I though pic related was the "Alt-Left", who are these new faggots parading the term?

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i didnt make it, i got it from here ages ago. Before bunkerchan was a thing


Nobody ever identified as alt left, it's always been centrists trying to horseshoe theory universal healthcare into being the same thing as murdering minorities

is that including the ones just recently?

Poor show fam. THIS is the alt-left.

Trump is alt left now?


a bunch of them were agreeing that NutSac is the Alt-Left


isnt it?

The only person on the left I've ever seen use "alt-left" unironically to describe themselves was that YouTube socdem Kyle Kulinski and it was only once where he said "maybe I'll start an alt left"…

I'd say this image isn't half bad, except for the neutral-gun control and neutral-intellectual property points.

With the exception of intellectual property (I think it should be abolished), that just about perfectly describes my beliefs.

So now TYT are saying alt-left, and saying it has been circulating the underground internet for a while. [1:30]
I wonder if he is referring to shitposting here?


was that TYT? (the channel was you kipper) if it is that's the first thing i've watched of theirs. that wasnt bad.
He said that "you regularly see it" and i dont think it's been that common here.


anti-"fossil fuels"
fossil fuels are a meme
they are just as renewable as groundwater
its mother earths shits


Jesus fuck what a massive trashcan

I thought this was the alt-left.

what the fuck is transgender rights? are those different from civil rights?

literally what?

All hail the democratically elected prophet Vladimir Stirner Al-Assad and his disciple, Bernie Sanders. Long live the antifa. Long live the Alt-Left.

Just call it 'reddit-left' or 'muh idpol'

Having the law do your bidding when you remove other peoples rights.


no. the exact opposite, giving so much of a shit to attack anyone based on identity, that's idpol.
and prioritizing indiscriminately anyone based on identity. that's idpol.
not giving a fuck and leaving them their individuality and liberties while welcoming all and their individually experienced class exploitation and discrimination is not idpol. that's pro worker.

Wait, are there actually politically interested people who don't believe in gun rights? Explain yourself, I've never met one.

How are you supposed to kill burglars?