Look who's streaming right now. Let's go say hello ( ° ʖ °)

Look who's streaming right now. Let's go say hello ( ° ʖ °)


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Who is she and why should I care?

Basically, someone who pretends to be a retard on stream, but who non-retard self is that she's a hardcore white supremacist.

Psycho bitch who also punches people at rallies.

Are you permitted to rape someone in self defense in America? Asking for a friend.

She attempted to shut down revolutionary Posadist agitprop, she must be stopped at all costs.


No, for real. She was at Charlottesville and everything.

This bitch's voice sounds like a cheese grater on my gums fuckk

Anfems should have dragged her out and beat her.

which mental illness does she have?


Bipolar probably. Most far right wing bitches are.

I watched it but she's just rambling, is she a neo Nazi?

But she isn't even white, lol.

She isn't.

You'd be surprised by how many aren't.


I guess miscegenation is fine as long as there are boobs.

She looks Puerto Rican af.

who the fuck is she talking about?

Oh, as if that stopped anyone before

Check 'em

She's literally giving me a fucking headache.

Please let this be true.

I don't think anyone could ever top Jace though.

So are there any nudes of her out there?

Unsurprisingly, yes. And she posted them herself.

lel I was about to ask this.

tr0mp, lol

Evidence? I need it for scientific and dialectical purposes

this is just too on the nose, reality has become impossible to parody

Someone in another thread posted them and she looks ok I guess. I didn't save them.

That seems to be a trend among the shameless these days.

Why are the aut-right so thirsty over average girls? Does being a reactionary preclude good taste?

i'd say to become a reactionary girl is really revenueable for attention whores.
now, many attention whores are ugly as hell, and due to the fact that a high percentage of Holla Forumsyps are permavirgins, they will conform with ugly sluts.

I swear, if she's seen at another one of these fucking rallies again terrorising people, someone needs to try and go for her and film it.

I don't care how many thirsty chads shes surrounds herself with.

How much do you think it would take to get her to do a scene with a black guy?

I'm 20 days away from reaching my 4 month NoFap goal. Please show consideration and don't post pictures of Latin boobies slathered in sunscreen. Thank you.


Is she just riding this reactionary train for beta-bux and followers though or is she serious?

I used to watch when she just played her "basic" character and did skits and shit, but then she went full "LOL KEKISTAN " alt-right out of fucking nowhere and it seems like she's only gotten worse.

I'm white but I look stereotypically Jewish

when has that been a problem before

Well for one I'm not a white nationalist edgelord

I'm also not as gross as Sam Hyde

Why would you ever participate in that stale meme?

Damn that sucks to hear. Just heard about her.


She made $700 in the first hour of the stream, holy fucking shit…. endmysuffering.jpg

naw guys venti is italian shes probably southern euro descended. lel, fucking america, where anyone whos last name isnt jones or johansson = puerto rican not hwhite! lel! funny how stormfags are fucking nordicists

She's what RageAfterStorm was going to be.

in any case this kindof seems like e celeb drama

In addition to non whites who subscribe to racial theory.

just out of curiousity how do we know this? is it from surveys?

don't know if there's any nudes. think there's some fakes floating around.

Just personal experience with having a lot of racist brown friends, particularly all types of asians and polynesians.


weird. Well unironically subscribing to racial theory isnt racist per se, its just old timey and outdated.

Agreed tbh I'm just being tongue in cheek given the board we're on.

'no', m8.


Come on that's shopped, her eyes aren't that far apart.


Brittany Venti is (was?) a fictional character, a dumbass streamer. It's a Starbucks reference. Her twitter account used to have a reference to another account (Brittany Deer), where she was her (I suppose) normal self. Apparently she is now dumber in real life than the gamergirl parody she used to do.


i found a nude of her here:

That's the great NoFap day 103 dilemma…

ayyy lmao

Best nut I've busted in quite a while. If you're gonna break edge, I highly recommend.

I fell for it ;_;

Edging's masturbation. NoFap's all bout not thinking bout sex full stop unless you're actually getting some.

Looking forward to day 120 though. I'm only going through with this for 4 months. #DayOfTheWank

Thanks for taking the bullet for us. I almost clicked the link.

She says she's an eighth black. It's even a bit of a meme with her 4Chan fanbase. Doubt it though cuz she showed in her results that she's only like 3%.

Speaking of niggers has Carl From Swindon taken a DNA ancestry test yet? He keeps saying his dad's mixed race, but we've never seen him.

Her tiddies ain't even that huge

Gimme some real monster milkers comrades

That's not shopped.

there some serious tit jiggle goin on in the first minute and a half of this vid. no joke


Like it's mandatory to go through idiotic phases or sg.

Pass. They're silicone anyways.

Yeah, cuz that's Punk.

African Nationalism is just a phase

Unless you're touring in a band and/or a professional skateboarder, you're referring to losers. Go watch SLC Punk again.


why do so many aut-right women look retarded/autistic?

this bitch

Our women look way better


I bet my jacket's cooler than yours and has way more spikes.


Also, the prepubescent twink you see giving the camera the finger's Barry Blaire White before he chopped his dick off and swapped his non-existent pecs for silicone.

Half of those girls are ugly as fuck, and all of them are dumb as rocks.

I'd fuck blaire pre-op tbqh

I'm not aut-right. If it weren't for social commentary being a market on youtube. Those people would be second rate gamer gurls.

That thing's like 14 in that pic, you nonce.


This. I doubt that half of them even believe in the shit that they say. Money ain't the root of all evil on YouTube, attention is.

You know the rules.

I mean, Uncle Joe woulda gulaged me for being infected with the gay anyway.

the opposite of pic related

apart from Lauren and Rage who started as a stacie camwhores for neet bux all the rest have this crazy bitch look.

Remember lads, never stick your dick in crazy.

stop r*ddit spacing

half of these bitches look insane

the rest range from average to ugly

Gas yourself Lasalle,





Muke will be our dickgirl soon

I hope someone does a proper analysis of this era in american history, something like American Absurdity. Where brown people are unironic white nationalists and actually invest the majority of their time on sites like this to defend the white race (when they aren't white).

Maybe alex jones was right, something definitely is in your water supply.

Yeah while the actual white inheritors do everything in their power to destroy or otherwise hand off their history culture and identity because of a critique of capitalism.

this girl is fucking batshit crazy but god damn she's pretty

Actually, that culture is whitering away because of capitalism.
Ironically, those who talked at lenght of this decaying were none other than the Frankfurt school thinkers.
They warned you, you only had to listen…

So what you're saying is that you need non-whites to do the work that white's can't? Bit of a contradiction right?

Holy shit the mad man he returned!

There's something vaguely…Stepford wife-y about right-wing women. Anyone else?

All these women look so boring and basic. I can't fap to this.

No I'm saying the whites lost faith in what they inherited because they bought into the egalitarian meme athiestic original sin and ethnic guilt and the minority's moved to take what they saw as weakened and ripe for the picking.

Shame that same critical theory is now used by post modernists to attack western culture and history as indefencible and worthy of extermination.

So the only people that will be left to defend whites are non-whites like in the OP and on Holla Forums?

Nope, be disingenuous somewhere else.

They look boring and crazy at the same time. I'm not sure how they pulled it off, but they did.

White Rose (the 3rd one) started as a Vegan YouTuber, do not know the 4th one, 5th one is the wife of a far less successful Catholic neo-reaction youtubers(I think), Do not know number 6, Number 7 is Henrik from Red Ice Radios Girlfriend (And I think she was in a Nazi punk band in the late 90s), Do not know 8,9,10, or 11, Number 12 is semi-famous because Styx wanted to fuck her even though she is like 15.

I'm going to make him the manliest man on Holla Forums next to me, then I'm still going to take his boi pussy.

My dick is apolitical, I'd seed them all.

Don't stick your dick in crazy.


Why the fuck is Holla Forums following someone named after a trotskyist, anti-nazi resistance group?

it's subliminal subversion.

No shit isn't she looks like a racist Rebecca Watson

Holy Shit

Her breasts are truly large fam

Most people that I know with the last name Jones are Black.
t. Burgerfag

that's the whole reason she got popular

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