Tfw a comic you remember liking as a kid despite not understanding the political undertones was anti-communist garbage...


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I don't understand. How could such a ruthless take down of the business world be created by someone with such a deep love of the business world?

At least Calvin & Hobbes is still free of any bourgeois propaganda, though.

I don't recall anything right wing about Calvin and Hobbes.

what the fuck, I thought dilbert was atleast mildly anti-capitalist, not full lenin but more like bernie socdem

Ironic because many marxists have been killed in Argentina becuase of state repression throughout its history.

translation before monolingual burgers/angl*s thrown a hissy fit:

surely if he had it would make more sence

l didn't see nunca and you don't have double negatives


Quino the author is a socialist, his family were republicans that were exiled to Argentina during the Civil war (part of his family fought in the PCE militias). Here is an interview were he tells this (all of them are in spanish sorry)

Here is an interview were he says he is a socialist and antifascist and rejects the claims of him being an anticommunist saying some people misunderstanding his comicas were even calling him a fascist apologist (On spanish sorry)

Here is another were he says that Mafalda actually is inspired by literaly "My hardline communist grandma"

He has a bitter sense of humor that has to be understood in the context of the Cold War (wich was one of Mafalda's theme).
But socialism is portrayed with a good light trough the comics.
And in other of his works he reflects the contradictions of capitalism with a clear socialist message.
So definetly not aticommunist garbage

shit I remember this.

Oh based Quino

Bill Watterson is a fuckin comrade dude.

the worst thing franco ever did was banish spaniards to south america

Quino a shit

"Everybody is an idiot but me"
Literally the "Why can't be all be snowflakes" comic ""artist""

*** forgot to close that with "Quino is a nutshell"

Calvin and Hobbes was my shit growing up.

pense que eras un amiguero mio, pero lei lucia y me di cuenta que no
porque la gente es honesta y no se hace pasar por chica en internet, no? :D

Calvin & Hobbes is fantastic, it's still my favorite comic strip to this day. I came across a volume in the local public library when I was like 10, read some pages out of random curiosity, thought it was cool and tols my mom I wanted to borrow it. Next thing I know, I've read them all yet still keep on re-borrwing them from the very same place.

It's funny that I would pick (American) Calvin & Hobbes out of the gigantic pile of books that were available to me considering I'm Belgian and Belgium is pretty much the European capital of comic strips production. Well, the French translation is really great though some French-language kids' magazine actually published dumbed-down rewrites if you can believe it.

Anyway, it's one of the very first "smart" things I've ever read and I like to think it paved the way to me becoming a socialist half a decade later. What's so great with this comic strip is that it features mature social criticism but still manages to be accessible to fairly young kids, so even if you don't get everything you're still put into contact with more elaborate food for thought.

It's not real capitalism.


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Yeah literaly any Spanish artis tworth it, was either killed or had to flee the country

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The last two are really sad…

she's saying that marx is a great man in this comic, wtf

It's ironic how Scott Adams turned out to be everything that Dilbert makes fun of.


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