Is it possible for me to use chaos magick to summon the spectre of communism?

If so how would i go about doing it?
Also, chaos magick general.

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First you need to aquire schizophrenia…

Dr. Bones will see you now

Spectre of communism is haunting. You can't summon him because he is already here.

Back 2 pol, pawn of the Dark Gods.

spectral indeed

El shigidigi

We're not kekistani faggots, we don't go in for dumb magic rituals.

There's lots of ways but I'll give you a simple and fun one without a lot of detail.

Masturbate and at the peak of orgasm picture the hammer and sickle. Alternatively, just jerk it to commie cuties (but have some visible communist sign).

This goes into more detail:

Find out for yourself if it works.


Maybe we should get some anons together and all attempt to manifest the spectre of communism in reality, in the form of a rising socialist movement.

Also this

Communism is Hermetic.

Read Dr. Bones

He's too busy elsewhere

The spectre of communism is already riding the land, there is nothing you can do about it.

kek I was gonna make that joke.

Chaos Magick is undialectical, Hermetic Gnosticism is the the process by which the Pleroma of the communist state will be attained.
That said, Holla Forums esotericists - what godforms would best aid the transition into the New Socialist Aeon?

Don't joke with that, I actually have a lot of interest in hermeticism and alchemy.

Same - the potential for it to function as a form of liberation theology within Marxism is a special interest of mine.

Ma'at, obviously

Before Ma'at comes Black Isis of course, and she's pissed af

I think you mean the Spook of Communism.

How is the symbol of saturn related to the hammer & sickle?

Voegelin pls.

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