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Good opportunity for 1980's Soviet Union edit.

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The only thing funny about this cartoon is that Ben STILL thinks that Trump is anti-war.

Is this where you say something about a broken watch?

Is that supposed to be Obama on the front? Why is he so T H I C C? Despite being a fairly fit guy, I seem to remember Ben regularly drawing him as a pencil necked skeleton.

Where's Bush? You know, the guy who started all that?

let's be honest here, this all started when the US started to think neoliberalism was unrionically a good idea. you can't blame Bush.

America has been on the warpath since the Soviet Union fell.

so essentially it started in the Reagan years?

yes. The same could be said for Thatcher too. It's no coincidence that the US and UK are butt-buddies in globalist imperialism.

No. That's crony porky.

The stopped clock idiom?

Remove Trump and you've got a pretty legit political comic. A shame Ben's such a class cuck, and is oblivious to Trump's neoliberalism, otherwise he'd get the right message across.

I was confused about the guy in the wheelchair until I saw the subtle "VET" label on him. Who do you think the guy on the horse is? Ben didn't label him, so I'm stumped.

I guess we'll never know

I think it's Dr. Doom. What Ben's saying here is that he grew up with the Fantastic Four and wishes they were here to solve this dilemma. It's really a very sad, touching glimpse into the pure innocent idealism of Garrison's mind.

How far up your ass you americans are? You got balls. You consider yourself victims of this war. I can't understand how 2k dead soldiers is something scandalous when you fucking ruined a continent with your bullshit. Literally everyone but americans are the victims here.

We are the center of the universe, didnt you know?

He's wearing black and carrying a farming tool, so perhaps he's a worker in mourning. I think it might be commentary on how war adversely affects workers. Perhaps he's even the father of the legless vet. I don't know, though. Ben's stuff gets real esoteric at times.

It's not even a large number compared to the likes of Vietnam. This doesn't standardize for the length of the war either.


I hate counting CSA deaths as US.

'CAMPAIGN PROMISES ?' in thought bubble look like a placeholder that he forgot about and left in

choke on a dick

he didn't say any of that

That civil war count doesn't make sense. The absolute lowest for all war dead is 620k, with 700k being the upper estimate. KIA is only 200k, and union war dead is 360k.

yes he does.

That was easy.
Ben Garrison sometimes comes so close, yet so far…

Lel, trump is actively trying to start a war with iran

I'll note, he's actively pushing against the advice of cabinet members who are THEMSELVES Iran hardliners in pursuit of a war with Iran

Yeah you motherfucker
Not if you started the fucking war. You think europeans are not paying the price of your bullshit too? Manchester bombing is on you guys
I'm not an egoitistical piece of shit and I lived in a country were the consequence of your expansionism affected me personally. So fuck your bullshit. I'm sorry for the working class of your country so cucked by every fucking union slayer you, tyour parents and your grandparents voted. But at least don't act like the main victims of the disaster you caused.

It doesn't piss me off that more Americlaps didn't die but what actually pisses me off that these people are drops in a fucking bucket.
How many people has America killed in war? How many people has America killed in the name of "freedom" when it's imperialism? How many people have Americans killed in total? How many people have been injured or maimed or traumatized or raped by Americans?Including indigenous Americans and colonized people.

I like how he doesn't give a shit about all the Afghans who died, it seems to be a theme in his cartoons that American deaths are the only deaths that warrant any attention.

I guess if wars could be solely fought with drones and robots on the cheap, he wouldn't have any problem.

How is the veterinary sector affected by the war in Afghanistan?

Damn, Ben is really making some hardcore references here.

I think he's saying that it cut off the import of Afghan hounds.

not your personal army tbh

What a comrade.

Read motherfucker


What's it like to be part of the labor aristocracy, m8?

then I added that I'm sorry for the working class. It's a case of bad semantics. My bad

It's alright.

I'm sorry for the shit that's happened though. Hopefully the perpetrators will get theirs.

Oh shit I have a poster of that first image!

without the noose I hope?

sage for offtopic

2000 thousand seems to be an odd number to harp on

more people died in the troubles and that was essentially just a load of gangsters with third world weaopons

I never thought I would see a rational Ben Garrison cartoon.


A shame Ben Garrison is Ben Garrison, a fairly widely held opinion.

Trump is displeased with the lack of progress in Afghanistan and is interested in a strategic pivot. He has suggested mineral based imperialism and possible withdrawal. He has expressed interest in firing the commander there and replacing him with McMaster. McMaster et al want a troop surge. That's the internal conflict in the Executive Branch.