Operation Al Gore

Holla Forums is prepping a raid, here is a heads up, be safe

Other urls found in this thread:


Pissing in an ocean of piss. Wouldn't it be funny if a few of them went to .pl again though?

Holla Forums is serious business.

we kgb now

also i just can't stand how pretentious ideologically driven polyp posts usually are

Holla Forums "raids" 24/7
They stand out as much as a black man standing next to the Habbo hotel pool shouting bobba. 2005-2010

All of them will go to .pl again, we have never been raided succesfully. There was this one guy who posted 1 page of interracial board but .net remains untouched

.pl died lol

Do they not have better codenames?

Operation Piss Pig

Operation Piss Slave

Operation Butt Stuck

50% of the threads here are "Holla Forums raids" tbh, mods are just too stupid to ban them (they catch a few of them though)

literally what. they get more retarded every day

who cares

makes sense

and yet I guarantee a majority of them will still end up spamming the Polish decoy. This is Holla Forums, they are fucking idiots

Wow, this has been a really pathetic raid. Like, more pathetic than normal.

have you seen what they look like? these guys are the definition of low energy beta manlets. they're worth a few laughs and not much more…

TBH I wish the mods were a little slower to delete their threads. Its like taking a toy away from a cat kind of. They come here expecting to trigger us with pictures of Hilter like we're gonna lose our shit or something

Like damn son you really got me, so fucking triggered right now. LIterally the dumbest fucking people on the planet

but if we ban them then they don't kill as many threads.

ironically, whites would have much higher average Autism Levels if the aut-right would gas themselves (or read a book. i'm merciful).

Back in like 2007 op names were better

Also dropping a redpill

I didn't even notice anything

you gonna pick it up? if you brush it off it might be clean enough to shove up your ass.

are we supposed to be shocked?

Yet we all blame pol for it here lol

should others report as well?


Operation Al Gore is just posting gore? Im kinda embarrassed for them.



There was a raid?



they're retarded as fuck LOLOLOLOLOL

They actually have the correct url in that screencap tho. Surely they can't be that stupid.

They are raiding the .pl site again

Operation Al Gore is 4d chess cucks!


holy shit, this is more than gold

this is like a platinum vibrator massaging your taint

my bad, the .pl site

fuck I'm tired


I'm not entirely sure what this does. Explain?

necrobumps random threads

anybody up for a little reverse-engineering?

what is there to "reverse engineer"? the code is all there.

its literally right there…

No reverse engineering required you faggot who wants to talk like he is smart.

Down, boy. I'm not that poster, but no need to be rude, comrade.

Thanks to whomever exposed that code here. I know nothing about comprudas/coding, but hopefully anons here that do can counter it or something. Someone explain this shit to a layman. It will be blocked or something?

I'm a complete newbie at coding, but I'm toying around with it right now.

The retards raided the wrong site yet again. I don't even know how it is possible to be that bad at raiding. 4chan is a fucking embarrassment.

lol no it's not Holla Forums

proof or gtfo


Oh my god, that's weak. Does nobody even have any CP anymore?

nigger they are necrobumping the entire board. look at the thread before posting.

What I miss, no seriously what I miss?

Did they just use an image of the Black Army or am I just too tired to tell otherwise?

Anybody manage to do something with that code?

0/10 could have used js to make it believable
a verb that means nothing an oxymoron?
faster than light? ahahahaha. this is pretty bad even for Holla Forums

we can't do anything. all we can do is rely on mods to ban whatever ip addresses start spamming this board.

That's not quite what I mean.

Daily reminder that Holla Forums (especially 4/pol/) is just a bunch of virgin 14 year olds and virgin 30 year olds with no skills or talents.

pretty lame.

then what do you mean? it's a script that bumps old threads. there's nothing we can do about it.

What's working? Shit was way worse when that furry faggot went all out against us. You guys should stick to creeping on girls on instagram or trying to learn C# (for the fourth time) so you can make gaymes like any strapping young 15 year old incel.

no, because halfchan isn't garbage like it is here. you literally have to solve a captcha every time you post.

We deal with shitposters & people bumping dead threads all the time, lmao.

you're aware that's a feature BO can enable right?
You faggots never even had a Masterchan account.

Welp, I'd say it's about time to nuke this thread.
You should lurk before you "raid" because otherwise we're all just laughing at you & how much you don't know about our board.

Raiding us is pretty much the best Holla Forums can do in terms of action

Fuck off Holla Forums

Brings back memories.

50% of the threads here are "Holla Forums raids"
Like this one for example. Why they the mods incapable of dealing with such obvious concern trolls?

Yes Holla Forums, religion is barbaric, we're aware.

This is literally no worse than usual. Pissing in an ocean of piss etc.

From what? Shitting their pants in Charlottesville?

And?…The position of the threads in the catalog scarcely affects me since I often scroll to the bottom to see if there's threads worth bumping to the top for more discussion anyway, and there usually are several. Additionally there's often a bunch of shit threads at the top, so you're kind of not changing very much by doing that.

hopefully he gets on that soon

Why is JS so fucking ugly?

what the fuck would you consider a good-looking language?

Oh shit, I found the writer of the program! Hi. How are you today?

I'm not the writer of the program though…

Remember, Report and hide that bait.
Dont let the brits have the satisfaction!

"Some "raid". Just destroyed it, lol"
ghostbin.com/paste/5fcsg (logs)

Lmao, these fucking skiddies are such easy marks. "Ok guys, I just finished work on the new raid script. Let me know if it works for you"