Sorry an-nil OP, shouldn't have been so snarky

sorry an-nil OP, shouldn't have been so snarky
welcome to chan culture, enjoy your stay and get used to shitposting
here's a reply that I didn't manage to post:

enough shitposting, here's a nice and simple "essentials" list, all combined are still shorter than most theory books
happy reading

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Should i check out bookchin or is he a meme

why are you even using that flag?

Bookchin is great, and his theory has huge implications across multiple disciplines. His theory is also influencing the present revolutions in Rojava and Bakur, so it has real world examples.

haven't gotten to read him yet, his ideas on municipalism, ecology and dual power sound interesting
but I do know that his criticism of anarchism and marxism are weak as fuck

He is good. Check out whatever you want.

You know what start with Stirner. You will love it since you're an-nil.

Read The Next Revolution and Social Ecology and Communalism first.

don't actually do this OP

Meme. Pic related is nice aside from memechin and mutualism. If you read Ego be sure to read Stirner's critics right after.

disclaimer: not that stirner is bad, but it's not the first thing you should read
I don't like to toot my own horn but you should really start out with the list in the OP

it's the same tbh. if one is an atheist one is going to have a good time reading Stirner.


I did NOT have a good time reading Stirner. The guy is doing way too much damage to my precious spooks.
Seriously though, he's been putting me at odds with my own convictions several times, but he still hasn't answered to my principal concern, which is that most of the so-called "spooks" are observed everywhere in civilisation and history, even in primitive societies.

I call it the Cicero critique. Nature herself has implemented in men the idea of God.

And Bookchin did just this. Like it or not, primitive communism never existed and Marx's materialist conception of history is easily critically appropriated through analysing it along with modern social evolutionist Bookchin's contribution vis-a-vis ecological crisis theory remains valuable. Bookchin is, essentially, a modern and coherent philosophy for an anti-state socialist movement.

See. Thats why it's good literature. Even a SocDem which are spooked af.
Stirner is mentally liberating, the outside powers oppressing you nah, that can't get rid off. You can through, maybe, or not. You can distance from them for the easy way out, lots of actions.

Finish the Ego & It's Own then pick up Stirner's Critics which is short. He answers the most common criticisms there.

Hell if you end up in a spooked limbo you might as well pick up Ernst Jünger (ex-nazi, ex-nazbol, became a conscious anarch in the end at least) final philosophy.
Which is still spooked btw but whatever doesn't gets in my way, so I don't care.

A lot of literature is good, just keep reading.

I don't - can't - deny that he is a formidably good philosopher, and the little I know of Marxism makes interesting parallels.

I felt he was speaking directly to me at this part.
However, I still picture his egoist as the Man without a Superego, to borrow Freudian terms, which I don't think is a very good thing.

I'm definitively gonna finish it.

imagine being this edgy and deliberately obscurantist

Jünger ended up a semi-spooked retard but at least he was a Holla Forumstard who tried his best to evolve past his ideology. I respect that.

Started Holla Forumstard, became nazbol, then became anarchist (in mind only through) not physically a resister of authority. And I can't blame him but what a coward he is.

What was the previous thread? I want to see the bants.

Oh, and while I do find Stirner interesting, I don't find him liberating, really. He's just taking us from the prison of Spiritualism to the prison of Materialism, in my view.

Worse, all the tools - the spooks - that gave our life a purpose, he confiscates them. I just cannot imagine a world without "my" (rather, society's) mental schemes printed on it. Maybe that's a weakness.

He said fuck Marxism, anarchy is better. even through most anarchists agree that Marxism is great. The theory at least, what matters.

I reject the social ideology behind it as spooks obviously but the theory is too real to ignore.

are you religious?


More agnostic, I'd say. It's more that I feel a sense of belonging to my country, my language,… which are, if I understood correctly, spooks.

I thank Christ I will never be this retarded.

Lol. No wonder why you have the perspective you have.

Fought wars he didn't wanted to fight because he was too scared to escape or rebel in someway to his authority. He was used and he was conscious the whole time he was being used, thats a cuck. The soldier is a trained cuck.
I have a friend who is ex-military and he has more balls to stand up for himself or to distance himself from the authority he doesn't wants to be controlled by than Jünger ever did. Even Jünger himself would tell you he was a scared idiot, that he did the things he didn't really want to do.

it is