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I like these ones a lot.

they are quite cringey tbqh


To each their own. I like that they're silly and lighthearted, and that they cleanly state spooks. I guess the Anime part is kind of cringe? Just cartoons tho.

A drawing of Stirner that I made today.

I have read all (except all of Das Kapital just the first vol) of those books you're comparing Stirner to and Stirner is better at bashing ideology than all of these.
Marx has a solid economical theory through but that doesn't means he is better, at all. They're both unique, Marx being a little more ideological, not fully himself, Stirner having none, fully himself.

Typical mistakes. Read the books posted here and the ones you listed.

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Living the dream


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Someone please explain the milkman meme to me. Pretty please? I think I was away on holiday when that happened.

Stirner spent his inheritance on a milk shop cooperative.
Baked Alaska got his eyes burned and started begging for milk during the white nationalist rally.

These makes Stirner look like an asshole/sociopath, which is exactly what his ideology converges to.

Personal empathy is an emotion, a pure uncorrupted feeling deep down. "Objective" morality however is just a lie and construct designed to control the hivemind. Objective morality is different from culture to culture because like many things we call objective they are actually just constructs shaped by the unseen hand of state and religious agenda.

We have been constructing mental structures for centuries. It's something natural as well.

But so is restraint, guilt, and respect.
He seems to see respect as something always submissive, which it is not.

I'd argue that morale comes from these feelings, and not the other way around.

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Is 4'33 the ultimate Stirnerite symphony, considering harmony is a spook ?


life in communism
or France tbh

Then Sprudo fell asleep and all its wine was taken away by some random fellow because it was his property.
Spurdo bike was also taken - not stolen, of course. He had to walk several hours to go back to his home. Which was then squatted by anarcha-feminist who gladly invited him in her property, except that now dozens of posters about walls.

Spurdo then suicided. Such is life in egoist Utopia.


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Stirner-chan is cute. CUTE!

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Best thread.

Holy shit guys, if you post anything even slightly anti-work on social media people lose their fucking minds. Even in supposedly "socialist" spaces, people just don't understand the reality of wage labor in capitalist society and get mad as fuck when you advocate the rejection of it. People start talking about "responsibility to society" "equal contribution" and all sorts of absolute ideology.
How the fuck do we unspook these chumps?


they're wagecucks fam. these are good slaves they don't think about themselves even for a moment, they're capable of much more wealth but they choose to oppress themselves to the wage, they do think thats what they rightfully "deserve" I say let them be retarded if they wish to be retarded, it's not your responsibility to make them conscious if you don't want to. If they're your friends however do so for the benefit of you all.

We need more

Saving all these spooky things. Thanks fam


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agreed rule 34 only has 2 and both are pretty shitty art of Max sucking himself off. Needs proper r34 Max was a very handsome man, he has much more potential for erotic art.


union of egoists baby

So user said they were going to make an audiobook, what happened to that?

Basically Stirner and Marx were part of the "Young Hegelians" a group of leftist intellectuals who were interested in deconstructing the old state (which was theoretically based on nonsensical religious power) and creating an egalitarian utopia based on freedom and reason. Marx was a Young Hegelian but drifted away from them as he became more interested in materialism and the role that plays in driving society than any sort of rationalism. Stirner was also a Young Hegelian, but drifted away in his own way.
Stirner's egoism started as a deconstruction of capitalism, and that the proletariat was only subservient to the whims of the upper classes because of their dedication to intangible ideas that had no more force than ghosts, hence the term "spooks". Thus, with egoism, there was no real reason why the working class shouldn't just rise up and take control of the means of production for themselves.This really won over Marx and Engels, who saw egoism as being in line with the whole "workers of the world unite" thing. However, Stirner basically dismissed them with "lol communism is gay," pointing out that workers owe as little to other workers as they do their employers, and that a communist society is just as much a spook-driven collective as a capitalist society. Ultimately, Stirner declared himself to be the One True Anarchist, while Marx and Engels published a massive butthurt TL;DR denunciation of Stirner.

I suggested to her to make an Audiobook of Stirner's Critics since it's way shorter.
Audiobooks ain't easy to make tbh. It's a fuck loads of recording.

It's not that he rejects socialist theory but rather the sacred form/view socialism, the "humanist", the one of "man", etc. He elavorates well in Stirner's Critics.
Yeah, we know most of what you said just by reading his Wikipedia entry but if you want to know more about the Milkman read "Mackay - Max Stirner - His Life and His Work" It elaborates much more on his life. On the life of Johann Kaspar Schmitt.

I would upload the .pdf by my internet is super slow right now.

And I finally finished with all Stirner. Everything. Every book I posted.

I never agreed with someone more holy shit.

Post yfw the poster-child of Anarkiddies, the Commune, had nationalistic roots.

You've read a total of ~250 pages. Congratulations.

Fat Stirner is best Stirner


This goes way too far

Man… Max Stirner was in a Debtor Prison twice. Holy shit. Capitalism fucked him over.

I can't believe Debtor Prisions existed. Some still do in some places, hell even in the US. Such bullshit. Porky must die.'_prison

The story of Johann is sad and cute at the same time. His final days were sad as fuck, poverty ridden, hard late life due to Capitalism like most Young Hegelians but his Pseudonym "Max Stirner" was his school nickname.

Because he had a huge forehead. "Stirn" means Forehead in German. "Max Forehead". He found it funny so he made it his Pseudonym, what a cool ass dude. ♥


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I see what ideology you removed in that image.
I consider it an anarchism too. Not the tumblr type but more so the original type, the anarch one.

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A Bio & some other book by a fan of the milkman.

Creator of your first image here. Your image isn't the original; I made that in response to the guy whom you responded to. I also made pic related.

ah ok. anyway the thing that Strner hates communism is bs. Sacred Socialism yes. idk what was going through your brain but you didn't read Striner Critics before doing it.

this dude didn't read stirner critics I mean

He was nothing like that. Although it's funny.

Reading his Bio especially the part of his deadly infection makes me sad af. Makes me wish he was immortal I would have liked to have met him, at least once in my life. He was a pretty down to earth guy, authentic as fuck, a great friend who never hid anything about his personality. I'm sure he coped very calmly with death. Stirner was always described (usually) as a cool and collected man.
He was not really like our memes depict him he was actually very calm & usually polite. When he broke up with Marie he stayed cool headed, in fact Marie broke up because they were becoming poorer, but Marie didn't stop loving him, she left a sad af "I still love you but I can't remain here because I'm obviously an economical weight upon you" farewell to the love of his life for a job as a teacher in London. Stirner was also aware that poverty was getting to him after the best years of his life passed, like a bunch of the Young Hegelians he faced the worst of Capitalism.

Physically he was slim, slightly lean. With semi curled blonde hair and blue eyes, with a huge brow (from there the pseudonym & nickname in school: Max Stirn-er) Max Forehead-er, he is described as handsome and with beautiful aristocratic-esque slender hands, he usually had a smile on his face (which is what the meme gets correct). He wore silvery round glasses, dressed like a upper-class 1800s professor because he was in fact a Teacher for most of his life. Therefore always poor/working class, obviously.

Max Stirner life was… good. But most of his enjoyment was later on limited by Capitalism. It's so fucking sad seeing the unique defeated.
And I really don't know how he felt about it, he at least got done the work of his life "The Ego & It's Own/The Unique & It's Property" but I can't help it but feel terribly bad for him. His death came fast…

I would like to know if dying at 49 was common in the 1800s. I know that it was common to watch your relatives die of sickness in front of your eyes in older times but damn…





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Stirner would have liked it, he was pretty based.



Are there any memes with Stirner despooking Christians?

thats (not) funny

My favorite Stirner meme is the one where he's running over porky in a tank while porky screams about the NAP

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Are we still pretending he wasn't Engels' heteronym trollsona?

Should have used a new color keyed to "Property", dude.

Does anyone has newest translation of The Unique and Its Property in ebook format, also we should create IRC (discord is fucking spooked). I have created a channel #stirner on Rizon.

Isn't the idea of a social construct in of itself socially constructed?
Always thought that was the case. Anyone can elaborate on the matter?


sorry, I have put my question wrong way, I meant ebook friendly format such as epub, rtf, doc, txt, mobi etc. Anything but not pdf or djvu as they cannot be reflown and are bitch to be read on Kindle.


He is Demiurge from Overlord.

his hair was blonde tho description here:

I made the image with a ghost icon; some nigger put a hammer and sickle in its place.

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Probably some Holla Forumstard who hasn't read Stirner.


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