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Bong here. I'm new to the left and for a long time believed the narrative my parents told me that Thatcher had to disempower the unions because they had drawn production to a halt because of their unreasonable demands, and that the shutting of the mines was unfortunate but necessary.

Is any of this true?

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If you want to be accepted by the left you must know that is not art.

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This might be a controversial opinion, but neoliberalism and Thatcherism was a necessary response from capitalism to the crisis it was experiencing with ever increasing labor costs and empowered workers. This is not an argument for neoliberalism though, it's an argument against capitalism since it obviously can't support the high living standard it boasts about without falling into a near fatal crisis

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You are the kind of person who would have been triggered by impressionism in its heyday, mann

Thatcher destroyed the primary productive economy of Britain, the unions were just the means to end as an enemy to antagonise.

Her policies went well beyond coal miners, they affected British agriculture and the manufacturing sector.


pic related is required reading.

to answer your question, the mines were going to be shut down either way. mining had become unprofitable in britain for a number of reasons but most because coal mines in Indonesia and elsewhere were able to push through mining techniques intolerable in europe and also run their mines on slave labor.

there was nothing the union could have done or not done to keep the mines going. the uk govt had within its power the ability to stop the blight that the former coal towns and basically all of wales have turned into.

That's weak tbh

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It was pretty reasonable. How would you feel if you're employed your whole life as a coal miner and suddenly see your jobs disappearing, while often having a family to feed?


OK that covers the mines. What about manufacturing?

It's not bad, it's simply

it's almost as if no matter how much people work, or how many generations, capital will always find a way to keep the vast majority just above subsistence level, having just enough to stay alive, keep working and not riot, but no more. Someone should write a book about this.

No, the economy is cyclical and there would be a crisis any way. The particular problems the UK faced in the 70s were caused by under investment in the 60s and the oil price shock and Nixon shock.

From the capitalists' point of view, there demands were unreasonable and it was necessary to shut the mines.

Capitalists do not do things that damage the working class because they are evil. I mean a lot of them are assholes too, and there is a connection, but its not 1 for 1. Tories aren't just "mean and hate the poor".

They represent a certain class interest - the ruling class, the capitalist class. They have interests, things appear necessary to them because those things will maintain their status quo and stability, and they will do things that are in their interest at the expense of the working class, because this is the nature of the class dynamic under the system of capitalism.

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Well eventually the [coal] mines would have died under capitalism, but what Thatcher did was shut down most british mines (including shit like copper) then import them for cheap. Best example is that we shut down the coal mines, but then imported a load of coal from Belgium. The main thing that fucked the country was the fact you suddenly had a fucktonne of unemployed people in rural towns that have never recovered; most of rural wales is a shithole that is dying a slow death because of that twat.

As for the unions, their main beef was with Wilson because Wilson had to deal with the rapidly growing inflation and he did so by freezing pay. That's where all the major strikes come from. Doesn't mean the TUC weren't trigger happy with work-to-rule and things like that though.

Her neoliberal policies also did much to permanently fuck british industry: by encouraging outsourcing and selling off nationally owned car companies to foreigners who shut them down and shipped production elsewhere. There's a reason the UK has fuckall industry.

Long story short, Benn should have been PM: perhaps Corbyn can undo a lot of the lasting shit.

The whole narrative that like some evil genius she conspired to fuck the British working class to such a degree that they still feel it today doesn't wash with me.
She was a dumb fuck like pretty much every other British politician in history, she was able to get away with what she did because various institutions like the media or the police were traitors like they always are.
She read The Road to Serfdom and actually believed it to be 100% gospel, and surrounded herself with people of a similar mindset, which shows the scale of her intellect.

The thing is Art don't have a clear and cut definition. Is it Dali? Is it Michelangelo? Is it Andy Warhol? Is it Picasso? Is it Tchaekowski? Is it Rodin? I'm inclined to think it is all of thoses.
Also pic related was also painted by a Jew.

Somehow Germany is doing way better despite pretty strong unions compared to UK.

Although coal miners specifically never had a chance in modern economies of the first world. The primary sector is offshored to other countries for a reason.

Nice painting. Maybe Vito D'Ancona was sephardic and not ashkenazi… i wish i could see his dna report… anyway, if you need an instruction manual to understand the piece, its not art.

BTW, i believe every race tends to have affinity to certain types of structures, which are reflected then in the societies that the race creates. That way, the asians create a type of civilization that matches with their biological needs, the negroid creates another different type. Asians don't like living in african societies, and the opposite is also true.

If you are interested in this watch a documentary called Empire of Dust (About the chinesse going to Africa to build infrastructures):

In defense of that black guy in the pic, it's not like he can do anything about it at this point. One of the big critiques of the colonial powers was that they hated educating and training the natives and so when they started to withdraw everything collapsed. I assume the Belgians still meddle in the Congo today given the Congo crisis and Katanga, and the French certainly meddle in their former colonies.

Why not?

Africa was left alone for 5000+ years. Where is their Sistine Chapel? What was the problem? Apartheid? kek.

I'm sorry dude, maybe we're not equal. Its hard to take this red pill, but maybe we're different. That doesn't mean they are worse, they simply like other kind of societies. And if you understand this, you might see that it is arrogant to try to bring them ( ( ( Democracy) ) ) which is a system that maybe doesn't suit them.

I've talked about this with a lot of africans, and they wish this was not reallity, but they know deep inside it is. I talk with them about the structures of their govs, and they say that every dictator has arrived after a violent revolution. They say that if this wasn't the case and a democratic process could have happened to chose their leader, then a violent one would have reached the power. (this is what happened in ecuatorial guinea tho).

Its inside their nature (as a group), when there are a lot of them, they fuck up their society. This has happened in Rhodesia, which is now zumbabwee, Haiti, Detroit… the list is long.

Sorry to tell you, but race is not a social construct, but societies are racial constructs.

You mean pyramids aren't enough?
They're kept down by vested interests, they're a net contributor of wealth to the planet and the service oriented Euros can't allow it.

You are completely right. Neoliberalism wasn't an evil conspiracy by Thatcher and Reagan because they hated poor people, it was capitalism's evolution (the same goes for fascism).


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Your post was about Africa and Africans. Besides there are some pyramids in Meroë, and obviously there were many blacks in Egypt.

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Are you saying they are unable to grow food in the most fertil continent?

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