Would any anti-fa affiliated people care to explain to me what exactly they think about the fact that people like John...

Would any anti-fa affiliated people care to explain to me what exactly they think about the fact that people like John McCain and Marco Rubio are lining up to defend them and that the police basically never interfere with their activities?

If I thought I was doing some kind of super subversive revolutionary shit I would definitely be weirded out by that kind of stuff. I'm not trying to start an argument I'm genuinely curious to hear your opinions on this.

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Maybe they're just fans of the look.

Because Nazis are literally fucking murdering people while Antifa in the US has murdered some trash cans?

Anti-fa have beaten people unconscious, physically assault people with deadly weapons pretty much every time they counter demonstrate, and thwacked the car of peace with a flagpole before it zoomed off into the crowd of their own killing that woman.

It doesn't strike you as odd at all that no one in the entire country besides Donald Trump has a problem with anti-fa?



Because your side a fucking Nazis who want to eliminate and ethnically cleanse half the United States?

Antifa stands for anti-fascists, you're fascists, even conservatives hate you.


I'm not with the "nazis" or whoever the fuck you think you're trying to overthrow.

So it doesn't even strike you as a little bit odd that the entire political establishment has lined up behind you, even though you practice extra-legal violence?

And you think this is perfectly unsuspicious because of the blinding moral superiority of your cause?



I pointed out that antifa (and anyone in the vicinity who appears to agree with them) get arrested by the 100s. That's not defending them, it's disproving the basic premise of the OP.

What strikes really odd is when motherfuckers see only what they want to see and don't read about other politicians or whoever the fuck going against "both sides" like a good ~radical centrist~ or some other milquetoast bullshit. Oh my god it's like "violence" like damaged shit that can be repaired is murdering someone! Call the cops!
I don't know what the fuck is going on in that second paragraph so I don't necessarily care.

The inauguration is one thing. I feel like most of the counter demonstrations I see there is like zero police presence or arrests made. Not just in berkeley. Like, there was one in minneapolis where they took down the flag and burned an effigy or whatever and it looked like there were zero cops around.

One swallow does not a spring make. The inauguration is an outlier case. Have I just drawn a pattern from bad sample examples? Am I missing the bigger picture on the police side of things?

The far-right are responsible for 300 extremely violent attacks on average EVERY YEAR resulting in critical injuries and dozens of deaths. (Report by United States Government Accountability Office found that some years, upwards of 50 people are killed by far-right extremists)

In terms of hate crimes, as one study put it
violence. Many murders, including unplanned or spontaneous acts of violence, are not
included here, nor are thousands of lesser incidents of violence. Such a compilation
would be book‐length.”

Far-right have been thwarted in planning numerous large scale terrorist attacks by the FBI since 2008.

The far-right essentially want to exterminate tens of millions of people from the US, or force them into slavery.

Antifa don't go around attacking random civilians and committing terrorist attacks, the Far-right does.

Antifa exist because the far-right has become such a problem.

You think that because you get your news from porky owned media. There were 400 arrests of Antifa and protesters of Trumps inauguration. Antifa arrested at that inauguration are facing 100 years of prison time.
The people that the police let get away with crimes are Nazis.

It's not an outlier, it just undermines your Nazi narrative that left wing protesters like Antifa are being protected by police and not Nazis.

Why would the goverment favour nazi's?

If the only example you have of anti-fa people getting arrested is the inauguration I don't understand why that would not help my case that over all the majority of their illegal activities go unpunished by the police.

Oh fucking please. The only reason there is a anti-antifa narrative on leftypol is because there's a bunch of crypto nazis here trying to paint the only force they're actually scared of as "lame liberals".

It's actually sad how often Holla Forums falls for the undercover Holla Forumsfags here playing on the biases channers have in general against liberalism.

This time Heather Heyer fucking died and cops did nothing. Not that I expected otherwise and I expect the schizophrenic man (he is literally schizophrenic, it still doesn't excuse the murder) to get very little time. Oh wow a burned made in China flag, the horror!
Hopefully next time there's arrests.
Web searching really is your friend.
The cops are now seeking charges.

The bourgeois favor Nazis because of the falling rate of profit. Under fascism porky is completely unfettered in profit seeking.
The German constitution has labor protections in its constitution to prevent the rise of fascism again.

Fuck off to reddit, like now motherfucker.
Antifa are literally reactionary. It's in their fucking name.

Do "neo nazi" protest for economic reforms? Is antifa anti borg? No, neo nazi want white america, tell me how less immigration is good for porky

You're just made because you got proven grossly wrong, labeled the J20 as an outlier, and moved the goalposts demanding more proof.
No one was killed at J20. 1 woman and 20 were killed at Cville. But only 4 arrests.
So there's two examples.

*1 woman was killed and 19 injured

oh hey it's the naziposter who uses the stacheflag

So being against capitalism is reactionary? Don't start with liberalism and lifestylism because this isn't the point at the moment.

They didn't line up behind antifa you dumb fuck. The lined up against you, the nazis. Yeah, you're gonna say you're not a nazi, it's just irony, you're a "classical liberal", a "white nationalist", an "identitarian" or whatever shit you say to yourself to avoid the fact that you'd be perfectly willing to commit ethnic cleansing but everyone can see it's all bullshit from the words you write - words that justify the murder, that try to reroute the conversation toward conspiracy theories and similar poltard conspiracy shit.
They stood against the people wearing Nazi flags and doing Nazi salutes. That's how fucking hated you vile cunts are, that only the braindead mongoloid in the White House is even mentioning the "alt-left" and the antifa, while people who have been dogwhistling racism their whole lives are running as far as they can from you.

Good job, you killed a woman, congrats, now fuck off back to your home board.

Politicians will jump through hoops over the next couple months to suck the dick of anyone who stood up to the Nazis, because that's what they need to do to avoid losing votes.

But the real ruling class - the capitalists who fund their campaigns - will keep making sure that the actual power structures of this country enable the Nazis and suppress the political left, Antifa included.

Nice counter argoment. I get called naziposter only in antifa threads.

Are you saying that they are anticapitalist?
Are you implying that americans don't intend fascism as racism or white nationalism?
Don't fool youself antifa is not anti porky

No one ever mentioned the J20? And I'm sorry only one case of people getting arrested at an extremely high profile event isn't enough to refute a general rule that the police don't interfere in anti-fa activities.

There were way more injuries than the car people at cville on both sides. It doesn't strike you as odd that the state would defend this?

Do you not think the state are fascists? The NDAA isn't fascism? What's the difference between fascism and "being racist" to you?

It's what Uncle Adolf would've wanted.
In all seriousness didn't WWII kill a ton of "white" people

It's an action group. Anyone may join as long as they are willing to stand up to Nazis
Less immigration is not good for porky. The neoliberal policies that caused the mass immigration in the first place are supported by Trump, he plans on making NAFTA worse, creating more immigrate. The police state necessary to enforce the soft enthno cleansing is good for porky.

Nono it's the fucking point. Why instead of trashing cans during nazi manifestation they don't trash wall street?

yeah okay bud

Certain people can be
Don't remember that fascism is capitalism in decay?
Da hell am I reading…


gluttony is so 2014 tbh

I mentioned it. 300 arrests over smashed windows and a burning limo. Cville had 4 arrests and 1 murder along with 19 injured. Yes it proves my point exactly.
Now produce some evidence that Nazis are presucuted by police more than Antifa.

Throw nazis in trash cans? I agree.
Why trash wall street if porky is still going to be porky? Its pointless. I say I don't mind a spectacle of WN getting beat up.

But I fucking agree with this but ask any fucking american or antifa member what fascism means they won't say shit about capitalism they will talk of racist bigot motherfuckers. That's the problem that I have they beat racist thugs instead of real fascists, i'll paste a post of another user now

Also fergueson, while not explicitly Antifa, Antifa was present. Tanks and militarized police showed up. Nazis never have had a fergeson.


Of you act in the interests of Nazis with your concern trolling don't cry when you get lumped in with them.

The G20 was not in the US. I was kind of just talking about US politics specifically, though I guess that was only implied in the OP.
It's hard to come up with data on whether Nazis are prosecuted by the police more than anti-fa because we don't really see nazi's out in the streets clubbing people at womens marches over the head with bike locks or tearing up city blocks on a regular basis.

This isn't really about that though I was just trying to get people's perspectives on what seems to be a rather lenient relationship between anti-fa and the government in the US at the moment.

Nono I'm acting in the interests of the american left. A left that is so fucking cluless that will say shit like this

That's because they're American, or well, a bit more politically lost because of McCarthyism and red scares and every other spectacle which is politics.
Capitalism blinds people from itself.
Any Euro antifa person would know, unless it's German antifa. They have a complex about the state of Israel.
I don't mind a classcucks that cling to racism like a pig to its mother's nipples being beaten up along with nazis.

Guess Phil never heard of brown shirts. I guess he doesn't think jail time over property damage counts as fighting police.





Quickly found.

I mean, not Wall Street but everything is a god damn spectacle in the United States. Rallies, politics, even everyday life but what the hell do I know

Antifa got the whole country to finally turn on the neo Nazis movement in the US.
What did you do exactly? You're scared of Antifa Nazi shill.

Maybe it's the Korean Stalin stache or I could be wrong

Uh huh, look I know Goobles said if you repeat a lie enough it will become true, but that only if you can control the consequences of believing a lie. Where's this footage of Antifa beating innocent people with bike locks? Nazis don't count.
Since it's hard you don't have to prove your argument…. ok.

We are obviosly talking american antifa here.
Greek antifa wasted a motherfucker on the streets, that's based.

Wew you got hillary and romney support against a few racist, never mind that they are the real fascists.

Yeah it's me

Antifa fights the police all the time.

Two or three more land whale then?

Just a few? Haha, most people didn't vote, and there are more independent voters than either Dems or Repubs, and they're all onto you after Cville.

Some retards thinking antifa is on their side does not mean they are.

Antifa are the informal footsoldiers of the established Jewish order and have their full backing. Jewish city councils tell the police to stand down more often than they tell them to crack skills, allowing them to run amok. The two dozen or smashies facing 7 decades in prison from the inauguration are an outlier and won't nearly face as much time by the time their trials are over.

Antifa is 100% a tool of ZOG Occupied Government and Jewish financiers.

Cry harder Nazi.

if anything nazis are spooked retards slave to their ideology


Don't forget stuff like:


Hang every cop with the entrails of every judge.

G20? In Hamburg? The same city that hosted the mayor of new York and has marxist mayors?

Nigger please. You ARE the power structure. You ARE the enforcers. You ARE the tool of the state of the ZOG Occupied Government state and have their FULL backing.

Assaulting people with deadly weapons is legally considered a crime whether they are "nazis" or not. You're not even listening to what my question was about.

The entire world operates under capitalist, Your boy Hitler was a capitalist. But the people that want to end capitalism are the one in power…. ok.

Defending yourself during a fight is not assault. Somehow this weekend doesn't count against Nazis, but this incident in your head you can't produce evidence of proves Antifa is violent.

You are tools of ZOG Occupied Government and your underlying message is indistinguishable from what's talked about in every major corporate board room. Inclusion. Diversity. Open borders and a post national world where people are interchangeable economic units and nothing more.

You're the bad guys.

Funny story: bike lock guy also got arrested.

The whole media establishment from Fox to TYT was narrating the second coming of Adolf. Antifa just stood there looking impotent like they always do, hiding behind liberals.
Every time without fail when US antifa get attention everyone hates them. The only people who are hated more are the clowns in the NSM and KKK. Antifa is a walking joke.

The bourgeois want open borders to get cheap labor. Refugees are proles too so we stand in solidarity with their plight, it's not because we want open borders.

That's only your personal impression. The Neo Nazi Alt right was coddled by the media until
Cville. I will agree the neo Nazi alt right is the new group to hate by the MM now, as it should be,

Sounds like you make for a very convenient useful idiot when the workers losing their jobs to outside labor start getting uppity.


I came here to ask a question and get people's opinions on it. I understand you feel like it's your duty to the cause to gaslight me about this but I'm not here to argue with you about this. I'm going to sleep now I'll read thread in the morning.

Nope, I was always against free trade. It was spooked conservatives like yourself that voted in Regan, Bush, Bush II and Trump that sent jobs overseas.
Or maybe you think Antifa runs multinational corps too.

You little failed attempt to turn the board got you butt hurt. We're not liberals, these tactics only work on people that can't see capitalist exploitation.

I heard about "Trump = Hitler!!!" far more from Trump supporters defending him than I ever did from the media. The thing is this still didn't make him (or any Dem or GOP candidate in the finals) something other than a sack of shit.

Most people (who'd heard of them) disliked US antifa - because for years they were just those assholes who blocked bands from playing local gigs or joined in to up the ante at sports riots. The alt-right practically turned them into heroes, and now it's hard to even shit on them because a substantial amount of the most powerful man in the country's loudest supporters are neo-Nazi hipster shitwads.

They might be a joke, but they're less so than they've ever been in the past.

Now I am in favor of free trade(???) because if I am not a right wing caricature your whole narrative becomes highlighted as the running gag that it is.
You say you are against the actions taken by multinational capitalist entities but when a group goes against these actions you are somehow there in opposition of those groups. Because they oppose these actions for the wrong reasons? You are still making for an excellent lapdog, even better that you are convinced that you are in fact not a lapdog.

Many pundits and figures have in fact been denouncing us as the "alt-left". However, what if none were? It's not like Antifa actually poses much of a threat at all to established capitalism, only fascists, though many fascists are capitalist. If Antifa were an organization that did other things like build up dual-power networks, educate the masses, build a popular leftist movement alongside their antifascist defenses, maybe they would be seen as more of an urgent threat by these people. Antifascism is only one component of a greater, multifaceted advancement strategy that must be utilized.


But antifa is on their fucking side by giving attention to this fucking retards neo-nazi that YOUR system created. Antifa in not threatening the state, the property or anything else. America is already fucking fascist. Antifa is defending the neoliberal policies that destroyed the whole fucking planet by giving attention more to the idpol side of things. This "Nazis" are just a collateral damage of the machine that the "Democratic/republican" america allowed by disintegrating unions, families, the working class and any fucking resemblance of stability. You want to bash the fash? I'll you need to bash your fucking goverment then. Because the aut right is not bombing the middle east right now causing mass immigration and radicalization. Rednecks are not testing drones in germany, teaching neo liberal propaganda at school, causing all sort of fuck around the world. My question is at the of the day when you'll destroy every single racist, homofobic, low key, nazi in your country what will happen? You think something will change? No. Trump gets impeached tomorrow what happens? Hilary or someother fuck come to power, and then? Will this end the killing? The explotation? The commodification of culture? FUCK NO. You are not fighting fascim, you are fighting over idpol. Rednecks do not advocate for capital or some shit, they hate us because they see us as lazy crusty fucks without a job that scream and shout about everything that is not political correct and by stainding with antifa you are confirming their view. Maybe they will stop punching you, but the true fascists in the congress will continue with their killer policies. And then? And then what you got? You are creating class division. You americans are so obnoxious and far up your ass that you think that racism equals fascism while you are bombing schools and killing childrens.
Tell me what antifa did to stop multinationals, war and help the working class and don't start on how these nazis are pro capitalism because they don't know shit about economy they just know about idpol rethoric. All this drama is just prole vs prole. By supporting this shit you are helping Hilary, Romney, Obama and all the fucking union slayers, baby killers of your coutry. Good job.

reminiscent of the Black Panthers who were ruthlessly targeted by the FBI and had members assassinated by the FBI like Fred Hampton

Neo Nazis love the racist policies of the GOP so generally vote GOP. You all were ecstatic when Trump was elected because you thought he'd bring back a more powerful form of white supremacy, when it was clear he was a neo liberal.
It's called the Southern strategy, and you've been falling for it for over 70 years.
If your not for free trade quit voting GOP.

You have to understand the American psyche

Damaging property to them is akin to spitting the face of divinely ordained order of "MUH RIGHTS, MUH PROPERTY"

They cannot even consider the viewpoint of radical politics questioning the violence inherent in maintaining such a system.


Good like fighting the power while neo-nazis constantly smash all your meetings because antifa is no longer keeping them in bay.


Because defending literal nazis is bad for business. Don't expect too much for that too be translated into impeachement tho.


Sure they are, that doesn't make them any less dangerous though. Last time Fascism took hold in a first world country it ended badly

My comment has nothing to do with Trump. What are you on about?

You are delusional if you think anyone liberal or basic bitch centrist or right winger likes antifa. That is the majority of the political spectrum in the US. If the protest had been red MAGA hats and not NSM swastika bearing KKK cringfest with an added fatality the attention would have been firmly on antifa looking like directionless blowhards looking for a fight. Which is exactly what they always look like.
No one is talking about antifa being heroes. All the attention is on pictures of the NSM and KKK insignias. If they did not have that to chew on along with the car attack they would chew on antifa like they did at Berkley.

Because you think that with these kind of views antifa would fucking support me? Sheeit. Fuck no, trust me white power neo nazi are less dangerous to the actual left than liberals LARPers like antifa that staining the left name 24/7 giving excuse to the supposed neo nazi to fucking hate the left.

Oh, forgot that you are the Nazi poster larping as leftist. Please fuck off now.

Being civil and encouraging kindness makes you look smarter?

We're not liberals though. Yes liberals are part of the problem too. Antifa hates liberals.

They aren't ironic Nazis. The night before they pantomimed a klan rally, they advocate for ethnic cleansing and wear the gear. They are NAZIS without ironic quotes.

The racist policies of the GOP? You sound like a broken record regurgitating liberal talking points.

Again, you can only regurgitate basic liberal talking points against a right wing republican boogeyman so because I think antifa is retarded I must be a right wing boogeyman.
Where do you think you are?
You have no argument outside of painting me as a fucking republican with a hard on for free trade(???) like a delusional dolt. Because the only thing you have ever batted against is the caricature of the evil right wing establishment peddled by the narrative control of the rainbow capitalist that is laughing all the way to the bank while you foam at the mouth pretending to stand against the system you vehemently defend like the useful antifa idiot you are.

You are not a real socialist if you think that class struggle comes second. Why you post with that flag?

You actually think that fascism like you mean it has a fucking chanche in america?

No motherfucker read all my fucking posts and call me larpin leftist again

Antifa is liberal. You guys are cointelpro. It's strange that you started posting right after this incident. Especially you yugo poster, There are like 5 yugo posters on this board and I never saw one with your posting style. You are new as fuck

You see? You are bullshitting. You told me 3 posts before the right definition of nazism and now you start again by calling nazism=racism you are Holla Forums motherfucker. No one is so stupid to take this people seriously and think that this kind of shit has a place in the us.

fuck off

let's face it, Antifa are ultra-leftists who piss off the average prole and are entrenched in idpol, what we need is a National Titoist AKA NazTit movement

Haha you republicans do this after every huge failure of right wing politics. After Bush II and Iraq you couldn't find a single Repub that voted for him online, samething happened with Goldwater. Republicans are enthno fascists as hell, and have a virulent racists base. Just because liberals capitalize on it doesn't make it any less true.
All your small government rhetoric is just a cipher for, "stop the government from helping black people", cause you all jumped head first into Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yes, 4chan pol was over the moon when Trump was elected, that's one fact you're not going to be able to sow doubt a out.

This isn't reddit.

It's a pretty damn big part of it lol.

Nothing new about this. The fascism, or more precisely the post-fascism, of the alt-right and its actors is an inconvenience to the ruling ideology right now so its husk, the State, mobilizes itself around anti-(post-)fascism strategically. It's the same everywhere else in the world, including here in Europe: libcom.org/news/when-state-turns-antifa-26102013.

Anti-fascism and any other "anti" (anti-racism, anti-sexism, etc.) will forever be at the service of bourgeois society as a blackmail against the only truly subversive negation and emancipatatory force there is: communism.

Imagine being this blind to reality
Only to idealists who believe in race magic such as yourself. Social liberalism is entirely secondary to workers' control of the means of production. I doubt financiers and bankers are too fond of the idea of being deprived of their exalted status in society.
Bigger markets, good publicity - more money
Cheap, un-unionised workers, more consumers - more money
Borders cause barriers to trade - more money
Literally capitalism, which your beloved nazis bowed down to, despite rhetoric to the contrary
but no it must be the international jewish conspiracy, can't be the self-interest of capital



retard, do you not understand that antifa means antifascist
they're not a political party, they're not a socialist theory mocement, they're people who come out to protest fascists, that's all

comrade Stalin, I think we have a case of mistaken identity
this is my first post in this thread


It's exactly like said before. You have no frame of reference regarding anyone that is not an evil republican nazi when it comes to opposition to your LARP club. It's because you have only ever fought against that one side of the political spectrum to the direct benefit of the other.
You smell like a liberal that is straight off the boat from reddit that is very confused that the world isn't red and blue like your masters narrative described it as.
Look: A delusional retard punching a figment of his imagination.

Does that really work on pol? Man they're more ignorant than I thought.
White supremacy is on everyone's lips pol, whatcha a gonna do when the FBI runs all over you.

There is a fucking yugoposter in this thread that is fucking cointelpro look at every response I got in this thread
There is that fucking idiot of a liberal yugo poster who's fucking saying that they are anticapitalists and not liberals and anticapitalists.
He's driving me fucking crazy, I'm not fucking joking

I flagged the wrong yugo poster, look at all the other stalin posts in this thread and tell me if there isn't something off about a certain yugoposter in this thread

Yup. And that is what you are fighting for.

You smell like a liberal that is straight off the boat from reddit that is very confused that the world isn't red and blue like your masters narrative described it as.
You're just butt mad that I'm connecting the dots from the GOPs southern strategy, the same one that got Trump elected, to Neo Nazis. They're never compatiable and complementary ideologies. And yes the world is red and blue. Most normies are even aware of what socialism is.

Just kill yourself already

Liberals believe in private property, I do not. Just because I address white supremacy and sexism doesn't make me a liberal,

Leftists, communists, socialists, sjws and GOP establishment are showing themselves to be close allies. "antifa" is also showing they have no problem with corporate fascism because they are using google and media to advanced there agenda. Fascists and leftists are one and the same.

I am talking about the userbase of this website you pleb. Where the fuck do you find a republican here?


Yeah, look here
Not me, i'm not Holla Forums. I'm the only stalin poster here. Look up and tell me if i'm fucking Holla Forums

Get mad, stay mad pol.

This, THIS. THIS. Thank god that there are people here who are still sane and agree with me

And what you want is capitalism with a sprinkling of nationalism and racialism on top, when the inherent qualities of capitalism cause the very ills you object to. Tell me, retard: if people are naturally racist and always prefer their own kin, why would anyone move around if the economic conditions didn't incentivise it, such as in a communist world system?


Your communism is a pipe dream that will never come. dual power white nationalist power structures, tough enforcement against illegal aliens, and a relaxation of laws against discrimination is the only viable path to preventing the bourgeoisie from turning my town into another brown reggaton shithole where white history is erased and insulted.

You are a liberal lapdog that acts as a useful idiot for maintaining the status quo.
You pretending to be arguing against a right winger is hilarious.
They don't have to know it by name, when they learn about it they know they like it. Corbyn and Bernie were proof of that and could have been stepping stones to much greater things. Not that you would know anything about anything left wing given that you are to dumb to understand the capitalist paradigm you actively maintain. Antifa is a joke and you showcase why every time you open your gob.

You are fucking Holla Forums, it's pretty transparent. Go and spread your shitty red-brown alliance elsewhere.

He's a fascist and said elsewhere on Holla Forums that he "unironically agrees" that the left and fascists need to unite.

They're both socialist democrats, not the same. Also both have shown they subservience to porky. And you're calling me a liberal! Ha!

whatever you say buddy
correction: whatever you say amerifriend, try to get over your racial identity pathologies

I called them a stepping stone. I'd tell you to read but it's obvious you've never done so in your life.
You latch on to anything that can divert your mind from the uncomfortable fact that any meaningful action antifa has taken has served the establishment in maintaining the status quo.

They're not stepping stone though. What have they stepped to? They're dead ends. I'm all for steppingstones but these two in particular aren't it.

"We are socialists, the enemies of today's capitalistic economic system, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions" - Adolf Hitler, 1927

Yes, I do belive that proble needs to unite. What's the problem here faggot?

>>>Holla Forums

This is wrong, because it obfuscates the current political situation in the US right now.
If you shift the accepted overton window to the far right, then of course Liberals, Communists and Conservatives will come to an informal alliance to denounce in this happening. Of course the idea that radical centrism or "accepted liberal democratic" ideology is innocent is illusory, but that does not mean that all accepted ideology is malevolent.
If you ask any person in the street, what is better, to "curse and beat up" your political opponents or to defeat them intellectually in debate they will all answer the second. But centrists and liberals obfuscate these two positions by claiming that anyone who refuses and wants to stop the second position from becoming accepted morality is necessarily the same as the people he is trying to stop. Believing that any sort of revolution whether far-right or far-left is good "in itself" solely because it disturbs the prevailing accepted order, is really foolish.

and then in 1932 he promptly sold out to financiers and industrialists. but at least he paid lip service to anti-capitalism and appearances are really all that matter to fascists anyway

kill yourself?

Just a thought.

>ITT: this didn't happen en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_shooting_of_Dallas_police_officers

Nazi German economy wasn't even a command economy. Hell Hitler wasn't even really a nationalist since he utterly failed to print a single debt free dollar. I wouldn't believe a word he says.

You are proving my point. You are reaching peak levels of useful idiocy. Go beat up a taxi owned by a prole in your pristine condition "rebel" gear.

What has Corbyn done as of yet. I'm serious, I'm all ears.

Yeah he totally sold out to the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧financiers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

And the filthy "industrialists", didn't he know only the true prolea may seize the memes if prod.n?

Rock solid reasoning you're building your house on there Holla Forums

Neo Nazis I.e. The alt right, endorse trump, along with the KKK. Neo Nazi runs over protesters and trump low key endorses the terrorism.
Yeah…..not fascist at all.

t. undercover Holla Forumsfag exposing his own tactics
antifa is idpol

Just couldn't help yourself could you Nazi.

Do you retards use that flag ironically?

Provided a platform against tory corporatism that was radically different from the usual labour diet-corporatism and provided an outreach to millions of primarily young people regarding socialist policies. All the meanwhile an antifa beat up a trashcan making guys like Milo and Spencer look human.

Yeah that all boils down to talking. Important sure but I'm gonna need to see some material changes. Obama talked a good talk too.

He did, user. Do you want me to whip out the graphs and quotations or will we skip that part and just move straight to you calling all my sources jewish/commie etc.?

Well he allowed 'national bourgeois' to extract wealth off of the backs of his volk, not very völkish to me. Wage stagnation for the worker, massive rate of profit for the industrialist. And the financial connections that national bourgeois had to the international bourgeois meant they indirectly worked for the benefit of international capital.

Nazism is litterally the purest form of idpol.

Not what I said you illiterate troglodyte.
Trump was a victory for the fascist. In the same breath you proclaim that a guy like Bernie who tried to stand against him is a useless socdem. There is not winning with you, no road to an end. Just mindless regurgitation of liberal talkingpoints desperately maintaining the status quo to the benefit of porky.

Not an argument

Excuse me but Trump litterally would have lost to anyone but Hillary, and he lost by 3 millions votes to Hilary anyway and still became president.
Just because I recognize the almost complete destruction of democracy in vpburgerland doesn't make me a nilist.

Nothing is good enough for you other than the important fight of maintaining high profit margins for porky so he can exploit workers indiscriminate of race color or creed! btw Have you seen these amazing rainbow colored doritos?

I'm not a nazi
You're a victim of false dichotomy

You are retarded, the elections was a show, a spectacle

Not calling you a nihilist. I am calling you a useful idiot that regurgitates liberal talking points. Which is exactly what you are doing.
Go shine your boots soldier, someone might protest the incoming waves of cheap labor we want to exploit that are also easily used to divide the working class. And we can't have a united working class now can we? Think of the profit margins!, Oh wait, you are going there to protest fascism and racism? Right, of course, exactly. Good lad off you go.

that quote is from Gregor Asser you dip

Because whenever the alt-right and white superiority movement does anything it's always the dumbest shit you can imagine. As a result conservatives who are only in it for the money and aren't brainwashed by their own propaganda that they spew realize this and call it out for the retarded glorious uprising it is. But no really, what acttually happend is he a good boy he dindu nuffin anti-fa attacked themselves.


Oh shit can I take it back?
Is it too late to take them back??



Smashies were fucking dude's Challenger with bats, as per usual.

Dude panicked and tries to gtfo. He had a history of anti psychotic med prescriptions. Not going to make the best decisions in stressful dangerous situations.

Ahmed doesnt choose middle of the street and avoid bulk of the crowd when mowing down euro cux.

Top kek, I've been laughing at all the fairy tails neo Nazis on 4chan have been coming up with. I like the "it was a false flag operation because a picture of the driver in bad bad lighting looks like a soilder.

Anyone with the word "bourgeois" in the common parlance of their vocabulary, let alone someobe who uses it that many times in one post, has absolutely nothing in common with the "working class".

I imagine if we shook hands pieces of your skin would rub off on mine like wet toilet paper.

Get a job and live real life a little, son. Once you Have earned you will understand others' adversion to you wanting to take.

Yeah I never bought into that one but nice strawman slide.

Did you see any of the footage? Tyrone whacked his drivers side taillighy for all to see, well bedore he x-cellerated. This was the 3rd or so impact on his vehicle.

You cant in good gonsxious believe he was out for max casualties. He was trying to escape, no more no less.

Cant wait for the salt when he walks

That's not true, we need to use the word bourgeois because it has a specific not intuitive meaning. It does not mean rich people, it means people who own the means of production.
Porkies constantly try to disguise themselves as workers by working along side proles, Using bourgeois counters that.

Dude did you see how the protestors threw themselves in the air?
Did anyone see Heather's dead body, ha didn't think so.
Neo Nazis are people of peace!

He may walk. I think they'll be riots if he does, and it won't be limited to poor black people like it was with the LA Riots. Plenty of liberals see themselves in Heather, which is why you neo Nazis are catching so much hell right now.

Absolute tosh, and nice implied classism. There are places in the world where people from working-class backgrounds can become highly-educated, not to mention that the internet is widely available regardless of class status. Either way this is a leftist board and I'm using leftist lingo, I have no idea what you are on about. I have no idea how this relates to my earlier post anyway.
You have a rich imagination.
'Generate profit for an absentee owner in an arbitrarily hierarchical working environment and you'll see that fighting against those very injustices you face every day is wrong!'

You should have a lurk over there some time. Critical thinking isn't exactly their speciality.

Have you heard of this fancy word called capitalist?

That's because Holla Forums Holla Forums is shills + the_donald refugees
Real Holla Forums (those who never supported Trump) have migrated to endchan

It doesn't distinguish between proles and porky. Capitalist supporters call themselves capitalists.

What's endchan.

The thing is that those that call themselves capitalists (as in non-bourgeois supporters of the economic system) also think that bourgeoisie are the middle/upple middle class as suggested by hellholes such as rationalwiki, wikipedia or any dictionary
Google "bourgeoisie define"
Many people are actually convinced that marxists are against the middle class because of people using rhetoric like you

Capitalist is way more practical

Typical Holla Forums ignorance

Btw ignore the insane guy who posts with redtext and Hitler/GLP avatarfags, he's our local idiot


Doesn't it strike you as odd that your subversive revolutionary Trump is a total kike mr polyp?

Antifa BTFO

How can you be against Nazis killing people when COMMUNISM killed 100 gorillion people with the famines that it is 1000% responsible for?

Because they're dumb. Their purpose is to attack and protest neo-nazis - thereby defending the liberal status quo. They're liberalism's first line of defense, as by only standing up to the far right they are effectively endorsing the day-to-day rule of the center right. Thus the feds don't fear them, as they aren't actually a radical threat to the establishment, but a conservative force.