Why aren't socialists more focused on feminism?

Why aren't socialists more focused on feminism?

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Why aren't "socialists" less focused on feminism?

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What would you have socialists do to "focus" on feminism?

I doubt many of us care what percentage of corporate CEOs are women.

We support equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome like modern feminists.

Why are you so retarded as to not understand this basic principle already

What does it mean to focus on feminism?

We are, it's just 99% of it these days is wanting to put women in positions of the exploiters. It's liberation for women porkies but still wage slavery for the women who are not.

But they are. Are you soft in the head?

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This is a legitimate question. I support feminism, but I don't know what the criticism is when people say socialists don't support feminism enough.

Because it distracts from actually important issues like class.

We should indeed be much more focused on feminism, comrade, and make it known that modern feminism is nothing but distraction, divide and conquer and anti-family strategy by the ruling class.

I don't even get what's supposed to be wrong with that cartoon. I do believe it's important for us as socialists to understand what issues women might specifically face under capitalism, but once your "feminism" departs from class analysis then what good is it? Celebrating the latest Ghostbusters movie isn't feminism, that's pseudo-progressive infotainment.

How is gendered life not important? Do you genuinely believe that it simply has no relation to class (which would be difficult as both arrange our material realities)? It is precisely leftist feminist/queer movements that first critiqued the recuperation of their struggles.

Don't women invariably need to take the lead on feminist issues? I feel like the most we can do as men is support if we agree.

This was pretty funny and relevant: youtube.com/watch?v=sFBOQzSk14c

Socialism and feminism go hand in hand.

But by and large the term has been co opted by female identitarians more interested in seeing more female CEOs and drone pilots than abolishing the gender and all which that entails.

You aren't a better socialist if you focus on feminism, and you're not a worse one if you ignore it. Without the ultimate goal of abolition of femininity however it's just bourgeois identity politics.

Sex differences are fundamentally founded in the same foundation that supports class. Abolishing class also entails abolishing other forms of systematic differences.

He is by far one of the most insufferable liberal artists working on the burger paradigm of "leftist". While he shares all the moralizing qualities of liberal and cartoonists in general where the "bad side" is full of retarded maniacs in his comics, what really takes the cake is when he does these "hurr everyone is equally unqualified for the job and both sides are as much to blame" stunt.

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Because, Socialists focus on Socialism;
and Feminists focus on Feminism.