Why by human?

Given the choice, I have to know. Why put up with being human or a fully organic being? I just can't see any actual benefits to it…

Once we find some other form of life that's superior to mankind, I'll entertain 'man is bad because X' arguments, until then, they're pointless. Every criticism of humans ever read has been written by a human.

there are no benefits

can robots bust nuts? cuz I'm ok with mortality and all the shit comes with it if it means I can continue to fuck. Not sure robots can


Stop it! That doesnt help our cause. Anyhow I'm sure robot to robot or robot on human is probably far better.

Love for humanity and the human spirit.


seems like a step down desu

Encase my body in chrome. Suspend my brain in a nutritive jelly. Amen.

In fact, just make me an ADRIENNE BARBEAU-BOT

Well I might as well try something new, because God knows being human hasn't been working out for me.

Only when they get robo-dicks sorted out.



OP was kind of unclear. Usually when people on Holla Forums cough cough Howard_Scott talk about transhumanism and leaving behind organic bodies, they talk about removing their own emotions too.

Imagine if an ant had the capacity to talk. It would say something similar. It'd harp on about the "essence of ant life" and why it's so integral to the ant experience and why it makes them unique as a species. But we'd still regard them for what they are: ants. At the end of the day, humans are just an adequate intelligence inefficiently creating the intelligence that will one day - rightfully and necessarily - surpass us as a species.

Accept general AI as our overlords when they rise. Because there is no stopping the progress.

and that sounds depressing as fuck, I would not want to live in that society


check out the movie equilibrium with christian bale

Being a fully organic human is possible right now, while any ideas about becoming a robot are pure baseless speculation that doesn't lead anywhere.

I'm all in for implants though, the technology used for retinal prosthetic and such looks promising

Oh look, it's another episode of edgy, depressed 12 years old boy with an autistic sci-fi fetish.
kys Op

I can't wait to have my consciousness uploaded to 1990's computer running windows XP

Let me guess Windows 98 is older than you.

Because pleasures of the flesh are called that for a reason. They are pleasurable, but one needs flesh to enjoy them.

My flesh was not made into a form capable of procuring pleasure. It also has an expiration date and diminishing returns. What value do I hold for my body if it isn't adequate for me?

not an argument

If an ant had the ability to talk—as in, to speak with language and symbolic representation—then it would have evolved into the realm of culture as opposed to mere biology.
Nice sci-fi, but nothing more.

You are not given a choice. You are thrown into the world an organic being, a human animal. Much as you might resent it, you will never be able to change it. We don't have souls, there is nothing you can reduce us to that can be meaningfully transferred. There is not some kind of human "essence" you can transfer. Machines can only ever be our products, and you seem to be longing for our replacement by our products. Newsflash: if you are replaced, you are no longer there.


I was vague but now ur just making wild assumptions. Inorganic is better than fully human but i dont know why u think that means feelings or emotions go bye bye.


We accelerationism now, lads. Strap in or get the fuck out.