I am an e-journalist from CNN politics team and got a tip on discord that I would find the Alt-Left here. Would someone care to tell me something about the Alt-Left, your goals, your ideology, and what you have to say to the alt-right who killed your comrade in that car terror attack.

Regards Sophie Tatum

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Google Murray Bookchin

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no such thing mate its just the left "alt-left" is a term made by liberals/centrists to delude themselves that they are somehow left

on the off chance this isn't bullshit, there is no such thing as the alt left. The alt right is self identified as such, wheras the alt left is a made up term used to slander the left of the democratic party, and probably by extension us here on this board who are even farther left than than. If you really want to write a story about the """alt left""" you should write it about neoliberal clintonite hacks who want to use the term alt left to make a moral equivalency between literal fascists and those who are against them

Of course, (again, if you really are cnn) then you wont write that story to begin with because your entire network is filled with and owned by those same hack 'fake lefty' centrists who shill for neoliberal warmongers like clinton

To dethrone God and destroy capitalism.
Anarcho-Hoxhaism, this will explain it:
We are coming, bucko

I don't believe you.
Anyway, the "alt-left" is a smear by the neoliberal establishment you are part of to tar actual leftism, to suggest some kind of "both sides" equivalence with the fascists who have just as you put it "killed [our] comrade".
As for Holla Forums, it is not a movement. It's a forum where people with different ideologies interact, there is no party line beyond being against what the mods ban people for. But if you look at the interactions, the most intelligent users will mostly provide critiques based on Marxist theory at a fairly high level. This is a place where you can probably find at least one or two persons who have read Capital vol. 1 in every thread.
The wider leftist movement is still entirely formative, at least in the US. Some people on twitter doing their thing, a growing DSA, some think thanks, alternative media personalities, groundswell support for old left social democracy. Holla Forums has little influence on all of this, but you will find good analysis of all of it if you stick around long enough.

also read the FAQ newfag

What would you say is the realtion between Anti-Fa America/International and /lefty/pol as an internet community. Are you the "same" or do you only align yourself with AntiFa.

Sameth fellow

sophie i reached out to you on twitter @HILeftReview plz respond, if you want cogent answers. In this anonymous imageboard format, people aren't likely to believe you are genuine or give you a serious answer. DM me on twitter if you want a cogent answer


Holla Forums is NOT apposed to fashion.

so, shitposting?

There is no organizational connection. You can probably find people who participate in it on here, but none will be dumb enough to give out personnel information, if that is what you are looking for.
There are people who post here both opposed to antifa and supportive. General consensus is that beating up fascists is good, but that American antifa is too focused on issues of idpol, which this board is very weary of. This would mean a diversion of leftist energy away from the true enemy, neoliberalism and beyond that capital itself.

Wew, thought normies were really taking an interest in us.

oh well. good post though

The "alt-left" doesn't exist. It's a myth. This forced term tries to identify everybody on the left of Hillary as "too extreme, nothing more than the left version of the alt-right."

What we are: different denominations of (mostly young) communists.

See our opinions on antifa:

We oppose both liberalism and conservativism. They have more in common with each other (identarianism, defense of private property) than with us.

Marks OP as fake, plz

Google J. Posadas


Of course I am the same. I am a journalist. I ask questions.

There is no Alt-Left. The Alt-right is a rebranding of american white-supremecy and neo-nazism that was born out of ironic shitposting on 4chan/pol/ then evolved into actual nazism..

The left is a disparate group, and what americans call the mainstream left is actually just liberalism.

leftypol is an international shitposting place for a wide group of far left political thought that dosent subscribe to language policing or Identity politics.

If you are actually CNN though, you dont need to do any investigation or reporting. we are far left russian communists paid up by the FSB, and we are the ones who hacked the DNC to stop the true leadership of emperor Clinton and the *centrists*

Well this is going to be fun if this is real.

Piss off, nobody likes you. The "alt-left" isnt real, only real left and liberals.

Our goal is global communism and the destruction of class.

I wish this was fake

one: no such thing as an alt-left you libfuck.
two: we of Holla Forums no matter our sectarian ideals, wish for the destruction of the current system, the elimination of the petit (and all) bourgeoisie, and the establishment of a socialist economy of varying degrees (ancaps don't count as people so they're not included)

If this isn't bullshit, know the alt left doesn't exist and if you want to try and use any proper term, far left would be proper.

This isn't real, but the only thing we all agree on is that capitalism needs to go.

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also read striner ok


Them beating up Fascist's is always fun to watch but the American branch is too focused on identity politics for my taste.


Since Holla Forumstards are now committing terrorist attacks we might see the republicans lose seats in 2018.


There is no alt-left here. We are the left.

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Well if you are really a journalist doing a piece, you'd have no problem detailing exactly who you are. People give anonymous tips to journalists but who does an interview with an anonymous journalist?

A better term for Holla Forums than "alt-left" would be "The New Old Left" or just "The Old Left. This has to do with the differene between the original Old Left (early 1800s to 1940s/50s) and the New Left (1960s-now). Whereas the old left (classical anarchism, classical Marxism, syndicalism, social democracy, etc) put a heavy emphasis on class warfare, the New Left turned more towards struggles involving national liberation, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and other such issues. The reason for the New Old Left is the historic failure of the New Left to accomplish anything of value. The Old Left not only gave us the 8 hour working day, safety regulations, and the weekend - it also gave a real hope for a world beyond the needless horrors of capitalism while also harnessing the immense technological advances under capitalism to produce directly for people's needs in a stateless society. The New Left gave us political correctness and unchecked capitalism which threatens to destroy the human race. It does not serve our needs at all. We do not care if the CEO comes from an "oppressed minority" or "sympathizes with common people" - they are still a capitalist and must obey its internal dynamics. The problem isn't who sits upon the throne - it's the throne itself and everything it enshrines.
Our only commonality with the alt-right is that we both oppose the liberal establishment and are against SJWs. We see more commonalities between the alt-right and the liberal establishment than between them and ourselves. Both use identity politics (aka idpol, the portrayal of someone's woes as originating from a conflict between two irreconciliable groups delineated along essentialist lines; ex "you're paid less as a woman because men are inherently sexist pigs" or "all black people are dumb loafers who should be enslaved because they can't manage themselves") to obscure and defend the real state of affairs, the material relations between people which drive society (you're weighed down by debts and long working hours and unhappy relations mediated by commodities like social media, news, etc because your goal is to live as a human and capital's goal is to make you into a productivity-maximizing machine to infinitely replicate and improve itself - to this end, it dominates and restricts you via state power and its own devices). Regardless of ideology (there are many different ones here, leading to consistently novel, politically incorrect discussion), almost everyone here wants to abolish state and capital.

It is fortunate the current President of the United States, no doubt one of ours, has brought our presence to the forefront. We can finally illuminate the world and we are much obliged by your interest.
We believe in the existence and supremacy of a dinosaur cabal, colloquially referred to as the "Jurassic Junta" (or 'JJ' for short). Said cabal is the much-touted 'shadow government' behind, not just the United States executive power, but all state powers across the globe (and elsewhere). We oppose the Jurassic Junta, as they have made us, the Primates, eternally earthbound - stranded on this planet unable to contact the Mothership.
Our goals are to weaken the influence of the JJ, destroy all its members - including any Dinosauria alive - and restore the power to the true inheritors of the earth, the Mammalia. Once achieved we can engage in global thermal-nuclear warfare and bring about a scaleless, xeno-technological utopia, as dictated by our founder and prime theorist Juax "Nemilo" Posadas.

If you wish to write about us, the single most important event you must include is our success in facilitating the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.
The Jurassic Junta would have you believe it was a meteor struck the earth, but in reality one of our elite operatives - only known as "Yuri" - stole a prototype time-traveling device from the United States with the help of the Soviet Union (our long time allies, fully aware of the Dinosaurian threat). Once back in time, our operative used his mind-controlling powers to plummet the Dinosaurian world into war. The war ended in a global nuclear winter, often misclassified as an ice age, eradicating 95% of all Dinosaurs and allowing the Mammalia to flourish.
What we did not foresee, however, is that the remaining Dinosaurs would band together and enslave the Primates before we developed means to strike back. Ever since the Dinosaurs have controlled us and funneled our ability to develop technology and arm ourselves.
After several millennia the Dinosaurs began to slip up. Many of us realized we were being manipulated by a secret group, hellbent on limiting our development. We sought each other out and created the first anti-Dinosaurian union, known as the Kant-Hegel-Stirner-Smith-Marx-Engels-Nietzsche-Rand-Bolsheviks at the time. The KHSSMENRB allowed humans to learn unhindered, training many of the brightest minds of the past centuries.
Eventually our vile overlords realized their error and began to combat the KHSSMENRB - at this point named the Paleo-Commonwealth of the Red-Green-Blue anecdotians - but it was too late. We saw their attacks coming and went underground. This is where our name comes from: we are alternative to the left of this flat earth.
Today we combat the Dinosaurs in any way can, ready to once and for all destroy the scaly scum.

With this I hope I have given you sufficient information to write your article. If you have any further questions I will gladly answer them - just be aware we are being monitored.

I'm just going to assume this is real for the sake of argument.

First off, what you call the alt-left is actually the OG far-left that never went away.
Second, there is no unifying ideology of the far-left, and many ideologies broadly categorized as such can bear little to no resemblance with each other (just compare the ideology my flag represents with Marxism-Leninism/Stalinism, I dare you). If you want to know more about what the different left ideologies advocate for you'll have to be more specific.

seconding this

The "alt-left" is not a thing, american liberals are not left-win. We are communists here, and describing us as "alt-left" is just a cheap way of trying to equivocate us with a mirror version of the illiterates inbreds of the alt-right, or conflating us with the liberals roving your streets, possibly both. America was a mistake and every influence you people have ever had on political discourse have been for the worse, hell even your nazis are fucking shit at being nazis, and you gave the world fucking intersectionality. Thanks a bunch for that.

We definitely cant call ourselves the old left.
We may claim to reject the new left turn of the 60's but the truth is we are still influenced by it. At its core the new left acknowledged that the social relations marx described was either wrong or outdated and described something new and new ways forwards of achieving class consciousness.

if this is legit then make a tweet to prove it

There is no alt left

On the off chance this isn't fake.
First off, your news company is shit, but at the very least you're not Fox or god forbid alternative media.
Secondly, the left isn't a whole group as much as it is an umbrella term, only idiots embrace it. We range anywhere from conservatives who just call themselves leftist because they agree with communism in terms of economics, to egalitarians and black nationalists. Everything the right says about us is true.
But it is the correct way of thinking.
If you want to ask about any specifics please do.
Goal wise instating communism and that's it for some.
For others it goes far beyond that culturally.
As for the car attack.
It doesn't enrage us anymore than the past has.
There is a civil war brewing, the car attack was just simply the general population finally seeing what is to come.
This can only end in one way, with one ideology being dead and buried never to be alive again by law.


The alt left was a term made up by liberals to try and shame people who weren't centrist neo liberals, it never really caught on.
Then trump said it and its the new sensation that is electrifying the nation

Trumps re appropriation of the term has caused libs to turn against a term they invented.

The alt left doesnt actually exist, just like the alt right doesnt actually exist.

Both terms if they did exist would be umbrella terms.

the alt left would be communists, socialists, anarchists and anyone that was to the left of the neoliberal twats.

the alt right would be fascists, monarchists, traditionalists and a every range of esoteric far rightest

- There is no "Alt" Left. What you regard as alt-Left is what we regard as the Left
- The end goal for people on Holla Forums is the end of capitalism altogether. However, not everyone you regard as "Alt" Left is anti-capitalist. The SocDems (Bernie's crowd) want a hybrid system of capitalism and socialism and Antifa, from what I know, is not an organization, but rather a very loose group of people who, for the most part, use Identity Politics as an excuse for violence.
- There is no one ideology on Holla Forums. Other than collective anti-capitalist and anti-fascist sentiments, virtually everything is up for debate. There are DemSocs, Luxemburgists, Egoists, DeLeonists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, Maoists, Titoists, Marxist-Leninists, Anarcho-Communists, National Bolsheviks(?), Anarcho-Syndicalists, Anarcho-Mutualists(?), non-sectarian Socialists, market socialists, and probably many more ideologies that I am unaware of.
-Most people, regardless of whether they support Antifa or view them as liberals who are directing their energy towards the wrong people, view what happened to Heather Heyer as a tragedy and an example of the perils of fascism.

Have a good day :)


Why am I marked as the OP?

>Would someone care to tell me something about the Alt-Left
Stalin was the best political leader in the world.

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There is no alt-left, the victim was a DSA or IWW member, don't care for either of those. Alt-left is a meme by Trump supporters created for false equivalence and distraction from their crimes.

There's no such thing as an "altleft", you silly fake journo. Now read Bordiga and fuck off.

Watch this video

nazbol being the altleft is something I can wholeheartedly support.

Oh dear god, please don't do this, the media is retarded enough as it is without them getting hold of that retarded meme ideology. I don't want to see fucking news reports about nazbols.

Hi Holla Forums.
If you're not Holla Forums, then I guess take this:
We're not "alt-left". " Left" in american politics is incorrect, because anyone that is pro-capitalism is automatically on the right. So, technically we're the left. But, some of the left, namely reddit leftist groups, are involved considerably with something called identity politics. We try to remove identity politics from something we stand for because it divides workers, making it harder to organize (see occupy wall street). We are not liberals. We do not condemn violence.

A volunteer verified 10 posts in that it was just a troll post by an user but we are at 60 posts now and these niggas are still taking it seriously. Why is Holla Forums so retarded?

Imagine how funny if the MSM did a report on Nazbol. It would be like the Hillary Clinton pepe thing all over again. the MSM would lose so much credibility because they’d get so much stuff wrong.

In the off chance this isn't bait, the alt-left is Weird Twitter and their SJW slaves.

Nah, it'd just legitimise horseshoe theory in the eyes of the public, we'd have vast numbers of news reports about how communists are the same as fascists.

Um hello yes. I am Vladmir Stirner Al-Assad, the leader of the Alt-Left. I would be glad to answer questions about our movement, but I would rather not do so on a public board. Respond to this post with an email where I can reach you and we can set something up.

Try /r/anarchism, this is a leftist board