertarianism is a much better and more realistic idea, and left libertarianism isn't that far from communism.

tbh im a slightly inebriated politicuck that ocassionally reads old books and thinks himself smart, i just like being snarky and messing with leftypol when Holla Forums gets raided because b gets taken down and i have no safe space to vent my groundless frustrations.

and even if the holomodor wasn't a part of marxism it was nonetheless something that happened under the implementation of marxism. if some cumstain comes out and says 'actually it was stalinism you polyp fuccboi, lrn2read' im going to get another beer and continue to ramble.


Hitler reee'd about how bad capitalism was and then invented privatisation

Mussolini reee'd about how important the free market is and how bad trade unions are and then created the most nationalised state bar the soviet union


Alot of people would be too happy about seeing their property taken either but you don't worry about that.

And I came from 4chains because I was tired to argue with polaks about niggers and kikes in threads about books that have no relations to either.

Given how it wasn't advocated in any marxist writing, the idea was clearly not at fault. Pretty much none of the horrible shit that happened in USSR was part of the ideology, so it's pointless to bring it up.

The problem with this is that we can then take literally anything that happens in any country that opperates under captialist mode of production and say it's because of capitalism.
If you rebel against the state you declare war. In communism or capitalism.
I'm not gonna say the government is immoral for not funding my communist revolution. I expect them to oppose me.

Mass casualties is something that has happened under the implementation of every economic system. It's just that a lot of them get discounted because of justifying.

Well, obviously not everything but some issues like inequality are simply inherent with it, which is a big plus point for marxism which is theoretically clean.

Not really sure what you're getting at here. Inequality in the Sovjet union exisited, but it was minimal compared to its capitalist counterparts.

Why do chan autists insist on going to protests, you keep the memes in your boards otherwise you're not better than the furryfags, I felt so much second hand embarrassment from the dude who was going "What about the memes?" in a protest and I don't even fucking browse Holla Forums

When there is no other people beside Western people, there will be a part of the West that will fill the void until nothing is left but the Porky having FALC.
What you fail to grasp is that you're also part of the list…

They are overrepresented but they aren't the majority.


Anons should have listened to the anti-moral fags



corporatism doesn't mean "big business", it means state-owned monopolies

The difference there is that /pone/ and /mlp/ laugh about being degenerates. Holla Forums actually feels shame over their fun which they then project onto the world. Threads where Holla Forums chimps out at them for being degenerates are always entertaining, because the responses are generally along the lines of "you have to fuck the horse pussy, user" and "wanting to fuck >no hooves is the real fun."

Nazis are the only ones who would want to associate themselves with people who get constantly punched

I have a solution.

Why don't you just stop?

Thing is, the Klan and its likes were on the decline. If people are reconsidering these ideas its cause they feel threatened. This is probably because any discourse contrary to progressivism is shut down, either by the media, academia or protest.

The Nazi, any time, no matter what. His beliefs are stupid and wrong and they bring the rest of us down. He thinks he wants a revolution, but actually he wants to support the ruling class and strengthen their power, which is why he most likely voted for Trump instead of abstaining from the system. We need a revolution, and idiots like you get in the way. I used to believe in free speech like you do, but eventually you read about 1 too many US backed coups on democracies, and suddenly you don't give a shit any more, sure for the workers councils we should have completely open discussion, but we don't have those yet, and we won't have those until you are your kind are crushed into nothingness. This includes, restricting and attacking your speech wherever and whenever I feel it is appropriate. Physically attacking you, up to the point of killing you, imprisoning you or exhiling you. It is not hypocritical, because I think you should be attacked for upholding the ruling class and for no other reason, I do not up hold the ruling class, and am therefore no hypocrite. You on the other hand moan and bitch about every little thing and yet support the system which creates each and every one of those things.

TLDR Nazis should be killed ruthlessly

what the fuck kind of a punch is that though? The guys knuckles are parallel to his face.

Apparently it worked because the Holla Forumsyp posted about "wherever I may find my attacker, I'm pursuing legal action", and best of all he just got jeers and ridicule for making them look bad

how jewish. is this the redpill in action?

you wouldn't believe, but there are people out there who are wholeheartedly committed to much pettier things. like being recognizable on an anonymous imageboard.

he is laughng because he baited some fag into assaulting him

that fag will now be Jamal's new waifu in jail

They still haven't caught him, and the only one continuously bitching about being punched is one kid.

And punching someone isn't going to get you in prison, do you live in a fucking suburb?

not prison, but custody.

Maybe hes just too dumb to live successfully.

After all hes a hatemonger.

Calling the police for getting punched is literally the most pussy shit you can possibly do in your life

Maybe he'll make a video crying about how scared he is of going to jail… oh wait.

Also if you think one punch like that is gonna get you in jail you would be wrong. Also thinking one punch like that makes you deserve jail outs you as the pampered middle class brat you are


Aryan Nation, Hell's Angels: An imposing fighting force, terrifying, can hunt you down and kill you over meth

Holla Forums, reddit today: Bitches about getting punched, will pursue legal action, cannot take bear mace without screeching like a wild bird from Central America, threatens but can't back up, abuses wheel chair bound mother for three years over video games, afraid to show face now that they get doxxed, attacks in the same way they condemn terrorism

Where did white pride go so pissy

I know its almost annoying isn't it. Its like goddamit you go on about being an alpha male so much fucking grow some balls and at least pretend to be one.

Class war is fake my friend. Read up about the reconstruction era south and the original KKK. They were a self defense militia that defended white communities against nomadic blacks. The red summer in the 20th century was also similar

Self defense is justified, no matter the means

it's not fair, why are leftists allowed to be violent psychopaths towards us, but the favor can't be reciprocated?



The person you're describing also went to Juvenile Hall over beating his mother who was in a wheel chair because she restricted his video games over not getting his homework done in high school. Also put a knife to his own mother's throat

Typical Holla Forumsyp, gloating over someone like that.


Yeah we'll see how well that holds up in court



How many levels of retardation are you on?

Do you know what gloating is?

There are no people going to rape you Holla Forums, you're unfuckable to a vast majority of people

Even then it was stupid. Yeah getting run over by a car is a better use of the police's actual time then saying "HELLO POLICE, YEAH A GUY PUNCHED ME SEND HELP"

Like even if you were gloating over murder that's pretty fucking stupid

Don't you regularly have mental breakdowns because no one wants to touch your nasty pussy

Killing Nazis is self defence. Many in my community are Asian. I want to defend my community. Simple. Also around here you cunts are convicted pedophiles


Rural southerners defending their towns from gangs of looters and rapists weren't nazis, asshole.

Lmao no. I don't.

And also whether or not we like the government doesn't mean that you don't constantly appeal to it, the irony of the joke is now you have to appeal to the government you were trying to represent

You're right, they were much more hated in America


It's hard when all of you are so incoherent

No they weren't they were supported by their communities. The only people who hate them are dumbfucks who believe they just went out lynching for the fun of it.

Right so me and my antifa defending our communities from shit like this

is self defence

Lets be real, you do. The fact you pretend you don't is at this point just fucking hilarious. You are so pussy you can't even defend your own leader.


The aryan nation would honestly look at you hosers and laugh

You're a pathetic excuse to represent white nationalism. Getting punched and never punching back, trying to distance yourself from violence, and always having a petty history of it in the form of abusing your family or schoolmates

The old white right was addicted to meth, you're addicted to playing the victim

How do you even know if I'm American?

They were loved by petit hysterical liberals in the South, yes

would you like me to keep going with these? Or are you going to continue to deny reality? You retards are RIDDLED with beasts.

Okay so you don't support Trump, criticise him then, say what is bad about him.

You are politically illiterate. Liberals went to court in defense of the lynched animals. Liberals founded the NAACP and SPLC to defend them

He hasn't kept his word, and I don;t see a wall. BTW when did I say I supported a honeypot like Edentity Europa?

You don't know the definition of liberal do you lel

You are American, don't distance yourself from it


God you people are such fucking nerds

I know the real definition. I don't use marxian dialectics, aka mental gymnastics. Liberal are socially left leaning people.

You don't even know what fucking dialectics mean Jesus Christ

Sorry your a hideous virgin meatball that can't get her pussy licked.

So, you originally supported him, but now hes in power you don't support him? That about right? But you did originally support the ultimate kike president ever, correct?

Its funny, if I keep going, mentioning every single aut-right group, will you denounce them all? One by one pretending you don't support these people, until there are none left. How about this, what groups do you support, and we'll go from there.

Me myself I support most libertarian socialist groups out there. Now we are on an even keel and can argue in good faith, instead of you shifting the goal posts around and pretending to be something else like the reptilian you are


All of this is besides the point, I'm saying such groups are riddled with child fuckers and they want to harm my friends, so it self defence for me to hurt them and possibly kill them. You have been utterly unable to refute that point

Marxian dialectics are a contradiction because they are not objective and Marx himself did falsify a lot of data.

What does that have to do with the definition of liberal?

You still don't know what dialectics are you diaper wearing ideological pants shitter

That the marxist definition of liberal is incorrect and that marxists usually don't look at the facts for what they are, they must observe them through a filter and make up their own definitions.

Answer my points you little bitch. You have avoided every single pertinent question and are a total pussy

Investigating the truth.

Dude, you're funny.

Wew lad.

I still don't see what that has to do with Marxist Dialectics.
What do you think Marxist Dialectics even are?

You sound like you read a lot

We're not even using the Marxist definition

Just not the putrid American one

Is the same as every other educated persons definition of Liberal. Namely, the philosophical tradition that follows from people such as John Locke, Adam Smith, Hobbes, Rousseau, etc. You fucking retarded cunt.

AHAHAHAHAHAHHA I'm asking you what you believe and who you support, I'm not even making an argument. WHO DO YOU SUPPORT YOU LITTLE BITCH? Can't even say it on an anonymous board jesus fucking christ you people.

In fact, all of the shit I said was questions, not statements, or arguments, so how can I be strawmanning? Did you used to support Trump? If not, then why do you care if he kept his word?

You are so fucking backwards man please, we will tell you how not to be, you just have to admit it to yourself. Just say it "im a dumb cunt who talks smack on the internet about shit he does not have the foggiest clue about" Just say it, we will say, okay, and then we will educate you, thats all you have to do.

Besides I'd like to see what this "Marxist definition" looks like

Sophistry and mental gymnastics

and by the way calling you a pussy is an objective fact, considering you are a strong alpha male and yet can't even proudly proclaim your beliefs ON THE INTERNET TO PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER KNOW IT WAS YOU. What kind of a fucking nationalist are you?

no, if you think there is a "marxist definition of liberal" that is somehow distinct from everybody elses you simply don't know what you are talking about. That is all there is to that


You clearly know what you're talking about

Basically the ideology the emerged during the enlightenment; "Bourgeoisie" school of thought that prompts natural rights and shuns traditional religious value.

hey cucky beta boii I thought you were proud of muh culture and heritage? Can't even explain what that is tho.. weird.

Is it because you are in fact totally retarded and have realised you are way out of you depth here?

You're not politically literate this isn't a matter of disagreement

I never even announced my beliefs, you fucking retard. All you're doing is throwing shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks. Calling you an etra chromosome carrying sub 70 I.Q. retard would be within the parameters of reality.


I don't think you have a coherent set of beliefs

yes exactly, you never announed your beliefs, because you are too pussy to announce them.

What you did imply is that you don't support Trump, but also you said you were annoyed he didn't keep to his word, from which I can only deduce you wanted him to stick to his word, and therefore supported what is his word was, and therefore supported him. You were also dissapointed there was no wall so same again. This is a quesiton you have now failed to answer three times so the only thing I can deduce is that in fact, you do support Trump, you are just too much of a low t beta cuck to even admit it

What did I miss, that they're capitalists.

kek, you guys really are a joke.

Okay how about this enlightened one, you show me, cite me, an influential Marxist defining liberalism as you have. Like, you know this fact from somewhere yes? Perhaps a book or an internet article? Maybe even a video, it is 2017 after all, so maybe you could show it to us to teach us stupid leftists what we missed?

You missed that you're going on an express tangent to hell and dodging all rules of political thinking Marxist or not, for no real reason than you're mad at leftypol

Who said I trusted him to begin with.It doesn't matter if I agree with what he says, what matters if I believe that he actually believes in what he says. lrn2 nuance.

Nuance and the internet far right are about as seperate as Australia and Cape Horn

Hey you know what else, prove you are an alpha and not a beta, post the last nudes you got from a girl, if I can reverse image search them, you are a little beta cuck boy


Are you suffering from masculinity issues?

The funny thing is I just know that you do, because you faggot magapede t_d /polacks/ are all the same, because you learn all your shit from the same faggy memes on the same faggy virgin image boards, you have the same weak arguments and you make the same obviously uneducated bullshit parroted points every single timee. Right now all I'm doing is gaining personal amusment from your lack of character and abandonment of a figure you so obviously think is good just so you don't have to answer his jewish question.

quote the strawman I made

so you think the alpha beta dichotomy is not correct then?

and nope, I have the nudes to prove it. The question is do you? Or at you a low t beta cuck?

Could you give me one good reason why you have not said which ideology you believe in and who you support yet, even though asked multiple times? Are you not proud of it or something?

You systematically ignoring his questions also made me curious.
Come on, vent it's not like you're posting your face on facebook for everyone to see…

There's some truth to it, but it's not as black and white as most people make it out to be.
The part where you assumed I support trump, or where you lumped me in with identity Europa.

If you were walking down the street and some retard was flinging shit at you would you stop and talk to him?

For someone bitching about sperging all you've been doing is go around in circles about your own identity and how no one can guess it, and showing everyone you're politically illiterate

We're talking with you aren't we

Quote where I lumped you in with identity europa? What I said was, they contain pedophiles and want to harm my friends therefore attacking them is legitimate self defence.

Interesting position, which parts are truth, and which are not?

Yeah us communists ought to live in mansions and spend all our time not working using skin care products and shaving, and putting on make up.
Filthy, poor, capitalists.

Shut the fuck up porkie, he's misguided.

also, you are right, I did assume you support Trump, you then went on to say things which would strongly suggest you do support Trump, you then refused point blank to point to figures you do in fact support. So how about you clear the mess up and say…. tell me who it is you support?

ngl everyone should put on make up like like it was the 18th century.

Like what? Do you think Trump supported the self defense attacks against blacks during the red summer?

also, you still never gave us the influential marxist who espoused your definition of liberalism. If you don't answer questions I am going to repeat them.

So which parts of the alpha beta "theory" do you think are correct or not correct?

You said you were dissapointed he didn't do what he said he would i.e build the wall, which suggests you supported the wall and therefore at least in part supported him.

Lets assume you didn't support him anyway, what did you think of his Jewish ties AND….WHO DO YOU SUPPORT???

I know he supported KKK and had the back up of KKK in the elections & still does.
Thats honestly all the information I need. Nazis have to die.

lets start with the basics: Capitalism, good or bad. Nice and easy, a multiple choice question

They really don't though, they most likely won't even fight given 1) They post crying videos about it the moment things get a little hot and 2) like faggot in this thread they can't even admit what they believe to random people on the internet. They are all spoiled little pussies, in all likelyhood there won't even be a war

Some people are smarter and stronger than others so those people naturally end up in the higher levels of social hierarchy, but that doesn't mean that humanity is one giant wolf pack.

He doesn't even use the same definition you did, quote the part in this article which shows that?

okay so prove to me you are high up and not low down in that hierarchy. I would say that a sexual succesful male has at least one nude photograph of one of his conquests, so show it. I've got mine waiting

I agree nothing will happen Holla Forumstards already lost, royally but I'm willing to kill Nazis anyway. I'm armed to the fuck, they can't fuck with me.

clearly not the inbred retards

Damn dude, you're really butthurt. I never claimed to be a master pussy slayer. And about my beliefs. I believe in segregation. I just want to live in peace, and segregation s the only way to achieve that

I don't see how they lost when the beat the shit out of you guys at Sacramento and stabbed you with your own knives, and beat you up at berkley.

and when they lose they say they were never implying to be white supremacists and all that shit even through they were
they're fucking pussies that back the fuck out of everything when they get cornered.
Nazis are weak coward pieces of shit.

you're a fucking retard.

Violence is needed to maintain peace. Once everyone's on their own continent thing will be alright.

You're fucking retarded.

butthurt? It is frustrating to have a conversation with somebody who won't answer very basic questions. If you are not a master pussy slayer, then you are a beta cuck. That is just how it is low t. Why would segregation bring peace? Saudi Arabia is a segregated culture, yet they do not have peace. Ireland is a segregated culture (all white) yet they do not have peace. So why is that? Japan too, very segregated, no peace.

Also, you did not say who you support.

Also you did not answer the question about his jewish ties.. were you aware of them?

I thought you wanted to live in peace bro y u so glorify the violence?

ALSO, you haven't said whether or not me defending my community from pedophile racists is legitimate or not

they didn't stab me. lets see it then if you're hot shit post your shit inbred retard. you ain't got nothing you're just a fucking kekistan socially retarded dweeb. you're my bitch

Ooookay, so which is your continent, i.e. where do you live and what colour is your skin?

The WHOLE fucking world is hunting Nazis down because Holla Forumstards fucked up in Charlottesville it's over.
The identity of most of them is already available to the public, they get publicly beat down, their houses get robbed and perhaps they even get killed but it's good that we don't know, we don't want our comrades to be pursued by the state.

My respects & good luck to everyone hunting Nazis down.


wait is the one on the right supposed to be worse

And this gives the government power to do it us
Watch what happens to European leftist groups once the State has no more use for them

Fuck off, faggot

Make up is dumb
No one should wear it ever

why did you reply to me?

Yeah I'm gonna need a source on that


idk man, got it off /s4s/
I haven't reverse image searched yet though