Newfags, it's time to READ

With the flood in new users since Charlottesville I'm seeing dumb anti-materialist moralist critiques of capitalism left and right, "muh bad capitalists", "muh evil nazis".
If you don't build up some proper theoretical understanding you'll be nothing more than a red liberal.

Keep in mind, this is fucking basic and they're all short reads. And don't fucking dare to post until you have read the first two.

Read Malatesta or hang yourself.

and before anyone asks, you can find all of it online FOR FREE

thanks for the info, reddit

I was considering adding anarchy and the conquest of bread but marx is perfect irregardless of which leftist tendency you belong to

Read Plato

well then

The Holla Forums starter list should be
Would cut down on spookposting, marksuccs, and other shit threads.

There's no real difference.

reddit and reddit colony, big difference

Ah Yes……..

Well when you shill for the market and commodity production with a human face you certainly are a liberal. Read what OP recomended and stop being a capitalist.

I've read all of them. :)

Not well if you're still a marketcuck.

reddit and pol are basically the same thing, reddit.


Yes newfags…read! but don't read too much, otherwise you will become a retard which can only speak to other people which have read the same books as you did and we don't need that. We want people who are able to bring normies into the struggle against capitalism, not alienate them with retarded theories from authors who lived in bubbles all their lifes.

I'll do it. Thank you user

you are basically useless if you cannot comprehend the working of capital

No, I just recognise that socialism isn't "when the gubbermint does stuff" or "when workers can vote in their firm".

When did I ever imply either of those and what does that image have to do with anything?

The latter describes your ideology.

You realise MarcSoc was seen as a transitional phase right?

Yes, a transition from capitalism to capitalism.

Epic rebuttal holy shit. I dunno how I can ever be MarkSoc again.

I would add reform or revolution. And the Russian revolution by rosa Luxemburg

Read stirner



Goddamn every time I come on here I just get btfo by super duper smart LeftComs and Anarchists. My humble ideology didn't stand a chance against the power of this many BOOKS!

Please don't say "irregardless"
Irrespective or regardless is appropriate