Okay, so they're reporting that weapons caches were found in Charlottesville in the possession of wh


is this true?

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If true it proves that cops were collaborating with them.

Because one retard says so on shitter? Sage for low effort, Reddit posting.

Maybe. It's not clear what "caches" means, either. If they didn't have guns it would surprise me. There is overlap between these guys and people who always carry.


Why would the cops collaborate with them?

Because police have fascist sympathies.

Yeah and?
This is Holla Forums tier bullshit you know?

Jesus Christ how stupid are you?


Yeah why would the American police support the far right

I'm fucking tired of cunts like you. It's days that you shit up the board thinking that you are on the verge of a civil was, that america will become a fascists state, supporting antifa ecc. You are seriously destroying the board, it's been 5 days now get the fuck out of here

I hope ever day for a civil war. Don't you dare crush my hope.
Cops and Klan go hand in hand

Yeah respond. Give me fucking reason why and at what pro

are you the naziposter who uses the stache because you seem approximately that stupid

I'm tired of you. Seriously.

you too

Police have no fascist or communist loyalties.

Their loyalty is to their blue line and their pay check.
That being said they are the ultimate classcuck reactionaries

Because there's been links between even militias and the police for years are you retarded

Do you even live in the states

Are you the Stalinstache who was banned

Thus they prefer fascists to anarchists/communists/leftists of any stripe. The American left needs to destroy police unions and turn them into a shell of what they currently are. I want to see them reduced to being glorified fast food workers who can't be bothered to do anything other than maybe fill out a traffic ticket.


I wasn't banned. It's just when I'm on antifa threads that I get flagged as nazi because I don't buy into the whole thing.

Lol, the Governor said so you fucking clown.

One of the mods said there was a Stalinstache pretending to be left, denying global warming etc, who was banned

There is, and I haven't read the thread but you're probably replying to him. All he does is concern troll.

The police claim otherwise, which is why it seems likely that they were involved with the nazis.

No that's not me. I'm the anti-liberal, anti-antifa, anti-idpol one.

I'm concerned too. That's why I know the LAPD and NYPD is full of totally proud people who aren't ideologically biased at all.

So are all those small towns.


Exactly. There was also a synagogue which the police refused to protect during their morning prayers. These police are fascists.

Two negatives make a positive. If you're anti-antifa you support fascism. I'm not condemning you yet because there's so much propaganda you might think you're doing right, but letting you know the position you're taking.


In the American context.

Yeah no they totally aren't fascist.

This was already debunked. The mayor was full of shit.

Please don't spread around conspiracy crap like this

Next time just say you are a fascist.


I fucking hope not. I know you (and many others) are hoping for it, but the abrupt severence of the power structure from the will of the people will cause millions of deaths in the short term. And it'll be particularly bad where I live because it's not a stronghold for any one faction in this.

Guess leftypol is suffering slow death by reddit just like pol.

Thank god maybe the politics is hip shit can die.

Fascism is the symptom, capitalism is the disease. Antifa fail to grasp this.

Really gets the noggin' joggin'.

If you let fascists organize they will take over in the next crisis.

Here's a rule of thumb, if a twitter user doesn't have high quality video documentation of their claims, they're lying.

It's America. The average citizen is a walking "weapons cache."

Anti-gun scaremongering is peak liberalism.

Police are uniformly right-wing. In their spooked minds "cop" is its own ethnicity and only the far right is capable of saving them from impending genocide.

Ho-ho, we've been found out. Well, no shit, Sherlock. The law enforcement and the military is full of /ourguys/. That's exactly why we support the Nazi masturbation fantasy going hot, because we know we will drown any opposition in blood. Until a good excuse comes along we will just play nice, pull some minor provocations like Charlottesville and let you tear down historical monuments, glorious uprising and generally engage in degenerate behavior in supposed retaliation. It only makes the normies like us more, you won't believe the surge in traffic NutSac sites are getting these days. I bet you will run out of the Dixie monuments by the end of the week and start tearing down Albert Pike and George Washington statues for being ebil white slavers.
After that we just need 1 decent false flag to act as an excuse to start killing. By the end of this year there shouldn't be a single red alive. If you actually read decent books, instead of consuming your marxist pseudophylosophy you'd know that the war is won before the first battle even starts, and you're too late to the party. The Black Sun rises in the west.

That said, we do fully realize that you and the niggers are just a brainwashed jewish golem and aren't to blame in our current situation, but letting you guys live in a volatile civil war scenario would not be wise.


I suggest you go talk to your loved ones, instead of shitposing here, because your time is running out. The Black Sun rises next Monday and you won't have much time after that.

the only thing that rises is THIS
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Oh no, not le day of le rope, pls, I'm scared ;_;

literally shaking

Probably owning knives counts as a 'weapons cache' to a liberal. I own three guns. I want three more.

damn this is some spicy fanfiction

I stopped counting them at 15.

t.Alt-right entryist

Why don't we just LOIC them?
Is that just not something user does anymore?

Shooting war when?

Nice imperialist propaganda shill

Let me guess, you're in your early 30s, fat, balding and with a smaller than average penis.
That's usually the kind of morons that post fanfic-tier, rethoric filled platitudes like this.

Ehehe, that's what I call textbook projection.
Thankfully the rallies showed who are fat and balding subhumans, and who are the dudebros in Hugo Boss polos riding the commie-killing muscle cars.

Left - poor, always overweight or anorexic, unkempt and psychotic subhumans.


The "Chad" is a moderate.


Can't tell if genuine autism or just satire, which is quite sad