Leftists are opposed to mass immigration, it's Liberals who support it

The fact is that leftist politicians will never allow themselves to limit immigration because the believe it to be racist just like the Liberals. Most leftists are infected with idpolism and even if they could see the downsides, they'd never do anything because they require the support of Liberals recent immigrants who love it and are a larger percentage of the voting public than leftists.

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Most mainstream right wing political parties would never oppose mass immigration either because their corporate sponsors would lose too much cheap labour.

Literally nothing

wow congrats. you've understood that limiting immigration on ethnic/national/racial grounds will never be acceptable in modern politics

If you reject that then you literally reject limiting immigration at all.

I don't really give a shit about diversity and whatnot

I'm just pro immigration because it improves peoples lives and that's what leftism is all about

I think some of the tax taken from immigrants should go back to their own country to prevent brain drain though

that shit can fuck up countries

you don't need to worry about corporate masters after you abolish capitalism

Only for the immigrants.

If you help a drowning guy, why would you expect any benefit for yourself?

I would at least some gratitude because I could let him die if I wanted.

But the drowning guy don't even thank you, dare to speak your language and call you a racist, especially if your country colonize his country centuries ago.

another retarded strasszerist

Honestly that line of thinking might work in France

Gratitude for being a normal human being? (Or in case of nations simply following the international law) Why? Do you feel gratitude when people are paying their taxes or don't run around assaulting others?

Never happened to me or any white person I know.

I guess Tunisians are not human beings then :

Like, come on.

Why don't Tunisia accept refugees then?


They got more than most European countries despite lacking the economic means.

I guess everyone is oppresed in Europe every single day by da ebil Muhzleems.
Oh, the humanity!
Literally feels>reals, kill yourself Holla Forums.


If you were the one who threw him in the water in the first place you probably wouldn't expect him to be grateful if you helped him get back out.
Most of the middle easterners are fleeing from wars started by western countries, and/or from terrorists that were funded by western countries. We want to prevent mass immigration by not destroying their homes in the first place

Why do Holla Forumsaks hate the West so much?

Yeah dude, Assad is a western stooge. America paid him to kill protesters and for his family to oppress all non-Alawites for 40 years.

Why do you literally hate the working class and want to replace them with easily exploited third world slave labor?

these threads are always obvious Holla Forums magnets, i hope mods are taking advantage of it and not letting them shit the rest the rest of their board with their platform.

Which in turn leads to more people in the working class being pissed about their conditions and vote against establishment. It also helps to normalize lack of jobs. The tricky part is obviously winning them for someone decent and not another orange meme but the great thing about right wingers is that they fuck shit up, so eventually a totally opposite candidate will get in.

Both Murica and UK are doing ridiculously great compared to the world, yet people still bitch about their situation under the previous right wing government and guys like Sanders (who calls himself a socialist in one of the most rightwing countries) had a chance due the discontent. In UK Corbyn got quite close before the full force of Brexit even kicked in. How long will conservatives be able to rape the working class when the pound is equal to the euro?

Even if things don't get like Holla Forums says, the bigger the working class, the better.

I mean, I agree maybe on the obvious Holla Forums stuff, but Holla Forums for the most part has almost always been against mass immigration at least in capitalism as it only means to hurt the working class.

I wasn't even speaking about refugees (I think we should put them in the hundreds of abandoned islands in my country), I just mean immigrants in general.

I do not know how true that is anymore. They are all dying in debt while greeting other poor people at Wal-Mart.

For about 8-9h a day. And then go and buy their meal at the same Wal-Mart and go home where they have electricity, running water (sometimes even warm!), Interwebz, tons of toys to play with and even a toilet. At no time they have a reasonable worry about getting attacked or droned either. In UK there is even a decent healthcare. There are billions of people who'd love to give up their old life, leave home and their friends to have a chance at something like that.

It's relatively amazing compared to world population.

omg running water! praise be!!!!


Welcome to the 21st century bud, it's only gonna get more apparent from here.

We tried to give you internationalism but you dumbfucks wouldn't listen so now porkies giving you globalization whether you like it or not

Are there really people who think a realistic solution to poverty in the 3rd-world is evacuating it?

Holy jesus! Do you understand how unions work? Do you know what the reserve army of labor is?