Has anyone else read this out of curiosity? What did you think of it?

Has anyone else read this out of curiosity? What did you think of it?

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literally 720 pages of "Look at all the things I can blame on the jews"

Grow up

grow up

my grandpa was a big history/war nerd so when he died and I inherited his library I found Mein Kampf in his collection.
Tried to look through it but it was just filled with bad writing. How anyone was convinced by this mong is a mystery.

Nobody actually read it tbh. Almost every household in Germany had one, but nobody ever read it.

Daily reminder that Hitler was never elected by the mass of the people but got appointed by conservatives, (Hindenburg, von Papen) in backroom talks.

top kek

according to the nazis, nazism is just science applied to breeding, nothing more, nothing less
eugenics gave people faster racing horses, fatter pigs, taller corn, so they reason it also works on humans, arab parents dont give birth to chinese children, humans being born isnt that random, there are certain rules when it comes to it, and figuring these rules out is what science usually does

he simply got disgusted by weimar child prostitution, drugs on the streets being sold by candy, infinite suicide rates etc etc, according to hitler, german loss in the great war broke german morale so hard that something had to be done about it, or logical conclusion is a whole bunch of people will live miserable lies
traitorous politicians (according to hitler at least) that signed the peace treaty happened to be jewish, all the bankers that were causing inflation also happened to be disproportionally jewish, all the people that were picking up these berlin prostitutes and jack off while they were being fucked by dogs and other animals, and then these films spread around, also happened to be jewish
people directly benefiting from all the weimar misery, happened to be jewish
nothing really all that mysterious here, present day europeans did migrate into europe from india/persia region, and language similarities also confirm this

nazis believe that ice age glaciations caused europeans to develop better shelters, better tools, better clothing, snares, think long term
this higher evolutionary pressure killed off those without higher problem solving capacity
these genes now must be preserved because we can not recreate ice age glaciations, but we can lose the genes
european was also the only human that bred with neanderthals, which had much more developed tools and cranial capacity, neanderthal caves looked far more advanced than any homo sapiens sapiens dwelling
how did "neanderthals being stupid" meme even started is beyond me, museums seem to point out otherwise

so there you have it
whole nazism thing summed up
its a really easy read, nothing pretentious in it, whole thing is written in a simple down to earth manner

Fascism is about emotion and romanticism, not about logically structured arguments which convince people of its validity.

fascists genuinely believe their hierarchies are meritocratic
also, since they did produce technological innovation and functional economy (cant feel stuka fliegers or sturmgewhers into reality can you?), they can easily argue that their worldview is reals > feels, they can argue that anything that finds equality desirable is feels > reals

The Nazis fucked over the German economy so hard that they needed to move up their invasion schedule in Eastern Europe because they needed the gold reserves of piddling little countries to keep themselves afloat.

Fascism is an economic and social system. Literally, it is not an argument. The structure is pretty logical, it borrows a lot from syndicalism which you should be more familiar with. Mussolini did cut a few corners too many though, but it's always like that I suppose.

are you disputing that hitler's economy delivered thousand times more than weimar republic? are you even aware that before hitler took power, people had to carry multiple bags full of cash to buy bread?

eastern europe was invaded for agricultural purposes, eastern europe never had any gold or wealth or whatever, it was primarily agricultural

Yeah he delivered alright.

Otto pls.

None of the policies that overcame inflation and unemployment where implemented by Hjalmar Schacht himself but were done by the previous government under Schleicher and just took a few years before showing results. Including the Autobahn.


I am disputing that, yes. The period of mass inflation was over by 1923. Hitler greatly reduced unemployment, but only by expanding the army and increasing production of war material. By 1939, the availability of consumer goods had plunged (people stuck a lot of money in the state bank for the government to borrow back), the work week was longer, and workplace deaths per capita were up by 20%. You couldn't do much about your circumstances, because all unions had been banned except for the German Labor Front, which was under the direct control of the state and forbade strikes. Germany has fuckall natural resources, so the simultaneous drives for national self sufficiency and military expansion rapidly depleted what hard currency reserves the country had left.

what sources are you quoting there? man you are strawmanning the whole thing, desperately wanting it to fit into this bullshit image you have in your head but to everyone neutral it is clear as a day you are being delusional

this is no fucking secret, you open up a book, you read the blood and soil chapter, and you realize just how wrong you are
hitler promoted class colaboration, profit and private property was allowed as long as it was at least neutral to the german national interests
meaning slave camps were allowed, as long as no germans are enslaved, etc

exploitation wasnt allowed if you were exploiting ethnic germans

listen, i know you have to portray hitler as this sort of big bad monster
but hitler was a true believer
got himself a medal and so on, by running around machinegun fires delivering messages in the army
he got hospitalized, in an army where everyone was trying to become hospitalized, and the first thing he did was trying to convince the doctors to put him back into service

unlike stalin and other soviet commanders who never put foot on the battlefield, with their bath tub full of medals, he wore just a single that he earned because he was a true believer
and he did not allow ethnic germans to be exploited
his party was called socialist workers party, no matter how much you need it to be called something else

Stalin robbed banks, escaped from prisons, shot people, fucked daughters of noblemen, was sent to Sibiria and escaped, and actually was a frontline commander in the Russian Civil War and did so well that they literally named a liberated city after him (before he was anywhere close to power, mind you).

To even compare this limp-wristed autist like Hitler who fucked his own niece with a supreme badass chad like Stalin is absolutely ridiculous.

Well, we could redistribute the land owned by the Junkers that's being farmed so inefficiently, or we could try to mechanize agriculture, but nah, lets just invade eastern europe, kill the natives, and LARP as 19th century Americans.
So they had no wage labor? Not even the theorists like Sakai who claim that fascism was a genuine anticapitalist movement go so far as to claim this.
Make up your mind
If he called his organization the Euphoric Orgasm Party, does that mean that every German would have gone about in a state of bliss?

You don't know what you're talking about.
So are Portuguese Neoliberals, Francois Hollande, etc…

you do realize that nazis had less slave labor, extermination camps, secret police etc etc than the soviets, right?

all im saying is, as someone who read source material, hitler wanted freedom for germany, meanwhile everyone is strawmanning the man into whatever fits their narrative
he invaded poland because of prussian territory like danzig and whatnot
he got rid of jews because they were profiting hard from weimar misery
and he invaded the soviets because he was afraid the soviets would invade him, i mean germans were afraid of russian invasion from the empire times, german empire was afraid that russian empire will figure its railway system out, and be able to wage war cos they can transport their troops and ammunition around now on trains
hitler inheriting german geopolitical fears together with germany somehow makes him a 'baddest bad guy ever'?
everyone does this
but only hitler catches the flak

it doesnt make any sense to me
but then again i am arguing with people who do not care about history, or about source material

Writing is fucking awful, to the point, where I can't believe that this has become a serious ideology that would later fuck up the whole world.
But if something, it Hitler basically told you what he was going to do. Everyone who joined up and read it, knew what he was up to. You knew, what plans he had in store for Slavs, Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables.

German factories were hyper neo liberal, with no environmental or labor protections. They were ridiculously efficient, which is how they pulled off the Blitzkrieg and made the Nazi war machine so large in the first place. But maimed and injured German workers like they were going out of style. Has is having your industry kill, cripple, blind mentally handicap German Workers in the national German interest. Unless national German interest just means German bourgeois interests.

*how is having your industry

oh i see
you people are fucking retarded
spouting words like blitzkrieg (literal meme word not once used by the german doctrine or high command), not even knowing that german early tanks were produced by "skoda", a czechoslovakian factory

it all makes sense now
your hollywood education and meme words dictate your worldview, not source material, but meme words and media narratives

im out, goodbye
also read a book you fucking children, i bet you are all unemployable while larping exploited workers online


Actually what makes him awful was the fact that he decided to basically kill millions of working class people instead of confronting capitalism.

And that's why they stopped having elections and lost all their political rights, yeah?
As opposed to Hitler, who profited hard from misery in the Third Reich? If he really cared so much about the German people, why did he stop his generals on the eastern front from making tactical retreats? Why did he have his armies destroy the infrastructure needed by the German people to live? Why did he conscript children?
Interesting that you should say this when you're trying to argue that Hitler was exceptionally virtuous.

Because they annexed Czechoslovakia.


Do you really think this post makes Hitler look any better?

I have work and shit to do

It's no joke written like an autistic teenagers LiveJournal history

Unironically this
The dude fucking escaped the proto gulags like three tines. I have no idea why this meme that Stalin was just a desk jockey got spread.

Probably by Trotskyists who were trying to paint Stalin as some kind of loser who stole credit for all of the mighty Trotsky's accomplishments.

It was never meant to be anything other than an emotional screed. The fact that it's considered a foundational text for fascists only reveals the hollowness of their worldview

spouting words like blitzkrieg (literal meme word not once used by the german doctrine or high command)
Everyone knows what your talking about when you say it though you faggot. Or are you gonna argue that Germany actually didn't use combined arms tactics meant to punch into enemy lines with Tanks and create smaller pockets to be destroyed by the infantry?

What's even more ironic is that he didn't have nearly as much power as Shitler.

Literally the first fucking page is about him talking about how he grew up and then goes into a rant about how Austria and Germany should be united to plunder the lands to east for wealth. I don't need to read 700 pages of that retarded filth. At least Evola was short and straight to the point about his spooks

I tried. I really tried. I lurked Holla Forums for
a little more than a month.

Now I understand more about socialism and other leftist ideologies. It's quite interesting. I love how well read some people are. Also the interest for history is noticable here.

But I still can't get out of my head the fact that it is home to fucking retards. Most of you seem like college kids that convinved themselves that anarchy is the perfect system. Just reading this thread makes me so disapointed. I really think leftys are below average.

I really tried. I subscribed and watched many lefty channels. (those that were of actual quality, of course, none of that antifa faggotry).

Maybe this is why I never saw a lefty win an argument. Maybe this is why I never really admired a lefty's knowledge or intelligence. Is it because of the capitalist regime? Maybe. I only admire my arts teacher which lived in the soviet union and liked it. He isn't an anarchist or a communist kid. He just liked the simple life. He doesn't think communism "works" he doesn't give a care about it.

anyway pic related is most people in this thread.
I wish I could say Holla Forums is worse. I really don't know anymore at this point. You guys are stupid by nature.


So is calling Hitler "literally Hitler" a bad thing now? Christ, how far we've come.

stop proving my point, please. I wish I was wrong.

I'm not sure what you were expecting as far as chans go? The discourse here is really a lot better than what you'd get anywhere else on the site.

calling Hitler "literally hitler" suggest that you gobble everything that gets thrown at you about hitler. What does being literally hitler even mean????

Is being Stalin worse??? I mean, he killed more.

none of these men killed "gorrillions" of people. It was war time. deaths happen for many different reasons.

what if a Holla Forumsack called you a litteral commie?

It's a post-facto definition and therefore meaningless when discussing actual history. Save it for the documentaries your uncle watches.

That being said, I don't know what that other guy is trying to do here, if he's a hitlerite.

German factories sucked. The Nazis couldn't into factory automation and built tanks like locomotives. Fat lot of good the craftsmen do when they can't actually standardize parts lmao.

If you really want to learn some nazinomics, read Wages of Destruction. The Nazis blew their load on a military buildup, robbed a bunch of treasuries, and then crashed their face into the Soviets before fixing any of their underlying problems.

The result? Constantly having to divert production, reliance on unwilling slave labourers, holding back on conscription because German farms weren't efficient enough to withstand manpower loss. It was laughable. Lot of Nazi industry is overblown.

If you're obsess over jews/arabs/blacks/infidels long enough, you go a little crazy and automatically link anything negative to your boogieman. You can guess what old timey euros were doing.

It means "a genocidal sperg who attempted to wipe out an entire race of people"
famine and genocide just aren't the same exact thing.

At first I expected it to be superior to "alt right" pol.

It's not only image boards by the way, I visited forums (I think it was even worse). I expected lefties to be smarter than alt right or something.

how embarrassing. stop posting and read bordiga.

There's a lot of refugees right now. idk where the theoryfags hang

which book do you suggest?

factors of race and nation in Marxist theory


also read rafiq

Its been a few years but I'll admit, there was a chapter in there where he talked about the nature of cities and the sort of culture/identity associated with them. That was sort of neat.
When he said german industrialists would not exploit the german worker and therefore the ones that did must have been tainted by the jews I knew he was retarded.

Also if anyone is interested in reading it. Id' recommend it if you like political history or debating nazis, otherwise don't bother.

already read that. Thanks for the bordiga sugestion.

yes of course, I never said it wasn't.

Reddit has destroyed pol and is now pretty much eating this place from the inside out.

I didn't say you said it wasn't.

Why do you come in a thread just to say you are smart? You could have literally just close your browser. I know you are probably gonna say something like im just bored hahah xD but seriously its easy to see you are mad. People who do not get angry and "just see stuff as it is" dont write rants with reaction images they just close the window. You are really sad


I pays lip service to syndicalist populism to appeal to the working class that's about to get fucked over. In practice fascist economics boils down to whatever the state decides is good for "the nation" including deregulation and privatization.

autobahn wasn't going to be completed under weimar rule. even so the employment aspect wasnt stressed either. hitler greenlighted the unfinished project to continue full-force due most likely as a show of "volk minded" policy moving forward. a publicity stunt.


I have a copy of it for historical purposes. It out in my shed.

During the peak of my high school liberal "I want to hear all sides of the story" phase I bought this but just couldn't finish it because it was so bad and boring. I recommend the Turner Diaries instead.

It was okay. He's more an idealist than a realist, but this is socialism we're talking about here.

No, it's fucking dumb. Hitler ran an economy on fraud and loans until he could avoid collapse by starting a war - complete joke of an economy. They attacked the USSR out of some delusion that the Aryan supermen could conquer a country that huge in about a year just by sheer force of will. And in case of victory, they thought it was a rational idea to spend billions of marks exterminating Russians and destroying their cities whilst fighting a constant guerilla war, which would not have been profitable at all and been a major strain on the country's finances. Why do it? Because it's le ebin destiny of da ubermensch!!!
Nazism, is actually dumb and emotional. It has no rational goals or means of accomplishing them, just romanticist delusions.

The anime was better imo

From a social darwinist perspective I'd have to agree; whoever is the most back-stabbing piece of shit will move up the political hierarchy. The nazifags' mistake is believing that force can only come from physical aggression alone, such is untrue. While the fox may have sharp teeth, the rabbit is quick, it can outrun the fox; smaller, so it can fit inside holes the fox cannot go into. This way the fox starves to death and the rabbit lives on.

Please stop.

not true.

It's a 720 page 'book' that could be compressed into a 4 page pamphlet had it not been for the fact that the author was an aspie.

As for the actual content, it's either complaining about Jews, complaining about Marx, or badly attempting to copy Nietzsche.

Only about 6% is about the jews though.

To add he also wrote a second book that was found after the war, it's now titled as "Hitlers Second Book". It was unknown if it was his but after a lot of research it is confirmed to be his, this book is much clearer as to what he wants because he wrote this when he was the Fuhrer of Germany.
There is also a book called Hitler Table Talk which are basically conversations he had with others and recorded on paper. Those two books make a lot more clear on what he wanted.
Playing devils advocate, I know German and reading Mein Kampf in the native language is the best way to read it, I didn't think it was badly written simply because a lot of it I don't agree with. The Stalag or Ford translations are also worth a read if you don't know German.

I tried reading it, and it's just so boring and poorly written that I couldn't really read much of it.

No, and nice bait, Holla Forums

Ian Kershaw says both of those books were fakes

I have seen a lot of alt-right propaganda and shitpost since I'm on the internet (12 years)

Always wondering what was the profund psychology behind all this incoherent shit

And really, this describes very accurately what I came to think of them, I was just missing the words