Double think?

How can alt-right consider Trump their spiritual leader when his daughter is Jewish and Trump is Zionist who is also pondering to the Islamist Saudi Arabia?

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8pol doesnt, i think, at this point
4pol is just retards

Fascists, despite their rhetoric, are primarily concerned with restoring profitability to the capitalist system. They actually don't care all that much about anything else.

"Antisemitic Zionists"

this, they are just neoliberals disguised as traditionalists.

But what about the nazis at the Charlottesville march? I am very much sure that they are influenced by pol or andrew anglin or the like.

This tbh.
Fascists have an amazing ability to come up with rationalizations for their actions/beliefs as tools for propaganda. But what is amazing is that they are then able to convince themselves of their own fabrication.
A great show of this is the interview of a nazi after the charlottesville event:

So nazis don't care about race and traditionalism. They are simply capitalists?

pic related is the like.

Yes. This was well known at the time. Liberal historians have tried to portray Hitler as some kind of hateful bigot who tricked all the poor, uneducated Germans into supporting him when it was the well-heeled and highly educated bourgeoisie who backed him in the first place.

Why fight France and UK? For money and colonies?

You're confusing "alt right" with Holla Forums, trs, or whoever.
That being said, the party-line in Holla Forums is that Trump can do no wrong.

That might be a good angle of attack since modern day full/pol/ seems to secretly hate capitalism, but it appears to be historically inaccurate.

You should read "the rise and fall of the third reich" for just general history of Nazism and how it gained power. Obviously Not Socialism is a unique brand of fascism, but Italy, Hungary and Romania when down similar roots so the book is a good touchstone nonetheless. Also The Wages of Destruction is a good book to look at how the German economy evolved under Nazis.
Basically the state worked with and gave power to the capitalist and Junker (old nobility) classes both before and during the war. Worker's pay went down (inb4 some naziposter saying "oh wages went up", yeah not when you take into account those paychecks were taken and put into vacation/retirement funds that were constantly raid by the government for military spending especially on the navy), unions were crush, and workers worked longer hours in harsher conditions. Basically they shit on every working class German alive.

Because the Mefo loans were coming due and it was easier to try and take over the loan holders than pay them back with no money.

Not Socialism -> Nat Socialism

Did you just find out?

When I refer to alt right I don't just mean pol I also mean people like spencer and anglin etc.

Didn't you ever think that it was a bit too convenient for all of Hitler's allies to be "aryan" (honorary or otherwise) while all of their enemies were untermenschen or mongrels? It was just post-hoc rationalization of geopolitical reality.

That guys fucking lisp

fascism is not about being ideologically coherent, but about paranoia and fear of an all powerful evil enemy scapegoat.

So Hitler was lying to the entire planet with the exception of one of his earlier colleges who wanted to hear his leftists ideas in an echo chamber? hmmm really gets my neurons sparkin’. I guess the massive passages in Mein kampf and in speeches arguing against Marxism and communism are really just white lies.
Kek, the congo, American natives, Armenians, Dzungars?
I don't think I've read a piece of historical revisionism that was this unabashedly shameless ever before.

She isn't. Her "conversion" wasn't valid in the least. If she were serious, she would 1. cover her collar bones, 2. cover her elbows, 3. wear long skirts covering her knees and/or skirts which just miss the knee albeit with stockings, 4. cover her hair, 5. denounce her family's wealth and history of making money in a very unkosher fashion.

I give her some credit though because she is a lot less evil than her dad.

t. Torah-observant Jewish woman who follows tznius

His son in law and grand-kids are still Jewish, though.

Inaccurate my ass. That article is filled to the brim with shit, I've had lolbergs link it to me in the past to "confirm" Hitler was a socialist. It repeatedly cites "Hitler Speaks" which has been disregarded by several historians. The author also repeatedly claims socialism out right calls for genocide.

Ivanka isn't Jewish so the kids aren't.

Also, Kushner strikes me as a faker. He doesn't wear a kippah or tzitzit.

Until a few weeks ago at least, criticizing Trump was bannable on 8/pol/.

But his doughtier has converted to Judaism long time a go and up until the elections Trump was shilling for Hillary and the democrats!

Does muh bourgeois capitalists ring any bells?

Does the alt-right even have something that resemble a doctrine except being the edgiest motherfuckers in town


I'm pretty sure that's part of the contrarianism. Half of them are not even white

Killing communists and anarchists.

Funny thing is that many of those idiots are slavic…

Doubt it, majority of them are armchair generals who usually only vocally complain

Why call 'white nationalist' then?

But that's perfectly consistent actually

Because it's all they have in their entire lives and god fucking damn it they're going to cling to it because god knows nobody is going to go be nice to them and give them something else to care about and they're not going to go looking for it either.

Dude 4D chess lmao

It's kind of Ironic that Southern Europeans - Italy, Portugal, Spain -,who modern nazis hate, were the only ones to go fascist on their own terms, and the Nazis had to physically invade the homes of the "Northern Ubermensch"

almost as funny as the fact that literal Aryans are middle eastern and literal caucasians are Eurasian and MiddleEastern - so the people the nazis held up as Aryan overlords had essentially nothing to do with Aryans and the nazis would have been throwing actual Aryans and Caucasians into camps.

Ivanka's rabbi is now denouncing her dad.



criticizing the superstructure of society (capitalism) and it's effects on everyone ≠ vague, edgy idpol where capitalism is cool as long as it's not done by the guys with big noses

kek. i didn't even know this show was still on

Thank you!

The soup ended two years ago, dunno how that fits into this timeline.

Tbh Holla Forums is largely unconcerned/divided when it comes to economic models. Their uniting factors are social/cultural values.

Is it? As far as I have noticed many of them are so called libertarians with very small part of them actually being , what Mussolini defines as corporatist

Yup, that's exactly try it. If you notice, especially on Twitter, some have started calling themselves "National Capitalists."

nazis being inconsistent and acting retarded? oh wow, i never noticed