The right is out in FORCE to protest a Lenin statue. Let's just hope the counterprotest antifags don't get too violent

The right is out in FORCE to protest a Lenin statue. Let's just hope the counterprotest antifags don't get too violent.




Will the petty bourgeoisie ever realize that no one cares about their communist hate fetish?

Glad to see that some proud Americans still remember the 100 vigintillion straight white men killed in cultural Marxist gulags

Nothing's been more satisfying about the mild overton window shifting in the last two years than watching the quiet panic on reactionary's faces when they realize people don't share their rabid hate for communism

Anti-fa won't even go.

subject in the wrong text field and now it's my name. I should never drunkpost.

wingers demanding someone else's private property be torn down

There is a statue of lenin in the US??

there are statues of lenin in every country but ukraine.

Aw, I never got to take a picture with it.
It'd take short of dynamite to destroy it though

It's in seattle. They brought it to the US after the Cold War.

how have these chud's brains not exploded yet

as if more proof was needed that 'murica is the country of retards.


I was merely pointing out how retarded these people are
idc about some dumb lenin statue

I am shocked that they found the right statue.

l think modern capitalists have the belief that Lenin was a well meaning and misguided and that stalin ruined it, so this doesn't even make that much sense.

They literally don't understand the concept.

It was made in the USSR in the mid-80s. The artist had it cut into three pieces and put into storage when the iron curtain fell. Then some rich dude in Seattle paid to have it brought over and reassembled because… reasons.

Whatever the case, it's owned by an individual, not the state. And the right wingers who constantly scream about MUH PRIVATE PROPERTY and DON'T ERASE HISTORY are now demanding that it be removed so as to erase history.



Fuck this gave me a hearty kek.

they don't even actually care about the statue of course. they're just larping to create some sort of bogus equivalency over the confederate statues thing.

What next? Are they going to come to my house and take my Stalin themed toothbrush? Makes me sick.

That would only works if it end up raising a counterprotest to oppose this, but given the Right's bitchslapping contest partenaries are mostly Liberals, they wont find a lot of people to give them that satisfaction.

It's literally for sale, if they want it taken down all they have to do is raise the money for it.


If I remember right nobody takes this statue seriously anyway. Locals dress it up in drag, throw paint over it, cover it in lights etc. Its just a local joke/quirk. These people are making themselves look like complete retards protesting this

If we can raise 250,000$ for it, we could buy it before they realize it's for sale and keep it there.

It's for sale? Fuck, I want a giant ass Lenin statue


Wait that is a parody right?

It's time honored tradition, user.

We could even put it for the sales double the prize
and buy Holla Forums.

Only that much? Wonder if I could convince my college to buy it

Comrade Lenin shall crush them without breaking sweat nor stride! The means they possess are puny before him!

To think the only statue of lenin in Great Britain was about 5 minutes from Jeremy Corbyns house

As a child he was probably inspired by it, to destroy the capitalist order

Start a petition, worth it to get them assblasted if anything.

and then the right got so butthurt over it it had to be put inside, and now the only one in public is at the stronghold of the left and the headquarters of the gay agenda, The Kremlin Bar.

l'm pretty anti-leninist but the way it makes right wingers sperg out makes all the statues worth it.

they're already annoyed that we have Karl Marx on display.

there are plenty of statues of lenin in ukraine, probably less so in say Fiji

I haven't felt second-hand embarrassment like this for a long time. It makes me feel better for them to lie to my self that this nonsense is actually supposed to be a parody of it self.

It's obviously a joke. Jesus Christ why are there so many fucking autists here incapable of detecting sarcasm or humor? They don't genuinely care about the statue, they're just parodying the radlibs throwing bitchfits about parts of history they don't like.



no the alt-right really is triggered by communism or anything they think is related to communism


You cant get more autistic them this tbh.

Holy shit this is sad as fuck

Unite the Right proves you wrong. They aren't ironic nazis. They are "ironic" nazis.

I'm not saying they ironically believe Trump is their daddy, I'm saying this "protest" is obviously a joke. How can you hear their silly slogans and see them obviously grinning and think they're being serious about the statue needing to be taken down when you can compare to them to serious radlibs who are obviously emotional and shrill?

These guys grinning and talking about beefstros don't look very triggered to me.

The real braindeads are the fucking autists ITT.

Those people aren't the same people at Unite the Right. They're just MAGAtards taking the piss out of liberals.

MAGAtards were heavily promoting Unite the Right and many attended. That is the true face of America reaction.

Shit, RIP Lenin :(

Actually, they're not your Bistros, they're private property, classcucks.


Fuck them. Look at them flail their arms like little children. They don't realize no one cares and no one is on their side.

They just want to escalate, but we are winning. More confederate statues were taken down, and they are even getting worried about their beloved presidents now. Soon Lenin will be the only statue left.

There's also a Stalin busy in Bedford, Virginia btw

Oh no, don't tell them. Maybe 5 whole people will show up. Lmao

Shhhhhhh. If the secret gets out, tens of protesters might show up!

Holy shit, this CANNOT be real


The right had one chance

One chance to prove that they were better than people's expectations, were not the Westboro Baptist church again, and were something fresh that could appear cogent to the population

And they fucked it all up


It's a meme ironic statue though intended to show the impotence of ML thought in the US. It's desecrated all the time. Also it's private property and is for sale,

…Do we care if the aut-right manages to get his torn down? I fucking love Lenin. But I'm not sure how much sense a Lenin statue in America makes.

Now If someone wanted it town down after a successful revolution that'd be anther story. I guess what Im saying is earn your fucking statues.

that number needs to be 100

If they really cared they could buy it. It's a private statue.

We only need a vanguard user. Popular support comes after.

It has reached the point where they believe these things ironically in public but sincerely within their in-group. It is a wonderful tactic to gain new members, as you can avoid any actual criticism from holding these views while also providing a rush of fun for both ironic and sincere members.
But this whole "dialogue" about statues is total bullshit. Clearly it is an attempt by right-wing media to shape the narrative away from the fact that a Holla Forumsack pulled off a terrorist attack and that America is confronting a new kind of right wing ideology for the first time. And this anti-socialist statue thing is just playing off a strawman of the argument forwarded by liberals that the statues are a show of constant reinforcement of racist laws and values. That way the right can just say "Oh look we can tear down any statute we please now, kek we don't need to look into the nuance of their argument."
See the greatest part of this ‘Marxist statue protest bullshit’ is that even any discussion about it has an underlying implication that turns the discussion into a debate over which statues are justifiable to tear down, instead of a talk about what the statues represent and why people could have legitimate reasons to want to take them down or at least move them. And even this discourse is bullshit, no one really cares about this shit except liberals. All the while porky is laughing all the way to the bank.
The real discussion should be on the new rise of the right and what are its attributes and weaknesses.

Doesn't Steve Bannon idolize Lenin? Don't these MAGA chuds idolize Bannon?

If the alt-right doesn't like private statues so much, why don't they just pull up their bootstraps and buy it? Don't violate the NAP please.

I think there's like one source that mentions that fact. Bannon is a manchild, and his understanding of politcal theory is probably superficial.

I want to belive

It's really funny how these niggers have time to protest when everyone else is at work or school.

The fat guy on the left with the blue shit.


How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

$250,000 apparently

Why did you add giant black top and bottom boarders to that?


The vanguard is supposed to just administrate things though, we gotta get popular support first before the vanguard can take hold.

lenin is bad though, he didn't create socialism

that being said we must support lenin statues to annoy the right

You shouldn't do something to spite someone else. That being said, you are wrong, and Lenin did absolutely nothing wrong.

You: Get the fuck out of this board. Like RIGHT-FUCKING-NOW you feral liberal.

A remarkable shortage of Pepes.

It annoys the hell out of them so I kinda want it to stay for shits and giggles.

he let Stalin come into power

Yeah, I guess ghost Lenin should have prevented that.

He turned Russia into a one-party state after the Bolsheviks lost the election and proceeded to ban Labor unions. How exactly is he /ourguy/?

Another example of how the Left always leads movements. Every time reactionary's instinctively just copy the Left's tactics and movements. Now this; they try to imitate an organic movement and fail. Reactionary's don't have anything to protest about because they are not being oppressed nor ever been oppressed by a communist society/nation this is merely an reaction to counter the Left. They are have too much of a victim complex to notice anyways.

Exactly, so he did nothing wrong then.

Theres an actual lenin statue in a public space somewhere in the U.S.?
I'm surprise classcucks didnt tear it down already

Nah its on private property I think

But that's 25% of 67%, no?

Where did you read/hear this bs?

Ironically, the capitalist's one weakness.

It's not about communism, it's about history :^)

and the nazi thing is just a chacter sam hyde does.
The effect is the same.

What are you even doing on this board?

Trade unions that offended the state became banned in the USSR, this is a fact.
The menshevik party was made illegal in 1921 effectively making it a one party state.

That's interesting, because unions made up 95% of Soviet workforce.So where did you hear this?

tell, me, did the accumulation of capital stop under lenin? was the surplus value of labour abolished? were the the workers no longer alienated from their work?


Yes, he didn't work miracles. That doesn't mean he did wrong. It was a step in the right direction, but at the wrong time historically.

the fact that the party bureaucracy was set up in such a way that Stalin could manipulate things and come into power is a perfectly legitimate criticism of Lenin.

Unions in the USSR weren't exactly independent or capable of criticizing the party.

he meant horizontal unions.
soviet-style vertical "trade unions" are no different from actual fascism. (in fact, it's indistinguishable from falangism)

I usely hate class collaboration, but this time I’ll make an exception.

Any sources for this would be appreciated.

Any sources?

Nobody in any position of power supports the far right aside from Trump offering what he thought was what truthfully happened in Charlottesville.

Holy shit, that's the Lenin statue in Freemont, WA! Are those retards still there? If they are, I am going to fuck with them.

Nope, they're gone. Supposedly their six people got run off by another half-dozen people.

Cuck/pol/ is talking about using some corrosive on the statue overnight, or even thermite. Not that they have the balls to do it, but it would be funny to see them sued for property damage instead of some puny vandalism slap-on-the-wrist.

Wow really fires up those neurons

is correct. I know the guy that owns it.

Joke's on them. Communism is inevitable and history will absolve Lenin.

why did he buy it and bring it here?


Did anyone tell them yet they can buy the statue and do anything they want with it? Or is it just that supporters of capitalism don't actually own wealth to speak of?