Ulster Loyalism

What the fuck was their problem?

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imagine basing your entire ideology and identity on how british you are and when britain is reminded you exist they prefer the fucking IRA

Ulsterism has always been a top down philosophy, their leaders regularly very very wealthy and protecting their own interests. its a very obvious example of how porky uses idpol to divide people.

Honestly its one of the most retarded ideology ever, taking a basic premace of staying in the uk and turning it into a prod supremacist and ethnic struggle against working class irish people.

I cannot describe the levels of contempt i have for loyalism and unionism. its culture is stunted and harks back to a mythical version of, while very important, a tiny part of irish history.

If you want a good fucking laugh take a look at the standardized version of ulster scots "language". you can read the translation online somewhere.

They will forever exist to serve the interests of wealthy people, and a british state that holds them in little regard until the union dissolves. they will be dragged into an irish socialist state and be better for it. until then fuck em. they aint of no use to anyone.

Imagine basing your entire ideology and identity on how white you are and when whites are reminded you exist they prefer the blacks


It really is spectacular.

Ulstercucks are basically the Zionists of Europe. But at least Jews have a long history and connection to the Land of Canaan/Palestine, and didn't need imperialism to protect them

This sounds like some made-up meme language.


They got pissed that Irish language stuff started getting goverment funding so they made up a language out of spite. I'm still amazed these people exist and they run my fucking country

it is a made-up meme language

Some Ulstertard gold right here:

Guid Wittins frae Doctèr Luik (The Gospel of Luke in Ulster-Scots)

Tha baptisin o Jesus

21Whan aa tha fowk wus gettin baptised bi Jhone, Jesus wus baptised as weel. An whaniver he wus gettin baptised, he wus prayin, an tha haivens apent. 22Tha Halie Spïrit cum doon lake a doo, an a voice cum frae haiven sayin,

“Ma sinn, ye ir ma hairt's delicht, an A'm weel plaised wi ye.”

Remember that time wee willy said the RA came and broke his windows? but all the glass was on the outside of the house… Spoooooky…


Holy fuck you can register to vote in ulster scots as well

"Oor Helpline is apen ilka day oottakkin Setterday an tha Sabbath atween 9 in tha morn an 4.30 in tha eftèrnin:
Freephoàne nummer 0800 4320712. "

Do you know whats missing from G_lag? UNIONISTS

Had I stumbled upon this without knowing anything about it, I'd assume it was some guy jokingly pretending to speak like someone with Down syndrome.

Imperialism, and a particularly spooked version of it at that.


Protest Ulster Scots.

Surprised there seems to be a few northern irish on Holla Forums

It literally is a meme language

Remember the time he thought an Italian flag being flown outside a school because of some teacher exchange program was a tricolour and he started ranting about the school being an IRA training ground

tbf it's not that different from Doric scots, which my grandad only knew how to speak

if you wanna find a load of shot try and find someone speaking fife


They have a wiki


Literal translation is "Folk republic of China"
This gets millions of £ in funding a year, a lot just given away to loyalist ex-paramilitaries or politicians friends and families

So basically the UK ( not really the UK as it was pre 1707 but I'm lazy) decided decided to colonise Ulster as it was hard to rule.
And who better do it than the lowland Scots.
The lowland Scots had spent the last centuries raiding the fuck out of northern England, so it would also stop that problem. They also happened to be mental fucking Presbyterians unlike the highlanders and other groups with more links to the Irish, so didn't mind fucking up Catholics.
Furthermore many are probably descended from the Cumbrian Celts from the Kingdom of Strathclyde and also the Gaels who came to Galloway, so they are not only racist but also retarded.
Ulster Scots are the worst Scots.

Glasgow Scots > Fife, Doric and anything East Coast

McGregor is literally a Gaelic name, holy fuck.

this is just scots isn't it? not to do with NI?

still the idea of standardised scots sounds silly cause they're more just leftover archaic dialects that aren't that similar, but to be fair pre standardised Gaelic was a fucking mess so maybe it's fair enough

still it's pretty criminal how it gets promoted and they try and fuck over gaelic public funds just cause gaelic speakers are nationalists, especially when linguists don't even have a consensus over wether scots fucking exists or not

I can unbiasedly say that the unionist side are fucking weird

I don't live anywhere where they speak a minority language, unless Corby Scots counts lol, for the people who do do you think they're all dying or are they becoming common again like basque

im fucking dying

I prefer 'BANES' myself

To be honest I support teaching Scots to some extent in Southern Scotland.I don't mean full out but maybe teaching wouldn't like wouldnae and couldnae etc. Since that's the way most non-posh people speak.



Holy fuck, as a burger, I was expecting some bumpkin talk, but this is beyond the pale of English…

I grew up when centralism and liberalism was a big thing, and i believed in it for a long time as a kid; mainly that both sides are right and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Experience has taught me that there is no objective good or bad, but loyalism is 100% retarded. there is nothing to be taken from their culture, every action they undertake is detrimental to society and they can never be encouraged to do anything positive, they must be fucking dragged.

If every member of the orange order dropped dead and their bodies lined the streets, i literally couldn't bring myself to feel even a second of remorse or pity.

i fucking hate everything about them and i hate that i have to tolerate their rampant retardation as though its as valuable and viable as broader irish culture and history. that somehow marching every fucking summer for weeks and especially the 12th singing crap songs and wearing the fascist uniforms of organizations that ban catholics is totally fine and equal to something like the irish language and music.

i tired so hard, i went to bonfires and cultural events, i even ended up working to help orginise a part of "orangefest" be family friendly when i did a government job. all it did was radicalize me and turn me first rampant republican and finally far left.

i honestly hate feeling this way, i even tired to read stirner to get rid of my spooks, but i objectively see no solution for loyalists other than their ideology being erased, or there people being destroyed.

Wait, how come they get away with overtly banning some people from joining? Isn't it illegal for any organization in the UK to restrict membership on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, etc?

they were merely defending themselves from irish imperialism

first i wanted to call out the bait, bet then i realised youre right, because at this point in history fucking Ireland was better at imperialism than than that joke island castlworld people call britain

broke: we must find a peaceful solution to the politics of northern ireland appealing to both sides in a power-sharing executive inside the united kingdom for the time being with the option of reunification open in the future should the population of the geographical unit desire it in order to restore peace and relative stability for the time being.
joke: the 🍀🍀🍀irish🍀🍀🍀 are the real imperialists for trying to take over a separate geographical location with different political institutions and perceived history, we must critically support the orange order in their heroic battle against 🍀🍀🍀irish🍀🍀🍀 imperialism
woke: we must uncritically support keeping northern ireland inside the united kingdom even if it is a small act of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 imperialism so that their stagnant economy, political instability and cartographical awkwardness act as a damper on 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 imperialism further afield in areas with greater population.

to join you have to profess and prove loyalty to a reformed Christian faith. this explicitly bans catholics from joining.

Id like to see some civil servant or politician go to an orange hall and demand they let catholics join. thered be fucking insane riots man.

Wouldn't most Orthodox churches be banned as well?


why would russians and balkan slavs want to join some english circlejerk that wandered off to ireland?

the classic

wow thats pretty bad considering how bad sweaties actually are

my sides, the bane meme really was taken to another level, wasn't it?

Baneposting is the best thing 4chan ever produced

Bloody hell as a welshy I thought our language was bad but wooo wee

It's ok to be spooked if your spooks are correct.