Daily News Thread 8/16

US govt demand for info on 1.3mn visitors to anti-Trump site is ‘abuse of authority’ – hosting firm

The Superior Court of DC has requested DreamHost to provide “all” information available to them about disruptj20.org, the website for organized protests against Trump’s inauguration on January 20. The company says the demand amounts to "investigatory overreach".

'We moved as quickly as we could': Baltimore quietly removed 4 Confederate monuments overnight

Four Confederate monuments were quietly removed in Baltimore, Maryland overnight early Wednesday to avoid violence, after a White nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly on Saturday.

Trump Ends Business Councils as CEOs Turn Against President

Donald Trump said he’s disbanding two advisory groups of American business leaders, after CEOs quit this week as the president faced blowback for failing to sufficiently condemn white supremacists.

Black Hawk down: 5 feared dead in Army helicopter crash off Hawaii

The US Coast Guard is searching for five people who were on board the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that went down in the Pacific Ocean west of the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush jump into the fray criticizing Trump's Charlottesville comments

Mitt Romney rejected President Trump's assertion Tuesday that "both sides" were responsible for the violent rally in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend.

Trump Says Amazon Does ‘Great Damage’ to Retailers

U.S. President Donald Trump once again unloaded on Amazon.com Inc., tweeting that the company is hurting other retailers and implying that it’s killing industry jobs across the U.S.

China angered at U.S. criticism of religious freedom, says U.S. not perfect

China hit back on Wednesday at criticism by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of its record on religious freedom, saying the United States was not perfect and should be looking after its own affairs rather than making baseless accusations.

Georgia judge suspended for comparing anti-confederate statue protesters to Isis

A judge in Georgia has been suspended after sharing controversial comments on social media about confederate statues and protesters.

Mexican Workers March in Protest at NAFTA Renegotiations

Trade unions believe they have a right to know the terms and conditions of the NAFTA renegotiations, which they claim are inaccessible.

Discover Ends Dealings With 'Hate Groups' After Charlottesville

Discover Financial Services said it’s ending merchant agreements with extremist organizations that incite violence.

Hope Hicks to Serve as Interim Communications Director, White House Official Says

Hope Hicks, White House director of strategic communications, has been named President Trump’s interim director of communications, according to a White House official.

Texas clamps down on abortion insurance - forcing women to take out rape coverage

Texas has passed a new law that requires women to pay extra insurance to cover non-emergency abortions ― a move critics say forces women into buying rape insurance.

Labour's Sarah Champion resigns over 'poor choice of words' on Asian paedophile gangs

Champion quit her role as Secretary of State for Woman and Equalities following an article in The Sun, which suggested people were "not addressing" the issue surrounding the ethnicity of child abuse gangs.

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Literally flipping over the Monopoly game board and stomping out of the room.

ty based news user

Based. Is it happening guys?

The best part is like an hour before he decided to end the council the council themselves decided they were disbanding on their own. Trump just didn't want to be one-upped. What a cuck.


Will Artificial Intelligence Make Society Obsolete?

Many are concerned about the application of computer processing power to automation of work and the impact on jobs and joblessness.

Alexandria, VA: Richard Spencer Hides on His Roof From Angry Crowd

“a shaken Spencer took to the roof to film activists while hiding his face, prompting police to guard the rear entrance of his apartment building for the rest of the night. We chanted, “We are not afraid of you!”’


lol the booty blasted responses to Mitt


fucking kek why do they keep doing this to themselves.


Why the fuck did Baltimore have Confederate monuments? Maryland wasn't in the confederacy.

I've read a great analysis of this question recently:

My favorite news of the day

US names Hizbul Mujahideen as 'terrorist' group

brings a smile to my face. between this, that video of the statue being toppled, and the fact baltimore was so shook they removed all of their in the middle of the night, I feel like things are about to start getting real smashy in the near future.


Maryland was in the soft union, like the states that were barely apart of the union during the war

White Nationalist admits He's LARPing; takes off polo and hat in embarrassing denouncement

You can't make this shit up


Was it as good as it sounds?

Btw what is the name of that flag: more leftists need to use it in the US.

I hate to sound like a fucking Clintonite but at this point, it is very clear we are under rule of a fucking dementia addled President with anger management issues, who has been reduced to a toddler through stress.

Oh God yes. About 60 leftists marched like 5-6 blocks under the red flag, the DSA flag, the IWW flag, the SAlt flag, and the Black flag. Random pedestrians we're hopping in with us (we picked up 10-12 random along the way). Blocked one of the major thoroughfares in Alexandria. Some politician was there and led everyone in Solidarity Forever, which transitioned straight into a change of "NAZI SCUM FUCK OFF."

Shit was beautiful, mane.

1776 Huntington Flag.

Please be safe. Fill a painters bucket with concrete and take it with you when blocking roads. That way cars will be disabled that run it over.

Fuck, that sounds amazing. Wish I was there, I'm an Arlington native.

That's fucking beautiful.

Cops bugged us a little when we were mourning at the farmers market with the wobbly medics that treated her. But they realized that they wouldn't be able to stop us, so they put a squad car in the travel lane to prevent us from getting run over while mourning someone who was just run over.

But that's all they did. Just put one car in the road and watched us.

Holy shit. This right here is the news of the week. The U.S. openly favoring India against Pakistan in Kashmir is incredibly dangerous. It is probably at attempt to encircle China in anticipation of Chinese imperial expansion, but giving the shaft to Pakistan is going to cause serious instability in the direction of Iran and Afghanistan.

I'm uncomfortable with the whole antifa thing

but god damn is the whole right wing spergout they entice always funny

Can you expand on this more? I don't know very much about the India-Pakistan conflict, nor India-China's recent ones.

Antifa has been playing pretty smart the past couple days desu. I don't tend to like them that much because they can tend to shoot themselves in the foot. Let's hope they keep playing it safe and just stick to confederate statues.

different user but America has always had to pull a weird balancing act when it comes to india/pakistan because they wanted both countries on their side during the Cold War (Richard Nixon loved Pakistan but JFK was really pro-India for example.) But right now China is trying to expand its geopolitical influence and forge better ties with Pakistan so the US is trying to counter them by favoring India more.
When the war on terror first started maintaining healthy relations with Pakistan was a huge deal because it was supposed to be a moderate Muslim country and US partner against AL-Qaeda. But now America is drifting away from Pakistan, probably due to them hiding Bin Laden.


Great analysis of the events in Charlottesville

Thanks for the quality info comrade. But why is favoring India so dangerous as user said? How does Pakistan getting closer with China put Iran and Afghanistan in further danger?

How the fuck could a socialist "mass party" stop fascism and how is such a thing even feasable? What year is this, 1916?
What does this even mean? There's LARPing but this is some next level shit

There's only one place this ship is going, and it's into the ocean. We are destroying the environment and so to, we are destroying ourselves, all in the pursuit of wealth we have no means of pursuing.

The people feel it. They know, that there is no future possible in which they can retire.

Fascism does not offer a future that does not involve either genocide or a mass separation of family, of friend.

To point out the differences between the two results is to unify the people around a banner that is not capitalism, nor fascism, but conclusion.

Well this reply didn't make any more sense

A large socialist party? What do you mean how is such a thing even feasible? - are you seriously saying that you cannot possibly imagine how a small socialist political organization could grow in number and support in the right conditions (e.g. the present political polarization in society) and with the right leadership?

> striking collective blows against the material basis of reaction.
How is this LARPing? What would striking collective blows against the material basis of reaction mean? It would mean collectively dismantling the material basis of fascism; every ideology has a material basis. It would mean removing and debunking the myths and spin of the right wing, and offering instead to these people a concrete socialist set of ideas, and a party capable of putting these ideas into practice.

If you can't find sense to it, that's fine. My point is fascism doesn't offer a solution. And it actually just justifies already existing Capitalism, for which people know this century will be our own end.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort cancels plans to host white nationalist VDare conference after wide criticism


Cloudflare CEO on Terminating Service to Neo-Nazi Site: 'The Daily Stormer Are Assholes'


4chan next?

Oh god yes

4chan is an Internet institution; They would never take it down. R…right, guys?

I certainly hope so. halfchan hasn't been good in fucking years


No. Been browsing there since '08. I hope CloudFare finally puts it out of its misery

I hope so.
The only way imageboards can be saved is by killing 4chan.
The people who care enough for imageboards will make their own, and the newfags will fuck off to reddit.
The only issue is that all Holla Forumsyps will come here.

Don't think this will end with them. This is the concern people have always had with Cloudflare. Our own sites could very well be next.


It wouldn't solve the auts, but god it would be worthwhile for the tears alone

He's more of a faggot than I could have ever imagined

I'm always suspicious of business intervening, especially silicon valley.

This is only the beginning

Squarespace is dropping Richard Spencer’s think tank and other “alt-right” websites

Of course, but sometimes you have to just enjoy the moment knowing it's going to hurt later.

Trump will need some ice for that burn.

As long as they kick Holla Forums out they'll be fine.


Eh, I am too, but even porky liberals can have flashes of conscious

So this… is the power of meme magic…


God, their short lived cultural hegemony is crumbling beneath their feet. Honestly I didn't really see this coming, I thought they/their ideology would just slowly become more normalized

I predicted it. Too many people have too many friends who aren't white, or are women, and these are the two groups these people shit on the most.

When push comes to shoves it's trusting the internet vs people trusting what they know, and they're going to trust what they know.

Take down 4chan, take down Holla Forums, create a new dawn in Something Awful cultural hegemony

The far right was only popular because they weren't SJWs. Now that they basically are no one wants them around.

Maybe he really is a Leninist

I'm not even sure what it really made me think.

They're not becoming SJWs, they're becoming worse. They've got all the same idpol obsessions except they like to scream about killing everyone, and now they are actually following through with this widely publicized domestic terrorism. The average joe doesn't like being told that reading comics or playing video games or watching movies makes him a vile subhuman pig, but he's not going to feel any more love toward a group that still shouts that everything he does makes him a vile subhuman pig but also points a gun at his head.

It was this point Richard Spencer knew, he fucked up.

I hate you Hoochie, but I agree. Clinton at least has her sanity.

I wouldn't take it that far.

India and Pakistan have been arguing over Kashmir since they split. The region is mountainous and has significant strategic military value. The citizens of Kashmir mostly favor Pakistan, and they have created resistence groups which fight with the Indian military. India accuses Pakistan of providing both material support and safe haven to the rebels, which is almost certainly the case. Both sides have frequently threatened war, but recently both Pakistan and India became nuclear powers. This has kept the conflict from boiling over into a full-scale war.

Throughout the conflict, the United States has vascillated between the two countries over the issue of Kashmir, playing the Clint Eastwood character in A Fistfull of Dollars. Now the Americans are declaring the Kashmiri militants to be illegitimate. That gives India tacit approval to control Kashmir. Pakistan is not going to take this lying down, and there is a good chance that–much as in A Fistful of Dollars–the Americans finally taking a side is going to mean a bloodbath.

This really is the best post-election timeline.

Some nice work there fam. Fucking terrifying though.