Jill Stien

What does Holla Forums think about Jill?

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Her status as a first step in getting normies to hate the two party system is pretty useful.

She's alright

Well, I definitely would have voted for her in the last election if were a US citizen.

She seemed like the only non rightwing choice last election. Although her stance on vaccines was idiotic (or maybe my source about that was shit)

I voted for her. I appreciate her trying to BTFO the Dems. Overall all though not head over heels for her either

her VP pick was better than her. still dumb for not joining a communist party.

le crystals meme

The communist party is never ever going to take off in the US. Communism = Satanic Pedophilic Evil to Americans

That's my waifu

would bang but she's crazy af

I don't.

It's inevitable. Lrn2Marx.

Nah, your source truly was shit.

Nah that was some bourgeois propaganda. She really just wanted more transparency laws for vaccine companies. Nothing wrong with that.

I petitioned to get her on the ballot in my state and got to tick her box instead of writing her in. She's much better than the other choices, and even though she got

The Green party is left of CPUSA.

Ok that is true. CPUSA is controlled by Democrat Shrills.

fucking nutjob. If you try and advertise socialism through jill stein you'll just make socialism worse.

there is literally nothing wrong with vaccines, nuclear energy and anti evolved plant stuff is already a stretch

She's the kind of better green than clean """environmentalist""" that's going to doom the planet before the revolution ever gets here.

i voted for her

only anti-imperialist candidate on my state's ballot

i voted for her

only anti-imperialist candidate on my state's ballot

Her VP was a Black Supremacist, if I am remembering correctly?

yeaaaaaah want my vote back, got ripped by carny fucks