Why are American anti-fa so weak compared to their European counterpart ?

why are American anti-fa so weak compared to their European counterpart ?
you guys really need to step up your game and get some proper training if you don't want to end up in a fascist distopia.

Stop this shit. We do not support antifa.

I do when they hit nazis

maybe you'll change your mind when nazis will be knocking at your door to put a bullet in your head


It's not (North) American anitfa, it's the left generally. In North America, it's wildly short sighted and centre-left.

If they do then I have a 10mm, fuck off ""leftist""

This. The true fash must be bashed before they become too brash.

European far right is much stronger that americans too

I think that americans are just sissies

Fuck off red-brown alliance shill


that's a pretty valid explanation actually

These Golden Dawn look like a legit militia, I understand now the ferocity of greeks anarchists
Well, except the fat guy at the back

it's fundamental to physically oppose nazis when the state doesn't

State is the enemy of both Left and Right
And thus Left and Right must unite to topple the neo-liberal establishment

But the right is also the enemy
Potentially far more dangerous than liberals innit

According to who?
Trully greatest success of the current establishment was to pit 2 of its biggest enemies against each other

Top kek


nazis killed commies and have extremely overbearing moralist ideology, strongly opposed to social liberalism

meanwhile liberals let us do marxism here, not go full spooked for your country™ and be gay, not have children and shit

this again

You guys were good COINTELPRO until now. This was a little bit on the nose. You blew your cover

whats cointelpro margs

Oh so you are a polack, thats why you are so mentally retarded

Keep your lgbt idpol shit for you, thanks.

If you where an actual tankie you'd support antifascism 100% instead of moralising about it, since fascism is the mortal enemy of working class organisation.

that's absolutely Holla Forums tier my friend
improve your behavior please, it's utterly childish

There is no need, i already been banned for posting my genuine polite opinion, so there is no reason for me to behave, i will shitpost and switch proxes as much as i can now and mods can suck my dick

but social liberties are important
traditionalism limits your freedom groundlessly and the right endorses it

that's an argument against the right in favor of liberalism and the context was why is the first worse than the latter
also it goes right with the not having children thing, both examples of personal freedom, you seem a bit biased

nazbol please

Pretty much


American antifa is weak because they've never had real fascism to deal with. There are legit fascist parties in Europe like Golden Dawn and Front National

That's a contradiction.

I don't think the 1917 russian revolution was about gay sex, did I miss something?

Traditionalism is as far right as you can get.

this is a quite fundamental matter for someone who doesn't prefer it the other way you know

also how 89iq can one be to be a leftist traditionalist, we may ignore it and don't deter them with excessive idpol like the liberals do, but i perceive some of the idpol as basic personal freedoms, which are sometimes called idpol, like you called it, only because they stand firmly against traditional limitations of the past

You missed everything…

they did legalize it though

European antifa are authoritarian scum. They believe anyone who criticizes islam is a fascist.

This is exactly why the left is fucked, because the working class will always be divided about idpols, between "progressists" and "traditionalists".
I hope you enjoy staying a wageslave for the rest of your life, but that's ok because you have gay sex as personnal freedom.


Will it be? Statistics show that sentiments towards homosex change rapidly in the West in favor of a more humane approach. I think I can't comply with your reasoning, this is just very important and you could maybe see it if you thought about the overall status of homosexuality in terms of social norms and then try to imagine heterosexuality treated similarly, down to linguistic stigmatization.
If it was truly a choice between these two, understand that it's a tough decision to make since both are heavily against my self interest

it's not about sex, people had gay sex in medieval europe as well

Do you prefer feodalism with gay sex or socialism without gay sex?

There's no socialism without gay sex.


Speak for yourself. I'm a member

euro antifa gets alot more government funding than their american counterparts. in america, some chapters of antifa dont get any tax money at all.

Where do these retards come from?

You know where

This entire thread is just hating on America.
As it should be.
Fuck it.

Just kill yourself you clueless kiddo

Because Europe has experienced actual fascism

this has to be b8

it's because we are coming out if 150 years of cold water propaganda.
Give us a break.

Furthermore we best Nazis assess more often than not. The whole reason the right killed some one was because they n where so butt hurt by getting their asses kicked on the street that day.

Fuck off retard

I mean, I'm not 100% Certain but in the US we also face harsher punishments that drives us to neo liberalism.

but don't act like you comprehended less than you did