Any anons still in university here? I'm about to start another semester and I'm dreading it. I feel like I'm not smart enough for college.

ITT: post your classes for next sem and talk/bitch about college

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Enrolled in advanced cultural anthropology and local indigenous cultures. Anthro major if it isn't obvious. I hate the hierarchical nature of post-secondary institutions, and I'm probably not going to finish my degree and am just going to continue my studies on my own.

Computer science major here. Taking two major computer scie ce classes, a Russian class, and a music class on a programming language that you can make music with. I'm probably gonna be a Russian minor or maybe a music one as well

It's going to be my last semester but I don't want to start working.

Taking Organic Chemistry II. Haven't taken part 1 in over 3 years due to life getting in the way and I passed with a low C. God help me.

CS Major here, im taking general physics 1 next sem. and im terrified. i forgot alot of calculus, how hard is it? I want to pass with at least a B to keep my GPA
ps this is the textbook

23 here, going back, should graduate when I'm 25 and I want to go on and phd in mathematics. Sorry for being a petite booj academic. Comp Sci and Engineer students are brainlets by the way, physicists are pretty good though.

Haha third time's the charm for me

STEMlord here.
3rd year in Engineering, Materials and Applied Physics.

My next semester is lectures with hopefully a personal project in laboratory.
Next semester I will do an (barely paid) internship for 6 months in my school's labs, I honestly can't wait for it.

My project is to become a researcher in either pure physics or maths, I read a lot on the side to prepare for it. I also read philosophy from time to time.

I've read this book to refresh my mechanics knowledge. It's extremely light on the maths and the worst you will do is some weird path integrals which will all look the same anyways.

Calc is relatively easy, just do a ton of it. It's a mechanical skill for the brain. Do and redo exercises until that's a second nature.

I was anxious about Taylor series so one day I spent 3 hours computing random Taylor series and checking with Wolfram alpha to see if I was right.
Still got a bad GPA because I'm shit at exams

I only know single variable calculus (got B in calc 1 & 2 although as i said ive forgotten some things like how to do ODE) I've heard the book requires partial derivatives and other multivariate calculus. is that true?
thanks man i will do.. Salman Khan to the rescue

You fucking take that back.

My calc program is relatively different than the US, but I'm sure you'll be fine if you managed to do Calc I & II (but that's our HS program here :^) )

For mechanics 101 you only need to focus on extremely basic diffEqs (homogeneous, linear, first order, with maybe a constant) and it doesn't take too long to remember it.
Path integrals and Flux integrals can be harder, but luckily as engineers we don't need proofs.

Dropped out of Social Works last year, gonna start Administrative Science next month. If this doesn't work out I really don't know what to do with my life, so pray for me famalam.

Bachelor in Library and Information Science here. I Should have graduated last year but couldn't finish my thesis. I'm supposed to hand it in next week but I've only written ten pages. Should I just kill myself?

Inevitable political science/contemporary (political) history student here. All I have to do is read enormous amounts of books. Maybe I'll take a philosophy course or a few, I've done quite a lot of them already.
Not too many interesting lecture courses available this autumn, maybe I'll go to one about the revolutionary years 1917-1918.

I just started my first day of class yesterday, in the Advertising and Graphic Design program. The school I attend has fantastic instructors that really know their technical instruction. My classmates seem to be really nice too! It's just a shame all this talent is being put towards learning how to make advertising…

Good luck, everyone!! I know that we can make this year a smashing academic success. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and good comrades shouldn't hesitate to help. I'm rooting for you all! 頑張ってよ!!


dude stop shitposting, get coffees, adderols and redbull and POUND THAT SHIT OUT.

lmao fuck redbulls and coffee, get some amphetamines going my dude


Absolutely not! How can you think of giving up now, when you're so close to the end? You've come so close already, I know that you can do it. It's only natural to be exhausted by the journey, and the last few paces seem like the hardest, but don't stop now. Ike! Ike!! Ike!!! 私はあなたが能力があることを知っている!

i mentioned:

woops :DDDDD

mfw im 26 and i still have 2 years of college left and i never had a real job that wasnt minimum wage

I once had to 1 month of assembly line worker, 35h/week, as unpaid internship as part of my engineering studies to "see what it's like to be on the bottom of the line".

Because I had been a good, polite, and productive worker I got a 250€ cheque for my efforts.

I took the lesson to heart, really.

you're alright socdem poster.

When I started college at 18, there were tons of people in the first year just as old, if not older, than you are. You'll be okay, user.

Kind of. Landed my first postdoctoral fellowship. It's sort of a weird lab research position working under a professor, senior to grad and undergrad students, but still not looked at as a full blown scientist in your own right. Sort of like being a modestly paid apprentice that gets overworked

Another year of being surrounded by brainlets.

damn son. Ive read about that stuff. So after your phd you have to do 1-4 postdocs until you can get a tenure position?

and btw what subject is ur phd in


Depending on how productive your appointments are, typically it's around 3 or so, but yea you do a couple before getting a tenure track position.
As for field, biomedical research. Lots of biochemistry, cell and molecular bio, and disease research

Last year, econfag. It's easy but it's complete bullshit and I'm gonna try to make films instead of joining the capitalist priesthood.

Talked with a professor, it really depends on your relations and your superiors.
If you managed to sign a fuckton of papers and get to know administrative people, it can be extremely easy.

Sometimes, the director will simply create a post entirely tailored to you to make sure you get the job.

Everyone feels like they're not smart enough in college, it means you're being challenged. I just talked to a grad student who told me that he likes his PI because his PI knows so much and makes him feel like he has a lot to learn.

My schedule sucks because I'm trying to cram in a bunch of stuff so I can go to grad school:
Process Design
Process Dynamics
Writing in Science
Introduction to MicroElectronic Systems

I'm also going to be working in a biochemical engineering lab and I'm thinking about volunteering at a high school and tutoring lower classmen to get mentorship experience.

NO WAIT, go to the new school and become a phd marxist economist! wolff and cockshott r getting old! we need new guys!

user, I…

how the fuck does anyone have to do this, have a social/family life, hobbies, and also read communist theories?

You're either very good or choose 2 or the 3.
Since I started studying gommunism and reading textbooks I've been playing video games much rarely.

you have more discipline than me, socdem

*unironically tips fedora*

thank u user I haven't bought druqs yet but I've started "pounding"

I don't read as much theory as other people here, I read as a hobby so it's mostly fiction with some theoretical stuff mixed in. When I started undergrad I was a philosophy major so I got the bulk of my reading out of the way there (although it was mostly the Greeks). My ideas about socialism come less from theory and more from my lived experience.

I was also really depressed for about 2 years and now that I'm over it I'm feeling ambitious.

good. just do it, graduate already user u will feel good.

You got this bud

I compel myself to read 10-20 pages of theory a day, makes short notes about it so as not to completely forget it, do homework, some sport, and if I get time, read a bit of Math/Physics textbook because I unironically like it.
It makes a complete, regulated life with few times for existential crisis and anxiety. I know that feel very well, user, . Read as much fiction as you want, it's very important not to overdose on work, and reading theory can be work.

Only problem is tfw no bf

Also, it's probably obvious but I play less video games when I'm motivated to work hard.

yeah, with regards to relationships. I had a girlfriend who literally broke up with me over finals week. She lived up in the boonies with no internet so when i stayed with her over the weekend i couldnt get alot of work done and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because she got mad when i did homeworks instead of paying attention to her. So i was stressed the fuck out because this situation made me have to do all my work in the week monday thru friday
hope u get one soon (if thats what u want) you femanon?

I take offence to this one.

A lasting relationship would ideally be with another student, so that we can workout and do homework toghether, but people are extremely deep in the closet in this town/uni, and to arrange things, so am I.

there are dating apps you know just a suggestion

They don't seem to really work for me, or I've got a strike of bad luck recently. It's like the fast food of dating, especially on Grindr, huh.

I'd like to hear what Zizek would think about that, by the way.
Hope you get a gf soon as well. I'm going back to class soon and it will be easier there.

When the revolution happens, you fuckers are going to find out that your precious science and computers can't protect you from bullets and molotovs.

Don't cut yourself on all that edge kid.

Ignorance is strength

we dont all look like pic related, stop being stereotypical

what about cybernetics!? you need stemlords to plan the economy you dick

Starting a master's program next week. Not too stoked on not being able to cruise through school anymore and not excited about having to do a thesis, but at least I like the subject (Psychology). Unfortunately I can't get a decent job without a masters at minimum.

Internship/study in chinkland

Feels good man

Hi there Holla Forums pot

And scientists to cure disease, not like sickness will magically disappear after the revolution
And engineers to build bridges and buildings
And IT professions to keep the internet functioning
Ect ect ect

Yanis said so himself though. He said you should only study economics as a marxist if you want to have credibility. It doesnt teach you anything good, its just a religion.

(CS btw)

are you going to get asian waifu and bring her back to amerika?

opening ur own clinic?

my CIA handlers are very upset people aren't posting what universities they're going to.


Meme State

Go, pepes!

I've been studying a certain STEM field for about 5 years, I'm done now with these, I have a firm understanding of mostly everything (outside of obviously hyperspecialized fields) in biology, genetics, physics, computer science and mathematics. More importantly I know what to google if there's anything I don't understand and I'm able to read a peer-reviewed document.

Now I'm heading towards philosophy and history (double licence) hopefully that will allow me to have a more rigorous approach to what used to be a hobby.


ok when i start physics 1 in a few days you guys gotta help me out on some of the problem sets


The Frankfurter Schule of Witchcraft and Wizardry getting a degree in hwite genocide

Nah. It's an option, but it comes with its own difficulties and such. I'm trying to get the certifications I need to work in a school, or build my CV enough so I can teach at a college. If those fall through, I'd rather work at a clinic with others than do private practice.



I take courses on >>>/freedu/

I could tell you why ice is slippery, what is gödel's incompletude theorem, why does australia have weird animals, why does the universe look like it does, why do people get diabetes, all of these down to the atomic level. It's not very difficult if you are somewhat curious and spend a lot of time reading.

Tell me if traps are gay

(down to the atomic level)


Tell me about the incompleteness theorem, i still dont understand it.

That's not what I consider "firm understanding".
A firm understanding of physics would be, without references, how to establish, solve, and use Euler-Lagrange equations or establish the law of conservation of Energy.

And that's just graduate general physics.

Any formal system you can use the + and * operator in is incomplete : ie there are statements (about itself) that can neither be proven or disproven (which is the same thing really because if you prove F, you disprove non-F and vice-versa).

Assuming this is the one we're talking about.

I mean understanding by having an intuitive grasp on how things behave and why. It's not rocket science no, I'm fairly sure most people whose interests lie in more than one domain feel that way or even better. Obviously you can't predict individual events but much like any statistical science, the big picture is predictible.


There's a proof that is actually fun to understand. GEB (Gödel, Escher, Bach) is a great introduction to the proof if you're not a mathematician.

Not firm user, but here's what I've got about it.

Since the 17-18th century and Cauchy, we started to look at maths not as just numbers to solve problems but as a science of its own. We need to set axioms for it and derive the theory from there.
As a result, maths is now fully a priori, you get axioms, you apply first-order logic, and build theorems from there.
But Godel showed that if you use first-order logic (AND, OR, NOT, and so on…), then any set of axioms is either

1) Incomplete, which means you can't prove everything with it. There will stuff that intuitively make sense, but if you stick to your axioms, you'll never prove what you want to.
2) Self-contradictory, which means it basically is worthless.

wait so did Godel BTFO math forever?

Math, language, yes. But that's paradoxally what makes them so good too. Basically no formal system is perfect and a perfect formal system is worthless.

Depends on who you ask. He crushed a lot of hopes from people to make the "perfect" Science, but it doesn't change much on the everyday life of physicists, mathfags, and engineers.

The predicates we cannot prove are very few and not interesting on their own most of the time.

To quote the Copehenage school, we just shut up and calculate.

How can something that is perfect be worthless and something imperfect be perfect?
That doesnt make any sense.

If it's not incomplete, then it's contradictory, and you can't prove anything with it.

Doesnt make sense.

(not the other rose who appears to know what he's talking about)
my understanding is that it's a limitation of what you can say.

i.e. ideally, air-traffic-control english would be "formally perfect" for the task assigned - but there's no way to use it to ask "well, are you having a good day today?" because that's not in the system, it's a system purely for moving planes.

meanwhile the english language as a whole - much less formal - can easily articulate that, but has all sorts of strange contradictions, implications and so on - and when you try to use it to move planes they crash into one another because people misinterpret your instruction to move into position and wait as your instruction to take off straight into another jet.

if the system if perfect, its inherently contradictory, only way to avoid this is to have an incomplete system

We don't think too hard about it, we leave this job to philosophers. I just compute integrals.

Then its not perfect. A perfect system isnt contradictory.
It doesnt make sense.

Thats just because your language is badly designed. If you want to make an unambiguous language you should build it upon axioms that allow it.
Seems to me that all you do is say that this particular set of axioms are inherently contradictory therefore everything must be. But thats not true. You just chose the wrong axioms then. Its a mistake in fundamental design, not a fundamental mistake in reality.

(keep in mind that im not a mathematician, just saying my uneducated opinion)

By "perfect" I meant in which everything is EITHER true or false, there's no "we can't know" option. But such a system is inherently contradictory. While mathematics has a bunch of "no answer" cases, it's internally consistent.

That makes more sense.

dude I produce music! seriously it's a really enjoyable experience and I HIGHLY recommend you stick with it! good on you!

pretty common in conscription countries tbh. i'm starting when I'm 23 and that is considered early here.

I study chemical engineering. It's ok. A lot of work though.

Going back to school at 26. Got about a year and a half left in my degree. Hoping to just make enough to not have to worry about housing in the future. CompSci here. I didn't finish because of peripheral problems that came up. I had a good GPA before I dropped out and went to work.

Phil major at a major state uni here. Enjoy school, enjoy my classes, but ultimately I don't feel like I'm getting the true ""college experience""". Everything feels so impersonal. I don't talk to professors outside of class, I don't really interact with many of my peers, and life is going by so quickly. I feel like I'm getting mechanically pushed through a system that doesn't see its students as anything other than dollar signs. I'm sure this is the same at (most) other colleges, but it's still depressing.

Maybe I should've done STEM after all.

Math major here.

College is a lot better than I thought it would be tbh fam

Probably going back next year, if all goes well, to study Geology.
I'm 27 though, so I'm kinda curious how that'll work out with most other students being much younger than me. Probably not a problem although I'm socially awkward as fuck.
I'm all ready a trained forester, so I can always fall back on that I suppose.

Nice to see most of you retarded commies are majoring in useless degrees. Blame Capitalism when you can't find a job

If this isn't confirmation bias I don't know what is, let's go make the same thread at Holla Forums to confirm that a sample of some thousands of people will be minimum wage earners.


Comp Sci major myself and agree tbh.

I've taken a few classes in it before, and I have a couple musical projects I do on my own time. The thing is I have more progress towards finishing a Russian minor and idk if I have enough time to finish with a music one

Comp sci major here. Also agree that I'm a brainlet and it's why I didn't do anything more hardcore STEM

I'm a PhD candidate in philosophy and social theory and teach as an adjunct. I don't really like the teaching part, as I teach an introductory course and am paid very poorly, but other than that I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. Also, I should get a tenure track position during the next year.

this is the porkiest degree so far ITT

What's your research topic?

How unsurprising

t. pol

A Level results in 6 hours lads. I'm fucked.

What the fuck socdems are woke now?

This is going to be kinda embarrassing I never went to college. Took my Senior year to go to trade school, learned manufacturing/machining and did some work, then after getting my certificate entered a state aircraft maintenance school where I currently am now. Went from volunteer fire explorer to fire department member in that time as well and went for some EMT training which I'm currently procrastinating on getting and got my Eagle Scout. Currently finishing my last year in AMT Powerplant with a lot of ideologically unfortunate options open afterwords with demand picking up. I read a lot though (Enjoy all manner of subjects, mostly history, theology/philosophy and theory). Made some friends working in trades but deep down, though it was necessary for my family, I feel like I missed out

FBI please don't find this

So we're actually all STEMlords?

But Holla Forums told me we are all gender studies students?

t. bordiga

Geography, 2 semesters to go. Planning to research/write about economic geography/territorial organization on my final work.
but not too much, he doesn't like the profit tendency to fall
After all this, want to start econ and be a econfag

Yea and they think we're all on hormone therapy too.
They forget we are liftypol.

most people never went to college (60% in america)


After being denied from all the schools that really interested me last spring, entering a local school grad program after 5 years since my bachelor's to finally become the scientist I've always wanted to be. Won't even be getting paid the first year and have to take out another fucking loan before I can get on a stipend. I'll have my name on several papers after this though which will hopefully get me into a doctoral program that really interests me.

Preparing to take population genetics and a course on R geared towards computational ecology.

I hope the academic world is still left standing in 6 years.

Also I have no friends and I wish I was dead

comp sci is autismus maximalis. you did the right choice buddy.


the only person I know of who majored in that is Ben Shapiro, and he believes Hitler was a Marxist and Keynesian economics mean welfare.

I mean I didn't really hate it,it's just I had like a passing interest at best?

I dunno I just don't care that much about comp sci

Maybe I should just drop out of life

genuine chuckle there

I'm about to start my first year. I'll be taking calculus two, Spanish, and environmental science. I'm planning on minoring in Spanish so I can study abroad, but I'm not sure what I want to major in. Maybe computer science, physics or mathematics, or maybe biology or chemistry.

I did the same
3 lazy years of compsci and then swiched to polisci
no ragrets thus far

Just finished my geographical studies in territory amenagment and failed to get a scholarship for a thesis.
Laboratory college managment in France are in a mess, and it will be more and more difficult to get scholarship now for make thesis and get a Phd without your own money or a contract with a company.

naw dude if your in america at least you have to make sure your degree is in something practical so u can get a job otherwise you will be FUCKED by massive unpayable amounts of student debts. If you have enough classes alredy, at least get a minor in CS and switch your major to accounting or actuarial science, they pay good.

CS pays the most out of all of those, and if u live in burgerland you have to worry about high student debts. I recommend CS, engineering, information technology, accounting, actuarial science, as the main degrees that will get you a job.

But I already have a job

How do you think I am paying for college

Computer science is what I'm leaning towards for that reason. I'd rather study physics or biology though.

I want to get a PhD and do research within academia for the long term, but I will still need to get a decent job on the side at some point. I'll have 60,000 dollars in loans by the end of the first four years.

Where are you studying? If you wanna grab a drink and chat, I live in Rennes.

skip the PHD if your in america, theres a glut of phds already. Unless its from a top school, you will likely spend years of your life doing postdocs before even having a shot at one of the few and ever decreasing tenured positions.
Go CS and for a bachelors/masters if possible. Then go work in industry

please be aware this thread has been linked in boards.4chan.org/int/thread/78411434#p78411487

thank you.

That doesn't sound all that bad. I wouldn't be as alienated from my labor as I would be in industry.

Your probably right though. I have to pay these things off at some point.

Well excuse me I don't wanna be unemployed when I leave Uni

why Holla Forums?

Fucking god dammit

Other than those, taking a humanities class following enlightenment through early modern period, a class about dreaming, biology, and seminars for my major. Might take a course on Arendt too.


I actually wish the above was true and I could survive without having a job



petit bourgeois here I come

eastern euro underdeveloped hole here I come

Could be worse. You could be a 30+ engineer who never worked at all.

I'm honestly probably gonna move to that northern shithole known as Canada. Not because I like their politics or anything, but come 30 years when Climate Change really starts fucking things up, I want to be comfy and alone in my Yukon earthship.

Given what sort of thing has happened when none of Antarctica's ice was supported by land (which I think would mean the same for the global sea level as Antarctica remaining where it is, but melted completely), I guess it's a wise choice.

I wasn't fucked all along

good job lad

Is Climate Communism the new Posadism?


sure, but the apocalypse is prolonged, and the alliums won't come.

5 classes, all but one are for the general education requirements for transfer to a uni. Is UoM actually legit because the humanities and crap is needed for a Masters in Physics (general because apparently they scraped the more specific degrees.) over there. Also have to drive about 35 minutes to get to one of them and come back from it around 10:20 PM.
2nd year student at community college.
下げる for politeness.

The elevation has changed alot after so many years.

Noise artist signing in.

My brother majored in poli-sci too, and he's a rabid anti-communist retard.

Studying robotics

Time to go create some super profits for a big corp or anti-personel combat drones for a private military.

I'm starting law school next week. I never wanted to be a lawyer, but I never wanted to be anything else either. I'd planned in being an intellectual property lawyer for 8 years, but now I know I can't do that in good conscience. I'll probably have to do something equally soul sucking and terrible to get out if debt.

Do some ACLU type shit

is he lolbert?

join lawyers guild and become a radical lawyer

Human right lawyer or you can still become int property lawyer but use it to screw corporations and defend pirates.

Industrial engineer undergrad here grinding my last 3 semesters


Make him read Stirner

Yeah. They are proto-fascists. Get your definitions right!

I feel bad for you, truly.

You deserve capitalism, all of you

It's not about learning, it's about getting a certificate.

The certificate is a poor investment
Especially considering how many years you spend to get it

Empirical evidence says otherwise

Your evidence is non-representative because people who don't get a higher education are usually dumber and lower in the wealth hierarchy.
It's accurate, yes, but so is the evidence showing that people eating fast food and drinking sweet drinks are less likely to die from ebola

There is plenty of empirical evidence that isn't pure correlation between education status and income. There is more than enough evidence to prove that education is a good investment, which is why so many people are willing to go deep into debt to obtain it. I find your position to be wishful thinking.

He's too retarded for him, when I said it's in my own interest to be Socialist he scoffed at it. The dumb nigger gulps bourgeois semen and enjoys it.

I want to see it
Hahahah, talk about wishful thinking. Go and ask people why they attended university, the answers will range from "My dad told me to", "it's what everyone does" to "I wanted to have another N years of fucking around without a job".

google is your oyster

Somehow I doubt these are real answers from people you interviewed and not something you just pulled out of your ass. Luckily, this is something that can easily be surveyed and the number one answer people give is income.

fuck you I'm in uni to learn
getting a paper out is secondary
t:nth year student btw
free uni btw

But what should I google, when I google the basic stuff it brings up stupid correlation=causation stuff
First of all people don't answer honestly, they will be embarassed to admit that they did a bad investment
Also "income" is a broad answer, "income from the fact that you have a degree" is acceptable, but just "income" is plain stupid

What if it wasn't free and you'd had to do a mortgage loan like americans do it

Really nigger? I'm done.

then I'd be an American and kill myself, preferably in a terror attack of one sort or the other

"Go and ask people" means people you actually know, not random people on the streets because the random people are going to be dishonest. Yes, interviews are terrible methodology when it comes to opinions of people.
Any questions?

Wow that totally won't lead to skewed results. Statistics? Who needs them!

Is asking random people on the streets about their penis size statistics too? It'll average to 19cm. You just can't expect people to be honest when it comes to topics like these, you have to ask people you can trust, I doubt there's a better methodology.

There is, it's called anonymous polling. You want more evidence? How about the fact that many employers automatically filter out applications without a degree. You hardly need a more solid repudiation of the "le degrees are worthless" meme than that.

What country you live in?

They aren't worthless and this is not the topic of the discussion. The question is if they are worth what they're worth. And the piece of paper is worth a fucking lot.

Open your eyes

Yugoslavia obviously
nah the land of spurdo spärde, the land of autism and depression, the home of the fingol horde

Starting my 3rd year of uni in a few weeks. Doing a double major in political science and philosophy in Montreal and I really enjoy it. I think I might even want to go for a masters and then I figure I can teach around Montreal for a while and just continue my studies. I don't really want to have an actual job I don't think, like sitting in an office doing marketing or some shit all day, I figure if I like reading about political theory and philosophy so much why not just spend all my time doing that as a job and teach it a little too. I don't really give a shit about making money or anything as long as I can just enjoy what I do. I feel like getting involved with politics is a waste of my time because of my "radical" opinions and people are more concerned with the spectacle of progressivism vs conservatism and all this moral shit than anything else, plus I live in Canada which has literally no left movement at all.

I find it kind of depressing that once I finish my education I just work for 40 years and then retire and die. Even working for 4 months of the summer kind of just felt like limbo to me, like i just wake up and go to work, basically shut my brain off from doing anything substantial all day, essentially just go on autopilot and then when I'm finally home I'm too tired to do anything and I don't even make enough money to spend it on anything so it all seems like a waste of time. Not good feels!!