Why are Asians more classcucked then americans?

Why are Asians more classcucked then americans?

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I'm not sure. Perhaps their culture is more inclined to comply with authority? I don't actually know, I'm speaking out my ass here. I used to think us Americans were the most class cucked until I saw Japanese people. Thank god I'm not a nip.

They really aren't in particular: chuangcn.org/journal/one/revisiting-the-wukan-uprising-of-2011/.

Many have called this state capitalism as socialism masquerading as capitalism but this is because their brand of Capitalism with "Asian Characteristics" really stretches the imagination to be compared with liberal capitalism of the West.

Of course the mode of production is elementally the same, but governance and more crucially the management of capitalism is there is entirely different.

In the West management falls to the managers/ceo's,investors, experts and entrepreneurs. But in E.Asia the business model is really an unofficial contract between state and these huge "Zaibatsu" like corporate conglomerates. When the business ethic is that corporation is run as feudal unit, where everyone has to collectively show the same dedication, work effort and loyalty, it leaves very little for the worker to renegotiate things like wages,work time or muh privileges. This is testified by the fact that unionism is virtually completely absent in China, Singapore and Japan.

Thank you user! This is such a concise explanation.

there is a fair bit of unionism in china

They're very classcucked until they're not. And when they're not, they're not.

They were beaten into it.
The americans cant afford to lose their islandbase against china.

Pretty sure koreans are just genetically dispositioned to being cucked.

China has somewhat of a left wing history though.

It is for the very same reason that we find ourselves in the position of making the most succecful worker's revolutions.

We see value beyond our own lives into the lives of our families and our friends, and our neighbors. And less for ourselves.

Thats why cuba out of all of them is the best one still existing.

Whoa, now that's some hardcore spooks you've got there.

Cuba has found success because of it's location geographically. It's an island. It's for the same reason North Korea is still around, only it's an island not separated by waters, but of mines and barbed wire.


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is that why Cuba is richer then it's immediate neighboors?

Yes. Are you implying haiti is richer?

yo east asian communists were fucking crazy though

I'd rather live through Castro or the USSR then post revolutionary Cambodia, China or Korea.

Actually I'd even rather live under Franco then any of those.

my mistake lol

I thought you were taking the pro western position somehow

Not good for ya health.
On the other hand you are christian so that might help a bit.


No nation on earth is more classcucked than the USA.

And nukes :^)

Yea pretty much this.
Even japan with its conformity has a communist party (that is popular).

For all the praise that Europe gets for its anarchists, the majority of Europeans are still pretty classcucked

Some are really good, some are shit. Its a mixed bag. The stereotypical trading nations are cucked as fuck. Netherlands, luxembourg, switzerland, etc. But these are also the nations that actually benefit a lot from global capitalism.

America wrote the Japanese constitution after the war.


To an extent yes, but Japan is really pushing it. At least in America you don't culturally ingrained expectations Japan has like having to bow to your employer, working overtime for little to no overtime time because its the "honorable" thing to do, and being expected to work the same job for the rest of your life and if you lose it nearly no other employer will hire you. Hell, even the reason karaoke bars became popular was because men who happened to get off early didn't want to have to go home to their wives and look like they were somehow slacking or that they weren't dedicated to their jobs so they would spend a few hours at the bar and then go home pretending they were at work.

Read Gramsci

to clarify, I mean I'd rather franco than any east asian communist nation, not franco over any communist state in general

Franco only killed 1-2 million people

much less proportionally then Mao and Pol Pot

Neither came close to getting rid of Capitalism - Franco aimed to hark back to the fuedal age while the communists wanted to advance it to communism (obviously)

And trust me, I have no love for franco. Franco was a cunt, and a fascist. But jesus christ were the eastern communist states awful. No wonder they split from the Soviets.

My "christian socialism" is mostly a representation for the Irish Republicans, who were essentially all catholic

anyway everyone knows Yugocucks are closet fascists, so you may as well be talking to a mirror

Hard work works.

They are ethnically homogenious, they have no terrorists, they have no undesirables, no unneeded minorities or religious undesirables. Japan is Japanese. There is nothing to complain about. Hard work puts food on the table. Hard work is a virtue. Hard work produces stuff. Complaining, criticizing, bitching and moaning doesnt. So no one does it.

That's my take on it. Monoethnic, monocultural societies have extremely high social cohesion. If you have high social cohesion, you have sense of belonging. If you have a sense of belonging, you want to be productive.

Meanwhile in the west, no one wants to work 16 hours a day so Tyrone/Abdul can get more welfare. People rather obsess about guns and conspiracy theories about Atlantis, an ideal home, because they want home, they want a place to belong to.



Japan has one of the largest communist parties.


To the degree that culture reinforces the mode of production, asian countries have it worse. Look up rice-farming cultures vs. wheat farming cultures. Basically, the nature of the agriculture people did shapes the culture. Wheat can be grown on separate farms by individuals and success or failure has more to do with the individual farmer. Rice grows in standing water, which means that beneficial or harmful contents are more likely to spread around, so what one farmer does will affect the others. The result is one culture will be fine with individualistic farmers while the other has to organize into a community to make sure nobody fucks up the entire crop.

>Social cohesion is literally overworking yourself to death to make your boss "society" better
Gee, I wonder who's behind this post.

yeah, i am sure average jap isnt competing for demographic anything because japan is already 100% japanese

in a monoethnic, monocultural society, when you fail you feel like you failed
there is no one else to pin the failure onto
you failed
you failed your community and everything else
it is time for you to honorably step aside, allow others the resources you would misuse
you could blame everyone else if you were in multicultural society, you could blame the evil racist or whatever who discriminated blah blah

Oh, whoops. The point here is that the historical conditions forming community-driven culture drives workers to sacrifice their wellbeing for the wellbeing of the group or the company in the case of capitalism. You see this even in how people's names work. In the west your first name is usually your given name while in the east it's usually your family name.

Yeah, no. we are Communists, not termites.

People aren't going to be that retarded anyway. Also, instead of that bullshit about muh honor and shit, you are gonna get people joining the Yakuza. I am not going to live in a society controlled by feudalist gangs if I can help it.

if you really believed you are this extremely laborous, productive individual, you'd fuck off from society and start a farm somewhere, somewhere remote, somewhere where no one can exploit you, and being an extremely workaholic individual that does a ton of labor, you would certainly prosper, because prosperity comes out of labor
but you dont do this
you dont do any of this
you keep finding inventive ways to tie yourself to these people you are simply jealous of, and keep demanding infinite handouts

that shit can work in feudal societies, which is why communism was attempted in feudal societies
in the modern western world, productive people are to busy enjoying life to pay attention to worthless complainers, those who work hard find the fruit of their labor fair, and those who complain are impotent weirdo fringe of society

modern japan and australia are western btw, if that part weirds you out

You've got to be shitting me right now

Animu doesn't draw itself.
Btw, japs falling asleep in public is a cultural thing. It signals to others they're working hard. Which would be fine if not for they going too far with it and overworking to the point they stop being as efficient as they could be.

enjoy depression i guess

I was replying to anons comment which was
Kids are good, my point was its ridiculous how he thinks the Japanese society he enjoys much can survive without having kids

Ebin, you really BTFO everybody in the thread.

They simply seem more realistic and resigned to it. Unlike American classcucks they don't seem to be hold any illusions about making it big eventually.

You almost had a good point but your obsession with religion and skin colour did you again.

So you got triggered and stopped listening?

I don't know if it's just me but that makes it even fucking worse. Our classcucks at least have the illusion their gonna hit it big and not have to put up with their asshole boss anymore.

It's easy to make fun of that illusion but at least it's possible if not statistically probable.

Just rolling over and accepting 80 hr workweeks for shit pay without over time bc "muh tradition, muh culture" is just a bunch of happy slave nonsense that deserves every bit of contempt it gets. At least classcucks with unrealistic expectations might turn to the Left when their disappointed but what can you do with someone whose simply resigned to roll over and die rather then resist? Not much.

truly the most aesthetic revolution

How can you possibly be more classcucked than Americans?

When upwards to 70% of your population has micro-penis, and is raised as cattle is it any shock?

Yeah tough guy, you triggered another liberal xD

JCP is an ultra-revisionist party that makes DSA look like hardline Stalinist-Hoxhaist party.

East Asian culture is more conservative than Western European.

Japan is an isolated nation, and maybe they don't have the same history of a labor movement as European nations.

To say nothing of the fact that most East Asian countries belonging to the Western camp went through a long period of fascism. Unlike in Europe, I've yet to see a seriousSouth Korean or Japanese antifa. It's not outside the bounds of respectability to pay homage to the fascist period for setting those countries up to reap the fruits of fake potemkin democracy and racism is normalized to a degree not tolerated even in the West.

The victims of past fascisms petition meekly while the government schools write them out of history. Japanese textbooks are extremely sanitized and children rarely learn the truth about Japanese war crimes, to say nothing of the fact that the Japanese media practices extreme self-censorship to prevent anything getting through that might disturb the present consensus.

Jesus, how dystopian.

Holla Forums mental gymnastics should be considered an olympic sport. In any case, if failure to your monoethnic society leads to suicide, why don't you make us a favor and hang yourself from the neck

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I'm Japanese and live in Scotland.

Basically, the east is more cucked due to our dependence of capitalism. Our culture has basically been appropriated in the business world so it's hard to distinguish actual Japanese customs from actions pushed by Porky to advance his goal.

It's basically 1984 put into action, except with temples and shit.

Mugi is bourgeois trash

I remember communist/left leaning Yui memes were a thing. How many can we get in a thread?

Please post comrade Yui

Fucking what??? It's an island nation ~100 miles off the shore of the greatest imperial power in history. Every other socialist government in that hemisphere was toppled by US influence. It's survived despite it's location.

The logical conclusion would be because he lives in a mixed ethnicity society he can blame outsiders for his failures so feels no compunction to kill himself, sadly.


This post is going to be about Japan because I know jack shit about other E. Asian countries (although I've heard that South Korea is fairly similar). Also shoutouts to >>leftyweebpol
tl;dr what said

It should be noted that those types of demos are rarely seen now. The bulk of student left blossomed in the 60's and died shortly after, and the Zengakuren charge was a part of the campaign against the Narita airport expansion; the anti-Narita protests are an exception to the rule in how long it endured.

The biggest problem with explaining Japanese society is the prevalence of the cultural explanation, where it sounds like all Japanese people are linked into a hivemind. Societal attitudes to work and class didn't just evolve out of an ancient samurai code, otherwise the entirety of Japan would have the same outlook at all times. We know this isn't the case because left wing movements still made an impact at a few times in modern Japanese history, and there are still some small left wing movements today.
The reason for the lack of class consciousness in the Japanese people is due to the political and economic reality of Japan, which was intentionally engineered by the postwar state (made up of mostly the same people in the wartime state) and large businesses, who cooperate with the state very closely.
Rather than having trade unions, most workers in Japan are a part of "enterprise unions", where the union is related to the company rather than the type of work. This unsurprisingly gives the bosses a large amount of oversight (if not control) over the actions of the union, as well as preventing larger-scale action that a trade union would provide. Enterprise unions didn't spring out of the culture of Japan, but rather from the fact that corporations could use the poor economic situation of postwar Japan to incentivise workers to join their own unions. If they didn't join, they had poor promotion prospects and missed out on the benefits the enterprise union provided. Public sector workers have no right to strike at all. In addition, as the US occupation wound down, they gave up on purging the wartime political and bureaucratic cliques, as they would be useful in curbing the growth of Communism in Japan (which became a priority in the late 40's), which prevented left-wing parties from gaining any real power. This means that even if a Japanese labourer gets thoughts about making a difference, they quickly realise the lack of any political power they might hope to have.

But a much bigger problem is the economic incentives to stay in line. Japanese corporations do not hire people who have left (or been fired) from other corps. This means that if you lose you well paid, "unionised" job, you will be placed into a low-wage, 0 benefits temp work hell. If you want to support a family, you HAVE to be a good worker, so you can keep your wages and your employment benefits. This allows bosses to expect and recieve unpaid overtime day in and day out. This is the source of Japan's "workaholism"; all the rituals of office work and the claims of "culture" are there to rationalise the huge sacrifices Japanese salarymen make in order for their company to extract free labour from them. And of course, once the workers are rationalising their own exploitation, they write off the left wing as not only entitled but as something that is alien to their thought of "Japan".

By the way, Japanese corps also indoctrinate their workers into the company "family". This usually involves singing company songs daily, and can involve a few weeks at a bootcamp for new recruits. All in service of making the company the top priority for the worker.

Source: The Enigma of Japanese Power, by Karel van Wolferen. Really good read, even though it's written from a liberal perspective (you don't notice it much anyway). It's also depressing as you get to read about how multiple different movements were crushed or absorbed by the administrative elite.

Sounds like Japan needs a “cultural revolution”

Thanks for the Japanese prospective.

Confucianism? I dunno. Maybe something bout them valuing keeping your head down and focusing 100% on what it is you're supposed to do like a perfectly oiled wheel in a clock tower that tells the time through the cohesion of all other parts in it's mechanism.

Better than worshiping some dude who didn't even exist. I'll give it to Islam, at least the worship an actual historical figure

wow thanks user

Yeah something like that, suppressing ego or whatever the fuck. They have a culture of not trying to apportion blame and stay focused on objectives, which can have it's downsides too as important people can literally get away with murder provided they do it quietly.

Great post, ignore idiots who say "their cultureee"

Don't you think that the not-so-far removed history of feudal dominance, the Emperor worship of Meiji, the short-lived period of Taisho democracy followed by the descent into fascism might've had something to do with the evolution of those practices?

It seems to me that while the cultural explanation fails to explain Japan as all cultural explanations inevitably do that these bureaucratic practices of labor control could not have succeeded if there wasn't cultural precedent to draw upon.

The fact that such work-loads that push limits of human endurance can be justified in the name of "culture" shows that these notions actually have a strong hold over both the employees and the capitalists that employ them.

I think the fact that there hasn't been a rebellion against such practices shows that the ruling classes have been successful in beating their idealization of submission into the working class. That does not preclude exceptions or potential rebellion in the future of course.

Asians are so collectivist. Not like you unique and individual Americans. Now get your ass to the shopping mall to exercise your freedom and individualism.

Their culture encourages strict subservience to authority.

Unless you have specific practices to link, that's a uselessly broad brush.

More useless are chauvinists who know nothing about Japan besides some internet factoids about anime and confucius.

You are right; these practices were always developed to keep the status quo alive in some form, and the status quo was a society where the ruling class could get away with blatant exploitation. At the heart of this is the cultivation of a mentality where the oppressed classes don't question their place in society, which is helped by a culture where disrupting "harmony" is a social taboo and where hypocrisy is expected to a certain degree (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honne_and_tatemae). In a deeper sense, there's a lack of an understanding in Japanese culture that there can be a universal morality to which everyone is held accountable, so injustices are acceptable; they are a given annoyance of life, since what seems unfair to you will seem fair to others.

But even though these mentalities are well-established, they were created very intentionally, by picking and choosing parts of Confucianism and Buddhism by the ruling elites, perverting them in the process. The idea of filial piety in Confucianism was extended to blind obedience to the head of the household and to the daimyou, removing the idea of being virtuous, which allowed power holders to exploit and outright commit crimes against those lower to them while not being held accountable. Meanwhile, Japanese Buddhism was focused more on resignation than all other aspects.

In the end though, as much as these cultural practices were invented, they are still not the most important factor in the lack of resistance in Japanese society. Like I mentioned before, any real (rather than symbolic) resistance is essentially a slow suicide due to to the economic factors at play. There's also a lot to be said about how Japanese education fails to foster critical thinking; read Chapter 4 ("Servants of the System") of Enigma of Japanese Power for that.

Good god, read a book.

Stopped reading there.

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Good Post

Also there is a discrepancy between the proto-industrial capitalism of the Edo period which was more entrepreneurial and less formally organised than post-war Japan. Tech innovation in Japan today is driven by Toshiba, Sony, Honda etc. Compared to the Silicon Valley model where everyone can become an entrepreneur.

entrepreneurs needed was capital. In fact, it was already there, thanks to the demand
for herring meal, but it had to be reallocated before capitalists could dominate the fishery.


zaibatsu/chaebol domination of production contributes.

doesn't your country have jokes about some low-skilled workers which go to pubs after work?