Jason got a new book out


Anybody going to read it?

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In a while. In all honestly Jason needs a proofreader, his grammar is appalling.

Try reading his memoir. It's atrocious. My 6th grade writing was less clunky and error-filled.

Don't be such a snob, presentation is not the measure of quality. Have you tried Banks' Feersum Endjinn?

Jason is honestly only really useful for defending North Korea, but then again even Jimmy Dore does that.

Read the PDF I linked. Roo's writing hardly qualifies as "quality".

Is Jason retarded? Do his other books read like this, and are they worth reading?

Some other time. I'm just suiting up for several hours of physical exercise.

How does this pass for a sellable book?

Grammar, punctuation, and style are spooks.

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Mind me asking, how do you have a PDF of this guy's shitty book?

As you appear to have never done any manual labour involving oily mechanical parts ever, I presume you must be a woman. So…

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No. I'm a guy and I work as a fry cook.

Why are tankies such fucking brainlets?

Is this book any better grammar/style wise?

He knows his shit more than most YouTube leftists (FinnBol being one of the few exceptions).

Roo was always a one-trick pony. The only reason why his older videos (the ones he made between 2011 to early 2014) are "good" is because his then-friends (the people whom he brought up during his debate with /r/soc that ditched him to join RAIM) ghostwrote his scripts.

Take a look at these and tell me this doesn't sound like his usual writing:




Now he's only known for dogmatically defending the DPRK. Just look at nearly every single video he did in his "Response Week": something like 5/7 of them were about the DPRK. Why? One of us sent him a video of Vivek Chibber demolishing the Turd Worldist argument via Twitter in hopes he'd respond, but Roo never did.

If Roo were legit, wouldn't his knowledge of theory be more expansive?

Why are your hands so dirty?

How can someone be so self-serious when their entire life is such a joke?

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Roo has a paper-thin ego. Anything drives him up the wall.

I shit you not, I looked up "ling" before I got it.

And the crowd goes wild.

See what I mean? He can't write for shit and yet he styles himself as a god-tier theorist.

Scroll down to page 104 for the interested.

why did he even write this?

Money probably.

If this came from him, he can't even format fucking paragraphs correctly. This is eye-straining just to skim.

He didn't get her pregnant though.

sure sweetie

Don't mess with the Roo.

Damn this reads like an autistic detective novel.

no we he makes money off of this

Yes but he was going to be a potential father none the less.

Actually spat stuff out reading this. But I shouldn't have been eating it in the first place.

Praise Roo, diet guru.


There is ZERO doubt in my mind Roo's earlier video scripts were written by a ghostwriter (or ghostwriters). I remember he used to be friends with Klaas Velija aka Klaas Brown who was active in RAIM before he went awol. Everyone knew Klaas as a very smart guy who was very well-versed in theory, so I'm guessing it was him who wrote the bulk of Roo's "better" vids.

A barely literate autistic detective novel written from the perspective of an absolute mad man.

He mentions the whole thing here:

To add: he gets the narrative wrong. RAIM was formed before the LLCO, and there is even an old Youtube channel called "RAIM Denver" where you can clearly hear Prairie Fire's voice.


Notice the date: 2009, a year before the LLCO was officially founded.

wtf I love Unruhe now

Roo is a closeted NAZBOL after all.

He needs an editor.


And the supervisor still hasn't returned to this day.

After all, why would he want to incriminate himself?


Was tweaking the drive train on my bicycle, iirc.

Son, you are a homosexualist.

BO, please ban all these filthy imperialists who are talking shit about our Glorious Leader Chairman Unruhe.


Yeah Chibber would be very easy for a Third Worldist to debunk.

Faggot needed to get his hands dirty to "prove" he is a working man. Lol

This is a troll, right?

And Dore is much better at it.

He has done more for Leftists than I ever will :c


To be fair it was his first book and Jason obviously never received high education. He learned everything in an autodidactic way. I don't see why people make fun of him, he has put a lot of work into all this stuff. It's mostly his attitude I assume.

something something mudpie


Roo's more intellectual vids were ghostwritten by a RAIM member named Klaas who used to be good friends with Jason.

If you think he is so abhorrent, go debate him. He's better at debates than fucking Muke, that's for sure. Why attack fellow Marxists on YouTube that even made it to Press TV? It's not like we can be choosy with dozens of +100k subs YouTubers like the alt-right.

He also plagiarized his really old vids from WSWS. He was caught several times and did nothing.

Is there proof for that? I don't know, so much shit is being claimed about Jason, that he raped an killed a girl and such, I have no idea what to believe anymore. Sometimes I think all these rumors are spread by Jason himself to make him more popular.

Was just making banter. Hes a smart guy even if he goes off the rails once in a while.

Watch the videos I linked in that post. Jason uses correct grammar, university-tier vocabulary, makes note of non-Marxist thinkers like Rousseau and Barbara Tuchman, and presents his arguments eloquently.

Now watch his recent vids and see how sloppy he is, how he stumbles several times, presents things in a heavily oversimplified manner, has a 5th grade level vocabulary, etc.

I know this, because I used to talk to Klaas myself years ago, albeit briefly. He and I were in a few of the same FB groups, and he was very on-point and well-read. Knowing how he and Jason used to be close back in the day, I'm almost certain Klaas wrote most of Jason's better vids.

every letter jason types puts communism another day away

what was the context on this?

Couldn't this also be explained that he used to make more theory/history videos back in the day while his current channel format is mainly news orientated? I mean it's not certainly not unlikely that what you said happened. Not sure if this is such a bad thing though, when you grow up as white trash (there are old videos of him where he claims people in the neighborhood attacked him, he worked in some trashy gas station, he had to visit a friend for internet connection etc.), you can't be expected to be a philosopher. I actually think he's smart, he's just kinda uneducated.

He needs a ghostwriter.

He already had a ghostwriter a few years back.

Not sure because even his news videos from 2011-early 2014 were much better in terms of style, him applying Marxist theory to news, and so on.

On another note, this might also explain his attitude towards most other leftist YouTubers, especially towards the kind of Muke or Ba'atko. As somebody who truly is working class, went through a lot of shit, arduously collecting subs over the last 7 years, and getting attacked a lot, white smug middle-class must trigger the hell out of him.

Well he completely reduced his appliance of Marxist theory to vulgar reductionist Third Worldism.

Muke is actually working class too. Same with anarchopac. The only difference is, the former two are educated whereas Jason is not.

I think you're right about Jason being a high school dropout. He implies that in his autobiography when asked about his education. Still though, lack of *formal* education doesn't mean all that much since there are those who can learn how to write very well without professional training.

I can understand why Third Worldism would appeal to edgy teenagers, or someone who's First Nations or Mexican, but I just don't get why anyone theoretically strong would take up such a moronic way of thinking. It has little relation to actual Marxism, is rooted in PoMo horseshit like postcolonialism, is entirely undialectical, and is pretty much idpol for black and brown people.

I think you are strawmanning MTW there. I think it's more based on economic exploitation, superextraction and the such, and taking in account the materialist base presupposing revolution historically and combines that with Mao's dialectic of contradictions. You are right that it attracts a lot of IdPol PoMo types but the theory itself isn't grounded in that.

I'm not MTW myself, but I know that Jason just represents it in a very simplistic, vulgar way. I don't think he does genuine MTWs a favor by calling the janitor of 9/11 a filthy labor aristocrat who deserved it. That's retarded.

Superexploitation is pretty dubious. The real killer of MTW is how it ultimately relies on "world essentialism" (to coin a new term), in the sense where it either ignores or overshadows contradictions which exist within each world. For instance, if you believe imperialism is the only thing which matters *at this moment* why not support third world leaders like Modi, Erdogan, etc.? They certainly buddy up to the west a lot but at the same time they're nationalists first and foremost.

I also think Roo does the theory no good when he presents it as "only the most *backwards* nations do revolution". But then, he props up countries like India, Iran, Brazil, basically the BRICs gang with Iran, Venezuela, and the Philippines thrown in. These countries are hardly the "most backwards", in fact BRICs and Iran are arguably Second World similar to Greece and Spain. If he were ideologically consistent, wouldn't he be placing all his bets on countries that are total backwater like the Sahel countries, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Haiti? Granted, most of these countries are still highly tribal.

You are right, Roo is a terrible representative of any theory.

The way I understand is that superexploitation doesn't necessarily refer to the amount of value that it exploited, that would be indeed anti-Marxist, since the LTV implies that exploitation grows over time the more developed an economy gets. If we are just looking at the value (as opposed to human misery), First Worlders are actually more exploited than Third Worlders. However, superexploitation is a concept that is valid when imperialist exploitation pretty much denies the national bourgeoisie the accumulation and reinvestment cycles which is the backbone of capitalist development due to the extraction of profits to another country, therefore, these countries need national liberation first as interests of the proletariat and the national bourgeoisie align in this very moment only to be immediately being opposed to each other once national liberation has been achieved (Mao's concept of unity and struggle). And most communist revolutions of the 20th century actually went down this say. I don't think anybody should take this as an dogmatic guide to action, but more of an observation. For example im Cuba, they skipped that part of national liberation entirely, however, even that revolution had petit bourgeois elements.
They are both imperialists a MTW would argue. Modi fucks over Maoists in Nepal and Erdogan is in the NATO and meddles in Syria.
If heard him saying he thinks revolution is possible in Second World countries too. Second World in the Maoist sense, not in the sense of the former Eastern Bloc states.
That sadly seems to be true. Whenever he tries to defend his position he just yells "MUH PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CONTRADICTION" without explaining it, and even Mao himself said that dogma like that is bad as struggle must be shaped from experience.

This is the exact problem Roo runs into. For all his talk about "recognizing that the world has changed", Jason appears totally stuck in the 20th century in terms of praxis. His theory relies only on the Maoist way of revolution and doesn't take into account how feasible it would be today.

That doesn't mean much, considering how national liberation leaders of the past fucked over communists too (think Gaddafi, Nasser). Modi and Erdogan are hardline nationalists and religious traditionalists who make it a thing to oppose the late capitalist superstructure (i.e. nihilism, superficiality, "becoming western") without opposing the late capitalist base (neoliberalism). The problem is, in any scenario where you have bourgeois participation in government you will see said country get taken over by global capital. Venezuela dun goofed by not going socialist enough to the point where the failures of the global oil market caused the crisis their country faces today. Iran was never able to divorce itself entirely from imperialism (since it was still selling oil to the US after 1979 and has decent relations with other imperialist states) plus urban Iranian culture is almost entirely consumerist and a carbon copy of the West. If national liberation means liberation of the body AND mind from imperialist influence, then calling Iran "nationally liberated" is a fucking joke.

Which doesn't mean much given that his entire conception of "the second world" is also dubious. Greece is "second world" because it is poor, yet 200 years ago Greece was basically the "Israel" of the Balkans, serving as a western Christian client state surrounded by the Ottomans. Likewise, many Muslims still consider Spain to be their rightful territory and see Spain's continued existence as a form of social imperialism.

Agreed 100%.

True, and once "national liberation" is achieved this antagonism leads to immediate class struggle, similar how it was with the Vietminh in Vietnam. Of course, this is always a walk on the razors edge, since the nationalists (as in, the national bourgeoisie) may just outright purge you before you can even react. In Mao's case, the despite the massacre the Koumintang committed on the communists in the 20s, it was still the lesser evil considering the threat of imperialist Japan which waged a genocidal war on China. I think in the case of WWII, this made total sense. However I believe the situation in every case must be carefully analyzed and stances of communists should never be knee-jerk dogmatism.
Iran is a little bit of a special case, as I think their population is more western and progressive than their government would it like to be, which is guaranteed to create antagonisms (have you seen the movie "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" ?), but in the end I believe the Persian people would rather support their government in terms of foreign policy, simply because the US is such a fucking bully. I'm not so sure how consumerist they truly are, I have never been there, but I do like Iranians, and if it wasn't for their theocratic government that outlaws communists, a potential legal communist party in Iran would be quite recognizable. I personally hope they eventually overthrow their Ayatollas all together and return to their Zoroastrian roots.
lmao, is this true? Do some Muslims unironcially say that?

Not always the case. Believing in something this deterministic is dangerous, especially today when the NB of colonized countries almost always benefits from global capital in some form or another. China and India are full of millionaires, for instance, who are all in bed with western millionaires. Palestinian elites willingly go along with Israel over their own people.

I personally believe the Maoist form of revolution is highly outdated. Zizek is correct in saying that at this point, because capitalism has become a global system and the line between "exploiter nations" and "exploited peoples/nations" is growing finer, any resistance to capitalism must also be global and based on universal values. Something like Democratic Confederalism seems like the ideal model since it's not tied to any kind of nationalist struggle but is ultimately based on the principle of unification of all nations.

Iran is just one example but there are many others. Not to mention, how "Americanized" a population may be isn't really an indicator of how much capitalism dominates them. India is still very traditional in a lot of ways, same with South Korea and Japan, yet all of these countries are entirely capitalistic. Same thing with the Arab Gulf States.

Serous talk tho, he actually is mildly autistic, isn't he?

To my knowledge, he's schizo. He's talked about having delusions before, claims he can "hear" his Saami ancestors or some shit.

So, non-medicated then? Doesn't Canadian UHC include mental care?

In Canada, all medication is provided through your employer.

That nigger just spent £250 on a microphone. Working class kids don't have that kind of disposable for items that a pure luxury.

Kek! Anarchopac is practically what I'd expect to see if you look up "pampered middle-class manchild". Working class kids don't get dragged to the psychologist after a rough divorce. I certainly didn't. That's the exclusive preserve of the chattering classes.

ARE a pure luxury.

No. I vaguely recall anarchopac stating he grew up working class in one of his videos.

Muke bought his new mic through donations I believe.

I know that people are saying the grammar is bad, but is the theory good. Also when was the last time Muke of BadMouse wrote a fucking book.

There's plenty of garbage books out there. Writing a book doesn't necessarily mean *writing* a book.

'Everyone has a book in them.. In most cases, that's where it should stay.'

The obese liberal pseudo-Marxist Unruhe should never have attempted to write a fucking this; it's embarrassing.

Don't believe that claim is true for a second

Muke, last time I checked, gets $62/month in Patreon donations. He's had that, what, less than six months?

Why don't you believe him?

I've already told you why.

What makes you think the psychologist isn't part of the NHS?

Daily reminder that unlike 99% of other marxist theorists Jason is actually working class. Please respect him.

That's not what I said.


9:00 - During a decent rant about Amerikan imperialism, he STILL finds a reason to go after his personal enemies.

Grow the fuck up Roo. You're almost 40.

Wew, i wonder how it compares to Bukharin's work: marxists.org/archive/bukharin/works/1927/leisure-economics/

no comparison. Bukharin was a chump with wrong theory, Roo is a hero.

Are you like 14 years old? Im not even joking.

what is this anti-marxist bullshit. How horrid that Muke saved up for a good mic. They dont have controll over the means of production and they sell their labour power for vages (atleast Muke does, I dont know much about Anarchopac). They are proles you dipshit.


Nothing wrong with Ebegging.

The autistic spurge in this thread sums up exactly how I think anyone who unironically likes Jason is.

He's making a good point in that video.
He still and autist tho.

you know muke has an actual job right?


you guys really are just fucking sargonites aren't you?

I don't get why he's so obsessed with attacking other Marxists. It's one thing to critique someone's political program, but Roo goes off on an emotionally-driven rant every time he brings up the "New York Maoists" or RCP or whatever. He obviously has some kind of history with these groups or else he wouldn't find any reason possible to keep attacking them.


He has a summer job while he's away from university. He's not finanically dependent on selling his labour, in that the bank of Mum and Dad will bail him out of he gets into trouble. If what I hear about what he's studying and where are true, his experience of the grinding lash of the capitalist system will also be temporary; a brief taste of the degredation forced upon the masses to make him aware of the later benefience granted to him…

See, much as doesn't want to admit, if all the middle-class hipster faggots who join the commie society at uni to those beliefs, we'd already have a revolutionary army poised to strike. Oddly, the improved material conditions granted to the western labour aristorcracy has this funny habit of of shifting the recipients politics to the right…


I know right?

Where is the retardation? Point it out.

He needs to remove his own testicles so he never reproduces.

Don't think queer theory is his bag, tbh.

So apparently, according to his new video, he just re-formulated the arguments of Bukharin against the Austrian School.

AKA he's a lazy fuck who can't come up with a single original idea.

I'm considering buying it. Do you think it will put me on some fbi list?

To be fair. That's pretty funny.

Well is Unrhue is probably an FBI agent in disguise so yes

He's Canadian…



Good for you being subtle, Jason.


Someone make a wiki page for Roo.