Small Business Owners

What does Holla Forums think of small business owners that still work at their respective businesses instead of just running it? The type of guys that don't take vacations, and work 12 hours a day running the store while still actually doing some of the labour they take credit for? Do they get the bullet as well?

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In theory no but in practice they are the biggest reactionaries, sometimes worse than full blown capitalist.

If they do all the work themselves then it's fine. If they have employees then they need to relinquish ownership of their business and institute a democratic workplace based on common ownership

but would they be considered bourgeois or porletariat?

petite bourgeois

Fetishizing small business is petit-bourg nonsense. The natural tendency of capitalism is towards concentration of production in a few big enterprises. Policies that "favor small business" i.e. that try to stop this development are reactionary.


Neither, petit bourgeois.

No one gets the bullet as a matter of course, remember that Engels was a full-blown bourgeois factory owner.

But, in all likelihood, these people tend to be the most reactionary of the bunch. That small degree of ownership (combined with how hard they work for extra Protestant Work Ethic points) makes most of them believe that they're almost a higher species than normal proles and will do anything to fight and curtail any advance made in the name of the working class.

We don't want to abolish capitalists, we want to abolish capitalism itself.
It is to be expected the bourgeois and petite-bourgeois will act in their self-interest, as the workers will. Conflict will undoubtedly arise out of this and so it is likely that violence will be directed towards those who want to maintain the status quo in a period of revolutionary change. Beyond that, merely killing capitalists for being capitalists serves no one if the conditions that created them still exist.

Literal kulaks

One thing that should be noted is that a lot of petit-booj have proletarian class consciousness: especially in manual industries.

I ask them if they care so much about their business then why haven't they converted it into a worker cooperative, which is more productive, has stabler employment, and less likely to go under?

They would be counter-revolutionaries class notwithstanding. SBOs tend to be capitalist wannabes.Most SBOs that have "one person" business because they can't afford to exploit the labor of others , yet.
Most, given the chance, would be happy to open franchises, hire wage slaves and fade back into the "owning" mode of "production", AKA bourg to-be's.

Thanks to physical proximity and propaganda they are emphatically close to the masses, so their treatment ought to be well handled or the sheep will get spooked straight back into the capitalist corral.

If you've got stuff to sell you better have made it yourself and do business through a market stall like a fruit salesman. Most of the shit corner shops have got on shelf contains weeks worth of unfulfilling, underpaid labour either from alienated first word factory workers or third world peasants. By selling that shit you're basically keeping te wheels of capitalist exploitation all nice and lubed up.

it doesn't matter cause the goal is to abolish capitalism, not redistribute capital so you don't have to do any bullshit measuring of who had to give and who gets to take
small business owners can be freed aswell from their slavery

Small business owners funded fascist death squads in Colombia back in the 70s and 80s to do what they called "social cleansing" or in other words killing all the homeless and street children which as a result were literally driven underground cuz they made the sewers of big cities like Medellin their new home.

Vice made a documentary bout this. Go watch it.

Only if they actively oppose and sabotage the socialist cause.

Yeah, just look at all the successful worker cooperatives swarming the market.

people who were capitalists in the previous society don't get the bullet, you can't just kill a class and expect everything to work

peopple who try and reestablish capitalism get the bullet

Communism is not Capitalism minus ownership

at the end of the day they are still doing backbreaking work for not much


because a) they get less money if they were the owner and b) they don't work that well in capitalism and c) they're not very good for things like pensions, retirement.

A cooperative is good for say manual labour or service jobs, but not for say offices, etc.

I'm starting a small business renting kayaks next year. No store front or employees or anything. Just me and a bunch of kayaks. Don't feel like I should get the bullet when I'm not exploiting people for the surplus value or their labor. Just sick of going between shitty service jobs and unemployment.

Definitely bullet worthy.

You are deeply ignorant.

Meh, not like I will be a landlord. Just renting kayaks to tourists.


US politicians love to suck the dick of small business.
Working for one can really suck. They get to dodge so many regulations, they don't get investigated. Especially when it is privately owned.
Source: I work for one

Dude, memes aside, we're all living under capitalism: it isn't like you have a choice.

You're deeply ignorant and increasingly making yourself look stupid.

I work for one. Pathetic people obsessed with the opinions of others. Constantly virtue signaling about muh trump is the debil, we voted for Bernie in public while stealing from employees and expecting weekly hour long unpaid meetings in private.

Quick question does the labor theory of value apply to small businesses as well, and do they reap surplus value?

Poor bastards is what they are.
I'd call 'em cucks, if I were that kind of guy.

Fuck of bourgeoisie swine

I'd be for worker co-ops, but they always seem to get destroyed by competition because they aren't as willing to treat their employees like shit for the sake of profit.

You're deeply ignorant and keep proving how fucking stupid you are.

Speaking as somebody who inherited a family share of a small business I completely agree.

Sadly I'm not sole owner or I'd have rechartered as an employee owned company already.

Large corporations are also more likely to give in to worker demands out of fear of of bad publicity or just being too beurocratic to fight them properly

small buisinesses will just tell you to fuck off

that being said they're a good way to win elections

this is also class cuckery

your buisiness doesn't mean shit when capitalism exists, in capitalism you have to do bad shit to survive which is a criticism of capitalism not the people within it

And, at the end of the day, that just makes them more classcucked.

Even if they work harder than their workers they still are making money based on the workers' labor. They're petite bourgeois. Franchisees on the other hand can vary from being the above to being workers with an owner's nametag.

well yes

Socially owned capitalism is still capitalism

Small businesses are not "socially owned"