On the liberal reaction to Charlottesville-don't be happy about it

Why are liberals lining up to defend antifa and their friends now? Isn't it great, how even Mitt Romney and Rachel Maddow praise antifa now? Not really…

First, we must take a look at how the liberals are portraying this event. The noble, patriotic counter protestors, peacefully stood in opposition against the evil unamerican Nazis. It's just like the human vs. orcs narrative that the fascists peddle, but a liberal version. Instead of the "nigger hordes" coming to destroy the noble white american order, it's now about the "nazi hordes" coming to destroy the noble liberal multicultural capitalist establishment. And what do the liberals mean when they say that "there is no such thing as the alt-left"? They don't mean that the alt-left is an incorrect term to describe the actual radical left. What they really mean is that there is no violent leftist opposition to the American establishment they praise so much, no radical leftist movement comparable to the alt-right. No, there is nothing but moderate liberals here, patriotically defending their country from ebil Nazis.

By painting antifa et all as peaceful, patriotic liberals, the liberals are attempting to assimilate the radical left, and, at the same time, call Trump un-American for DARING to equivocate AMERICAN ANTI-RACIST PATRIOTS with EVIL NAZIS. (Of course, most members of antifa do want a revolution, I don't think that anarchists are liberals unlike some Tankies, but the movement could easily be overrun and coopted if we aren't careful.)

What we need to do is to separate ourselves from liberals, to show that we aren't their tools, but revolutionaries aimed to destroy both orders, the fascist and liberal side. To do this, we need the liberals to do what Trump did: criticize "both sides". That way, people opposed to fascism will look at the liberals as weak fence-sitters, and move left. And how do we do this? Keep in mind that one great liberal value is "pacifism". If you are violent at a protest and you aren't a cop, you're bad to liberals, for being violent. That's part of the reason why they were so mad at the fascist murderer with the car. By breaking that liberal value and smashing it into the ground in our fight against those Nazis, we can separate ourselves from the liberal center. They'll distance themselves and start criticizing "both sides" again in the name of moderation. We could even go after liberal capitalism as well, think the G20 protests.

Stop trying to curry favor with the liberals and the many liberal-leaning proles by being peaceful. That will just make you into a liberal. If you want to earn brownie points in the eyes of the proles, instead of becoming liberals, start being like the Greek anarchists and start directly helping communities instead. By fighting alongside unionized workers in their strikes and struggles with the capitalists. By using illegalism and agorism, so loathed by the 'law and order' liberals, to help poor people get their hands on overpriced epi-pens and whatnot. By fighting gentrification with force. By cleaning roads and neighborhoods that the government won't touch. And, finally, by beating the shit out of Nazis in a way that the establishment liberals will rush to call "too extreme". This, and not liberal cocksucking, is how we grow our movement. Hell, we could even embrace the "alt-left" term to distinguish ourselves from liberals. I know that we're the True Old Left, and there's nothing alt about us, but the alt-right is just as much the True Old Right. It's just a way to separate ourselves from the liberals. And trust me, we need to separate ourselves from the liberals.

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You should really read this if you think the pragmatic and politically expedient strategy is collaboration with liberals under the guise of "antifascism".


The liberals were trying to push the left out of sight six months ago by calling them the alt-left, now they're trying to absorb them. They're just as desperate as Trump.

Fighting real fascists takes priority over petty concerns about liberal entryism (which is largely overblown anyways.)

See my post here:

You're mostly correct, except for two things:
You fail to understand that Antifa has probably ALREADY been co-opted by liberals in at least several American chapters, or at least probably have several liberals participating.
We don't need to do this, because we are THE left. At least, insofar as liberals enjoy grouping us in with "duh berniebroooos", there's really nobody to the right of socdems that could be considered left-wing unless you're some centrist liberal.

I liked this post mostly because you highlighted the need for community work than just being some bombthrowing militant. Although self defense may be necessary if things became serious enough, I think that's the most important point.

Personally I'm not a "militant" and am perfectly cool admitting that I'm in no way in shape to challenge power head on. I'm much better an intelligence gatherer and using my brain.

Honestly don't know how you can say this when the fascists haven't even been accepted by the mainstream given the most recent news cycle. I feel like they've been "exposed" to a degree. Doesn't mean the left should let their guard down, but we should really be mindful of how pervasive neoliberalism is. I'm not super smart or anything, but there's times where I feel i'm much more a caretaker. Maybe in a "violent" scenario I'm better off being a medic or using some skills to help people hurt by violence. Who knows. But I think its important that people know there is a hell of a lot more to the left than just being edgy and militant. The media really does a number on this, unfortunately.

I think, sure, fascism poses a threat, but the true long term threat is neoliberalism. After all, that's what gave us "the end of history" as we know it.

I'm saying that we should fight both fascists and liberals simultaneously. One way we can do this is to violently fight fascists in a way that liberals will criticize. Two birds, one molotov. And we can do other stuff, too.

YPG is an example of people fighting real fascism. Not anything you, or any autistic larper you know has done.

Wow. That response got fucked. The last few setnences in that second re: should have been included in the first re:.

Sounds totally confusing as shit. My bad.

I agree dude. The essay in the link talks about why that's a necessity.

Dude these guys were literally chanting "White shariah." If ISIS is fascist then so are they.

…and which way is that? Liberals to me are unpredictable, in that they will always find a way to stab the left in the back to appear with the moral high ground. If the left fought fascists, even violently, and won, the libs seem to love accepting it as their own "victory." You notice the communists that fight and lose heroically throughout history are given the most scorn. It seems to be the common theme. They are very much leftists whenever it means the left wins, but any time there is no clear victory, and leftists must accept responsibility for their actions, they are nowhere to be found. The common thread seems to be that the libs will never be there when criticism is given and growth must happen. But idk I'm just rambling about shit you probably know anyways. W/e.

Honestly I agree with you and I'll go an extra mile adding that we should actively trying to antagonize them. Plus we have to drop this idea that the mainstream media, the goverment and the cops are not supporting them, they are the biggest puppets around even bigger than the alt right. Think about it. The ideas proposed by the "neo nazis" will never have sucess in the mainstream or in the goverment. No matter what. While the ideas of these rabid liberals are already implmented by the goverment. Liberals are the embodiment of Neo-Liberalism and neo liberalism right now is the biggest threath. Not only they are not our friends, they are our worst fucking enemy.

they're also not doing anything to promote or develop socialism except having red flags


Right here in America, liberals are a far, far bigger threat to socialism, and even democracy.

liberals or antifa? Antifa can be salvaged, and some liberals can be salvaged. You just need to delegitimize the MSM, and other liberal figureheads.

I laughed.

wtf I'm an anti-anti-fascist now.

In all seriousness that was a great read, thanks for the link

OP here. I find that actually quite funny because I'm an anarchist and I just want to improve antifa by separating it from liberalism. Here's the flag I forgot.

Nope it creates class division and they are smashies, the lowest revolutionary in that exist.
Also "revolutionary". The don't have a clear objective except punching few douchebag white supremacists. I find ironic how white supremacists get called fascists and a threat to democracy while the usa is already governed by fascists.
Just no. Liberals are retarded.
Convert or shoot

Damn I always forget how leftcom this board is.

they have enough ire to lash out against the system, regardless of how misguided they are; maybe antifa needs to be subsumed in a real leftist organization. We're gonna have more luck with getting disillusioned liberals on our side than we are with fascist mongoloids.

Stop posting that sinophobe.

Take over what? US is already governed by fascists, just whitout the rhetoric. You think that there will ever be a mild chance that the gorvment will become the fourth reich ?Grow up.

Its not exactly that, it has more to do that self identified nazis and far-right groups make up less then a percent out of a 323.1 million population (even the KKK has only 80,000 members tops). There is a reason anons were saying the alt-right really outplayed their hand this time, they killed what little smidgen of momentum they had.

They don't hate the system, they hate what they understand being the threath to the system (nazism). Trust me tell antifa or liberals what were lenin thoughts on certain social matters and they will call him a nazi too.
They don't care about class struggle, they care about idpol a
Wew lad. Not liking the smiths? Seriously?

I wouldn't exactly call liberals fascists. They're capitalists who like multiculturalism and dislike both fascism and leftism. And fascists have taken over liberal governments in the past: see what happened to the Weimar Republic. We need to destroy both. Fascists are easier targets, but because of that they are also less of a threat. Which one we need to go after more is up to debate. Beating up fascists could be considered by some to be a "training wheel" before we have enough support and strength to directly attack the liberals. Idk.

Boy I sure am glad there's a "left wing" alternative to Holla Forums.

This board is literally controlled opposition. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Richard Spencer was literally the admin.


You're right. There are genuine left wing individuals there. Thanks for pointing it out to our listeners.

I'm asking you to return there, idpol larper

Go to hell. Fake board. Fake leftists.

kill yourself, Clintonite

How the fuck are they in any way comparable? idpol simply recognize how the system is rigged towards white males, while nazis pretend that white males have a biological advantage. Obviously class is a much bigger factor but idpol rarely denies it.

They're siding with antifa (to some extent) because they now have actual reason to - IE a bunch of Nazis who swoop in and run around with torches when people decide to take down their own statues. The fun thing is they're caught in a hilarious political dilemma in which they are forced to align, and one of the choices is "Nazis."

You're talking about USA, right? The country that was a liberal shithole from inception? With a revolution started by colonial elite landowners in protest of land reform they didn't like and a "democracy" that was landowners only?

Haha this, litterally everything OP suggested is being done by the Left. The MM long ignored or denigrated groups like Antifa,and now that the Nazi threat is real to liberals they've coopted it. Let them, when the next struggle comes they bail like the cowards they are. There's no need to separate ourselves from them. Capitalism and its contradictions will do that just fine.

Top kek

What the fuck?

starting with antifa

Yep, OP is a confirmed idiot.


Because unlike the other rallies anti-faggots interrupted, this one was done by unambiguous white supremacists.

How about neither?

Aaand that's a filed report right there.



The counter signal image displayed the idpol statement of both neetsoc, and radlibs, you then interject the criticism of the shitty radlib idpol statement invalid because, "the anti racists are the real racists!!!". How fucking more obvious can you be you're /r/Socialism.




Yeah it is,

Nobody said that. We talk about racism, the police state, the prison complex all the time. What matters is how you address these issues.

Fyi it was when Occupy made this clear that the media blacked out and police moved in to destroy the camps/beat up the protesters

Uh yeah, posting pics of purple haired tumblrinas totally wasn't implying that.

Yes, opportunism is idpol

White supremacy is idpol, and lead to millions of deaths, talking about it is not.

Read some actually theory reddit, not everybody who holds a contrary opinion to you is automatically wrong, that's Holla Forums-tier thinking.

It has just been proven to you that it's not an anecdote since it's the shared experience of hundreds of radicals.

I know that, I'm standing up to leftypols daily wig out over the idpol wig out. I.e. people with a vested interest in white supremacy and don't like anyone touching on it.

Yes I have, I read about WWII.

Let me be more clear, this anecdote is held up as definitive proof of why OWS and by extension a real left movement collapsed back in the 2000s.
I agree it played a role but it's used by people as a cludge to stop the growing demand that white supremacy be addressed as part of revolutionary praxis

You must be from weird Twitter

Maybe because liberals don't want a revolution and the status quo loves them for that?

You are doing no such thing. You are writing 4-5 words snap replies that amount to "NUH-UHs" basically. Really shows your true colors.

Is that what got your panties in a twist? Grow a pair.

I'm arguing destroying white supremacy is not idpol, that it's proven in the past to be a form of idpol that's killed more in modern history then any other, and that people are loath to address it because they have latent vested interests in it.
Also plenty of anons are giving snappy answers back.

It's already "included" in the most important and radical way (doing away with capitalism) – something that is missing on the liberals side. The liberals, the BLM movement, LGBT activists don't have any legitimate ways of addressing their own problems. You ask us to include people who like to complain but don't like solutions, basically, while WE have the solutions. We can't help people who can't help themselves. No fucking way commies are sharing a tent with liberals and idpollers after OWS.

Yes, well okay what political alignment apis the woman being thrown in the trash by Marx and your own pic? Conservatives?


I was originally speaking out against the picture further up that asserted BLM and the KKK both upheld white supremacy.
This is an abstraction of the Nazi argument that Antifa is strengthening Neo Nazi ideology in its followers by standing against it.
BLM stands against white supremacy and police brutality, the KKK endorse it. Even though BLM ar liberals how is standing against the state bad?

Women don't belong in the trash, just useless idpol libshits like you.
Rated PG Parental Guidance: violence against women

Never said they did, I was describing the picture of Marx throwing a tumbrina with stereotypical purple hair in the garbage.

And you were told that you are completely missing the point in your idiotic rage.

In a way they are not completely wrong: they are caught up in the same cycle where each pole is dependent on the other. There's no positive politics only opposition. Of course they gain from it, both side.

BLM doesn't stand for shit. "Standing for" used to mean having a positive program, a desired change and actual ways to implement it. If the democrats ran another Wall Street owned black dude BLM would suck it up in an instance like an idiot who can't learn from its own mistakes.

What zizke is saying doesn't apply to me in the least. The neo Nazis who rallied this weekend were white supremacist, trump was elected on a white supremacy platform, burgerland fascism is built on appealing to ignorant precious white proles with WHITE SUPREMACY. Economically Hilary and Trump are the same.

But you answer your own question. Who belongs in the trash? Tumblerina's with purple hair. These belong in the trash well and good. Are all women tumblerina's with purple hair? No.

Caring about something deeply is not rage, and no I'm not missing the point at all, Antifa was successful in stoping the growth of the neo Nazi movement by taking direct action against white supremacy. They didn't come to counter rallies with das capital because a historical understanding of fascism would inform you that fascists are not interested in a dialog.

BLM also denounces anarchism all the time because they're "white people who don't suffer from police brutality". They just want a non-racist police state and don't care about removing the "police" part at all. They are pussies and ultimately not on our side.

No he fucking wasn't. Again, this is an example where you share the same delusions as Holla Forumstards.
If we were in a communist party I'd file an official complaint by now against you.

Antifa's biggest success yet is from one of their activists getting hit by a car and then the media hyping it. Your streetfights are mostly useless, oft times counter-productive.
Because they are not communists and because even they don't carry big ass books around.
Neither are antifascist as you are proving it to everyone.

Sure some do, but some BLM are anarchists themselves and fought along side BLM in their protests. Its wrong for BLM to say that. It's also wrong for "white people" to denigrate the largest anti police brutality movement because it hurts their feelings because as you said it effects white people too.

Promises of deportation based on race and religion.
His "both sides do it" denouncement of the cville violence that was read by both Antifa and Nazis as an implicit endorsement of it.
You're the one that's being delusional and simply saying "nuh uh" to arguments you find inconvenient

which is why "BLM" is a retarded name in the first place. It gives breathing room to retards like Joey Salads who hires nigger hitmen to smear the movement.
if it began as movement against police brutality and not as a fucking black people support group it wouldn't be in the neutered position that it's currently in today because it would be harder to oppose.

You're selling the hide of the bear before having shot it.
As to Trump being elected on a white supremacist platform, that is blatantly wrong. It was a fairly banal right populist program heavy on immigration restrictions. Economic nationalism and immigration restrictions are not white supremacist.

Don't you understand the very basics of how human groups work? It doesn't matter what you personally are if you are diluted in a platform that doesn't share your fucking aims, but more than that, in such a larger group you are objectively functioning against your own personal beliefs. You think that by saying that BLM has anarchists it adds to the whole of BLM. This is not like a cake recipe with raisins in it, so the finished cake will have each element. This is politics, you complete retard, things have directions, aims (or lack thereof).

Anti fascist are the real fascist. top kek
Okay you've proven yourself to be a Nazi sympathizer. Not gonna waste anymore time on you.

But that exactly what you did with your whole "Some BLM denounces anarchists as muh privileged whites" BLM is liberal, I doubt most of them understand what an anarchist ideogically. Some how when you make these arguments it's okay.

Either way, when your campaign becomes focused on solely race or gender it always ends up tackling the opponent without ever reaching the finish line.

Restriction on who? Muslims and Mexicans that's who. More mexicans are returning to Mexico then immigrating. And Trumps Muslim ban didn't even ban countries that have had its citizens attack the US like Saudi Arabia
A Steve Bannon buzzword, outed another Nazi sympathizer

It's funny because it's true.

They are part of the ideology and often used as a hook to gain new moderate members. "We're not white supremacist, we're just concerned about different cultures and security." It's their gateway drug.

Obama did more of that as of yet than Trump. He didn't flaunt it, ofc. I guess he's a self-hating white supremacist fascist as well! ;_;
People read into anything whatever they want to – this is Trump's real game.

It's a mockery of what you do, if I really have to spell it out for you.

Yeah, we're definitely going to win over the working class of America by aligning ourselves with rioters who don't have jobs. Fucking brilliant plan, A-plus performance.


wut is dis?

Ever since the Bat'ko - Murdoch Murdoch drama this board has become increasingly reddit.
Tell me I'm wrong.

No it doesn't, it just hurts your personal feelings that those are addressed.

MLK and feminism didn't do too bad.

He may not be self hating, but he certainly up held white supremacy with his policies. I'm not a liberal, Obama sucks.

this is masterfully done, you beautiful bastard


Wrong again.

im dying

End this meme. Gateway drugs are only gateways to heavy stuff because criminalisation forces you to buy them from people who also sell the heavier stuff. Come to think of it, it is a good analogy: everyone with concerns about immigration is forced into the hands of the far rigfht because neither the neolib establishment nor the left offer them anything.

So his "muslim ban" did not actually target muslims as a group, REALLY MAKES YOU THINK.
That's my entire point, Trump just offered desperate proles a few things they might like, things that might have sounded good, but were in no way part of any kind of coherent or consistent ideology like white supremacy. All this hyping up of Trump as some kind of proto Hitler is just an effort by the neoliberal establishment to channel leftist energy in a direction that is useful for them, away from the neoliberal establishment itself. And they are succeeding wildly: at this rate, the American left will end up patting itself on the back for stopping hate and white supremacy and electing the brave woman poc Kamala Harris in 2020.

His ban didn't ban muslims terrorists as he said, it arbitrarily targeted MUSLIMS.

Except for all the muslims it didn't target, apparently. It was a random brainfart senile old man Trump idea.

If you think his ban was fuelled by racism I think you need to take another look at how rich people actually function.


It's called the southern strategy, and it's been being used by the bourgeois for 70 years.


Proficient use of greentext, newfriend.

Even if no-one stopped it, the "muslim ban" did not target about 90% of the world muslim population. It included neither Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia or China - the lands with the biggest muslim populations.

Used the word very roughly due the laziness/inability to find a better one, I agree that it's a meme.

Because neither can offer them anything while sticking to their ideology. Immigration and fear of others is and always was a far right thing, and will always go the same way too. From "why should we help the other" to "let's blame them for our problems" and then eventually it reaches lynching and camps, or bombing their countries.

It still only targeted muslims, and was marketed that way. Most people supporting it don't read enough to figuire out which countries it targeted, hence he could keep his alt-right and his Saudi friends happy. I doubt Trump is an ideologue, he doesn't give any fuck about any of that as long his cash and ego are doing fine but it was obviously dog whistling to the alt-right.

Trump's not southern though.


No disagreement there. It's what the republicans have been doing since Nixon, though - Trump is just more clumsy and crude at it.
Re immigration, I agree that both ideologies (neolib and leftism in a broad sense) limit what kind of approach you can take to immigration. But that does not mean a stricter or different system from what exists now would be impossible in such a framework, or that there could be no discussion about how it should be approached. Right now, the left is totally incapable of discussing this issue beyond the barest platitudes, slogans: refugees welcome, no-one is illegal, no nations no borders, let's all say undocumented in stead of illegal, etc.
Okay, but what is to be DONE beyond that? At the peak of the 2015 crisis, Europe faced an influx of some 2 million people, concentrated in just a few of the countries, who saw influxes to the order of some 2% of their total population in just one year. The people living there, of them it is demanded that they acquiesce to the total transformation of their society, funded entirely by them as well. And all this proceeds without discussion or organization. You can't expect people to put up with that and still support you.
Zizek is 101% right when he notes that this cannot be tackled with the kind of touchy feely liberal leftism on offer now. Any such revolutionary transformation of society needs both a strict organization and a broad popular base to work with. But these issues are not even being discussed - people like Wagenknecht who touch on it are viciously attacked by naive antifa lumpenproles. This is a total blind spot for the left side.

Well, to be fair, it was mostly done by right-wing parties either way. The left was just in the opposition as usual, although you're right that their contributions were superficial platitudes instead of suggestions how to handle the situation better.

It exist, most people are perfectly fine with migrants and voted for parties that were fine with it. Merkel is doing great in the polls and Macron beat the moderate right-wingers in the first round. The way it was handled still risked it of course and helped the alt-right to gain momentum.

Didn't she bring in the terror meme into it?

I have to admit, the fallacious dichotomy between requiring every individual to be pampered and rejecting individualism entirely is really pissing me off.

This is cointelpro. This can't be anything but cointelpro.

Becoming violent assholes so that everyone stays away from you is hardly a valid response to liberal contamination. The real solution is an outreach to traditionalists and other political groups, both to disassociate yourself from liberals and to keep them away from fascist influence.

But it's probably just an semi educated Nazi still butt mad everyone's gunning for him and assumes socialists are as ignorant as his fellow Nazis are.



So what makes you different from a current year basic bitch liberal? Anything except "porky"

Legit curious

High and low against middle

Or porky and lumpenprole against proletariat if you're so inclined

No, forming a real left takes priority over fighting Trump, who isn't any more fascist than any other neolib president anyway.

Jesus fucking christ.

To make it simple.
Liberals want more minorities as CEO's and property owners, we want to abolish CEOs and private property.

The current prog/cult marx prder is far more complex than that, but fair enough

The main point of contentiont here seems to be the cultmarx economarx split

Cultural Marxism doesn't exist.

We're a big tent and if Mitt Romney is on our side I think we should welcome him with open arms. Don't be purity spiraling faggots.


This is why I don't come here any more.

Then the ideology of the cathedral, perhaps progressivism is more to your liking?

You could have said liberal idpol.

Going to add on here, cult marxism is mainly race based marxism, where instead of class race is used as the cornerstone, with the white race in general playing the part ofche bourgeois. I exists even if its founders and practitioners don't name it as such. It has enjoyed the spot in the limelight it stole from economic marxism. Race is far stronger than class after all.

Nobody outside of marxist circles call it that, as such its a poor name and confusing to boot

t. person using neoreactionary jargon

Guilty as charged

Cultural Marxism is an oxymoron.

Why is that?

lol. retard you could have said this in 1 line

and you didn't say this but you should have to take your stupid opinions out of the idiotic reactionary sphere

and you contradicted yourself >a pox on both houses >join antifa

Marxism is very heavily based on a materialist view of history. This is incompitable with shit like privilige and patriarchy (at least this is what most right wingers people mean by cultural Marxism), because that views that history and society is defined by ideas such maleness and whiteness. This is obviously idealism, not materialism.
People like Gramsci or the Frankfurt did focus more on the culture, but they are still regarded as Marxists, because they did this in the context of wanting to destroy capitalism. This obviously never happens with nowadays with most πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§leftistsπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§, a big part of the bourgeoisie wholly embraces social progressivism today.

* This is incompitable with shit like privilige politics

Genetics is fairly material I'd argue, and it forms the basis for
Every society and civilization, class only begins to matter once race has been homogonized. This is no longer the case, so race politics overtook class based.

This focus on capitalism as the basis of power rather than a means of seizing it has been the main reason I've written off marxism. Secondly the current elite is not an industrial one. but a mangerial/priestly one. The mangers being government bureaucrats and the preists bring the education spehre and progressive scientists and newscasters. The main reason Holla Forums idealogy hasn't had as much risk of cooptioncis that the nazi ascteic is pure posion to the managerial bugmen and their scientific priests.

Pop marxsim is far too simple in trrms of understanding class, and ignores race completely. This set its earlier incatnations up for failure. Cultural marxism broke off from this and tried to remake itself. Through the frankfurt school and other similar groups.

Thridly, revolution without explicit or implicit elite backing is impossible. The iron law of revolutionary tools being the main thing here. An elite always rules society, even tribal ones are ruled by a chieftan or a set of leaders. The industrial elite, porky was overthrown by the currnent managerial bugmen elite and their priests (education, science, news(in fact the "fake news" meme is a direct attack on the third pillar, hence why it was effective)). Our curremt globalist elite found that diversity was a fantastic way to break up pesky social bonds that supported resistance.

Lastly, removal of social bonds has not created a new communist man. It has created a consumer drone, no longer human in a spirtual sense, and incapable of rebelinn or even forming basic connections with his fellow man. Communism was the tool to do this, though the blame lies mote with cult marxism admitedly. The current godless man has nothing to fight for, nothing to live for, and no real reason to overthrow his leaders when his material needs are met, and potentially costly.

I forgot to add, marxism shares rnough similarity with the ruling progressive belief system to be in danger of cooption, if it hasn't been already. The managerial elite loves how it atomizes society.

OP is right,
You've got to separate yourself from these shitlibs if you want any kind of success. The system wants mass deradicalization of both sides and it is looking towards that goal. This is part of it.

anti-fa is considered a lesser threat than nationalism by πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§themπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ and has been for twenty years.

It is not a threat at all, it a weapon to be weilded. See where they get theit funding from, what connections their leaders have.

The ruling ideological belief is that production should be oriented towards use and that wage labor along with wealth accumulation should be abolished?
Capitalism has atomized society. Nothing to do with Marxism. You clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

antifa or nationalist movements?

The ruling ideology is the cult marx/prog core, with some globalism thrown in for good measure. Capitalism has had a hand in atomizim society but it would be foolish to claim it was the only cause.

Elites drive social policy through government and other such connections. Society can be influenced as a nexus for change, which is the biggest innovation of cult marx ideology.

Capitalism has no leader, no head, it is an all consuming blob when paired up with the religious nature of progressivism. Economics is not the sole or even the main motivating factor of mankind, it is status and power. Power can be wielded with money, sure. But what about religion, being told that your belief system is the right one. "You better worship at the alter white boi, or be damned to eternal racism."

Whatever tool srrves the ruling elite, who control societal levers of power. Mainly through colleges offering "good jobs" or from free shit "welfare, snap, etc"

The ruling elite can also tell cops to "look the other way" like what happened at charleston

Its not JUST economics, snd the world is not JUST material

I'll continue with this train of thought, any successful movement needs elite backing, and to last more than a generation, needs some form of spiritual reward, god is dead but religion sure as fuck isn't.

I wonder who's the actual COINTELPRO here…

So who's more to blame for this end of America?


Its the cycle of history, no ones really to blame. Shit just breaks down.

BLM has a solution and a list of demands listed, just to point out

are you sure about that?

BLM is a group for black issues re. police and whatnot, how is it 'retarded'

alt light social experimenter who does all sorts of fucked up shit as pranks. His transgender bathroo prank I think is the most well known and hated (I remember like half the vots on that view were down and the comments were tumblr users shitting on ths guy)

neither was Nixon

It's almost as if leftist movements are not a threat to the establishment in any way at all. It's almost as if leftism is willingly allowed to survive as some pathetic jester at the neoliberal court.

I don't know if you're cointelpro or not, but I do know you're stupid as fuck.

It's almost as if you didn't read the thread.

On the right: 0 globalists killed
On the left:0 capitalists killed

It's literally a zero to infinity KDR in favor of the capitalists right now, and everyone is just sitting there and taking it