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So I have an idea but I would love some input.

I was browsing some news sources and a lot of them have started calling the alt-right fascists, white supremacists, racists, homophobic, transphobic, islamapohobic, yada yada yada and I suddenly had a question that I thought I would share with you guys.

I would that some of you think we're on the verge of watching the fall of the alt-right and Anti-Fascism (whether you like it or not) is playing some kind of role in that fall. Would the fall of the Alt-Right and the continued push from ANTIFA popularize Anti-Fascist movements?

If that is the case, if we see a higher influx of "Anti-Fascists", could it be possible that WE (reddit left, Holla Forums, GETchan, and everyone else) could capitalize and try to become militant towards the state?

I haven't really put a lot of thought into it and I feel like there are a lot of holes in my thinking. I'm just reacting off of what I've seen recently. Any feedback is appreciated.

Yes. You should join antifa and try to make them more revolutionary. Also you will meet people willing to get themselves into trouble for the left, which any revolution will require.

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Nice non-argument, Holla Forums.

Usually I hate on American Antifa, but their performance at Charlottesville really was incredible.

I've seen people saying very left wing stuff who I would never in a million years have guessed would say those things. And you've got Cornel West on CNN openly praising anarchists for saving his life. Really great stuff; the counter-protesters were genuine heroes.


You think this is the start of something more? Or should I just go back to my cave and keep being an Anti-Civ retard?

In all likelyhood i've been here way longer than you. In the past this place was more pro antifa. It wasn't fully pro, but the balance has shifted and thats mostly because of weak burger students pretending to be antifa when in most places that is generally not who they are made up of

I'll cautiously say yes.

I think this surge in white nationalist activism is going to facilitate a far larger surge in anti-fascist activism, which is a great recruiting ground for radical ideas.

i guess at this point in time it's all up in the air and anybody can guess anything at this point.

Wouldn't that be awesome? I feel like this might just be another "Anarcho-Punk" phase in the country where nothing will really happen and perhaps it will be a whole bunch of edgy kids calling themselves anarchists.

Although I have not read as much as some of you guys, I feel that we as a collective whole should support the ACT of Anarchy. Breaking banks, pushing over trashcans and causing a havoc. With an influx in "radicals", we would probably get an increase in "radicools" and if we try to force theory down their mouths, they'll be turned off.

That's just me though.

I'm from Holla Forums so that's an insult here?

Well I wouldn't be surprised if more come these days, that place has been shat on for so long with spambots, and while it's always been that way the last 3 weeks have been apocalyptic. Every day 20 spam threads for every real one, ai bot havoc, paid shilling. It's incredible and it's made it entirely unusable as a platform.

So as I wander to places like this and usually be bored cause they don't solve mysteries…. which is what I used Holla Forums for. We were in the middle of tracking down criminals too, I miss that.

Not American, but I feel like you have a massive opportunity here.
Do NOT let SocDems derail this.
This is only going to end in the perpetual Limbo that my country, and the other Nordics, has been in since the 50's.

SocDems are the biggest class-traitors of all.


You know, that's an insult anywhere you go. Reddit that is, and I only went there once cause I wanted to see how bad it was. And yea… children, but well, we were all kids at some point so they need a platform too.

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So you openly admit that Holla Forums is reddit now?

the alt right isnt going anywhere

Meh, I just came here for some interesting discussions. Getting bored tho so I'll probably get back to my freelance thing.

Truthfully I think both sides are full of smart people that have hate for the other side due to propaganda.

I know so many brilliant people on both sides… I could go on and on, but if I do that in Holla Forums they get pissed, and if I do that here they'll get pissed. I seem like a lefty to the right and a righty to the left, wth? Both sides annoy me this way and I'm pretttty sure it's intentional by the corporations. Even the commie/anarchy/etc factions have their heroes that force it, but, well I'll go full autist if stay on this thought so best stop while it's coherent.


I've actually caught some soc-kiddies here calling anti-imperialism "intersectionalism", bashing the antifash, and basically demanding that oppressed people abandon their religion before getting support in their anti-imperial struggle. Needless to say this peter pan purity shit has to fucking stop.

Support Antifa. Support Red Libs that need a couple extra pushes. Support or at least refuse to condemn anyone fighting Imperialism.

oh look its the radical centrist

welp…. I guess that's it for me. I came here 2 other times and one of those times had an interesting discussion.

One day i'll find a place that's tolerant of my extreme ambivalence. My radical neutralism. haha what a silly concept, but I think I'll actually embrace it.

I'm not joking but reddit is centrist heaven so maybe you'll find some subs there.

/r/neoliberal is pretty good for that.

you sound reasonable. But I'm one of those rainman autists…. if I listed off my abilities and weaknesses it's like night and day but for all my brilliance I'm still a retard.

It's a strange problem to have but I only liked Holla Forums cause I'm brilliant in a very narrow sense and can use my few talents to help out in ways nobody else could for pattern recognition in data sets and programming and some really techy stuff. So I enjoyed that and occasionally enjoyed talking to humans, but reddit is not for me. but thanks for the thoughtful advice. : )

oh, I meant for the crime thing… they used to solve crimes. I remember I mentioned that the last two times I was here but that's just not common knowledge outside of Holla Forums so I better mention that as it's sort of necessary to why a centrist would go there in the first place.


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This is a terrible meme, and if there ever a "leftists can't meme", this would be a prime candidate. It even implies that capitalism isn't a problem, with the "Muh capitalism", very interesting post from someone who critiqued a "Holla Forums please go" post. It's almost as if you are just some faggot from Holla Forums.

I think user is implying you don't "Join" ANTIFA.

we need as much help as we can get.

And they said Holla Forums wasn't reddit.

and this is why the left will always lose. because our egos are too big.

gg guys. pack it up. just give up hope.

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I keep trying to tell people this but they won't listen.

Antifa was literally started to protect the status quo at the time (SDP) and suppress actual communist revolutionaries and they still do the same today.

There was also pro-communist antifa later in Germany. But yeah, anyone who associates with the three arrows is not to be trusted.

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