comrade nagle wrote this article on how Charolettesville is the end ofthe alt right:
is she right?

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We can even consider this victory? The aut right have been defeated over identity politics. That article mentions the cultural left. We never eliminated the cultural marxism meme. We set our bars so low that our victory is nothing but a mere "right idpol is worse than left idpol". This is a Pyrrhic victory.

eh, it'll be harder for them to organize and have events, but I don't think this is the end

Maybe the end of them using that particular moniker but these people will still be out there preaching their same reactionary bullshit under a new name.

sorry but people are too smart for that, the alt right brand is probably screwed for at least 5-15 years just like it was after oklahoma city. By the time it resurfaces america wont even give a shit any more

pretty much. I think this is worse for us in the long run if anything.



She's right that it at least means the death of the current form of right wing identitarianism, which was gaining a considerable amount of traction and most importantly was considered harmless or even just by the popular. No doubt reactionary ideology will re-emerge and become popular again but this particular form just got the final nail in the coffin. The fact that on the internet all its participants show almost no apologetics for their political actions and beliefs only cements this further.

This. Also haven't you notice how the board is spammed with idpol suddently? There is something fishy here. No one here ever called me a nazi but suddently in every antifa thread I get called Holla Forums for calling them out as liberals.

Holla Forums really died for good when Trump won. They believed their own ironic bullshit and turned into echo chamber supreme. That was the logical conclusion , as Trump victory was the conclusion of liberals deciding they already won anyway.

Hubris kills all.

I guess we'll see if she's correct. While I hope she is, it seems like this could very well be wistful thinking. The crises of capitalism are only going to continue to deepen from here on out, and we can't predict what will happen in the future. Things are only going to continue to get more and more radical as this century progresses. Whether or not a revolutionary left can rise to meet the challenges posed to it by capitalism and the state, as well as the far-right, remains to be seen.

More realistically, you gonna get reverse T-d treatement. Everyone will claim to be antifa while still being a consumerist fuck who like personnal migrant servants in their posh home.

You have a killer moment right to explain your ideology (which, even as a reactionnary myself , is probably better that any "le rational skeptic" ) and you squandering it in "punch nazis" platitudes that everyone libeal agree with anyway.

Of course, this was the plan all along. Fascists are always propped up by the ruling class to combat leftism, and having the fascists lose might well be a part of this. Now the good neoliberals like Harris, Booker, et al. can open every speech with references to fighting hate, uniting, overcoming, etc., and never be castigated for being class enemies ever again. Because then you will be accused by the liberal idpollers of breaking the necessary antifascist front with the neoliberals - you are the "alt left".

board is growing 50users/day since charlottesville. i just nailed a youtube vid with 75k views (and growing) promoting leftypol in the description. half/pol/ constantly mentions leftypol in their poopdpants state. trump's "alt-left" will bring in more. expect our numbers to climb rapidly and pbe patient and vigilant w arguing w liberals.

Press S to spit on the alt-shite's grave

No this is the Beer Hall Putsch of the alt right but this time none of their guys died.

Time to go to /marx/?

There is no god

link to the vid blud?

No. Time to integrate libshits. Post threads attacking liberalism, antifascism, democratic activism, etc. and stay there and argue.

I don't see why you should. Continue to make your case here as best you can, and maybe despook some of the new liberal entrants. It's the most good any imageboard activity will ever do. You shouldn't leave until you are banned, or until you can't handle it anymore on a psychological well-being level.

Pretty much this when Trump came into power people invoked the alt right causing the alt right to grow now that he himself on tv said the alt left it will grow.

But also the start of the alt-left/ctrl-left.
Is he right?

I'm not your blud, fliend.


Trump is still in office. Obama left him with the most powerful presidency probably in history. And Trump isn't one to shy away from using power. I think this is all just a prelude to what neo Nazis have in store.

I literally just tried on an antifa thread and I've been called Holla Forums more time than I can count. I spaghettied my self agreeing with a Holla Forums tard because I misread his post. That's not a fucking good start I can't handle liberals. I don't want this board to become shit, I really enjoy this place


You know what to do.


That's pretty bad tbh. Take a step back to chill and watch the Vice docu on Charlottesville. It will remind you that there are in fact nazi's out there that can do with a good bashing, but towards the end of the docu you will also see how the liberals recuperate this to serve their idpol cause. Both actual nazis and left idpol need to be opposed, and you can't let your anger at left idpol turn into sympathy for nazis.

keep calm and argue

Alliance of the extremes is the only vialable way of defeating liberalism tho

I understand that you too cunts are from Holla Forums by the fact that you don't reconize my posting style. I'm the only moderate stalinist on this board and I'm the only one who doesn't speak fluid english. Also if you were here for more than 4 days you'd remember a South Korea ama thread I made, a very succeful thread indeed where I made pretty clear my political position clear. You guys are calling me nazi now
Opposing fascism as you intend (right idpol) is a stupid way to create division and obtaining result like this
I made clear that for me true fascism is the neoliberal imperialism of the us more than anything else

maybe I'm paranoid but

is obviously cointelpro

You are just simply retarded.

Communism isn't "extreme" but "radical."

Who are you trying to fool faggot

Depends. She's not as wrong as the timing and the clickbait title would suggest.

Pepe is not going away and Charlottesville is not going to be some watershed moment, but the trends are real and it's not even the first time she wrote about them.