Thoughts comrades ?

Thoughts comrades ?

Harmon is like one of those retards screaming at underneath all of Trumps tweets.

He's really ruining R&M, you'd never see Roiland doing something like this.

Oh that show that named isreal as a problem. yeah I like it.


Dan Harmon tries really really hard. I'll give him that. But his self-consciousness always gets in the way of what he does sooner or later.

I do mostly agree with his rant.

I wish that fat fuck would get on Harmonquest S2 already.


I thought they already did it.

It looks like season 2 premiered recently yeah, so I guess I'm the fat fuck.

Population of where?
US population is 70% straight white, 4% lgbt, and so on, and we know that conservatives as a block are only something like 20%, with the vast majority of all demos being non voters, to the tune of 60%.
So, it absolutely has to be something closer to 4-8% of the total population of the US being nazis.


I tried watching it but it's so asinine. Can someone TL;DW

"What the fuck, guys? Saying you're not a nazi is the easiest thing in the world, and it's a prerequisite to fighting nazis, which you have to do if you don't want them to destroy you."
Add a lot of frustrated rage and exaggeration of how many nazis there actually are.

Oh okay, I agree but it seems like he's turning Antifa into some kind of Tribal struggle. Most of Antifa is anarchists so they're fighting of Nazis isn't an endorsement of liberalism. Which I'm certain he believes like most liberals.

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Democracy always caves into fascism. Just look at how Mussolini got into power

Wow, this was very inspiring

its stuff about things and stuff


Isn't it 60% white or are you only counting people who can't vote?

nice false equivalence you got there

He looks like Žižek if he was really into Louis C.K.


Even 4-8% is really pushing it, only about 80,000 people in the US has membership in the KKK for instance and even most of the right wing militias don't identify as Nazis (even the 3% are mostly made up of ex-vets with pro-Israel sympathies and state in their memo their against racism and the like). At most the number of right wing protesters at the rally totaled up to around 1500, so the amount of people who actively identify as Nazi's in the US probably rounds up to less then a percent out of a population of 323.1 million. 29% is a ridiculous statement though.

Man the new Rick and Morty sucks. I used to like watching it for the science gimmicks and trying new things with plots but now it's gone the way of Archer with character building bullshit.


I mean, it's not bad. But the way it's done now is shit. There was plenty of character building in the first two seasons and it came very naturally. Now it seems like they came up with some character development before they started writing it on a whiteboard and found ways to make the episodes convey them.

It'll never end…


Demographic change isn't going to help socialism if it encourages everyone to be a fascist and the immigrants themselves are major classcucks. Socialism cannot be won by racial wars. This is Holla Forumstard mentality.

moar dead nazis


Oh hey it's his bearded gimp there. He got banned from Twitter for telling GG to kill themselves (kek), then Harmon, who barely tweeted, showed up, told Twitter to get this sorted pronto, and one of their codemonkey said "yes massa, right away massa" and there you go, he's unbanned. And then proceeded to reply to everyone who tagged him with a video of him taking a shit and signalling OK to the camera.

GG is dead. Reactionaries killed it. Stop bringing it up.

Why do you even care, tankzi?

You're the sad fuck in Holla ForumsGG threads several years on. Give it a rest.

Yep, that's really a bloated number.

Since when are illegals allowed to vote?

in America you can probably get away with allowing a toddler to vote. The ballots here are not very up-tight.

Why should I give it a rest when I'm correct?

You only hurt yourself coming back to that corpse. Let it go man, let it go.

What's the context? Did Trump make a tweet again?

Rick & Morty has it's moments.

Trump "condemned both sides" for what happened in Charlottesville, and the media has been making a big deal about how hard it is for corporations to have to say that they're anti-nazi.

Given that voter suppression and all kind of hurdles are placed to discourage voting, why and how the fuck are illegals even voting?

Can you imagine a guy working for less than minimum wage, probably 60 hours a week for cash and barely speaks English, are conservatives dumb enough to believe that these kind of people are going to give a shit about voting in an election that they're not supposed to be?

Regular people can barely give a shit, let alone illegals. And yes I've worked for cash that was less than minimum wage and for up to 60 hours a week ages ago and I'm not even illegal.

It's like that meme where they also claim that illegals are all on welfare too when the first parts of the application asks whether you're a citizen or not? (hint for you Holla Forumstards, this throws your application into the trash if you are an illegal)

I'm gonna reiterate what I said today: anti-fa is already mainstream, its ok with Romney & Hillary. If you are a communist and don't move on to focusing exclusively on radicalizing the masses you are basically tailing the masses. Your antifa shit isn't doing anything for us, revolutionaries, anymore.

It's a matter of principle. It was the one time when the right was right, and I won't let the left forget this fuck-up, even if I'm the last person on Earth who remembers the whole fracas.