Political chat

Here it is, as promised (the old thread is probably still in the catalog). Sorry for few days of delay.

Link: poldare.com

4/pol/ thread: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/137749564

Pasta from it's thread:
How it works:
All 14 positions are currently divided into 4 camps hostile to each other to the point a discussion can be had. I would recommend LARPing for a start if your queue is more than a minute since potential disbalance could occur. Once you get into a chat, it's pretty similar to omegle. 2 escapes to cancel a chat, 3 to return to "home". What the "A" button does I will let you figure out for yourself (see second webm).

This part is for Holla Forums:
I do not recommend using it on small-resolution smartphones because I have not optimized the website for it. Larger tablets work fine. It is using shared hosting so host could bottleneck me if too many users connect, but the whole thing ought not to be too CPU-intensive for them. I do not at this point store messages - they are deleted as soon as they are read in order to keep tables small (unless in certain situations, such as other person disconnecting before the server detects it etc. - everything older than 30mins is purged manually). The only thing stored is the text from point of agreement (A button in chat, you'll figure out from second webm). I do not log nor check IPs in any way but I might implement it in the future for purposes of banning people (if that even shows to be necessary, and judging by omegle it's possible that it won't). VPNs and proxies work fine. If you are using uMatrix/noScript jquery and website's javascript is required in order to communicate with the server.

The future:
If you generally like it, I will make a simle app that optimizes the website for android and put it out there to reach more mainstream political positions. If it ever gets popular to the point where it could sustain itself, I'll get a dedicated server for it and introduce websockets which would introduce "the other user is typing" and instant responses (overall, smoother experience). I will also add the news sections, elaborations on positions etc. If you have any questions, do ask.

Other urls found in this thread:


fightin the good fight


Why would I want to chat with nazis? Its bad for my bloodpreasure.


Will add soon.

Please bump the 4/pol/ thread for opposition. They disapppear too fast there.


Already dead.

Fuck it, I'll post it on 8/pol/.

Was hoping for more of libertarian audience tbh, but the threads die faster than person can have a full conversation on 4/pol/.

Try >>>/liberty/

Who is the target audience for this anyway? People who really want to have pointless discussions with random strangers they have 0 common ground with?

Arguing in good faith with jolly people of different beliefs that have a desire to learn, of course.

Pretty much this
Learning the opponent's arguments I imagine would appeal to some people.

Done. It's a slow board though.

4/pol/ thread, please bump:


comrade in previous thread told you he's going to DDOS your web if you name it socialism instead of communism. I'm not sure about him, but I'll do it. To quote some random deegenerate Marxist cocain addict

I'll probably have to purge Green since I doubt anyone will use it. I'll make a split between those. Got to see first if people like it at all.



It's way more fun to larp than to seriously argue. This will 100% degenerate into people pretending to be each others' ideologies and shitposting at each other.

Who is the man with the cat on his shoulder?

How the fuck do I change which ideology I'm using? I could do it before but now the option's gone.

I hope it doesn't end that way, but I suppose it's bound to be most of the chats.

William Luther Pierce

Are you starting from homepage? Not sure how that would happen, unless you're refreshing your chat url.

If you're still having trouble, tell me which position you want and I'll get you a link.

Tried clicking the home button (got back to the "start chatting" button, but no ideology buttons).
Tried refreshing page (same).
Tried closing tab and re-opening the page from the link there (same).
Tried deleting cookies for the site and doing all of the above (same).
Tried opening the site in another browser (same).
Think I found a glitch or something.

I mean you might want to post all of them in case anybody else wants to switch and has the same issue.

Oh fuck me. The chat now button takes you to the ideology selection page. Feel free to laugh at what a retard I am.


This is actually pretty good I have to say.

Where is everyone though? Even when I get to the chat nobody responds.

There are a lot of autistic Holla Forumsyps on who are afraid of conversation. You'll just have to skip them.

Took me a few tries but now I am having an actual cordial debate/conversation with a capitalist

Wow, what am i to do with all these redpills everyone keeps dropping me?



it's slow as fuck


Nobody is fucking responding. Like this for anyone else or just me?

Recently I am having a lot of 3 or 4 line conversations and then silence

Yeah. Either nobody talks at all or writes once or twice then silence. Something either is broken or everyone is more autistic than I though

I believe it's sever issue, everybody stop responding after a while


I'm drunk and I want to argue,

so this shit is either uniteresting or it froze after couple of posts

This is so retarded

ok, I'm going to sleep. this is fucking ridiculous

Sometimes when I join, no one says anything. Am i the only one having this problem?

No. More than few people have this issue, not sure what's causing it.

Also, when people disconnect randomly in middle of conversation, it's mostly due to some sort of glitch. It's not that they are just dicks.

Pasta from 4chan:

Alright, OP going off.

I will leave the website online but it will probably get worse from here since it seems that it works well from the start, then when indexes increase things start collapsing.

I will try making the thread same time tomorrow after I rewrite the send/receive code completely.

This went better in reception than I thought it would, but sadly also worse in performance. The issue is, I can't even figure out why the chats are messing up. Still, the way I intend to rework it will probably bypass whatever error is happening now.

I want to thank everyone for participating.

My contact is [email protected]/* */ if you need me for whatever reason.

The Ancap I was just talking to just rage quit
after linking me to a Molynuex video

There are formatting issues, my dude. Like half the avatars are un accessible to me.


Fuck you I wanted all the strains of leftism

Utopian GTFO

pls do this. This project looks like shit anyways

It works good now, OP appears to be fixing it.

But maybe it's just because there are only few people chatting.

OP here.

It should work better now, the test is back up.

Added a often requested "print" option once the chat is finished.

Also good to see that the website picked up among marxist and anarchist positions too.

add the fucking NAZBOL OP!!

Queues are shorter now.

Lots of "Alt-Right" people there now. What's going on?

This is still broken tbh. I had one conversation and it was repeating things I and the other person was saying and also just randomly adding things neither of us were typing.

"that was fucked" is 99% a remnant of your previous message, most likely due to typing/deleting subsequent messages too fast.

Will fix that, shouldn't be too hard.

The "hmm" thing is odd if you didn't write it at all. Not sure why that would happen. This is the first report of such event since the last fix when other people's messages were basically popping up every few posts. Did it happen again?

why are libertarians so fucking retarded?.

Here's an idea. Omegle did a thing where a third person can ask a question or propose a topic and watch the exchange. I feel like that would be a good addition so that someone who is unconvinced or something could ask a question and see two different takes on it.


Could add. Will have to heavily rework the way thing works though.

Why do I always get paired with right-wing people? I want to talk to a commie.

Why does 'Liberalism' have an EU flag as its symbol? I feel kinda offended now.

Because those autistic enough for actually using such a chat are mostly right-wing.

I thought it specifically was made to pair you with opposing ideologies.

From which position? If you're a communist yourself, you can't get paired with exact same position as it is.

I will (maybe today) add the following options for pairing:

The thing is, such thing is useless right now. Once there is a userbase of 10+ users, 24/7, such a thing would make sense. Like this, you could spend an hour to match yourself with your own position that selected everyone+ option (and nobody cares to wait for that). That's why I need a larger userbase, modifications are dependent on them. Currently working on that.

I am taking flag suggestions. People protested over LGBT… flag for progressives, but every time I asked for a substitute I got nothing in return. My line of thinking is that EU flag is perhaps the best manifestation of contemporary liberal capitalism. But as I said, if you find something good I'll put it instead.

The thing is, what need is there for including 'Liberalism' in the first place? You already have 'Classic Liberalism', which covers the European meaning of the term. You also have 'Progressivism', which would be its American meaning.

Instead of including Liberalism, which is already covered by two other positionplain black, you could create a catch-all option for anarchists who are not ancoms or ancaps.
I am talking about a generic 'Anarchism - Other' option for people who follow ideologies like mutualism, communalism or anarcho-primitivism.
As for a flag, I would suggest using the classic black flag of anarchism.

I really like your website by the way, it's a great concept.

Well the issue is that there is a difference between classical liberal position and what would be more accurately described as "neo-liberalism" (here, just "liberalism").

The possible critique is that neo-liberalism is just a natural extension of classical liberalism under the system of democratic liberal capitalism. To which I certainly agree.

The issue is that we are talking about large chunk of population here. Classical liberalism is a popular online position, neo-liberalism (here just "liberalism") is a popular position of the educated masses, often at odds with "classical liberalism". And most of these would not call themselves "progressive", even if the latter form of liberalism would find a lot of common ground with them. As an example, I would provide Sargon, Destiny and maybe some TYT personalities. Ultimately, these three positions can't stand each other, even though you could (perhaps even correctly) try to reduce them to two positions instead of three.
So that's my reasoning for introducing all three of them.

Where would you put it, and how many people would identify as such? Genuinely asking since I'm not that well versed into that subject. Also, what other position would not be hostile to it?

I have a similar issue with NazBol and AnPrim, since I don't know where to put them on contemporary L-R scale, and ultimately, all other positions are hostile to them (especially NazBol). I'll be introducing hostile categories soon, so this is sort of important.


Having anprims and communalists under one category would be retarded, anprims are closer to traditionalists than any other category, whereas communalists are somewhere around anarchists


Don't mind that, it's just an irc channel while you're in queue. If you can't connect, it's an error on their side.

I'll probably remove it, since queue work different than at the time I was making them.

Would Holla Forums mind if I linked to the board in special thanks-to section?

I think that would be nice, but…
rename "Marxist socialism" to "Marxist Communism" already

Added Holla Forums in credits.

As someone explained to me, doesn't Marxist Socialism branch out into Marxist Communism? I mean, wouldn't the change exclude a subset of it? If I'm wrong I'll fix it as soon as I see the response.

Does Holla Forums know a place where I could effectively spread this?

It needs more users to sustain itself.

What does the NAP even do anyway? Who would enforce the NAP?


Marxist socialism doesn't "branch out" anymore than Marxist communism does. If it DID branch out to stuff like social democracy or whatever then it's not in any way Marxist

Marx and quite a lot of marxists see it as same shit, but for historical reasons socialism has been used by many people who probably have not thought too much about nuking generalized commodity production(see Sanders, Melenchon, Corbyn)
I guess we could also say "Marxist socialism/communism"

Alright, I'll change it to make you happy. Not sure what the fuss is about if it basically refers to the same thing.

What about Anarchist Socialism. Should I rename to AnCom too? I added these position based on previous thread but hey, I'm no expert.

Have read Molyneux' UPB (I do recommend, it's quite fun). NAP isn't a "law", it's more akin to a moral code (or more exactly, it's a "principle"). Who would in theory enforce a reaction to it? Everyone else. For example, if you were randomly attacked by a lunatic on the street, who would justifiably enforce the reaction to violation of NAP? Yourself, obviously, and people who saw the event.

Also, bump for

who was the liberal economist that said something about a "free market in children"?

you need to read CotGP boi

I think I'll pass.

Why though, a wee lad of Not Socialist persuasion is waiting for someone to join the queue

but there's already a fascist category ;^)

I’m not using it tell there is one.

Currently adding a list of active chats and queues to the front page.

Will push the "Marxist Communism" fix together with that.

Also, that guy currently selecting "Marxist Socialism", there is literally 0 benefit to refreshing your queue.

I'm mean that, if you do that too fast on certain browsers, people can connect with your old queue.

Added the new stuff. Pic related.

Also, changed "Marxist Socialism" to "Marxist Communism".

Also added queue notifications and explanations.

How many users does this usually have? I've been trying to chat to someone for the last 30 minutes but nobody ever responds.

Depends on the time of day. Im trying to expand the userbase, but short of making threads on 4/pol/, I'm not sure how to do it.

It ranges from zero to 10 people at the same time when I dont advertise, mostly 1 or 2 chats active (2-4 people).


If I were you I would create fake chats of people getting btfo and then mercilessly samefag them to create interest.

Will try.

I'm terrible at that sort of thing, bet it's autism. But it's a great idea tbh.

If some of you have great screenshots, do post, I'll make BTFO threads on 4chan with them.

can you add a counter for the number of online users

I can't find the NazBol option.

It's already there (for all practical purposes).

Active chats are chats that have been posted in in the last 10 minutes.

Queues are the queues last active in the previous 80 seconds.

So, it is already a number of active users. Someone could be lurking the website and not fall into this count, but whatever I guess.

Also, does anyone know of font that is similar to Ubuntu, but native to Windows?

It looks kind of shit on windows, and I don't want to import google fonts.

also what are these three red buttons(POSITIONS, POLITICS, NEWS) supposed to do? i keep clicking on them but nothing happen, are these just placeholders?

Yes, that's why I put red in them.

I intend to add a wordpress-based website for news behind it, where I can post updates/changelogs and other stuff.

nobody cares

I do.

Wew lad, over 700 chats today. getting hot in here tbh

Added public chat option.

Both people have to check it though.

Can you make it so a confirmation window pops up if there is an attempt to close the page? I just accidentally hit the back button and closed the chat.

When are we getting NAZBOL ffs? I need the nazbol flag

No. Well, to be precise I think it's already there (or was).

The issue is that that stuff should fire before the tab/current page is closed (and you can already imagine the issue with that), so it does not always work.

At least for now, I did not find a method yielding constant success.

I can add nazbol, but I want to know the following:

1) Who is the famous contemporary personality for nazbol
2) With which positions is nazbol relatively "friendly" (example com-ancom, libert-ancap, fasc-natsoc)
3) Where do I put it on the L-R scale?

If I can get consistent arguments for this, I'll add.


NOT com-ancom


1. Alexandr Dugin
2. None
3. A L-R scale is frankly reductionist for weird political ideologies like Nazbol tbh.

Dugin and Limonov
communist is friendliest

This libertarian dude is actually serious. I was a commie before. Now LARPing NutSac ;:DDDDDD

On a serious point of view. This is how fascism works. Petty bourgoiuse don't want their private property removed and making bonds with the fascist.

1. Dugin
2. Asserism, Iron Guard, International turd position all those right wing socialist "nationalists against capitalist" types
3. NazBol on the left $trasserism on the right

Also add $trasserism

Great site man, it's a lot of fun. Some questions: Who did you choose as the figurehead for libertarianism? How did you choose which ideologies to include?

1) Dugin
2) Stras,serism, National Syndicalism, National Liberation, Eurasianism, Marxist-Lenism
3) Left

For traditionalist change the flag to a cross or a crown. Wtf is the current one?

I think it's a laurel wreath



Ron Paul

There was a thread here while I was still including positions with a bit more in-depth explanation. The simple is:
1) What is popular
2) What has weight/great body of work behind it, while being sufficiently popular

Or put more simply, included is that which wouldn't be virtually unused, or used as a meme.

It's this
A cross would be a terrible misuse for it. Crown could work. It is a bit grainy as it is, so I might modify.

Dugin rings relatively true, although I did not get into his work yet. He and after that popular marxist work is on my next reading list.

The friendly/hostile categories are a bit contradictory in these responses, as I would expect. That's not a deal breaker.
The L-R thing is a tougher one to crack though. There is no "center" under which I could include it right now. There is an internal consistency right now, and no matter between which two positions I included nazbol right now, it would stick out like a sore thumb. Sort of like greens do right now tbh.

I'll meditate on it.