Why do engineers need bosses? They really dont...

Why do engineers need bosses? They really dont. Most successful businesses are founded by engineers and led by engineers. Bosses just peddle the product down the line into the market and get all the cash. Engineers do not need the bosses, engineers can sell the product on their own just like they can produce it, research it, develop it, most successful businesses ARE engineer led.

Why do the engineers need peasants? I have already seen farms, where drones take pictures and apply fertilizer depending on how the soil looks, I have already seen GPS led self driving harvesters. Engineers do not need agricultural workers.

Why do the engineers need mechanics, technicians, electricians etc? They dont. They really dont. Everything they do, engineers do better. Everything. These guys are just some sort of engineers that dont know math, and so they cant see the world as precisely, they cant figure out the mystery of what is going on around them. There are already factories without any workers, all thanks to engineers.

Now, security. I can see why engineers need security. But 80% of casualties of modern armed conflicts, come out of artillery. There are pilotless fighter jets too these days. Engineers can basically take over the entire multi trillion defense sector.

About politicians and lawmakers, none of them really understand the technology that makes society possible, and they are usually 10 years behind with their regulations, and also they pretty much just give the technical advisers the task of writing laws.. basically engineers do not need those either.

In conclusion: Engineers have a class interest of getting rid of everyone else. Scientific people (as long as its not too theoretical but applied) have the mental back breaking labor of automatizing, producing, optimizing, and basically delivering ALL the results. And everyone else just leeches off of it, or slows down progress.
Engineers of the world need to unite, and overthrow everyone else. If engineers seized the resources of everyone not-engineer, humanity would be on Mars or who knows where by now.

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So would you suck off Elon Musks dick for free or would you pay him to do it?

Asking as an engineer.

wew. assmad engineer spotted, dont worry youll get your raise soon

Society does not always share the same goals and aspirations as the engineers/scientists do. Sometimes science is entirely ideological without anyone realising (see ecology, the debate on biotechnology etc.).

technocracy can only function if it is tempered by a form of political representation and a sharing of power with other representative groups. Otherwise the experts will be just enforcing their own ideology and it will become a bureaucratic nightmare.

I think OP isnt calling for a technocracy, but for the systematic genocide of anyone who isnt an engineer or something.

The fuck we need to go to Mars for? To deconstruct it? Dyson swarms beat terraforming ten out of ten times faggot.

Google scientific method before posting. Psychology, sociology, social anything, and all of this shit that does not even use mathematics, and accordingly has never discovered a single solid law, is by definition not science, even if it calls itself science.

If you call your ideology science, that doesnt make it science. Scientific method is about delivering solid results. Think of hard sciences, aka only sciences. When a physicist tells you the object of x mass is going to hit the ground in y seconds in free fall, that's what happens. That's what science is.

And now we wait for the other side of the tard coin who will say

Yeah you're right they don't. And neither does any other working class person.
In fact one of the reasons engineers are so classcucked is because capitalism has such a strong interest in maintaining an obedient pool of STEMfags.

There are still sciences that are not only pure mathematics, biology and medicine are both empirical sciences and yet don't have one inch of pure math in them. Modern physics on the other hand is non-empirical and yet they are full of math. Plus there are also things like bioethics and medical ethics that deal with both philosophy and science. So it's not all black and white. Science is not some magic people do, it is a mode of inquiry and a tool. It is impossible for a scientists to convey judgement in things in which he is not an expert with sure confidence.

What? Social sciences like sociology and anthropology have scientific methods.

they dont but they need funding

To bring anything of value to psychology and sociology in this day and age you still need a good grasp of statistics. Saying you don't need math for "softer" disciplines is highly misinformed.

Top kek my dude. I work with engineers on a daily basis. Most of them are not mechanically inclined. Like at all.

who the fuck needs these people? who the fuck quotes them, or uses their "work" for anything? what is the fucking consequence of ignoring these people? if they all disappeared, would anyone even notice??

there is a reason meme "intellectual" (this term has been so inflated, its worthless) bullshit isnt used by anyone in the private sector: private sector people dont fuck around, they deliver solid results
what results, what quantifiable, tangible, legitimate, measurable, empirical results have any of these "ethics" experts or scientists or whatever the fuck they call themselves, what have they ever delivered???

this is exactly what I am talking about
too many useless people pretending they are useful
too many "scientists" who dont know or use highschool math
too many people who need engineers, but engineers do not need them

marx was right about people being exploited, but only engineers can be exploited, there is nothing to exploit when it comes to anyone else
the workers have done their part, they are obsolete now, one engineer and a barrel of oil and some steel can move tons of weight, or do thousand of times more work, than all of chinese/indian illiterate peasants that pass for workers these days, in the same amount of time

we just need to seize the technical manuals, see everyone go back to the stone ages, and then come out of the caves explaining shit to plebs as gods, instead of letting them use our stuff for no reason, for nothing in return

doesnt really matter if you are in the market or in the planned economy: 1 mosfet transistor is going to have a trillion times higher usage value, or market share/profit margin, than whatever the fuck pretentious (f)art degree retards make, whatever social "scientists" say or do, and whatever the fuck mouth breathing semi literate peasants/laborers do, and they are by far the most respectable in the group of mentioned people

the market is slowly marginalizing these worthless people by having algorithms that write better news articles and better music than these pretentious humans and no one can tell the difference, by having self driving cars, etc etc

why would centrally planned economy do any different?????????

You're right i should be allowed to make dozens of lolis clones as my personal harem and organ harvesting cattle without some killjoy lobbying for the outlawing of such practices!

Is it just me or do all of these "fuck ethics and philosophy" STEMlords have spicy autism?


Never trust engineers

They do.
It doesnt help that STEM barely had ethics lessons and if it does it is "this is good, this is bad".

That is because ethics and philosophy are memes. They produce nothing. No one needs them. No one uses them. All they do is talk and criticize.

Listen. Criticizing something is easy. Everyone can criticize. But almost no one can build.
These ethicists and philosophers need to take their talk/criticism, and build a better thing. Unless they are using their talk/criticism for something constructive…. their shit is unconstructive, unproductive, unneeded, useless, and they should not use the food and shelter, provided by the machines that engineers built. These people take something. And they produce nothing. They take more than they produce. In this way, they exploit engineers.

Engineers need to withdraw from society, let is fall into stone ages, and then rule the primitive savages as wizard gods.

You're right. Engineers should be shipped to their own Gulag island where they can be as productive as they desire

lmao dude you are never going to upload your consciousness to the matrix and the earth is going to burn before you can sit back in your armchair with your bioengineered waifu sucking your 1 inch peen while machines do farm work so you can eat since your flabby arms can't even handle a sickle

This article is retarded, terrorists hire engineers because they need engineers, not because engineers are more terroristic or whatever the fuck the implication is.

Engineer can do x. So you hire engineer.
Non-engineer cant do x. So you dont hire non-engineer.
What the fuck do you need non-engineers for?

I'd personally would like it if the Ukrainian butthurt faggot who keeps making this thread were put in a gulag to work tirelessly. If he doesn't come out less retarded then just kill him.

itt: ~0 arguments
just ad hominem
just impotent insults that do not matter one bit

engineers are the primary generators of society, they do everything, build everything, deliver everything, make light shine when you flip the switch
no one else is needed (except medical people, they are fine too)

there is a reason market more or less only hires doctors and engineers, everyone else doing welfare job because engineers provide the welfare

it is in the class interest of engineers to stop being exploited by the worthless scum around them


whatever non-engineers do, engineers do better
that is an easily measurable fact

But you are retarded and know nothing about Being, Thought, Dialectics, Events. Admit it, you're just some delusional teenager who masturbates to fantasies about ruling the world. Have fun becoming insane, if you aren't already.


Alright, then measure it

The point is covered in the article moron.
Do your reading comprehension stops at schematics?

Then go out into the fields and do it faggot.

"Making the machines" means dick if you don't know their purpose or how to use them.
Leo Fender is a wonderful example of this. He made major innovations in the electric guitar and amplification, yet he couldn't play them. It took people that knew how to use these instruments, aka a bunch of "useless people", to make them useful in the first place.

And why is any of that shit relevant? Modern application of hard science, which is THE most successful academic discipline today, being so successful without knowing any of that shit, means that that shit is trivial.

pic related
a whole car is being made
without tech illiterate laborers

the only reason we arent replacing these people, is because we dont know what the fuck should we do with them
trough their incompetence, they exploit the engineers, we can throw them all out to the streets, but having the highest analytical capacity, engineers arent doing that

they should all be wiped out by weaponized e.coli or something similar
not like these tech illiterates can retaliate, they are fucking 21st century illiterate after all, if they could do something about it than the engineers wouldnt be exploited, they would have a valid reason for existing, they can stop e.coli tipped missiles
but the fact is that they cant

after engineers obtain class consciousness, the world will be cleansed, and these unproductive and unneeded, undesirable elements will be replaced by pic related

And who's gonna fix that piece of shit when it breaks in two years? Hint: it isn't an engineer, because they don't know how to fix it, nor is it one of those machines, because they were made by people who don't know how to fix it.

[citation needed] on both of those claims
False. Are you telling me these "tech illiterate laborers" did not mine the materials for the components that they made so that the robots could be assembled by them?
Please explain this point, i'm having a hard time understanding this
If engineers are so smart why haven't they taken over the world yet?

how can engineers do what they do if they dont know what are they doing?

what you are looking at, is the work of industrial engineers
industrial engineers
you are literally that retarded
your wishful thinking is showing
those things work much more efficiently than all the workers of the world, combined and multiplied by thousand
they do not need family time, sick leaves, rest, healthcare, they do not do lawsuits, etc etc

once engineers obtain class consciousness, they will engineer the genocide of undesirables

They can't fix the car because they're not mechanics, you retard. Cars do break in the matter of a few years, even if it isn't a fatal break. This is not withstanding the maintenance labor these cars need, of which are done by mechanics as well, not engineers nor their machines.
At best, an engineer's worth to society is merely a middleman between the raw material, made accessible by "tech illiterate laborers", and the finished product, maintained by "tech illiterate laborers". Remove the "tech illiterate laborers" and all you have is a bunch of autists screeching when they can't either mine the resources or maintain the shit they make, or more than likely both.

My friend had a cushy job basically writing documentation and interacting with q/a staff because the engineers were too autistic to do it. She loved the 80% that wasn't relaying feedback to the engineers. Temper tantrums and other general anti-social behavior.

So, yeah we'd be fucked without people who design new products. Someone has to provide troubleshooting information though, otherwise REEEE GET OUT OF MY CUBICLE

If the people who cooked for you and did your laundry got tired of your oppression and revolted, you would be absolutely helpless and would die within a week.

Ecology is a field of Biology though. It has nothing to do with conservation on the other hand.

What you're arguing for OP is basically the central thesis of this book, which is that the Democratic Party threw out all their even marginally social democratic, class-oriented analysis to become a cult of meritocracy. This is what you get when you do that. A political party in the pocket of the professional class that gets reactionary, anti-worker legislation passed that the more extreme right-wing party could only dream of.

Janitors are the real master race. Engineers make flashy crap for a handful of people, janitors build and maintain the physical world. This one janitor I know even doubles as a gardener, which means that janitors don't need anyone else, such is their ingenuity.