They're actually raiding the .pl site AGAIN


They never even stopped raiding it from last time lol.

They must be populated by people paid to post on Holla Forums, that's been my theory about this all along.

They can't really get real people to post there constantly, it's a potemkin village that falls apart once it has to do tasks its not getting paid to do

That genuinely makes it that much funnier.

Holy shit, how dumb can these idiots be


LOL I remember tryna post there back when I was new to Holla Forums. Took me long enough to realize I was on the wrong board.


I spent like two weeks there thinking it was the real place and making in-depth responses to Holla Forumsak race realism threads. I thought I was being the saviour of leftypol before I realised I was being just as retarded as them.

Same, but I checked the dates on the post and was like "wait a second…"
Took me 2 minutes to realise, yet Holla Forums has been raiding it for months

Have a pic afroplasm

The existence of /ptg/ is proof of this.

We're all a little retarded sometimes.

Those this make a difference? There has been a dip in quality in the last few days on this board. A real fucking deep dip.

Poland is the greatest defender of Communism

Dopest image I've ever seen in my life.

Same here
The saddest part was I had posted on Holla Forums before but I mostly stayed on 4chan and I was just retarded

Are you calling me a manlet

Are you calling me a manlet

One day we'll check our little decoy there, and it'll have developed into its own community, completely separate from ours, like some parallel universe thing.


holy shit hahaha

can't be as retarded as actually going to Holla Forums

it'll never wash off of me, will it?

It's just Holla Forumstard rapefugees and know-nothing liberals whose only internet experience is on reddit and fagbook that want to find some place that actually has answers.

Lmao stfu