Would Holla Forums been socialist if Marx and the bolshevik elites weren't jewish?

Would Holla Forums been socialist if Marx and the bolshevik elites weren't jewish?

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Oh, and also if Hitler didn't hate them
It's apparent that Hitler didn't hate neither slavs nor socialism but was forced to pretend that he does to demonize the enemy

It's too complex for them to understand.

Why there are so many fucking asians in there? Also fuck me if these gooks are ugly.


Nazism extends beyond fanatical racial hatred.

Most Nazis did not fanatically hate Jews and Slavs, but they still killed them because this was the moral imperative, or as a means to an end.

See the "Banality of Evil"

Marx isn't just a jew
He's a Rothschild

But they weren't

No. Capitalist theorists are full of Jews and Holla Forums loves to go on about how Capitalists are all Jews, yet they still love Capitalism.

Would Holla Forums bean socialist if they read a book?

their essentialism means they can't adopt socialism
nazi anti-semitism is pathological anyway

Holla Forums would have been Marxist if that was more offensive than being Nazis to the average person and if Holla Forums had been raiding tankies and dragging them home instead of stormfront.

please post the one which describes how right wing ideologies were developed mostly by jewish thinkers

Halfchan was relatively leftleaning prior to 2010. I don't know if people here are old enough to remember, but the USSR anthem used to ironically be the board anthem. Soviet memes were ironically posted regularly. A lot of people involved in Project Chanology went on to become an-coms or marxists.

It only started to change around 2010, when there were ongoing Stormfront raids. This is a fact which is weirdly absent from the history books. Even Nagle's great ethnography didn't mention the Stormfront raids.

They are free-market enforcers at worst and ethnic egalitarian Keynesians at best. I would argue that a few Nazis understand that value comes from labor, and would want to create a labor voucher system enforced by a state entity. The first two are under complete capitalist dogmatic control. They don't understand economics in its original sense. They only understand vaguely how capitalism works and believe in private property and wage labor as important to keep an economy going smoothly. The third is aware of the realization many Christians in Europe had after the collapse of the Roman empire. Bankers, merchants, and politicians do not create value. Only the laborer who creates surplus also creates value. However, most neo-nazis wouldn't be as cultured to read history going that far back. It does, however, have sticking power since it was proposed by Christians (Ancient Greeks if we go even further back) and it undermines the ability of bankers (Jews XD) to obtain money through usury. That way you would create nazis which actually believe in a lower stage of socialism. Although they still would be spooked as fuck about nationalism, ethnicity, and gender.

this one?


Man, I remember that, and I was never even a big chan user. It wasn't that long ago but seems like a lifetime when you look at the general shitshow it's become.

Also, kudos for making me feel like I'm fucking ancient.

I miss the internet from before it went completely fascist

yes, thank you

Can you prove it somehow? It seems important in this matter

I remember back in 2010ish, I was on 420chan and someone posted a thread with something to the effect of "reminder: this is the week Stormfront is beginning their raids". There was a link to a Stormfront post, talking about raiding chan sites. If you search around from that time period, maybe you'll find something. I don't know.

As for the rest, look at the Lulz: A Corruption of LOL soundtrack, disk 3 for example. Note how "The Red Army Choir - National Anthem of the USSR (3:44)" is listed. (encyclopediadramatica.rs/Lulz:_A_Corruption_of_LOL#Disk_III_-_.2Ff.2Fb.2Fi.2F) Nostalgically, I went to search Youtube to see if any of the old videos that featured halfchan memes from the 00s alongside this song were up. They're all down, unfortunately.

stormfront can only take over places filled with self rightious virgins

it makes sense that they've taken Holla Forums so easily


I would be a gommie if:

multikulti is bad mkay
don't even respond by saying nationalism is idpol, it's not the same thing
nationalism is extremely practical, and dare i say it natural

found a way to have standing armies who would be controlled by the people, and not the politburo
also in that vein, find a way to remain democratic while still being capable of organizing and defending effectively

The problem is this is a pipe dream practically and ideologically speaking.
Oh well guess I'll stay a centrist liberal. Nothing personnel kids. ; )

We already knew this but thanks for posting

What exactly was retarded about my post?
Enlighten me theory master.

what is he even trying to prove? Do we have to explain ourselves to Holla Forums? they blame the jews for everything

This is why this thing called "vanguard" was invented.

Rothschild are Jewish
FYI so is the Monsanto family
The lending system which they got rich with is a jewish invention

I don't see how much of this matters?


I remember 4chan being left-leaning too. McCain and Bushfags were mercilessly ridiculed during the 2000s

Many on Holla Forums are total retards. I'm not here to defend them. Their muh christianity muh capitalism muh west shit is annoying and depressing to be honest.

People like Varg and ideological Natshunal Soocialists (fuck you word filter) are socialists but, also accept the field of biology. I'm not here to defend Hitler or the NSDAP in all of their actions either. In many cases they betrayed their party platform and didn't do what they said they would do.

NazBol is like civic nationalist Not Socialism and Not Socialism is actual Nationalism where the people who define the nation are defined by their genetic closeness rather than their language or expressed culture.

I don't hate Jews. I also don't dislike many people who happen to be Jews because of the fact that they are Jews or, simply because they are different from me.

Many of the worst porkies around happen to be Jews.


This "stormfront raiding" myth needs to die. Stomfront is full of middle aged technologically and culturally retarded idiots. They probably couldn't even navigate an imageboard let alone adapt culturally. Interestingly nobody ever says that tumblr was raided by some underground extreme leftist/feminist website when it got poilticizied and radicalized at the same time.

The fact of the matter is that cultural at large which has been amplified by the internet has radicalized and polarized groups online. 4chan and pol are mostly white young men, thus when the idpol movement started gaining real steam in the past few years and was primarily supported by left-leaning groups they naturally gravitated away from that and towards ideologies that they felt supported their demographic and would not demonize them.

Yeah, but we are talking about pol here. That place has always been right of center. They used to be pro Ron Paul and then when he lost out they fell right into the Nazi shit.

see, this is the sort of nazism I can sort of understand, the only bit of reality one needs to bend for ideology is the 'biology' bit and the only philosophical fallacy one has to commit is that of naturalism and genetic determinism
the only clear obvious problem is that of placing people into nations based on genetics is treated as the fundamental foundation of the nation even though the actual process of genetic categorisation would be rife with compromise and exception. Thus it would be a weak and haphazard foundation. Also you'd have to build it along some localist lines rather than on current nation states for consistency.

Well as the statue lies, you need a like minded people to peruse a democratic state, in Oligarchy leaning states, this is less of the case. The problem your movement faces is the lack of public consent, which is necessary for state ideological change - as long as the 'lemmings/normies/public' have their lives consistent/improved they will go with whichever movements ensures their stability/prosper. Also man has a sense of ownership, he is keen in owning what he conceives to hold, whether it is a house, land, etc. which is not given by communism on a permanent manner, which would lead to a more apathetic approach in terms of will. Yes certain land can be held in common, and in fact may be better held in common such as places of worship, and common meals especially for those in governance. Look at the future though, it clearly lies in automation - which will drive the populace to a more Aristocratic type of governance - where there will be more competition, resulting in an increased intelligence of the public whom are to hold the limited amount of jobs. Also to quote your dearly beloved,"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles", this is bound off the basic Natural principle of the Master and Slave relationship we see, an essential part of governance, as is to Father is to son, and Father is to mother, is a natural and beneficial aspect of Master/Slave relationship(would recommend you read Aristotle who talks a great deal of this in the primary section of his philosophy). Of course the sentence prior brings the discussion into the sense of equality, which is necessary, as it is a Natural manner, there are those who are superior/inferior(in many respects), things that are Superior/inferior, and ideas that are Superior/Inferior(depending on the implementation) - "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."(Aristotle). In turn, those who fail to cope will die out, resulting in population decline while increasing the quality of the men present(The greatest form of happiness is found in Philosophy, so we must surly see a society of thinking men yonder). Please explain to me/pol, if you will, how communism can be properly implemented(and act as a stable form of governance), or is it complete drivel?

Wouldn't almost all of Europe be split up pretty hectically, even in their own countries? It's ridiculous, there has been so much genetic cross-pollination over the years. You have Italians marrying Germans fucking English cheating on French and on and on.




We arent oppressed. We have all the communism we need. We already own our own means of production. If you are born in the western civilization, you are not exploited, you are not oppressed, you are just lazy. You have as many rights as polar fucking bears, you are practically untouchable. You have all your intellectual property laws, its just that all your ideas are worthless. You have all your worker rights, its just that you "studied" underwater basked weaving (f)art courses instead of physics or engineering, and now nobody cares about your work. You have all the opportunities to tell bosses to fuck off and find a better employer or employees or partners in the free market, its just that your ideas arent marketable.

In conclusion, to be leftist in the Western world is to be weak, worthless and entitled. No wonder only agrarian feudal societies accepted socialism. Feudal peasants really were oppressed. You arent.
If you think the society is oppressing you, why dont you go to the jungle? If you are so productive, why dont you go to the jungle?
Australians built a 1st world country out of a desert wasteland of death. Iceland is literally nothing but rocks and snow, and they built a fucking opera house there. Not to mention everything else.
If you are so oppressed, why dont you go out of society that oppresses you, and have all your produce to yourself?
Lol, Western leftists would rather kvetch and moan about the productive (or the rich as they call it) and tie themselves to them, be obsessed with them, than build their own thing and stop bitching already. They want to redistribute the wealth, but they never seem to create any.

No you idpol slurping fuck.

Zomg abolish

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Sounds like pasta. Maybe a Holla Forums post

Sort of like Hitler had to hate Esperanto because a Jew invented it.
Several right-wing Germans supported using Esperanto as a colonizing language for Eastern Europe and Africa. They thought teaching Esperanto would be easier than teaching German to subhumans.

obviously not

regardless of Marx's race, he preached racial equality, which doesn't fly with antisemites


That's just perfect isn't it?
You need a cabal of theory wizards to control the stupid proles, but it's still anarchy i swear!

Holla Forums needs an enemy, someone to blame for their failures, they couldn't care less about much else, while socialism is a constructive idea how to potentially improve things

That was the joke.

Who /doomed to make subtle jokes and have upper idiots point out the joke and make lower idiots laugh at them/ here?

So when you blame jewish porkies you're a failure but when you blame gentile porkies or porkies en masse then you're not?

If you blame people instead of the system you're doing it wrong. A big mistake that too much people make is thinking that if we got rid of the Bourgeois, capitalism would just dissapear.
The truth is other people would fill the vaccuum if the structure is left untouched.

Sorry but a new rule of the Internet is: "Someone unironically believe this, no exception"
Therefore you can never make any ironic statement without people thinking you're genuine.

Thats exactly what we do believe. The whole usury system is exactly why we hate the jews. and yeah wed still be "spooked" and keeping our culture pure.

Bush is a neocon and a slave to the jew. The wars in the middle east were fought for israel. We detest neocons.

what's a "structure" without people?

You're free to pick up a book yourself instead of blaming the entire world for your laziness. Or even watch some fuck be wrong about half what he's saying but still, that's better than nothing.

Structures are made of people who all act out of self-interest and rationally. Structures ARE people. People behave in similar ways because they cannot possibly do anything different, that's how newcomers in cities get distributed in districts by things like rent.

This. Sometimes I think about an alternative timeline, in which idpol hasn't gone mainstream, or brainless people managed not to be so reactionary about it, so there wouldn't be a Holla Forums and a Holla Forums, and the forces behind Chanology and all those other ops would still be fighting together against the normative banalization of thought, which is what people in the chans actually hate from the bottom of their hearts.

I study political theory in a university, and have read a fair amount of communist political theory and still can't seem to grasp the practical/ non ideology side of it.
Well i guess the secrets of "Real communismâ„¢" will forever be left to the 200+ Autism Level wizards who devote their lives to it.

Bakunin fucking hated jews.
Dont see pol scrambling to become anarchists.

In some of his pieces, Bakunin espouses blatantly antisemitic views, and has been severely criticized for this part of his writing, not least by anarchists.[67] Bakunin used anti-Jewish sentiments that suggested a "Jewish" system of global exploitation;

This whole Jewish world, comprising a single exploiting sect, a kind of blood sucking people, a kind of organic destructive collective parasite, going beyond not only the frontiers of states, but of political opinion, this world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other… This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralisation of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.